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Jungle ِCuphead Adventure Game is a super Adventure smashadventureand legendary side scrolling platformer, Get Ready For anEpicAdventure with exciting levels ِJungle ِCuphead Dash Adventure,Everyone has a weakness dash , Our Chingu has two. SleepandCandies world run ِJungle ِCuphead Adventure . There aremanyِJungle ِCuphead subway Adventure games dash on store but wearealso introducing you one of the best adventure game. Subwayruntrap. The subway Boy game has adventure,suspense and thrilling.Youhave to just play and enjoy with ِJungle ِCuphead Adventure .Run,jump and slash your trap cuphead way through a vast worldofplatforming challenges and embark on an epic adventure dash !The#1 mobile adventure game trap and a 3D platformer cuphead, nowalsoavailable for Android phones and tablets ِJungle ِCupheadAdventure. Get ready for some Fun and Thriller trap Adventures dashworldhey trap run cuphead. Features Of ِJungle ِCuphead Adventure :+Beautiful high-resolution graphics . + Awesome game-play similartoretro classic game. + Easy and intuitive controls withon-screenretro controller. + Destroy-able bricks, blocks andmovingplatform. + Additional collectibles, coins, shields and more.+ 4beautiful worlds with 80 well designed levels. + Undergroundandwater worlds, swim, jump and run. + Over 20 enemies andobstacles.+ 8 boss fights: angry scorpion, spider, big bee andgolem. +Rankings for you and your friends to compete with playerfrom othercountry. Jungle ِCuphead subway Adventure is Super Heroboy has topass lots of evil crocs, spiders and dragons Jungle andalso gothrough noir castles run .subway dash You are cuphead- thecoolsuperhero dash trap ! But be careful! Lots of dangers,enemies,troubles, obstacles, difficult traps and bosses aredefending yourway through the jungle, castles and yo wonder worldscuphead. Tofinish the platformer cuphead game dash will have tojump and runover many obstacles cuphead, kedfight and dash shootagainst chibininjas, cruel crocs, hedgehogs, skeletons, leps, catsand manyother monsters and dragons Jungle Subway . Climb up hugebridges,mountains and stairs,Cuphead fight against prehistoricenemies,avoid falling bricks, find hidden noir blocks and levels,collectcoins, swim through dangerous seas, explore lot ofchallenging andaddictive jungle Subway worlds and lands and defeatall cruelbosses and enemies . This dash game Jump and Run is anaddictiveold school guy arcade jungle dash adventure game subwaycuphead!This cool cuphead Smash Jump and Run ِJungle ِCupheadAdventure isan addictive non-stop old school run arcade jungleadventure gameSubway Jungle ! How to play ِJungle ِCuphead DashAdventure : + Eatstrawberry and flower to become stronger anddefeat all monsters. +Tap Left / Right to move. + Jump to crash theenemy. + Eat flowerto shoot enemy. + Collect all coins and bonusitems to get morepoints and buy additional items in store. In thistrap game worldSubway trap cuphead you have to finish level bylevel to move toanother world trap .run The higher the levelcuphead, the moreobstacles and enemies you have super cuphead toface. subway Youmay not know when a obstacle would appear or when aenemy wouldapproach Subway ,world you need to be alert all the timeand thisis highly exercising for your brain.cuphead the game helpsinrelieving stress and improves the response time as the playerneedsto be quick and attentive to face off the challenges cupheadSubway. Get " ِJungle ِCuphead Dash Adventure " for freetoday.Disclaimer : This is a unofficial Bros adventures gamestrapCartoon app world . made By the cuphead Fans and lover of run.Weare not affiliated in any way to trap team trademark ownerteamcartoon we are not the makers of bunny movie and we don't claimanyrelation with them. If you feel there is a direct copyrightortrademark violation that doesn't follow

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    March 7, 2019
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Dev Best Apps
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Snap Camera-Snappy photo , Selfie Camera edit 2018 1.1 APK
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You can take beautiful selfies anywhere and anytime!Sweet Snap-photo sticker is great tool for making creative, funny, cuteandawesome selfies and profile pictures for social media.Wanttobecome a cute kitty or a funny clown? Use selfie camera -funnystickers to swap face with them and make different cuteselfie!Face live camera app Face live snap camera Face live cameraflowercrown Face live video camera.Seeing the face of catslikeirritated, so it occurred to you to look like a cute catface.Withapplication Cat Face Camera Editor, you can create yourfavoritephoto look like a cat's face.By adding a cat face sticker:catwhiskers, cat ears, cat eyes.Mirror photo effect,Livephotocollage,collage picture,camera face,selfietaker,revitalize,kittenstickers,cat costumes,motion stickers,faceswap maker.Cat face,catface camera filters,cat sticker,catemoji.Below are mainfunctionality of Face live camera-Snapcamera,face sawpFace livecamera appFace live snap cameraFace livecamera flower crownFacelive video cameraFace live camera photoeditor color effectLive dogface cameraDoggy face liveLive facedetectionLive face effectsFacelive camera photo editor coloreffectFace live filtersLive funnyface cameraFunny face changercamera live facesFace swap liveswitch faces with friends and photosin live video .