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Free easy handling game, simply slide your fingers to turn thehelixtower. The frog jumps herself, dodges blue leaves andblueobstacles. Benefits and recommendations: * Free game, new in2018 *Take the frog through the labyrinth of leaves to its pond *Use thepowerups for a bigger jump to go down fast across the helixtower.* Use the magic balls to break more leaves and get immunity*Fantastic special effects and good music

App Information Jumping Frog in Helix Tower

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    Jumping Frog in Helix Tower
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    June 23, 2018
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Avenida Doctor Rico, 22 -8 03005 Alicante
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Touch the Box Helix Jump screen and avoid the obstacles to get tothe bottomYou have to descend to more than 500 floors.Bounce thebouncing crazy ball and reach the highest level.It is a veryaddictive free game. Jump and complete the labyrinth of squarepieces.Simple controls simply slide your fingers to the right andleft to rotate the helix tower, the ball jumps itself. Try to avoidthe boxes of different color to the one of the helix and let theball through the holes.Features* Free game new 2018 version withblocks levels* Up to 1000 levels!* Smooth and precise control* Alllevels are different, created procedurally with random seed.* Easyto play game with one-touch controls* Good rock music and intensesound effects.* Beautiful graphics of the labyrinth of the helixtower with fog effect.* Small size of the game, to download in ashorttime.Languages:SpanishFrenchEnglishGermanPortugueseRussianChinesePlease,download Box Helix Jump now and enjoy, have fun and do not hesitateto leave us a good review!
Happy Christmas Pingu 0.0.1 APK
This is a 'Connect Three' style game in which you will have to helppet Pingu to find all the Christmas presents that have beenlost.You have up to 70 exciting and varied levels to get it.Use thepower-ups and bombs to help you in all the adventures of Pingu.Manycolor and sound effects!Ideal game for kids, adults and the wholefamily!Various types of levels:* Destroy the crystals that trap thegifts* Move the blocks of snow* Fill the levels of sweet jam*Maximum time and goal levelsPower Ups:* Christmas ladybugs* Spoons*Magic Fingers* Various types of explosive bombs
The Burlaos Game 2 0.0.3 APK
Free Josemi in this rampant game of endlessaction. You have many enemies who want to stop your mission: tofree Josemi and leave a burlao be.Challenge your friends and bet a beer, there are globalleaderboards to mock on!Josemi has lost his mind, help him find it.In this second mission opens markers and new enemies, and thesecond music video of mock on.Visit slums and shoot anything that moves.Canis cars are dangerous because they carry many included toxins,destroy them immediately, do not be burlaoEnemies:Shoot the giant pot, the boiler plants (when they explode get aburlao interior) and memes.Each enemy you kill gives you small doses of brain recovery, inaddition to weapons, level and lives.Your weapon improvement as you level. Use grenades wisely.Beware of memes, masks, cani car and boiler plants are dangerousand take away a life.Good luck and get them.
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Escape from drug and leave Burlaos, in thisrunaway game action.Help Josemi to be the nice person who was, and he leaves theunderworld in which it has gotten.Josemi has lost his mind, help him find it.Play as a father courage that using his gun, grenades and a lot ofexpertise, can help Josemi and finally stop being a burlao.Each enemy liquids gives you small doses of brain recovery, inaddition to weapons, level and lives.Your weapon improves as you level. Use grenades wisely.Beware of memes, the car Cani and boiler plants are dangerous andtake away a life.Good luck and get them.
