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Ninja's are silent like a cat and deadly like a snake....but thisone is clumsy like a clown !! Fortunately this ninja has a fingerin the sky looking out for him- YOU ! This Clumsy ninja needs yourhelp to go UP! UP, UP and AWAY! as he jumps up the sky as high ashe can go in the ULTIMATE NINJA TEST. Take this clumsy ninja up toheights where no ninja has ever gone before. Can you make it allthe way to the highest stratosphere and help your Ninja friendovercome all his enemies. Will you help him jump up or will thisclumsy ninja fall down like a sack of potatoes! Test your wits andyour skills in this completely free game. Draw a line with yourfingers to help our ninja up. Encounter and avoid other evil ninjasand obstacles. Can you reach the mystical, mythical, Palace of Zen- the highest place achievable for all ninja's ... beyond the 7heavens. This game rewards quick reflexes and a sharp mind. It's afun free game that anyone can pick up and play in seconds but likeall awesome fun games to master it requires a lot more effort. Onceyour clumsy ninja starts jumping up- it will be hard for you tostop playing this insanely addictive game. INSANELY FUN! SUPERSIMPLE! YOUR DAILY NINJA UP FIX! THE BEST FREE NINJA GAME EVER!

App Information Jump Ninja - fly up high!

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    Jump Ninja - fly up high!
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    August 1, 2014
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Plot # 395 - 396, Service Road North, I-9/3, Islamabad, Pakistan
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The 3D Endless Runner to end all runners is now Live on GooglePlay. Jump, Dodge & Slide through the forest as you escape thegrubby hands of law!This game has been made from the WRP Ultimate3D Endless Runner Kit for Unity. You can create your own awesomeendless runner just like this! Perfect for a little fun with familyand friends. Optimized for mobile phones and tablets, this kitgives you the flexibility to develop and publish both for Androidand Apple devices. Everything you need to make the next big endlessrunning hit on the app store is right here!
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COOKIE JUMP - THE JUMP FOR FREEDOMJUMP! JUMP! JUMP! FREEDOM IS NOWYOURS!Are you tired of being trapped in a cookie jar? Are you tiredof being eaten up by every sugar fiend when he desires a dose ofsugar? Are you tired of being objectified as nothing more than adelicious sugary treat with no soul? IF YOU ARE, THEN COOKIE JUMPIS FOR YOU AND IF YOU AREN'T, THEN COOKIE JUMP IS STILL FOR YOU.Your cape wearing cookie is looking to escape from the evil jarthat he's been trapped in by his human captors. Use your fastreflexes and make impulsive decisions as you guide your cookie tothe stars using your trusty flexible rope! Guide your Cape-wearingCookie as he tries and makes the jump for freedom from theconfinement of his cookie jar!AVOID OBSTACLES - Use your reflexesand guide your cape-wearing cookie through obstacles likeLollipops!CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS! - Set high-scores on how high youcan take your cape-wearing cookie and share them with your friends!