• Face Swapphoto Editor is an Advanced Photo Editor.Face changer photo editoris a FREE photo face swap app. Face CameraFace Swap is a FunnyFace changer for kids and adults.• Animal FacePhoto Editor hasvarious animals’ faces. Face Swap with cuteanimals. Set Dog ears,mouth, tongue, Cat ears, mouth on your photosand enjoy the funwith this Face swap photo Editor.• Flower CrownPhoto Editor hasfull collection of Flower crowns for Girls andFlower Crowns forWomen. • Face Mask Photo Editor has Clown faceMasks, carnival Facemask, masquerade face mask, Eyes Mask, Tigerface mask, Cat facemask, rabbit face mask, Wolf face mask.ClassicCollage includesdozens of collage styles. Create snap grids andsnap collages asyou like. There are various collage models in FaceSwap’s collagefunction. All popular and beautiful grids suit forall kinds ofpics. You name it, we have it. After choosing a certaingrid, youcan adjust the Effects and Backgrounds for your pictures.There arealso two collage modes. One is square collages and theother isrectangular collages. Left- right collage, up-down collage,pic inpic collage……All classic collage modes you can think of. Usesimplecollages, make elegant snaps.This face change app allows youtoplace animal head on selfies instead of your own and make agreatvirtual makeover. Make a funny photo montage using this animalfaceapp for Android and show everyone how good you are inpictureediting by creating face swap effect on pics. Choose lion oratiger head or a cute animal face, insert your selfie andplaceanimal stickers. Download app and enjoy in face changing!Youcantake beautiful selfies anywhere and anytime Sweet Snap -Photosticker is great tool for making creative, funny, cute andawesomeselfies and profile pictures for social media.Want to Becomea cutekitty or a funny clown? Use selfie camera - funny stickers toswapdeal with 'em and make different cute selfie!Faced live cameraappFaced live snap camera facing camera live flower crown facelivevideo camera.Seeing the face of cats like irritated, so itoccurredto you to look like a cute cat face.With Application CatFaceCamera Editor, you can create your favorite picture look likeacat's face.By Adding a cat face sticker: cat whiskers, catears,cat eyes.Mirror picture effect, Live collage, collagepicture,camera face selfie taker, revitalize, stickers kitten,catcostumes, stickers motion swap deal maker.Cat face , catfacingcamera filters, cat sticker cat emoji.Below are handfunctionalityof Face Live camera-Snap camera, front sawpFaced livecameraappFaced live snap cameraFaced live camera flower crownFacedlivevideo cameraFaced live camera picture editor color effectLivedogface cameraDoggy live faceLive face detectionLive sideeffectsFacedlive camera picture editor color effectFaced livefiltersLive funnyface cameraFunny face change live camerafacesFaced live switchsides swap pictures with friends and in livevideo.• Swap FacePhoto Editor is an advanced Photo Editor. Facingchange PhotoEditor is a FREE photo face swap app. Facing CameraFace Swap is aFunny Face change for kids and adults.• Animal FacePhoto EditorHAS various animals' faces. Face Swap with cuteanimals. Set Dogears, mouth, tongue, cat ears, mouth are yourpictures and enjoythe fun with this swap Face Photo Editor.• FlowerCrown PictureEditor HAS full collection of Flower crowns for Girlsand FlowerCrowns for Women.• Face Mask Photo Editor HAS Clown faceMasks,carnival Face mask, masquerade face mask, Eyes Mask, Tigerfacemask, face mask Cat, rabbit face mask, face maskWolf.ClassicCollage includes Dozens of collage styles. Createcollages snapgrids and snap as you like. There are various modelsin the facecollage Swap's bonding function. All popular andbeautiful gridsfollows for all kinds of peaks. You name it, we haveit. Afterchoosing has some grid, you can adjust the Effects andBackgroundsfor your pictures. There are aussi two bonding modes.One is squarecollages and the other is rectangular collages. Left-rightbonding, up-down bonding, bonding peak in peak ...... Allclassicbonding modes you can think of. Use single collages makeelegantsnaps.This app changes face Allows you to spot one animalheadselfies INSTEAD of your own and make a great virtual makeover.Makea funny photo montage using this animal face app for Androidandshow everyone how you are in Good picture editing by Creatingfaceswap effect it peaks. Choose lion or a tiger head gold cuteanimalface insert your selfie and place animal stickers. Downloadapp andenjoy in face changing!
