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Amazon jungle is on Fire! Animals are in real danger, theydon’tknow where to go & Fire is turning everything intoAshes.You’re professional firefighter & Army helicopter driverandyou know how to fly army jet too. Start your army jet orarmyhelicopter engine and take some water with you. Reach atamazonjungle as fast as you can and rescue wild animals they’relookingfor some help. Return to the wildness in the most visuallystunningRescue Deer hunting simulator on Android!

Travel fromAmerica tothe Jungle of Central Africa in an epic journey to Rescuetheworld’s most exotic Wild animals! We will take you on a trip totheSafari where you can’t hunt deer but to rescue them from fireandprove your worth as a professional saviour. As the Huntingseasonis on! Rescue as many Animals as you can to become theultimatedeer rescue champion and get rewards. Your main duty istotransport the animals from Safari Jungle which is on fire totheZoo hospital in the provided time limit otherwise fire willturnthem into ashes. The king lion, beautiful deer and beast tigerarein extreme danger you have to take them to the zoo hospital inthisrescue mission with this animal rescue games free andrescuehelicopter games. In this helicopter rescue 3d games you havetopick animals and take them into the cages and operatethehelicopter by following highlighted arrows and landingthehelicopter on the helipad which is glowing to direct you. Sogetready to be a helicopter driver in this wild animal gamesrescuegames and helicopter rescue games. This is a wild craftrescueanimal simulation game which simulates you’re driving andflyinghelicopter skills in a quite realistic environment. Are you apetperson? What about being a pet HERO? Save abandoned animalsandbring them to the town. Latest addition of animal rescue gamesyouhave to save wild animals lives in amazon jungle. Here, wehavemerged the fun of wild animal transporter games andanimalsimulation rescue.  Be part of one of the best wildanimaltransporter games with a twist of animal rescue games. Playas a911 helicopter rescue driver and rescue wild animals gamessincetheir life depends only on your helicopter drive skills.Thishelicopter rescue needs some special helicopter driving.JurassicSurvival Island: Animal Fire Escape Features: • ✅ Wildanimalsincluding lions, elephants, wolf, deer in the safari jungle.• ✅Animal transporter rescue! • ✅ Beautiful and Attractiveenvironmentand graphics • ✅ Impressive sound effects • ✅Great DeerHuntingExperience • ✅Real time wild deer rescue animation Takedownpredators before you become the prey. In short, this 3Dhelicopterrescue game will bring multiple challenges for you. Keepin mindthat your prey should not escape from you. Rescue animals sorealthey nearly jump off the screen! Track down and bag theworld’smost exotic and elusive rescue game. Fly like a prohelicopterdriver. Share the best Animal Rescue fun with yourfriends. Becomethe best helicopter driver that everyone will envy.Enjoy endlesslyenjoyable animal rescue game! We Value your Feedback:)

App Information Jurassic Survival Island: Animal Fire Escape

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    Jurassic Survival Island: Animal Fire Escape
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    August 28, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Vampire Storm
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Multi Cargo transporter truck Become a transporter driver totransport the urban racing cars and Prado in this racer cardelivery game 3d. Feel like a real Trucker and deliver heavy oiltanks loaded in your oil truck. Operate big trucks to deliver oiltanks and complete different missions. Multi Cargo TransporterTruck game is about transporting different cargo. In which you willenjoy to ride different heavy trucks and many more! Mission basetransporter truck driver game which includes these missions: OilTanker Transporter: In this mission you’ll need to attach oiltanker with your heavy truck after that deliver oil on differentpetrol pumps in hilly areas. Drive your truck on differentmountainous terrains on the dangerous roads in this truck drivingsimulator game and become the best truck driver of the oil companythat you work for.  