Puppies care - Virtual dog 0.2.2 APK
Puppies to take care of is a different game of virtual pets, it hasseveral own rooms where to move with freedom, to play and to eat.You have three puppies to take care of. You can go out into thegarden, into the games room or watch the fireworks of the Night ofSan Juan.You can also transport it to the augmented reality to seeit on your table, floor or in your hand.It has three differentskins that you can change whenever you want. You can also acquirethe magic potion that turns your puppy's skin to pink.You can joinyour puppy with two kittens of your neighbor in the same house!New:Activate the microphone option of the app and interact with yourreal pet !! It is fun !!BASIC INSTRUCTIONSThe dog responds tocertain pulsations within its 3d environment. These are the mostcommon:When you click on the carpet the dog runs. This is thestarting point. Here we can touch the puppy and make certainmovements. As he drags the icon of the hand over the pet, itcollapses and growls.When you click on the bottom furniture, thepuppy will walk to them.If we click on the corner lamp, the lightgoes off and the dog falls asleep. If the puppy was alreadysleeping and the light off, when the lamp touches the light comeson and the dog wakes up.When you click on any of the two boxes,roof balls fall randomly.By clicking on the balls, the puppypursues them. Each time the puppy touches any of the initial balls,they create new balls that disappear when touched. When the puppytouches the initial balls and plays with them, it consumes energyand the puppy slims.Being in the kitchen, when touching the plateof food or drink the puppy will feed. Do not feed the dog muchbecause he can become fat and slow and lazy. In this case, you haveto play a lot with it to make it thin.While in the bathroom, firstturn on the water tap and wait for the level to rise. After amoment, the water closes by itself and the sponge appears on thescreen. If you drag the sponge on top of the puppy, it will createa lot of foam and bubbles and the puppy will be clean. Once clean,we can dry it with the towel in the same way.As the days go by, thepuppy grows and grows bigger.Your skin changes if it is dirty orclean, if you are fat or thin.You can play with him in his room ortake him to the games room where you will have a lot of fun.Yourpuppy loves to play with the ball (click on it to jump) and willchase after her. This will get in shape and the points will rise.If you get many you can buy the necklace and even change theappearance (skin).If you click on the box on the sofa, the ballwill fall back into its initial place.When you click on the lamp inthe corner, the light will turn off and the puppy will go to sleep.If you click again the lamp turns on and the dog wakes up.You cancaress it when it is on the carpet by clicking many times on top ofthe puppy.If you click on the food plate, the puppy will eat theration.In the laundry room, you will have to open the faucet tobring the water level up. In a moment, the faucet will closeautomatically and you can wash it with the sponge. Washing is funand lots of foam and soap bubbles appear.Then you can dry it withthe towel and empty the water.
Compi yogui escape! 0.0.1 APK
In the imaginary country Espajistánmanycorrupt. There has been an attack on the border post and wanttoget away with corrupt currencies. Your mission is to help, beahero and save Espajistán!Operation is simple, swipe your finger over the corrupt tocrushthem and prevent them from escaping.Do not crush the workers who come running to repair thebordercrossing, you subtract one life.If more than five corrupt beyond a row, you subtract a life.This game is for entertainment in the bathroom,unemploymentline, bus queue or while waiting for yourrelative.You have global leaderboards to challenge your friends, be theherowho recovers more money to the coffers of your country.Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence.