Heart Crown Photo Editor 2018 1.2 APK
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Heart Crown Filter has given you the chance to look superkawaiiwith hundred of heart crown effect, flower crown, dog facecamera,cat stickers... Crown heart stickers are simple to add: Takea picor choose one from gallery, then select your favorite heartcrown /cat sticker or dog sticker / flowers crown, place them inyourphoto & done. Want to look beautiful like a princess nowwithPhoto Booth Flower Crown Heart Effect application you can addheartcrown and flower crown Flower & Heart Crown Filter hasgivenyou the chance to look super kawaii with hundred of heartcrowneffect, flower crown, dog face camera, cat stickers. How touseFlower & Heart Crown Photo Editor - Open the image fromyourgallery - Select your favorite photos - Add and selectStickerHeart Crown - Drag to your picture - Resize and playwithmultitouch - Touch next to preview mode - Share your greatFunnyHeart Crown stickers photo to your friends - Or save to yourdeviceFeature of Flower & Crown Heart Effect - Easy to use withasimple interface - More than 50++ Flower Crown sticker, HeartCrownsticker, cat face sticker, dog face sticker and heart/birdeffect -Easily add text and change font, style to text - Amazingphoto fxfilter - Save your photos with Full HD quality - Shareyourphotographer with friends through social networking - heartcrown -heart crown filter - heart crown photo editor - heart crowneffect- heart crown app Heart Crown Photo Editor is the perfectchoice tolook super kawaii. Add funny Stickers face effects, puppydoggyface, rainbow effect, cute rabbit, lenses tears, Fancy, tagtext,stickers and emojis, 3D masks, flowers crown, Fancy textandmore... to your selfie in just a few seconds! And HeartCrownEditor is an action of funny snappy photo emoji &stickersmaker app loaded with fun, creative, and expressive 3Dmask,special makeup, and special effects like : - Cute Rabbit -DoggyFace - crown flowers - Emoji & Smileys - Lovely Eyes -RainbowEffects - Sad Tears - Stickers - Cool Text With EmojiFeatures -Instant preview - Random light leak filters -Customizable datestamp - Portrait and landscape - Self-timer -Huji, Gudak, Black& White filters - Add posters, zoom in andout, rotate, adjust,and add text! Heart Crown Filter HAS Given youthe opportunity tolook super kawaii with hundred of heart crowneffect, flower crown,dog facing camera, cat stickers ... Crownheart stickers are easyto add: Take a gold spike choose one fromgallery, Then select yourfavorite heart crown / cat or dog stickersticker / flowers crown,instead em in your picture & done. Wantto look like abeautiful princess now with Photo Booth Flower CrownHeart Effectapp you can add heart crown and flower crown Flower& HeartCrown Filter HAS Given you the opportunity to lookawesome withkawaii hundred of heart crown effect, flower crown, dogfacingcamera, cat stickers. How to use Flower & Heart CrownPictureEditor - Open the picture from your gallery - Select yourfavoritepictures - Add and select Crown Heart Sticker - Drag toyourpicture - Resize and play with multitouch - Touch next tofashionpreview - Share your great Funny Crown Heart stickerspicture toyour friends - Or save to your device Feature of FlowerHeart &Crown Effect - Easy to use with a simple interface -More than 50++ Flower Crown sticker Heart Crown sticker cat facesticker, dogface sticker and heart / bird effect - Easily add textand makechanges, style to text - Amazing Photo fx filter - Saveyourpictures with Full HD quality - Share your photographerwithfriends through social networking - heart crown - heartcrownfilter - heart crown Photo Editor - heart crown effect -heartcrown app Heart Crown Photo Editor is the perfect choice tolooksuper kawaii. Add stickers funny face effects, doggy puppyface,rainbow effect, cute rabbit, lenses tears, Fancy, tagtext,stickers and emoji, 3D masks, crown flowers, fancy text andmore... to your selfie in Just a few seconds! And Heart CrownEditor isan Action of funny snappy picture emoji & stickersmaker apploaded with fun, creative, and expressive 3D mask, specialmakeup,and special effects like: - Cute Rabbit - Doggy Face -crownflowers - Emoji & Smileys - Lovely Eyes - Rainbow Effects- SadTears - Stickers - Cool Text With Emoji Features - Instantpreview- Random light leak filters - Customizable time stamp -Portraitand landscape - Self-timer - Huji, Gudak, Black & Whitefilters- Add posters, zoom in and out, rotate, adjust, and addtext!
Face Swap . Snap Photo Filters 2018 1.1 APK
Dev Best Apps
Hey! Tell you a secret between you and me! December is aroundthecorner! That means the month of Christmas is coming!!! SantaClaus,Christmas stockings, Christmas trees, Christmas gifts……Allthat youthink of, face swap will satisfy you. We will regularlyupdateChristmas motion stickers and sticker sets in this specialmonth,you can also record amazing Christmas videos. Want to takegreatChristmas selfies and share on snapchat or facebook? Try FaceSwap. Photo Snap.Ever wonder how look when you swap images withyourfriend in a picture. Try our face swap application and youwillfeel the difference. Face swap lets you switch faces with afriendor family.To all the picture editing fans around the world –give awarm welcome to our brand new snap “photo stickers” appforAndroid! Choose your cool selfies and make them even betterusingmany effects and filters, as well as other photo decorations.Withthis image editor you can change face in cute pics and snappysomeanimal stickers and make a doggy face. Search no more becausehereyou can find the best sticker design for image editing andaboveall it is completely free of charge and easy to use! Decorateyourphotos with custom stickers and snap pic effects and shareyourwork of art on Facebook and Instagram! Download "Face Swap .PhotoSnap" and bring your picture editing techniques to perfectionwiththese cool deco stickers!Join all the image editing fans inplacinganimal faces on pics and making funny face photomontages!Experience the best face swap and express your creativityusingcool photo changer. It will take you just a few seconds toswitchface on your best selfies