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Now we are presenting most wanted jumping horse ride 3D game foryour playing thrust in the horse race course club. Be the besthorse rider in the company of your Italian breed stallion. In thisrace the professional rider will ultimately be the winner bypassing the critical barriers. As a professional horse jockey, onceyou will complete the race you will pass over to the next level.The healthy and lovely stallion is ready for this amazing simulatedhorse jumping race on your android device’s screen. So get buckledup your horse with the best harness and go to the horse race trackto enjoy this racing adventure. Be mindful that your race track isfull with much kind of hindrances/hurdles and you have to jump yourlovely stallion from all these hindrances/hurdles without strikingthem. Of course! You are a Horse Jumping Master. Download thisamazing android game on your android device from google paly storeto have maximum fun at your fingertips.How to Play:-Best JumpingHorse 3D game is very addictive and full of fun game which willdirect you towards the height of challenges.• Speed Up: To speed upthe speed of horse racing • Speed Down: To slow down the speed ofhorse racing • Power Bar: To monitor the speed of horse running•Jump the horse: Used for jumping on hurdles • This horse raceconsists of many hurdles and hitches in the race way and you haveto finish levels by avoiding these hurdles to unlock the nextlevels• You have to cross the all hurdles with ZERO faults.GameFeatures:-• Stunning 3D graphics with superb textures• Multiplehorse jumping levels to play • Impressive animated jungle orientedhorse race club environment and GUI• Very addictive game play•Awesome horse running and hurdle colliding background soundeffects• Realistic physics based latest state of the art game’smechanism• Multiple levels with low to high number of steeplechases

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    September 19, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Vital Games Era
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The Arabian horse is always considered as an elegant ride from theearly history of our ancients. Being a professional virtual horse’sjockey, Arabian horse is the best riding choice for the purpose ofrace and jumping adventures for you. So buckle up your healthy andlovely stallion to get ready for an elegant android game ofsimulated Arabian breed horse; to enjoy the best horse jumping onthe wonderful race track. How to Play:-The game is very easy andaddictive to play with the help of the buttons available on androiddevice’s screen. You can use the following buttons for differentgame functions; • High Speed button: To accelerate the speed ofhorse racing • Low Speed button: To reduce the speed of horseracing • Speed/Power Bar: To monitor the speed of running horse•Jump Button: Used for jumping on hurdles • This horse race consistsof many hurdles and obstacles in the race way and you have tofinish levels by avoiding these hurdles to unlock the next levels•You have to cross 15 hurdles in level 1&2, 20 hurdles in level3 and 25 hurdles in level 4 without committing any fault. GameFeatures:-• Stunning 3D graphics with superb textures • Impressiveanimated jungle oriented club environment and GUI• Very addictivegame play• Awesome horse running and hurdle colliding backgroundsound effects• Realistic physics based latest game mechanism•Multiple levels with low to high number of hurdles So download yourfree horse racing game (Ad-supported) from google play store forimmersive jockey experience.
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Hunting of wild animals is a dream of a professional hunter who hasthe sharp sniper shooting skills. Now we are bringing the top mostprofessional brand new hunting simulator game for your androiddevice to enjoy the real adventure and to face the real wildanimals in the center of animal’s kingdom! Jungle (forest)!Inanimal Jungle hunting season, you have to hunt the diversified kindof wild jungle animals. Grab your professional animal shootingrifle and rush to hunt in the jungle with abundant of ammunitions.The game has many new hunting features in which you can hunt yourselected set of wild animals in a given time period. The hunting offurious wild animals is obviously not an easy mission even for aprofessional hunter while you are moving in the kingdom of wildjungle animals. While conducting this dangerous mission, being anexpert sniper shooter, you need to take an extra care whileshooting animals from their close proximity. Obviously, angryanimals can counter attack on you suddenly on feeling your presenceand even can assassinate you. So don’t let them attack on you,control your nerves, hold your breath, target for the head shot andfire on them quickly to avoid unnecessary alerts. In this shootinggame, you have to face the most dangerous wild African jungleanimals, e.g. boars (wild pigs), bears, Lions, rhino, stags, deersand wolf. You have to kill all these animals in a limited timeperiod for your survival. You can hunt in many gaming levels foreach wild animal class available in this adventure. So be alert, bequick to hunt your prey with your auto re-loaded sniper shootingrifle after setting your scope for this adventurous hunting offurious jungle animals. Please download (free) this amazing huntinggame from google play store for the maximum thrilling moments onyour android device and share with your friends. Your positivefeedback encourages us to work better for future developments.Thanks.Game Features:-• Awesome and realistic Jungle environment•Perfect and accurate target shooting controls• Wonderful animals AI(Artificial intelligence)• Multiple new wild animals packages toselect• Multiple levels to hunt for each animal with differentdifficulty objectives (easy to hard)• Stunning 3D graphics to feelas real as possible• Amazing background jungle animal’s voices andmusic
Can Flick Knockdown 3D 1.3 APK
Now we are presenting the new game for the all real aiming snipers,shooters and knockdown challengers!!!Can you knockdown the allpiles and pyramids of radioactive and some other dangerous chemicalexplosive cans by using your aiming, shooting and smashing skills?Then get ready to play the realistic physics based tin can knockdown android game in real 3D environment. CAN flick knockdown is amost wanted, insanely addictive and 100% free game available in theandroid market of google play store. Just tune up your shooting andaiming skills to knockdown the all pyramids of tin cans with eachball flick. You can flick the baseball, tennis ball or football onthe piles and pyramids of tin cans to set high scores to competeyour friends. Game Features:-• Red explosive CAN to shoot the wholepyramid in just one flick• Knockdown the green CAN for an extrabonus flick ball• You have only 5 balls to play! So use themcarefully• Stunning 3D graphics• Amazing realism, perfectly-tunedphysics engine, easy-to-use controls• Multiple challenging levelsin beautiful 3D locations• Unlock new levels, open new locations,and discover hidden secrets• Accurate, smart and quick canshooting• Super fascinating back ground music• Realistic backgroundapplause on multiple achievements• Multiple levels for multipleachievements and bonuses• Challenge your friends to knock you downif they can• If you feel laggy in the start of the gameplay, pleasecontinue playing; Swipe your finger towards where you want to aimand then release to throw the ball. Do not try and 'flick' the ballas this will not be as accurate and may feel like the ball islaggy. Soon you will be playing in a very smoother way.
Legend: Football Pro 2016 1.4 APK
Play the most addictive, fabulous and undoubtedly the world’s #1free soccer football game in which you can experience the glance ofreal stadium animated environment with the real audience’s applauseon every goal. Have more football practice and defeat your opponentteam through best winning techniques of sprint, receiving, passing,kicking, shooting, penalty shooting, striking the football and howto make a goal by dodging the goalkeeper. The legend football pro2016 game has plenty of stunning 3D features with a lot of footballtechniques for the real win in the crowded stadium. This soccerfootball game with real flick is equally entertaining for all typeof players either they are beginners or the expert footballplayers. In this game you can play the most realistic 3D footballgame with incredible physics engine, wonderful 3D graphics andsmooth controls. As now this is the start of 2016 and everyfootball player desires to win with the new passion on androidsports games. Of course this would be the year of Legends of bestfootball players. All soccer football heroes of the world need tohave a big win in the football pro tournament challenge in the nextandroid football world cup 2016. You need to affirm your skills forthe perfect football match pre groundwork in the stadium on yourandroid device right from now. You have the following teams for thebest league team lineup of your choice. Germany, Uruguay, Turkey,Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Spain, USA, England, FranceForall of this, you can get your free download of this fabulousfootball game with amazing pro features from google play store.Download and enjoy this free version.Game Features:-• Bestrealistic football stadium 3D animated environment• Superbrealistic 3D graphics to feel in the real environment• Realisticsound effects of audience applauses for the real team support• Topmost popular football world class teams for a tournament• Bestresponsive smooth controls with animated characters• Multiple gameplaying modes - Practice mode- Quick mode- Tournament mode• Soccerfootball fun for both beginners and professionals• Unmatched eyecatching, splendid and unique uniforms of opponent teams for theleague tournament team lineup
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Have you ever imagine playing the real 8 ball billiards on yourandroid device with the real billiard club environment? Our latestdevelopment of pool table billiards game is here for you to acceptthis challenge with the passion to win this 8 ball pool billiardpro match with wonderful playing skills against your opponentplayer on your android device. The game consists of 8 ball and 9ball pool billiard gaming features with stunning 3D graphics,perfect rigid body physics controls and realistic billiard clubenvironment. Are you new to billiard game? Don’t worry; the 8 ballpool billiard challenge is equally suitable for all new casual andexpert snooker and pool billiard players from learning toprofessional skills. You will surely enjoy this billiard challengegame due to its best user friendly GUI and realistic smoothcontrols. The billiard player can play shots with the help offantastic cue ball control button in any direction i.e. backspin,topspin, right spin and left spin to feel him in the billiard club.The provision of an awesome camera view makes this game moreaddictive and interesting to play without any hassle. The playercan view the all Billiard club’s environment with the ease of hisone touch on device’s screen. Game Features:-• Smooth and realisticrigid body physics controls• Best background club music and soundeffects• Awesome 3D pool billiard realistic animated texturedenvironment with wonderful club scenes• Multiple camera positionsfor easy visionary effects, ball cue controls and shots• Practicemode to train yourself as a spontaneous new player (In this mode,you can play versus computer or android device) with no standardrules• 2 player mode (Player Vs Player or 1-on-1 mode with standardrules) for the expert and serious players to enjoy the real poolbilliards simulations
Flick Real Football 1.5 APK
Now we are presenting one more interesting free football game forthe expert players to exaggerate their playing skills on androiddevice. In this version, the football team players can directlychallenge their opponent team for 1-on-1 single match or for aleague tournament without the need of pre match practice. The 3Dflick football shoot is very addictive game when someone starts toplay for a wonderful tournament challenge revelation. In singlematch or world tournament league matches you can practice for thebest football playing techniques. So this free game is a bestfootball tutor or coach as well. Many football teams are availablefor the league tournament to select the best squad for you. Justselect your team from the flag list of world’s most favorite teamsfrom the game start and be the winner of this tournament.Justdownload of this marvelous football game for free with incrediblefeatures from google play store and enjoy. Game Features:-•Stunning 3D football stadium environment• Realistic rigid bodyphysics engine for smooth controls• Awesome 3D graphics withsensational textures• Best responsive animated 3D football playersmovements to feel the real match• Single match playing mode•Tournament matches between the world’s best teams• Wonderfulbackground music with audience clapping response on goals• Bestgame ever for the passionate football expert players • Uniqueuniforms of all available teams to easily identify yours one