Corrupto Crush, juega a ser político 0.0.1 APK
Encarnas a un aprendiz de corrupto que habita en un país imaginariollamado España.En dicho país gobierna el magnánimo Marjuano Rajoyque ejerce fírmemente su política anti-corrupción.La aplicaciónideal, tanto si eres indepe o no, junta las piezas y gobierna tupaís y esquiva el artículo 155.Muchos chorizos han triunfado yescapado, otros como Brácenas, Jurdangarín, Rodrigo Jato, IgnasiGonzálbez, etc. han caído.Intenta resistir sobornando, robando,cobrando sobres, aplicando el 3%, apartando jueces y recalificandoterrenos para llegar a ser intocable.Tienes muchas ayudas ypotenciadores de trampas, así como tu inestimable compañera lagaviota tonta.El juego más famoso en Soto del Real, y el preferidode los Pujol.En el congreso los políticos ya lo juegan, es elpreferido de Pablo Iglesias, Errejón va por el nivel 2. Otros comolos Jordi, Junqueras o el huidizo Puigdemont han llegado al nivel155.Juego gratis de conecta 3 fichas y aplastar a los que te loimpiden.Ves subiendo de nivel y esquivando todos los casos decorrupción para que no te afecten, están los más importantes: CasoLezo, Gurtel, Brugal, Palma Arena, 3% y muchos más. Sé fuerte ycombina sabiamente tus efectivos y obtén todo el dinero que puedas.Maneja fichas de bancos, empresarios, sobres, billetes y sobornos.Haz combos, hay infinidad de frases famosas de corruptos. Envía smsde apoyo a tus amigos.Juega con cabeza y con billetes, si fallasvas a la cárcel.*** Varios tipos de niveles a superar ***Niveles deliberar efectivos y quedarte todo lo que puedas.Niveles de expulsarfichas de jueces para ganar.Niveles de conseguir medallas paravacilar.Niveles de blanqueo de capitales.Niveles de recalificaciónde terrenosAsí hasta 70 niveles.Algunos son contrarreloj: roba lomás rápido que puedas.*** Potenciadores ***Dispones de muchospotenciadores para ayudarte en tu noble tarea:* Gaviotas bomba*Noticias bomba* Fichas con diversos poderes de explosión vertical uhorizontal.* Combina dos poderes distintos para obtener un súperpoder de dinero.Empieza como concejal, luego sé alcalde, recalificay llega hasta presidente!* Ruleta diaria del corrupto.*** Tienda deBárcenas ***Adquiere billetes y potenciadores.Play as a corruptapprentice living in an imaginary country called Spain.In thatcountry it governs the magnanimous Marjuano Rajoy firmly exerts itsanti-corruption policy.The ideal application, whether you areindepe or not, pieces and govern your country and dodge Article155.Many have succeeded and escaped chorizos, others like Brácenas,Jurdangarín, Rodrigo Jato, Ignasi Gonzálbez, etc. they havefallen.Tries to resist bribing, stealing, charging on applying 3%,and judges away reclassifying land to become untouchable.Aids andenhancers have a lot of traps and your invaluable companion sillyseagull.The most famous game in Soto del Real, and the preferredPujol.At the congress politicians and play it, is the favorite ofPablo Iglesias, Errejón is on level 2. Others like Jordi Junquerasor flighty Puigdemont have reached level 155.free game connects 3chips and crush you prevent it.You see leveling up and dodging allcases of corruption do not affect are the most important: CaseLezo, Gurtel, Brugal, Palma Arena, 3% and more. Be strong andwisely combine your forces and get as much money as you can.Handles tabs banks, entrepreneurs, envelopes, paper money andbribes. Make combos, there are plenty of famous phrases corrupt.Support sending sms to your friends.Plays with head and tickets, ifyou fail you go to jail.*** Various types of levels to overcome***Effective release levels and stay all you can.Levels ofexpelling chips judges to win.Levels get medals forhesitation.Levels of money laundering.Levels of re-zoningAnd up to70 levels.Some are trial: Draw as fast as you can.*** ***EnhancersYou have many power-ups to help you in your noble task:*Gaviotas pump* Pump News* Sheets with different powers horizontalor vertical explosion.* Combines two different powers for a superpower of money.Begins as an alderman, then mayor know, requalifyand reaches President!* Daily Roulette corrupt.*** *** BarcenasShopAcquires banknotes and enhancers.
Talking Dogs Virtual Pet 0.2.2 APK
You have 4 puppies to adopt and play.Select a dog, name it and takecare of it as if it were for real.Take your virtual dog to reallife thanks to augmented reality!You can also talk to your puppy,he will answer the same as you say but in a funny voice.Bathe yourdog when it is dirty, feed it and put it to sleep.You can also buyaccessories in the dog shop.Talking Dogs is your new virtual petgame