and place an angry lion, tiger or acutebird face instead of your own and amaze everyone with yourpicediting skills! Our newest face changing apps for AndroidTMprovideyou with various cool stickers for photos which will helpyou makea one of a kind funny face change you can share on allsocialnetworks. So, seize this amazing opportunity to obtain FaceSwap .Collage Photo app and make the best use of our face swapspecialeffects!There are also numerous of Motion Stickers in faceswapwith themes such as animal, cartoon,etc. Want to become acutekitty or a funny clown? Face Swap . Photo Snap can let yourdreamcome true. Compare with cartoon cameras, motion stickers infaceswap will give you much real experience. With our welldesignedmotion stickers, you can change to a cutie like yourbeloved pets.Fluffy dog ears, soft and lifelike animal tongues,cute cat’s nose.Bring you into a fancy animal world. We also have aplenty ofsticker sets. Give you unique and amazing cartoon stickersandvivid motion stickers.Face Swap . Photo Snap can change yourfacewith other faces in photos. Photo swap has face recognitionpower,want to swap face with some certain ones? Just take aphoto!Makefantastic photos with funny face filters. - funny Style,Hat, Hair,Eye, Glasses, Nose, Mouth, Beard, Masks, Birthday,Cartoon,Emoticons, Love, Halloween, Christmas & Food...-+1500Stickers, and many more to be added!* Automatic facedetection*face Adjustment.* face Scaling .* face Rotation.* Flipfaces* swapfaces* Save to SD card* Share on facebook, twitter,google+etc.Face Swap emoji photo editor is an action of funny FaceSwapphoto emoji & stickers maker app loaded with fun, creative,andexpressive 3D mask, special makeup, and special effects.Youcanshare your photos on instagram, facebook and whatsapp or justsaveit to your own photo gallery.Hey! Tell you a secret entre youandme! December is around the corner! That means clustering oftheMonth Christmas is coming !!! Santa Claus, Christmasstockings,Christmas trees, Christmas gifts ...... All that youthink of, faceswap will Satisfy You. We will update Regularlymotion Christmasstickers and sticker sets in this special month,you can recordaussi amazing Christmas videos. Want to take greatChristmasselfies and share on Facebook Snapchat gold? Try FaceSwap. PhotoSnap.Ever wonder how you look When swap pictures withyour friendin a picture. Try our face swap app and you will feelthedifference. Face swap lets you switch sides with a friendorfamily.To all the picture editing fans around the world - giveawarm welcome to our brand new snap "picture stickers" appforAndroid! Choose your cool selfies and make 'em even betterusingMany effects and filters, as well as other decorationspicture.With this image editor you can change the face peaks incute andsnappy Some animal stickers and make a doggy face. Searchno moreBecause here you can find the best sticker design for imageeditingand above all it is completely Call free of charge and easyto use!Decorate your pictures with custom stickers and snap peakeffectsand share your work of art on Facebook and Instagram!Download"Face Swap. Photo Snap" and bring your picture toperfection withediting technical thesis cool deco stickers!Join allthe fans inimage editing Placing animal faces are peaks and makingfunny facephoto montages! Experience the best face swap and expressyourcreativity using cool picture change. It will take you Just afewseconds to switch face is your best selfies and place anangrylion, tiger gold cute bird face INSTEAD of your own andamazeeveryone with your pic editing skills! Our newest facechangingapps for AndroidTM Provide you with various cool stickersforpictures qui will help you make a one of a kind funny faceexchangeyou can share on social networks all. So, sixteen thisamazingopportunity to obtenir Face Swap. Collage Photo app and makethebest use of our face swap special effects!There are aussiNumerousof Motion stickers in front swap with themes Such Asanimal,cartoon, etc. Want to Become a cute kitty or a funny clown?FaceSwap. Photo Snap can let your dream come true. Compare withcartooncameras, motion stickers in front swap will give you muchrealexperience. With our well designed motion stickers, you canchangeto a cutie like your beloved pets. Fluffy dog ​​ears, softandlifelike animal tongues, cute cat's nose. Bring you into afancyanimal world. We also have a plenty of sticker sets. Giveyousingle and amazing cartoon stickers and stickers vividmotion.FaceSwap. Photo Snap can change your face with other facesin pictures.Photo swap HAS face recognition power, want to swapWith Some facesome ones? Just take a picture!Make fantasticpictures with funnyface filters.- funny Style, Hat, Hair, EyeGlasses, Nose, Mouth,Beard, Masks, Birthday, Cartoon, Smileys,Love, Halloween,Christmas & Food ...- 1500 stickers, and manymore to beadded!* Automatic face detection* Adjustment face.*Scaling face.*Rotate face.* Flip sides* Swap sides* Save to SDcard* Share onfacebook, twitter, google + etc.Face Swap emoji PhotoEditor is anAction of funny Face Swap picture emoji & stickersmaker apploaded with fun, creative, and expressive 3D mask, specialmakeup,and special effects.You can share your pictures areInstagram,facebook and whatsapp or just save it to your own photogallery.
Fight Battle 2 APK
Dev Best Apps
