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Manage your own dino farm, breed ancient creatures and have funwith Jurassic Dino Fighting - World Craft Factory!Play with dinogenome – mix Triceratops, Velociraptor, Trex, and Ankylosaurus toget the perfect creature! Collect DNA and unlock new abilities likemighty jaws, razor sharp claws, mace on the tale, spikes, and otherelements! Сontrol the movement of your cartoon dino, jump over theobstacles and avoid attacks! Earn points for each winning toimprove your dinosaur even more, or unlock a new one! Try differentriders – barbarian, gnome, archeologist, old scientist, cutie girland others!Be an owner of a small genetic laboratory, restoredinosaurs from DNA samples, mex their genes to create the perfectbeast and have fun! Gain the real power using different naturalweapons and evolve successfully!Jurassic Dino Fighting - WorldCraft Factory features:• Ultimate evolving dino monster simulator•Wide range of different natural weapons and riders• Interestingtypes of genetic construction• Addictive gameplay with simple andintuitive controlsPrivacy policy:https://bulashkovamaria.wixsite.com/powergaming/single-post/2017/02/16/POWER-GAMING-PRIVACY-POLICY

App Information Jurassic Dino Fighting - World Craft Factory

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    Jurassic Dino Fighting - World Craft Factory
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    December 25, 2017
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Power Gaming
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Remember that fantastic childhood game with the paper plane? Nowyou have a chance to control the flight of your paper plane!Explore the city streets, forests and parks, avoid differentobstacles, collect various boosters and have fun playing Glider.io:Paper Plane Flight!Launch you nice paper aircraft, do your best andtry to stay in the air as long as it even possible! Be as fast anddexterous as you can, avoid falls, otherwise your game would beover! Improve your flying skills in this unusual way, performdifferent tricks and stunts right in the air and become the bestpilot for this interesting paper transport! Tap the screen to keepthe paper plane flying and don’t let it fall down! Collectdifferent interesting boosters like blue star boost, which canincrease the number of caught stars; windmill boost, which canspeed you up and others! Earn points for the longest flight andunlock new colorful skins for your paper plane or power itscharacteristics up! Enjoy your unusual city flight and have funplaying Glider.io: Paper Plane Flight!Become a pilot of your ownpaper plane, be attentive and accurate not to miss any obstacle orbooster on your way, collect stars and play this wonderful game aslong as you can!Glider.io: Paper Plane Flight features:• Ultimatepaper aircraft simulator• Colorful surroundings• Wide range ofinteresting boosters• Addictive gameplayEnjoy fantasticsurroundings of a colorful city controlling the paper plane, avoidobstacles, collect stars and be really dexterous in Glider.io:Paper Plane Flight!Privacypolicy:https://bulashkovamaria.wixsite.com/powergaming/single-post/2017/02/16/POWER-GAMING-PRIVACY-POLICY
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