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♥ Jumping Dude ♥ Jumping Dude, similar game as Dude JUMP oniOSJumping Dude is ultimate arcade running and jumping game thatcomeswith lots of fun with sunset buildings track. Jumping Dudeisamazing and addictive arcade mode game, Hero Wear a cooljetpackand jumps over the building. More you bounce more coins youwillget. This Game does not contain Hover-boards but itcontainsbuildings to bounce, it does not contain trains buthelicopters.jump from one bounce building to another and collectcoin. How ToPlay ✔ Jump When you tap the screen ✔ Aim the goalpulled theobstacles! Jetpack Jump Game Features: ✔ Easy to play. ✔Get Coinsto increase score. ✔ You can go in both directions forwardandbackward. ✔ Jump Using Jumping Button. ✔ You can play fromyourAndroid phone/tablet or computer. ✔ Clean, colorfulgraphics.Thanks For Download!

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Timer Lock - Photo Video Hide 2.2 APK
Timer Lock Use this Timer vault to hide pictures, hide photos, hidevideos and use app lock secretly inside app. No one will have theidea that there is a highly secured vault ingeniously hiding inyour clock. Timer Lock integrates a powerful vault, whichcomprehensively protects all the backed up photos and videos in it,while offering unmatched usability. Prying eyes Know which App lockyou are using and may uninstall to break your security. This applocker is designed as simple Clock. Timer Clock vault - GalleryLock app open only by secret time that is set by you other wise itfunctional as simple clock. This way no one knows your mobile hadinstalled gallery lock and you can secretly hide pictures to keepsafe from others by this Smart clock. A high-security vault forphotos and videos hidden in a clock With the new TimerLock app, itis not only a timeless clock with an alarm function, but also ahigh security vault for your personal photos and videos. The vaultitself is completely invisible, hidden in the design of the clock.Try Timer Locker app lock and hide pictures so that hidden picturesnot visible in photo gallery. With the latest security technologiesTimeer Locker keeps all of your pictures and videos militarilysecure, because the entire contents of the vault is encrypted withthe strong algorithm. Features: ★ Import and hide pictures, hidevideo from photo gallery. ★ Capture photos and record videos fromcamera by this Gallery Lock and hide photos and video inside app. ★Create new private hidden note with inbuilt editor inside GalleryLocker. ★ Finger Print Detection will help you to enter into vaultor open app lock without need to enter password in supporteddevices. ★ Use restore function from Gallery locker when you wantto show pictures and video in mobile gallery. ★ You can managemedia by create, rename, delete folders and files inside app. ★Lock Apps by App Lock feature available by both Password Lock andPattern Lock. ★ Locked apps will not open without password orpattern lock that is set by you. Smart App Lock Features: ★Intruder Selfie: Selfie will be automatically taken of person whotrying to break your app lock security with wrong PIN or pattern. ★Fake Cover App Lock: your apps and its lock can be cover with forceclose screen which simulates that opened app is closed by error.only you know the trick to get real app lock and open your apps. ★Finger Print Unlock: you can use your real fingerprints registeredin your phone to quick unlock apps and calculator also. Deviceadministrators Permission: By Start Protection, You will be askedto activate Device Administrator Permission for this app. TimerLock App uses device administrator permission for prevention ofaccidentally Uninstallation and nothing else. To Uninstall this appyou need to deactivate device administrator. You can easilydeactivate by Turning off Start Protection from the app or you cango to Settings->Security->Device Administrators from yourphone anytime. You Enable Device administrators Permission for appuninstall protection we confirm that you are agree with Deviceadministrators Permission. BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE permissionAllow BIND ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE permission to use applock so thatyou can use the applock feature fast and reduce battery usage. ★Frequently asked Q&A Q - Forgot password. How can I reset it? A-To reset password you have to open our Timer Lock and enter 10:10time on clock and press middle button. It will open password resetscreen with secret question set by you, answer it correctly and setnew password or press on ? symbol button on screen and it will openreset screen. Q - I uninstalled this app and again installed. Can Iget my locked pictures back? A - you need to unlock pictures beforeuninstall. Files are not available in new install. Thanks forDownload!