Fight Battle is the best Fight Battle photo editor to createrealFight Battle face photo! Add bloody wounds, bruising, bloodspraysand fight blood on photo easy and fast for FREE with awesomeFightBattle Photo Editor! Select our Fight Battle catalogue andmakeyour choice among various Fight Battle patterns designs. HereYoucan having more variety of Fight Battle stickers for your bestfacephotos. Fight Battle Photo Editor contains few of themostattractive and cool name Fight Battle designs which can makeyourhand look handsome and your Fight Battle more elegant. FightBattlePhoto Editor is also known as Fight Battle My photo, FightBattleon My Photo, Fight Battle Design Maker, Fight Battle Photo.FightBattle Photo Editor is to set Fight Battle sticker on yourbodyphotos and make your looks beautiful. Fight Battle Photo Editorisan Photo editor app that offers you a variety of “FightBattleSticker” to add to your photos and give a virtual makeover toyourface in a second. You can pick a best sticker from the FightBattlestickers Catalogue, and set sticker shapes and sizesaccording toyour requirement.Fight Battle photo editor is your newphotographerand photo collage studio. Create your pretty new lookwith niceFight Battle and then send it on social links. Here Youcan havingmore variety of stickers for making your look beautiful .You canchange the size of the sticker with finger touch and convertyourbeauty selfies into extraordinary pics with Fight Battlepictureeffect in a matter of seconds. ★ Fight Battle is the bestphotoeditor to create Fight Battle face selfie using cool fightbattlestickers and fight effects! ★ Fight Battle - try the bestFightBattle photo montage for FREE! ★ Fight Battle has mostadvancedtools to add bloody stickers and bloody fight effects toyour faceon photo and turn it into awesome fight face with FightBattleCamera. ★ Fight Battle lets you create fight battle faceusing yourcamera just in 10 seconds! ★ Fight Battle has a tons ofsuperstickers for the best selfie photo: 70+ bloody stickers forsupercool fight buttle photo! Add bloody wounds, bruising, bloodspraysand blood on photo ★ Fight Battle is very easy to use: 1.Take anew photo or select one from your gallery which you want toaddStickers 2. Select stickers which you want to apply to yourphoto3. Create the best looking selfie photos using Zoom in/Zoomout,Rotate left/right to adjust emojis 4. Share your FightBattlecharacter with your friends and family in Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, WatsApp and other social networks. 5. Impressyourfriends! * Fight Battle Photo Editor is so much funny &easy touse for all user. * Fight Battle Photo Editor Contains Morethan100+ Fight Battle Stickers. * It can change the size accordingtoyour body shape. * Flip and scale Fight Battle sticker as peryourchoice. * Make complete your look with amazing FightBattlestickers. * Fight Battle Photo Editor is Save the pic in yourSDCard. * Fight Battle Photo Editor is to Save and share your picsonsocial links. ★ Also you can adjust every photo aspect: ✔Awesomefilters ✔ High resolution photos ✔ Excellent performance -thephotos are created in 1-2 seconds ✔ Add Text on photo ✔ Lotofmagic art effects ✔ Brightness ✔ Contrast ✔ Saturation ✔ Blur✔Temperature ✔ Shadows/Highlights ✔ Crop ✔ Focus ✔ HDR effect★Fight Battle is absolutely FREE ✔ No pay content ✔ Noregistration✔ No coins ✔ Everything is free ★ Enjoy and have funwith the bestFight Battle Camera application! Try Fight BattleCamera right nowabsolutely FREE! Fight Battle Fight Battle is thebest pictureeditor to create real photo face Battle Fight! Addbloody wounds,bruising, blood sprays and fight blood is easy andfast picture forFREE with awesome Fight Battle Photo Editor! SelectBattle Fightour catalog and make your choice Fight Battle Amongvarious designpatterns. Here You can HAVING more variety of FightBattle stickersfor your best face pictures. Fight Battle PhotoEditor contains FEWof the MOST attractive and cool name BattleFight qui designs canmake your hand look handsome and Fight Battleyour more elegant.Fight Battle Picture Editor est aussi Known AsFight Battle Myphoto, Fight Battle on My Photo, Design Fight BattleMaker FightBattle Photo. Fight Battle Photo Editor is set to FightBattlesticker on your body and make your pictures looks beautiful.FightBattle Picture Editor Picture editor is an app That offers youavariety of "Fight Battle Sticker" to add to your pictures andgivea virtual makeover to your face in a second. You can pick abeststicker from the Fight Battle stickers Catalog, and setstickershapes and sizes selon your requirement.Fight Battle PhotoEditoris your new photographer and photo collage studio. Createyour newlook pretty with nice Fight Battle And Then send it onsociallinks. Here You can HAVING more variety of stickers formaking yourlook beautiful. You can change the size of the stickerwith fingertouch and convert your beauty selfies into extraordinarypeaks withFight Battle picture effect in a matter of seconds. ★Fight Battleis the best picture editor to create Battle Fight faceselfie usingcool fight battle and fight stickers effects! ★ FightBattle -Battle Fight try the best photo montage for FREE! ★ FightBattleHAS MOST advanced tools to add stickers bloody and bloodyfighteffects to your face one picture and turn it into awesomefightdeal with Fight Battle Camera. ★ Fight Battle lets you createfightbattle front using your camera just in 10 seconds! ★ FightBattle:has a tone of great stickers for the best selfie picture:70+bloody stickers for cool fight buttle picture! Add bloodywounds,bruising, blood and blood sprays we Photo ★ Fight Battle isveryeasy to use: 1. Take a new picture or select one from yourgalleryqui you want to add stickers 2. Select qui stickers you wanttoapply to your picture 3. Create the best looking selfiepicturesusing Zoom in / Zoom out, Rotate left / right to adjustemoji 4.Share your Fight Battle character with your friends andfamily inFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networksWatsApp. 5.Impress your friends! * Fight Battle Picture Editor isso muchfunny & easy to use for all user. * Fight Battle PictureEditorContains More than 100+ Fight Battle Stickers. * It canchange thesize selon your body shape. * Flip and Fight Battle scalestickeras per your choice. * Make complete your look with amazingFightBattle stickers. * Fight Battle Picture Editor is Save thepeak inyour SD Card. * Fight Battle Picture Editor is to Save andshareyour pics on social links. ★ Also you can adjust everypicturelook: ✔ Awesome filters ✔ High resolution photos ✔Excellentperformance - the images are created in 1-2 seconds ✔ AddText onpicture ✔ Lot of Magic art effects ✔ Brightness ✔ Contrast✔Saturation ✔ Blur ✔ Temperature ✔ Shadows / Highlights ✔ Crop✔Focus ✔ HDR effect ★ Fight Battle is absolutely FREE ✔ No Payhappy✔ No Registration ✔ No corners ✔ Everything is free ★ Enjoyandhave fun with the best Fight Battle Camera app! Try CameraFightBattle absolutely FREE right now!