Animal Transporter Truck: Are you a zooanimal transporter lover? If yes then this zoo animal transportertruck simulator game is made for you. This is a hectic cargo driveof animal safari transport truck. Drive Animal Transport SafariTruck for zoo. From tiny to giants, all animal safari members aretransported from animal zoo to the prairie state safari park.Deliver bear and wild animal in PK truck.  Army Truck BombTransporter: Drive army truck for patrolling on offroad sandyborder and transport soldiers to catch terrorists. Your duty is todrive an army 4x4 truck throughout a mountain and drop army bombsto their check post. So show your professional driving skillsand transport solders and Bombs from small base camp to main armycheck post. Solders are ready for a battlefield.  ALERT!!!Don’t crash or over speed otherwise bombs will blast. Tow Trucks toWorkshop:  Drive huge recovery truck to transport broken carsto the emergency service center! Cars are damaged or broken righton the highway or city streets because of bad car accident! Driversare calling 911! It’s a kind of work for an emergency tow truckdriver! Find out and drive your recovery truck towards the caraccident spot. Find damaged cars and transport it to the servicecenter to repair. Firefighter Rescue Mission: Hey Fire Fighter herostart serving the nation by playing action, rescue, driving andparking games 3D.  Innocent lives are at risk in thisfire truck games. So start that 911 firefighter truck and lead NYCity quick emergency response 911 rescue service. Being a firefighter is hazardous job. You have to be ready to respond to fireemergency simulation in fire rescue simulator game. ConstructionCrane Mission: Ever thought about driving tractor, truck orcontrolling a crane? Become a construction worker! Use huge cranesto lift heavy objects such as containers, cars and boxes! You mayhave played a lot of building construction games, bridgeconstruction building games, home building games, city buildinggames but this multi challenging games is new in market. Many moreLevels included! Multi Cargo Transporter Truck FEATURES: • Multipleconstruction vehicles like construction truck to place the mud andstones • Amazing fire fighter trucks • Offroad cargo truck andAmazing helicopter simulator & truck simulator. • Enjoy superimmersive environment and realistic sound effects. • Finish alllevels, with different objectives and challenges.  •High-quality 3D graphics Download this free offline game and enjoy!We Value your feedback
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As this game is based on Tornado which is fun and addictive gamebut let us first tell you something about Real Tornado. What isTornado? Tornadoes are violently rotating columns of air thatextend from a thunderstorm to the ground. Tornadoes can destroybuildings, flip cars, and create deadly flying debris. Tornadoescan: Happen anytime and anywhere; Bring intense winds, over 300 MPHand Look like funnels. In this Tornado hero: Top io game you arecontrolling tornado and you have to destroy small to large objectsto make more score. Compete with other players and make yourtornado big big ghost. Tornado hero: Top io game Features: -destroy more and become bigger. - eliminate weaker holes and runaway from stronger ones. - fight with other tornadoes for the firstplace! - Challenge your friends in this TOTAL DESTRUCTIONcompetition! !!! ALERT !!! IF YOU ARE UNDER A Real TORNADO WARNING,FIND SAFE SHELTER RIGHT AWAY 1: If you can safely get to a sturdybuilding, then do so immediately. 2: Go to a safe room, basement,or storm cellar. 3: If you are in a building with no basement, thenget to a small interior room on the lowest level. 4: Stay away fromwindows, doors, and outside walls. 5: Do not get under an overpassor bridge. You’re safer in a low, flat location. 6: Watch out forflying debris that can cause injury or death. 7: Use your arms toprotect your head and neck. We would love to hear your feedback andsuggestions :) Thank you.
