3.0 / January 19, 2016
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Looking for addicting games? You come to right place cause herecome the Addicting gamesJust Bounce - Bouncing balls is nowavailable on your Android devices! Warning this is the Just Bounceone of the most time-killer from 00, the game which was driving youcrazy and killing you day by day, month by month.Stay in touch withyour friends and get ready do battle friends for the high score inthis never-ending game of grabbing power-ups, taking down enemiesand climbing to the top.Simply touch the left or right side of thescreen to move the Bouncing ball to break the green lines to getscore.Features:◉ Just Bounce come with Endless gameplay that nevergets old◉ Just Bounce Insanely simple and addictive◉ Just Bouncehave Amazing game music and effects◉ Just Bounce have Power-upslike mega-jump Slow down and speed up, invincibility◉ Take downenemies◉ Beat high scores with google play support◉ Just Bouncehave Fantastic simple graphicsJust Bounce - Bouncing balls is onekind of free download games, cool games, fun games, you can competescrore with your friends just like a amazing racing gamesIf youlike this game, please give a moment to rate it. Thank you.Enjoyand Just Bounce!

App Information Just Bounce - Addicting games

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    Just Bounce - Addicting games
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    January 19, 2016
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Touch Arcade
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    130 Nguyen Duc Canh - Hoang Mai - Ha Noi
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