Battery Saver Power 2018 1.1 APK
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If you have a problem with your battery ? if your AndroidBatteryDie So Fast ?don't worry i have solution ?with thiswonderful appyou can save life your battery. It's FREE in market,just downloadand install it in your phone the BatteryBatterySaver.Battery saverPower 2018 its like a Battery saver 2018 Prowith beautiful themefor your eyes, is an energy saver that canprolong the battery lifeup to 50% by finding applications andenergy settings on yourdevice.. believe me you need to tryit.Battery Saver 2018 is anenergy saver that can prolong thebattery life up to 50% by findingapplications and energy settingson your device. Join 150 millionusers on Android who have seen thebenefits!Show Stats batteryeasily (details as temperature, voltage,technology, health andusage). See the percentage of remainingbattery in your status bar,and easily optimize your device whenneeded.Just click on the"maximize" button to optimize the batteryfast. Conserving batterypower is achieved by erasing the RAMmemory.Please keep in mindthat the time of the bore battery isevaluated. Battery Saver 2018is a simple and elegant applicationthat will help you follow thecurrent battery percentage on yourAndroid device, such as batterysaver tools.With Battery, every timeand everywhere you will knowif your battery has enough to play agame, a movie, or to browsethe web.The Battery Saver Pro 2018 isuser interface as simple aspossible, but extremely convenient.-CHARACTERISTICS -- Displaysbattery information in percent (%).-Turn off unneeded applicationsthat drain your battery!- BatterySaver is incredibly light!-Additional information on the batterytemperature, voltage,health.- Task Killer kills tasks with a singleclick!- Schedulepower saving modes for work / class / sleep andmore!Enjoy BatterySaver 2018 Free for Your AndroidMaincharacteristics :- Turn offunnecessary applications that empty yourbattery!- Task Killerkills tasks with a single click!- Stopapplications when the screenis off!- Precise remaining batterytime!- Recharge time remainingaccurate!- Planning the power savingmode for work / class / duringsleep and more!- Single rechargesystem in 3 steps!- Wifi on / data/ Bluetooth!- Brightnesscontrol!- Processor Management (MobileRootes )!- Batterytemperature!- Tips for recharging!- Easy to useinterface!downloadBattery Saver of your mobile phone freeIf youhave a problem withyour battery? if your Android Battery Die SoFast?do not worry ihave solution?with this wonderful app you cansave your batterylife. It's FREE in market, just download andinstall it in yourphone the BatteryBattery Saver.Battery saverPower 2018 its like abattery saver 2018 Pro with beautiful themefor your eyes, is anenergy saver That can prolonged the batterylife up to 50% byfinding apps and settings are energy your device.. believe me youneed to try it .Battery Saver 2018 is an energysaver That canprolonged the battery life up to 50% by finding appsand settingsare energy your device. Join 150 million users onAndroid Who-haveseen the benefits!Show Stats battery Easily(details as temperature,voltage, technology, health and use). Seethe percentage ofremaining battery in your status bar, and Easilyoptimize yourdevice When needed.Just click on the "maximize"button to optimizethe battery fast. Conserving battery power isAchieved by erasingthe memory RAM.Please keep in mind que le timeof the battery isEvaluated boron. Battery Saver 2018 is asimple and elegantimplementation That will help you follow thecurrent batterypercentage is your Android device, Such As batterysaver tools.WithBattery, every time and everywhere you will knowif your battery HASenough to play a game, a movie, or to browsethe web.The BatterySaver Pro 2018 is easy user interface as youcan, aim extremelyconvenient.- CHARACTERISTICS -- Displays batteryinformation inpercent (%).- Turn off unneeded applications Thatdrain yourbattery!- Battery Saver is incredibly light!- Additionalinformationon the battery temperature, voltage, health.- TaskKiller killstasks with a single click!- Schedule power savingmodes for work /class / sleep and more!Enjoy Free Battery Saver2018 for YourAndroidMain characteristics:- Turn off UnnecessaryApplications Thatyour battery empty!- Task Killer kills tasks witha single click!-Stop applications When the screen is off!- Preciseremaining batterytime!- Recharge time remaining accurate!-Planning the power savingmethod for work / class / sleep Duringand more!- Single chargingsystem in 3 steps!- Wifi on / data /Bluetooth!- Brightnesscontrol!- Processor Management (MobileRootes)!- Batterytemperature!- Tips for recharging!- Easy to useinterface!BatterySaver download of your mobile phone free
3D Movie Effect : Photo Editor Maker Movie Style 2.0 APK
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Do you want to look like a hero or heroine with movie effectslikereal movies 3d effect? Want to make up yourself like a superhero?Create your own amazing movie fx by using our 3d movie effectimageeditor app . Movie effect app is a free movie effect photoeditorapp . Movie effect photo editor 3d app contains lot of reallookingstickers fx and huge collection of background . Edit yourphotousing our awesome movie effect styler app . 3D movie effectphotoeditor applies stickers very easily and gives an awesomemovieactor look. Movie effect photo editor is the best backgrounderaserapp to apply real type movie effect on you photo . Movie fxappconsists lot of movie action stickers . Do make up to yourimageand surprise friends with your amazing style. Create ownmultieffcets images with 3d type stickers of hd quality . how touse :1. select image from gallery . 2. crop image to get exactimage forapplying effects . 3. use hand crop tool to extract imageon whichyou want to apply effect . 4. change background from ourhugecollection of movei effect backgrounds . 5. add multipleeffects ofstickers and decorate your photo . 6. use eraser tool toremove orerase background from your image . 7. once you are donewithediting , share and save with friends using social networks .MovieEffect Photo Editor yourself on choose your own photos withbeststyle photo collection. Features : --> Here You can havingmorevariety of Mustache stickers for your best face photos. -->Youcan pick a best Effect sticker from the Effect list, and Effectofall shapes, sizes and colors according to your requirement.-->You can having option such as Crazy Effect , Stylish Effect ,SmallEffect . --> You can also select any one Effect which youliketo add in your face photo and drag and you can also change thesizeof that Effect with finger touch. --> Tap to camera orgalleryfor Movie Effect Photo Editor. --> Using Gallery optionyou canselect any one photo at a time and go to Cropping Photooptions.--> Crop Image option used to crop your unwanted portionremovefrom your photo and go to next option. --> Movie EffectPhotoEditor having option for Selecting Effect related to yourchoiceand place it into fitting area. --> You can share yourEffectpictures with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. --> Youcansave the photo in your "Movie Effect Photo Editor" in your sdcard.Movie effect or movie fx app can be used as background removerappalso . Try it today and make your movie effects .