Ludo - Classic King 1.6 APK
♥ Ludo - Classic King ♥ Ludo Classic King is board game playedbetween friends, family & kids. Recall your childhood! 2, 3 or4 player ludo board game. Ludo board, moveable counters, athrow-able die and a scoring facility. Everything you need to playludo plus instructions on how to play. The last game isautomatically saved for you to continue. Ludo Classic is a androidplatform game that support Android platform at same time inmultiplayer mode. If you don't have any partner with you to playLUDO, In that case also you can play LUDO, Because we have comewith AI system. We are offering AI as your opponent to play andlive your childhood time. Super Ludo can be played among 2 to 4players. Moreover, you can select the option to play the gameagainst the computer (as 3 different opponents) or against yourfriends. Ludo Game Features: ✔ Game Features: ✔ High-end graphicswith stunning colours ✔ User-friendly menus ✔ Interactive gamesounds ✔ Playable offline ✔ Multi-player computer options ✔ Colourcompatible board ✔ Remove player option in local mode its a perfecttime killer for the fun . Ludo 2018 is creative , addictive andeasy to play . Thanks For Download!
Anime keyboard 1.5 APK
Anime keyboard Now it's time to change your boring android keyboardwith sexy Anime keyboard, Go now to use this free app it allow youto get amazing chatting experience with a lot of emojis and fontstyle 500+ cool Anime wallpapers, keyboard anime app supported allthe chatting app and games also it working any where you want touse keyboard. Keyboard Anime Theme brings you a full-featured Manga& Anime keyboard with amazing customizable background themes,fun and super cute Anime style themes & emoji. Prepare to beamazed by the best Anime Keyboard Theme ever! A perfect combinationof “anime wallpaper” and “emoji keyboard” is finally here! Go havefun writing text messages with your friends on the best “animekeyboard”! This “anime keyboard” is a fantastic keypad for all theanime fans and Japanese movies freaks. Now you can finally decorateyour phone with amazing new custom keyboard themes for Android!Anime keyboard theme is the new app to make your keyboard androidcool with the Anime wallpapers and many emojis to give you funKeyboard. We present you the new Best anime keyboard applicationbecause it's time to change your boring android keyboard with AnimeKeyboard, Go now to use this free app it allow you to get amazingchatting experience with a lot of anime emojis and font style +cool anime wallpapers, Anime keyboard app supported all thechatting app and games also it working any where you want to usekeyboard. Anime Keyboard Theme Features: - Custom keyboard withcool fonts . - Select words for numbers - Select colorful keyboardthemes - Supports new Android emojis, emoticons, symbols, smileys -Fast & Smart input - Various key feedback options (vibration,preview) - More than 1500 emojis. - set your Photo like a keyboardbackground. - Anime wallpapers. - Support 51+ languages. To useAnime Keyboard Theme: open the app click "enable keyboard" andchoose "Anime Keyboard" and "ok" then "Set input method" chooseagain "anime Keyboard" ok you done,you can set your photo like akeyboard background. Thanks For Download!
Logo Maker 1.0 APK
Logo MakerLogo Maker is a professional logo design studio that letsyou create powerful branding for your business in a matter ofMinutes. It provides everything you need to get started. It onlytakes a moments to create your own logo in a couple of easysteps.Logo Maker is the easiest logo creator app to create logo foryour business in just a few clicks. Create labels, sign and evenbranding with the logo maker app wherever you are. It has all thetools required to create your perfect signs or labels. LogoGenerator is designed with ease of use in mind and hence can beused by both professional designers and people without prior designexperience to create custom, creative and beautiful looking logosin a matter of minutes. Key Features : ★ Attractive and userfriendly interface. Anyone with no graphics experience can use thisapp successfully to make a logo. ★ Color panel to choose the colorfor your Logo's text. ★ Variety of attractive, eye catching andHeart Touching fonts★ Can export your final logo once it is done(Can be find in Device memory Stylish Logo folder).★ 100+ designsto choose from. We are sure that everyone will find something thatis suitable for their brand or business★ Can rotate, scale,andchange the color & Font of the logo's Text Add your company’sor brand’s name underneath the picture..Thanks for Download!
Word Cloud 1.0 APK
Word CloudWord Cloud is a sophisticated and addictive trivia applicationthatcreates aesthetic and beautiful word clouds frominterestingarticles on Internet.Word cloud app puts your word into shape and make typographywordlayout.Prepare an opening slide for your business presentation. Whip upacreative status update for your Facebook page.Just enter a few words, and the application will shuffle themaroundin a cute disorderly fashion. Pick a color or two foryourmeaningful words, shape them, export them, use the pic. Rinseandrepeat.★ Features:✔ Enter as many words as you like.✔ Select up to five different word colors for a fresh look.✔ Choose the right background color. Yellow words on ablackbackground or pink on white?✔ You can even make a transparent background!✔ There're many shapes to frame your idea. Star, Christmas TreeorHeart - and many more!✔ Pick one or several fonts, just like colors.✔ Looks great, doesn't it?Thanks For Download!
