1.1 / May 17, 2016
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Help the Character to bounce out the problems in Jump & Bounce,the game is very enjoying and simple go try it, all you need to dois collect coins and avoid the Anime Character, but it won't be aneasy job trust me. Features:- - Play With Different Characters -Awesome Attractive Graphics - Strong Challenges - Fight WithDifferent Enemy - More Bubbles & More Life Power Up - AwesomeExcellent Sound EffectsHow To Play1. To avoid the comet you have totouch the screen and the Character will flip.2. Take more and moreBubbles and Be Strong Again Your Enemy3. Take More & More LifePower and Be Alive for a long

App Information Jump & Bounce

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    Jump & Bounce
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    May 17, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Jash Entertainment
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SuperBike GT 1.0.5 APK
Ready for a bike racing game that features phenomenal, fast-pacedarcade action, realistic physics, a variety of game modes, andflawless graphics and sound? SuperBike GT makes a lot of promisesin the way of an intense, addictive bike racing title. You won’thave to play the game for very long to discover that this isdefinitely a game that delivers on every single promise it makes.Ifyou’re looking for a title that’s going to hook you with aneasy-to-pick up style, but keep you absolutely gripped to the gameonce the difficulty climbs and the stakes begin to rise, then thisis well worth taking a serious look at.If graphics and soundcounted for everything with a racing game, then SuperBike GT wouldbe miles ahead of its competitors, flying towards the finish linelike one the bikes featured in the game. However, as anyone willtell you, graphics and sound are essential, but at the same timethey do not represent the end all/be all of any title. Thankfully,SuperBike GT brings a lot of other things to the track. And itwould seem that everything it does bring along for the ride playssome part in making this one of the hottest racing titles of theyear.You can try the speed lap, play for the cup, or settle thescore with intensely bright computer opponents in elimination mode.Those are just a few of the choices that are going to be availableto you. Then you’ll choose your bike, pick the track that suitsyour interests best, and get started with one of the mostbreathtaking racing experiences of your life.Just don’t spend toomuch time staring at the phenomenally realistic surroundings ofeach track you find yourself racing along. That’s because you’vegot some of the toughest, smartest racers ever created for a titlelike this to contend with. As the races get harder and harder,you’re going to find that it’s going to take you a powerhouse mixof speed and intelligence to come out ahead, win the big race, andwalk away with the prize you were going after.There are a lot ofracing titles out there right now. You can even say that there arequite a few bike racing titles available, as well. Rather than takeyour chances on something that may not work out for you, why notjoin the winning team at SuperBike GT?Features :- Realistic Bikephysics & Animations. Facebook Login, Share your score on yourtimeline & Request your friends. Global Leaderboards - Competeyourself with any one playing this game in the world. Real Worldcircuits - Ride your super bike on real world circuits in realisticenvironments. Head to Head Challenge. Cup Challenge. Competeyour own best time in Speed Lap event. Elimination Event.ComingSoon:- Local Multiplayer. Online Multiplayer. More Circuits.More Bikes. New Career Mode.
Traffic Driver 1.1 APK
Traffic Driver is fun giving and challenging game for game lover.It is the game which has power to make you it's addict. TrafficDriver is basically unlimited game which gives you moreentertainment while you are playing it. Traffic Driver is based onunlimited car run. You can show traffic rules followed by AI andPlayer car. The traffic rules of give left indicator, rightindicator and break light will feel us liveliness for this game.This game is divide in three part as three different types ofenvironments. As you go far your score increases and the player andAI cars will become tough. There are many other features are alsoin game which are as follow :Features:==> There are mainly threetypes of environment like city,forest etc in Traffic Driver. Everyenvironment have their own specialties. The city environment givesyou feeling like you are driving car in real city and forestenvironment gives you feeling like you are driving car in deepforest.==> You can choose different types of car as per yourchoice and for buying car you must have enough dolor which you cangain by driving your car so far and create score. As per your scoreyou can get you can get points. You can buy new car by paying thispoints. As you gain more score the speed of player car and AI caris turn fast.==> Traffic Driver can gives you opportunity topaint your car as you want to paint with your favourite colour. Youcan paint your car as per your choice.==> The best feature ofthis game is challenging AI. There are smart AI in this game. Youhave to beat this AI and make safe you from this AI. The AI aresmart because it gives you traffic sign like if the car is stop inleft side and it shows left indicator and if car stay in right sideit shows right indicator and if car is stop then it shows redlights on so, you can decide that in which way you have togo.==> Different types of game mode are there in the game likeTime Trial,One Way and Free Drive.==> If you don't know how torun car then you can practice with Free drive mode. The Free DriveMode is endless mode in which no AI and no distance arethere.==> The One Way mode is looks like one way in trafficwhere the car can only go by one side. No car can come in oppositeside.==> The Time Trial is most interesting and toughest mode ofthis game . In this mode you have cover maximum distance in giventime limit.==>The Traffic Driver is very challenging andaddicted game. It have many features like choose car, choose colorfor your car, challenging modes, different types of environmentsetc.
MotoCross Nitrox Lite 2.9 APK
Introducing the Most Extreme Motocross Game:MotoCross Nitrox LiteReady for the most exciting in Motocross racing games in the palmof your hand? If so, download MotoCross Nitrox Lite by JashEntertainment! This game features thrill-a-minute rides, races,obstacles, and much more. Experience the exhilaration of speedingacross hills, performing tricks, and much more. There is plenty tolove in this all new version of our popular game. Here, you can doyour best to max out your speed and keep your bike on course.Players both young and old love this game. We think that you will,too. Best of all, it’s absolutely free! Try MotorCross Nitrox Litetoday and push yourself to the edge.New FeaturesWe have went above and beyond our last version of this game to giveyou the greatest in game play. New features include:• Over 100 new levels of gameplay!• Simple touch controls for your entire bike right on one screen,including brake, gas, and more.• Control your bike in real-time with our great game controlengine. Lag and other issues that may occur in other games are notan issue with our controls.• Great new tricks, like the back flip and front flip. Experimentto find others that you can do!• Realistic gaming physics. Your bike behaves just like it would inreal life.• Realistic sound effects for your bike. Hear the enginesroar!• Great 3D graphics and visual effects that put you into the raceitself.• An all new environment for racing, performing tricks, andmore.• An all new obstacle course to test your gaming skills.• An all new track to challenge yourself to go bigger andbetter.• A new bike that looks better and performs better than everbefore.• All new and harder challenges for your biker character to takeon. Try them all if you think that you can survive!UpdatesWe have made a lot of updates to improve our game for you, theplayers. Since out last release we have upped the ante by:• Adding over 100 more challenging tracks. Try them all. See howmany you can tackle. Try to beat your friends.• Adding a brand new bike and a brand new biker character at therequest of players just like you.• A bug fix that stops characters from crashing unexpectedly.And there will be more updates to come, so be on the outlook forthose. Or, send us suggestions for things that you want tosee.
Dirt Karting LITE 1.3 APK
Dirt Kartin is all about adventurous that’s full of hasty pace andadrenal boosting thrill. You could not resist your crave ofstealing valuable assets.Race on different Road and tracks.The gamesports an amazing physics emulation,Enter the game right from thebeginning with the stunning 3d menu replicating the real scene of arace backstage.==> Tilt ur device to steer ur car...
Color Switch & Swap 1.0 APK
hey! are you looking for challenging Game,thenColor Switch is only for you.Cross again and again new and challenge-able Patterns OfDifferentattractive Graphics.Color Switch & Swap is a challenging action game that is funforall ages.The objective of Color Switch & Swap is quite simple; youneedto get the ball from one end of the action to the other.However, it can’t be that easy, and it isn’t.features:-- Attractive Graphics- Awesome Challenges- Various Obstacles with Different Colors & Designs- Awesome Excellent Sound Effects-How To PlayFollow color pattern to cross multi colored obstacle inthispaced action game!In between the start and end points, there are many differenttypesof obstacles that the ball needs to pass through.These obstacles are colour coded, which means that the ball canonlypass through the part of the obstacle where the color of theballmatches the Color of the obstacle.If the ball tries to pass through at any other Color point itwillexplode, and you’ll have to start over again.
Puzzle Crafting 1.0.1 APK
Puzzle Crafting is very creative game for puzzle lover. It createsenthusiasm to complete the level and reach to next level to aperson. Puzzle Crafting is very addictive game with simplepictures. It explore deep challenges for your mind. In this gamethe challenge is to complete the game in given time limit and getmaximum stars with saving life. It is the main challenge is to savemaximum life and complete the game in shortest time limit.Features:Complete your level in maximum 2 minutes.if you can't complete ityou will mill one life.You can get five life in every level.Thereis 20 levels in this game with different challenges.The graphic ofthis game is awesome.If you have 5 life then you will get 3 stars,2 stars for 4 or more then 4, and one star for 1,2 or 3 life.Hintbutton is available for getting hint to solve the puzzle.You canshare your score with your friend in Facebook. It is game with fullof challenges. So play Puzzle Crafting and enjoy the journey ofpuzzle .
LabGate 1.6 APK
LabGate is Inviting All Pathology Laboratory and Blood Banks tojoin Health Application of India. LabGate is the perfect companionfor health professionals with access to all Over India common anduncommon lab values.Designed for medical providers in training andin practice, LabGate contains the most important information neededduring the daily practice of BloodBank and PathologyLaboratory.What makes this app better than the rest? LabGate isMobile app. Which Connect Users to Laboratory and Blood Banks.Features+ Fid Nearest Laboratory or Blood Bank.+ Get Latest NewsUpdates for Better Health.+ Get Information About Nearest MedicalCamp Program.+ Register Your Medical Camp Program.+ Register YourLab or Blood Bank in App+ Get Notification By SMS.+ SpecialFeatures For Doctors+ One Click Test+ Get Disease && LabTest Information.Logon to Our WebSite http://www.Labgate.in forPre-Registration.
TinBall 3 1.0 APK
TinBall 3After a Huge Success of our First 2 Version we want tointroduce our new addicting game TinBall 3. TinBall 3 is veryAddictive Game for Everyone.... You have to hit the Tin by theball. New Challenging Gameplay and Hight Quality Graphics makesthis game very addictive. this is the best game, when you travel onsubway. or busses. its really fun and timepass game for all the agegroup. Everyone will just love the play this game. there is lots ofobstacles to reach another level get high score, and enjoy thisGame. Try this game.....Today!Features:-1) 3D Graphics2) Smoothswipe control3) Challenging 60+ Levels4) One Finger Game Play