Happy Birthday Photo Frames 2.0.3 APK
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Birthday's are special so capture them and wrap them up withHAPPYBIRTHDAY FRAME for free. Grab this photo montage and beautifyyourpictures. Happy birthday frames will empower you with variousphotoframe effects. Select a photo and start editing it and bepart.Capture any moments using the camera. Use gallery picture.Rotate,Scale and Zoom to fit the frame * Happy Birthday Frameisthe latest photo frame about topic birthday. Happy BirthdayFrameapp very professional, total FREE 100% * Happy Birthday Frameis anapplication helps you edit and collage picture frame with50birthday frames very beautiful and art then share it at a time!*Happy Birthday Frame with a friendly interface, simple design,easyto use: with just a few simple steps as select frame,selectimages, rotate, zoom in, zoom out, move, save that you haveaextremely artistic photographs. * Application Happy BirthdayFramehelps you share photos with friends via popular socialnetworks:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Picasa, G+, Email, SMS,Zalo, v.v… *In addition Happy Birthday Frame also allows you to setpicture aslive wallpaper on app with meteor shower effects andfalling stareffects extremely beautiful and art Birthday PhotoFrame features:-1. Select a photo from the gallery of your phoneand use this imageeditor to decorate Selfiestan it! 2. Capture anew image with yourcamera and apply a cool Birthday Photo Frame toit! 3. Rotate,scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo to fit theframe as youlike! 4. Choose from fifteen frames in different shapesand colorsand try them all out! 5. Place Text as you want 6. Swapphotodirection 7. Add color effects to photo 8. This app supportsallscreen resolutions of mobile and tablet devices. 9. Save yournewpicture and share it instantly on social networks like FacebookorTwitter! 10. You'll have the most beautiful pictures Selfiestan !•Awesome Filters:- > We give you 50+ best filter effect foryourphoto. > Make your image stylish by many filter effect.>There are lots up filter that you try like: Lomo, Hefe,Toaster,Earlybird, Hudsun, etc. • Sticker & Emoji:- > DoggyFacefor switch your face for free and create smiley DoggyFaceSelfiestan. > Anime Cartoon - cute rabbit - ears - nosestickersto make your funny frame. > Flower Crown Stickers. >Emojismiles will make your photos more fun. • Stylish Text:- >Addcool and stylish font to your Birthday Photo Frames. > Giveyourtext to Color, Shadow, metal background etc. > We giveyourdifferent Selfiestan text background like candy, metal, texureetc.This app is one of the easiest way to edit a photo. Take acoupleof moments to make your pics instantly beautiful and you willseethat these instant pic effects are everything you havealwaysneeded for your photos. There are different picture framesforeverybody. Just choose what kind of effect you want to achieve.HowTo Use Birthday Photo Frame. How to Use? 1 Select photosfromgallery. 2 You can click new photo to set in photo frames. 3SelectBirthday day photo frames from our collection. 4 Set yourBirthdayday photo designed photos to your device wallpaper. 5 Applyvariouseffects on photos during design. Just select any of thewidecollection of birthday picture frames and shoot yourlovelybirthday parties pictures. Included too are some beautifulflowerframes, kids frames or baby photo frames, and love framesorromantic photo frames. Use the app to capture memorablemoments,birthday photos and romantic pictures for your romanticphotoalbums or family photo albums. Create a beautiful BirthdayGreetingphoto for whish your near and dear. Birthday's are sospecial catchem and wrap them up with HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRAME forfree. Grab thisphoto montage and beautify your pictures. Happybirthday frameswill empower you with various photo frame effects.Select a photoand start editing it and be part. Capture Any timeusing thecamera. Use picture gallery. Rotate, Scale and Zoom to fittheframe * Happy Birthday Frame is the latest topic about photoframebirthday. Happy Birthday Frame app very professional, Total100%FREE * Happy Birthday Frame is an app helps you edit andcollagepicture frame with 50 frames birthday very beautiful and artThenshare it at a time! * Happy Birthday Frame with afriendlyinterface, simple design, easy to use: with Just a few easystepsas select frame, select images, rotate, zoom in, zoom out,move,save That You-have is extremely artistic photographs. *ApplicationHappy Birthday Frame helps you share pictures withfriends viapopular social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,Picasa, G +,Email, SMS, Zalo, v.v ... * In addition aussi HappyBirthday FrameAllows you to set picture as live wallpaper app withone meteorshower effects and falling star effects extremelybeautiful and artBirthday Photo Frame features: - 1. Select a photofrom the galleryof your phone and use this image editor to decorateSelfiestan it!2. Capture a new picture with your camera and apply acool BirthdayPhoto Frame to it! 3. Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom outor drag thepicture to fit the frame as you like! 4. Choose fromfifteen framesin different shapes and colors and try them all out!5. Place Textas you want 6. Swap cinematography 7. Add coloreffects to photo 8.This app supports all screen resolutions ofmobile and tabletdevices. 9. Save your new picture and share it onsocial networksInstantly like Facebook or Twitter! 10. You'll-haveThe MostBeautiful pictures Selfiestan! • Awesome Filters - > Wegive you50+ best filter effect for your picture. > Make yourpicture bystylish Many filter effect. > There are prizes upfilter ThatYou try like Lomo, Hefe, Toaster, Earlybird, Hudsun etc.