Girly Lock Screen 1.0 APK
Girly Lock ScreenWant a fresh new “lock screen app” for your phone?Well, you have come to the right place! Cute Girly Lock Screenoffers some of the cutest and most creative lock screens you canfind on the internet.You can choose from our extremely wide rangeof “girly Girly Lock Screen wallpapers” for your lock screen andalso, keep your precious data protected from unwanted views.girlylock screenChoose these girly high definition themes to make yourlock screen the most amazing lock screen in the world! These cutebackgrounds for girls will enrich your phone and secure thecontents of your phone at the same time. If you like slide tounlock lock screens, you will love our new “slide lock”application! Download our new Girly Lock Screen now and let themagic begin! ★ How to set your new “lock screen”: ✔ Check the'Enable lock screen' box;✔ Enter your password and then and reenterthe same password for confirmation;✔ Now you can customize yourlock screen theme!★ Features:✔ Set your background from girly lockscreen background!✔ Choose am/pm or 24h time setting! ✔ Turn dateon/off!✔ Choose the date format on display!✔ Show or hide battery!✔Free theme download, smartphone or tablet!✔ The best way to ensureyour privacy protection! Cute Girly Lock Screen gives you the mostwonderful way to keep your device protected! The brand new “lockscreen with password” will provide you with the sweetest wallpapersyou can find that will make you never want to put your phone ortablet down! You might even forget why you wanted to use your phonein the first place since the wallpapers are so charming andmesmerizing!Thanks For Download!
Love Secret Diary 1.3 APK
♥ Love Secret Diary ♥ Love Secret Memory - Secret Diary with lock -love diary is a diary application daily love, stay happy and sadmoments in life; moments deposition in the heart of every person;moments inside a relative, family, lovers, friends, colleagues;record personal diary, personal diary right on your Android mobiledevice is convenient number # 1.Something exciting just happened toyou, you have a new crush, you and your school squad just didsomething fun, or you want to speak about your deepest emotions,but you want to keep it private? Get “My Secret Diary with Lock”and write your everyday activities, thoughts and feelings, takeselfies in each episode of your life story and make memories withyour friends that will last for a lifetime! Love Diary Memory -Secret Diary with lock - love diary tool is simple and convenientto help you record and stay happy and sad moments of life, theemotions, sulked when in love, save memories of love, count 2 daysof your love; or simply record the log line privacy in everydaylife right on your Android mobile device of their own and areprotected by passwords and private keys.Now Keep Them Super Privatewith This App, The perfect secret diary with password that providesyou all the modern features which makes this your best friend whichis always there when you need it.Features: ✔ Love Secret Diary withlock - Games store hot, playing game does not require installation✔Love Secret Diary with lock - Snow fall effect very beautiful withevent day✔ The app interface is smooth and very cute, suitable forteenagers and couples in love✔ Love Diary Memory - Write dailydiary love, choose the days on the calendar interface intuitive andbeautiful✔ Love Diary Memory - Write love diary review nearestwrote diaries on your home screen✔ Memory Love Diary - Keep a diaryof love marked the day with diary and today's calendar view onprivate diary.✔ Interface writes beautiful love diary withwarehouses wallpaper (wallpaper) are extremely cute (cute) unleashselection.✔ Love Diary Memory - Secret diary with lock with yourphoto from your photo library selected in the machine (photogallery).✔ Keep a diary with your mood by selecting the mood, suchas happy, sad, lovely ... unleash selection.✔ Share your lovediaries with friends on Facebook✔ Announcement write daily diary onthe Notification✔ Customize font chosen very beautiful andstylish.✔ Lock password private diary secret diary with securitylock your diary.✔ There are many more great functions being LoveDiary Memory - Secret Diary complete with lock forward suggestionsand your support.Enjoy and have fun! Play & enjoy with yourfriends and share all you want of "SECRET DIARY" on Facebook,WhatsApp, Twitter, Email, SMS and so on!Thanks For Download!
Egg Catcher Classic 1.0 APK
♥ Egg Catcher Classic ♥Egg Catcher Classic is super addictiveclassic game. it is free and based on simple rules. in this Eggcatcher game.Catch the eggs is one of the most exciting game andits totally free. Egg catcher is an addicting and fun. The goal ofthe game is to catch the eggs. Egg Catcher Classic Game Features:✔Easy to play.✔ You can play from your Android phone/tablet orcomputer.✔ Clean, colorful graphics."Eggs Catcher "is a veryawesome game to play and have fun with friends. Once you startplaying you can't stop yourself to stop. Thanks For Download!