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To be master of giant tops spin of Destruction: make your gianttopsspin bigger & bigger and crush as many buildings, tressandobstacles as you can while rolling down the earth! Choose yourtopsspin for top spin destruction will be great! Quickly take thetopspin kids game and go to city smash! Let's see if you cansurvivethe most deadly city smasher field! Become an incarnationof rageand anger, crush the peaceful Pixel Valley and have fun,smashingfunny pixel people with your large giant tops spin! Themoreobstacles and houses you squish the more points you earn! Useearnedpoints to upgrade your giant top spin be blade – bigger,faster,larger or deadlier! Spin Top Kids Spinner Game is not onlyaboutcrushing buildings but also smashing the whole Toon/Pixelcity! SpinTop Kids Spinner Game Features: - Destroy all buildingsin front ofyour Be blade top spinner game! - Start destructionwith Giant beblade and do not stop! - Upgrade and improve your topspin fordestruction! - Enlarge your Giant be blade size,destruction of citywill be glorious! All tops spin battles takeplace in a specialarena called a Beystadium. In a tops spin battlemore than one toplaunches into a stadium, and the last topspinning is the winner.Each stadium has its own abilities thatwill help or hinder theblades during the matches. The toys usuallyinclude a 'launcher' – adevice for bringing the spinning top up tospeed. The 'ripping'action causes the tops to be ejected, at theend of the movement.Players eject the tops into a plastic arenawhere they subsequentlystrike each other. Top Spin kids spinnergame is only for fun; don’ttake it serious and incorrect behavior.Just try to smash all thingsdown and enjoy blade destruction andget relax. Challenge your citysmashing skills in the mostdangerous whirlpool demolition derbygame ever to be on the field.We Value your feedback
Angry Granny Hoverboard Rider 1.0 APK
Vampire Storm
ANGRY GRANNY HOVERBOARD RIDER EXTREME RACE is the ultimate newrealhoverboard games. Control your hoverboard simulator inthisbrilliant hoverboard racing games! This real hoverboardracingsimulator will give you the experience of free hoverboard inreallife. In this ultimate segway hoverboard gamesautomobilehoverboard games with wheels, you’ll test your drivingskills ofhoverboard simulator and will be the best hoverboardstunts Grannyhero 2018. ANGRY GRANNY HOVERBOARD RIDER game withwheels is a newkind of hoverboard racing games where you need tobeat youropponents hoverboard rider on your best hoverboardsimulator to bea perfect stunts hero 2018. In this extremely segwayhoverboardgames and real hoverboard games, you will be givenamazinghoverboard simulator to have a taste of free hoverboard inreallife and prove that you are the best hoverboard rider. It'sabouthoverboard game and you have to ride it! Hoverboard foryoursupport, and you are doing tricks on it in the urban race. Trytocome first if you can, the other contenders on the hoverboardwilldisturb you, but you are the best athlete of the race. Donotforget that this is a simulator hoverboard and will not playjustlike in real life. You have to balance and spins in the air atthesame time remain on hoverboard! You will definitely lovethishoverboard games with wheels because now we have added thesavor ofboth segway hoverboard games and real hoverboard games inthis oneand only hoverboard Granny racing simulator game and be thebesthoverboard Granny stunts hero 2018. You’ll control thebothhoverboard rider and free hoverboard in real life in thisbrilliantANGRY GRANNY HOVERBOARD RIDER game. ANGRY GRANNYHOVERBOARD RIDER:EXTREME RACE is going to beat all other hoverboardgames andhoverboard simulator. Download it free on Android PlayStore! ANGRYGRANNY HOVERBOARD RIDER Features: • Real 3d Graphicsandenvironment • Smooth on screen controls • 5 Amazing gameplaylevel• Fantastic hoverboards to ride • Different characters tochoose •Two Different modes to PLAY
Fight.io 1.2 APK
Vampire Storm
Different Modes Selection:1: Action Mode2: SurvivalMode3:Multiplayer PVP Mode4: Open World Mode in which you cansnatch anyMuscle car or Sports bike.Fantastic Fight.ioSpecialFeatures:<.b>

• Number of Fighting Weapons andArmourupgrades
• Multiplayer Mode and Leaderboard to see worldwidetopPlayers.
• Unbelievable Magical Powers
• Number ofdifferentopponents
• HD music and Graphics
• Ultimate Deadly DuelFight
•Game offers best combinations of Real and UnrealFighters.Asingle-player story mode is also available if you're notup toplaying against real people.Enter the Fight.io Kung fufighterOnline multiplayer game and fight along side powerful andskillfulmartial arts fighters, kung fu fighters! Use stun andperform adeadly combo in Fight.io Kung fu fighter PvPTournament.Prepareyourself to become part of the craziest andtoughest kung fufighter, martial arts fighter tournament the worldhas ever known!Pick your karate champion character and then enterthe fightingarenas from all around the world to do ring battle withsome crazyand extreme judo fighters, kung Fu Fighters, martial artsfighterand karate fighters! Keep winning and beat them all tounlock newKung fu fighters and learn the super powerful specialmoves!Who isgoing to be the King of online PVP Tournament thistime? Find outas you immerse yourself in this arcade fightingonline video game –Fight.io Kung fu fighter Online multiplayergame!Participates inthis fight club tournament between Kung fufighters. You have tochoose between futuristic fighters, powerfulhit or defend in eachtime. Win your mortal combats in Fight.io Kungfu fighter onlinePvP Tournament. A lot of fun in this online videogame waiting foryou. Get ready for the most violent online Kung fufightingmultiplayer game! Choose your kung fu fighters, karateslayerfighters and stand up in the ring fighting and show how goodyouare beating your opponents! We Value your Feedback andSuggestionsYou can directly contact us atvampirestormstudio@gmail.com
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Tricky Ball Shuffle Shell Game is all about you need to findorguess the Golf ball which is hidden under the cups. Trythisoffline puzzle games for free. The shell cups will switchlocationwith each other in a blink of an eye. You need to be alertandconcentrate on cups movements and select your right cupwhichcontains the Golf ball. Can you find the ball? Are you up tothechallenge? Just follow the easy steps to play the game. TrickyBallShuffle Shell Game FEATURES: - Best time killing game inthecategory of New casual games 2017. - Detailed gameplay withvibrantHD graphics. - Addictive fun guaranteed! - Play itanytime,anywhere You can download Tricky Ball Shuffle Shell Gametoday forfree! Try it out and let us know what you think.
Giant Rock of Destruction 1.2 APK
Vampire Storm
To be master of giant Rock of Destruction: make your giantrockbigger & bigger and crush as many buildings, tressandobstacles as you can while rolling down the mountain! Chooseyourstone for rock destruction will be great! Quickly take therockgiant and go to smash! Let's see if you can survive the mostdeadlysmash field! Become an incarnation of rage and anger, crushthepeaceful Pixel Valley and have fun, smashing funny pixelpeoplewith your large giant rock! The more obstacles and housesyousquish the more points you earn! Use earned points to upgradeyourgiant rock – bigger, faster, larger or deadlier!

Giant RockofDestruction is not only about crushing buildings butalsosmashing the whole Miami town!
Game Features: 
- Destroyallbuildings in front of your rock!
- Start destruction withGiantRock and do not stop!
- Upgrade and improve your rockfordestruction!
- Enlarge your Giant rock size, destruction ofcitywill be glorious!

Giant Rock of destruction is only for fun;don’ttake it serious and incorrect behavior. Just try to smashallthings down and enjoy rock destruction and getrelax.😉Challengeyour smashing skills in the most dangerouswhirlpool demolitionderby game ever to be on the field.
Scary Clown: The Horror Game 1.0 APK
Vampire Storm
Jack was living near to haunted house and heard many scarystoriesabout this house, Evil clowns and scary granny but alwayswish tosee by-self. One day he broke neighbour house and enterintobuilding! Suddenly scary voices came and doors starting tocloseone by one. HELP Jack to escape from this haunted house.ALERT!!!!Scary clown is walking in haunted house, Don't make noisesanddon't go infront of evil clown otherwise he'll kill you.You'retask is to find KEY and unlock door which is located ingroundfloor. HELP Poor Jack to survive. BEST OF LUCK