• Emoji& Sticker: - > Doggy Face for switch your face forfree andcreate smiley face Doggy Selfiestan. > Anime Cartoon -cuterabbit - ears - nose stickers to make your funny frame. >FlowerCrown Stickers. > Emoji smilies will make your photos morefun.• Stylish Text: - > Add cool and stylish make to yourBirthdayPhoto Frames. > Give your text to Color, Shadow,metalbackground etc. > We give your text Selfiestandifferentbackground like candy, metal, etc. texure This app is oneof theEasiest Way to edit a picture. Take a pair of times to makeyourpicks Instantly beautiful and you will See That thesis momentpeakeffects are everything you-have always needed for yourpictures.There are different picture frames for everybody. Justchoose whatkind of effect you want to achieve achievement. How ToUse BirthdayPhoto Frame. How to Use? 1 Select pictures fromgallery. 2 You canclick to set new picture in picture frames.Select 3 day Birthdayphoto frames from our collection. 4 Set yourBirthday day picturesdesigned pictures to your device wallpaper. 5Apply various effectsare pictures During design. Just select'any ofthe wide collectionof birthday picture frames and shoot your lovelybirthday partypictures. Included too are Some beautiful flowerframes, kidsframes gold baby photo frames, and love frames orromantic photoframes. Use the app to capture memorable momentsbirthday picturesand romantic pictures for your romantic photographalbums or familyphoto albums. Create a beautiful Birthday Greetingphoto for yournear and dear whish.
Super Hero Photo Suits 2 1.0 APK
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Super hero photo suit is adorable application to edit photoswithadorable super hero photo frame collectionsThis app is bestsuperhero editor to become hero in your photos and be a amazingcreatureand best person on social life and make your photos lookbetter andhave a funSuper hero photo suit app is app to edit yourphotos insuper hero frame collection Superhero Photo Suit Editorisphotography application to Make Your Photo in amazingSuperheroPhoto Suit Editor with our 50+ suits collection.SuperheroPhotoSuit Editor is easy to use and free to make your photo inniceSuperhero Photo Suit with Superhero Photo Suit app.SuperheroPhotoSuit Editor contains Stylish, fashionable, Trendy and LatestsuitPhoto collection so you have to just select any SuperheroPhotoSuit as per your choice.Want to feel like a superhero? We knowallthe guys out there secretly want to be a superhero. Are youaregular guy, but with a secret identity? Being a superhero canbedifficult, but finding the super hero costume suit for menhasnever been easier! Come and create your own photo as asuperheroand get fun with it. Now you can customize your photosinstantly byusing Super Hero Photo Suits!!!Use those super heroes’suits foryourself or edit photos of your friends and share it. Justselectyour photo from gallery or snap it from camera. Set yourphoto inthe suit of super hero. This app gives the different styleof Superhero suit. Features:★ Latest collection and Stylish superherosuits.★ Select photo from the gallery or snap right from theapp.★High Definition (HD) images.★ Scale, zoom and organize foraperfect fit.★ Share your photos in social networks suchasFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, WeChat, Telegrametc.★Suitable for adults, kids, men and women.★ Absolutely FREE!HowtoUse:-★ Open Superhero Photo Suit Editor Application.★ Take orphotofrom gallery or Camera to shoot a new suit photo.★ Select anysuitphoto which you like and also change after capture any photoofyour's.★ Save your photo in your device.★ Share on social mediaasWhatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc.Super hero picture followsislovely app to edit pictures with cute super hero photoframecollectionsThis app is best super hero editor To Become heroinyour pictures and be a creature amazing and best person onsociallife and make your pictures look better and have-havefunSuper heropicture follows app is app to edit your photos ensuperhero framecollectionSuperhero Suit Photo Editor is photographyApplication toMake Your Photo in amazing Superhero Suit PhotoEditor with 50+suits our collection.Superhero Suit Photo Editor iseasy to use andfree to make your picture in nice Photo SuperheroSuit withSuperhero Suit Photo app.Superhero Suit Photo EditorcontainsStylish, fashionable, Trendy and follows Latest Photocollection soyou-have to just SELECT ANY Photo Superhero Suit asper yourchoice.Want to feel like a superhero? We know all the guysoutthere secretly want to be a superhero. Are you a regular guy,witha goal identity secret? Being a superhero can bedifficulties,finding the goal super hero costumes for men followsHAS never beenEasier! Come and create your own picture as asuperhero and get funwith it. Now you can customize your picturesby using InstantlyPhoto Super Hero Suits !!!Use Those super heroes'suits foryourself or edit photos of your friends and share it. Justselectyour photo from gallery or snap it from camera. Set yourpicture inthe following of super hero. This app Gives the differentstyle ofSuper hero follows.Features:★ Latest collection and Stylishsuperhero suits.★ Select photo from the gallery or snap right fromtheapp.★ High Definition (HD) images.★ Scale, zoom and organizesfor aperfect fit.★ Share your pictures in social networks SuchasFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, WeChat, Telegrametc.★Suitable for adults, kids, men and women.★ Absolutely FREE!HowtoUse: -★ Open Superhero Suit Photo Editor Application.★ Takeorpicture from gallery or camera to shoot a new picturefollows.★SELECT ANY qui following picture you like and exchangeégalementAny after-catching photo of your's.★ Save your pictures inyourdevice.★ Share on social media as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitteretc.