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justHail – Video Greetings is builtwithsimilar concept. In old ways people used to send text messagestotheir friends or family for a specific occasion.
But now using JustHail you can create a small greeting videoforyour friends or family for the occasion and share it with him.Itbecomes more fun when you invite others to do same 
and at the end all videos will be playing on recipient side.

It allows you describe your message in YOUR WORDS.

- Share your last minute thoughts in terms of video.
- More than 50 video effects
- Cool frames to be used while capturing videos
- Control shape, color, tone of video
- Private events
- Events for various categories
- Auto generated events for friends/family birthday
- Create unlimited numbers of events

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Cloud Catchers 1.3 APK
Zymr, Inc.
This game talks about a scientist whoisLeonardo's contemporary. Pre electricity era.So he goes out in the sky with his hot air balloon andcollectselectro energy from clouds.His goal is to collect energy for his city.COLLECT:NORMAL ENERGY CLOUD: Collect for 100 points.SILVER CLOUD: Collect for 300 points.GOLD CLOUD: Collect for 500 points.LIFE (ONE UP): Collect for one more additional life.REPAIR CLOUD: On every repair your balloon llupdateautomatically in a new balloon.FUEL (HEALTH): For little health (fuel).NUCLEAR ENERGY CLOUD: For full health bar.LIFE: Balloon will start from 3 lives. One life is equal toonehealth bar. So keep collection health (power) to keep thehealthbar healthy.MAGIC WINGS: These magical wings ll help to control theballoon’sown velocity. And speed ll increase also and u can moveall fourdirections (up, left n right).AVOID:LIGHTNING CLOUD: It will dry your fuel tank.UFO: It will steal your health (energy). So stay away.ANGRY BIRD: It will damage your health by touching.BOMB CLOUD: Stay away from any live bomb, -4 health
justHail 1.0.1 APK
Zymr, Inc.
justHail – Video Greetings is builtwithsimilar concept. In old ways people used to send text messagestotheir friends or family for a specific occasion.But now using JustHail you can create a small greeting videoforyour friends or family for the occasion and share it with him.Itbecomes more fun when you invite others to do same and at the end all videos will be playing on recipient side.It allows you describe your message in YOUR WORDS.Features:- Share your last minute thoughts in terms of video.- More than 50 video effects- Cool frames to be used while capturing videos- Control shape, color, tone of video- Private events- Events for various categories- Auto generated events for friends/family birthday- Create unlimited numbers of events
Closer By 1.0.4 APK
Zymr, Inc.
Closer By helps you to discover fundamental stuffs amid crisis fromthe individuals who are staying adjacent your area. It rapidlydistinguishes your position and permits you to make your ownparticular territory network in which you can see companions,neighbors and friends and family who can give coveted things whenthere is any need emerges.Closer By shows a list of individuals inthe zone with tentative distance from other users. With couple oftaps, users in your network will get alert about your solicitationfor particular item. When they acknowledge your request, user cancoordinate over phone and get desired item.It gets your locationand sends the location address details to your friend through asmooth navigation system. When there is any urgent need, everynearby individual counts.Feature Supported:1. Users can define& create their own network area.2. Real Time Annotation toother users in vicinity (Via Push Notification)3. User can changedesired location as and when required4. UI friendly navigation5.Call feature available
Let's-Talk 1.0 APK
Zymr, Inc.
You want to chat with your friends?If Yes then we have Lets-Talk for you.Single Chat, Group Chat & Multiply Chat make yourutility.We have Features of Social Chatting with app.You can login GTalk, Facebook, Yahoo & MSN via our app andyoucan Chat directly to your friends.Simply register your account with us. And start chattingwithyour friends.
SMS Sender 1.0 APK
Zymr, Inc.
If you want schedule SMS with using yourcustomtemplate, Zymr inc brings you SMS Sender for you.According to Schedule, Message is automatically send to thatcontactnumber from the backend side.This app is provide the SMS Scheduling based on Day, Week ,Monthand Year wise. Also schedule with Quick SMS.You can create the multiple Template based on differentcategory,basically we are provide the main four category.You can see you Schedule SMS list in Upcoming SMS Tab and Sentsmslist on Sent SMS Tab.Also, you are getting the Facebook and Google event list basedonyour login Credentials.
Picture Quiz 1.0 APK
Zymr, Inc.
In this application, mainly 18 stages isthere.Each stage have collection of category wise images.You are guess the image and get the some points. After guessingthecorrect images you are able play for the next stages.we have to provide some help for guessing the image.
TicksDeal 1.0.26 APK
Zymr, Inc.
Booked a movie, but plan gone wrong last minute? Don’t lose onthose cancellation charges…Pass it on to someone instead and getyour money back. Isn’t that cool?TicksDeal solves a real-lifeproblem of uncertain ticket cancellations, be it movies, music,sports, dramas, shows, events, conference, summit and other events.Folks just like you, end up wasting a money spent to buy ticketsbecause of uncertain cancellations. TicksDeal comes to you with itsunique proposition by making people interact with each other. Allyou need is a valid mail ID or a social media account to log in tothe application with a simple verification and with just a fewclicks, you have access to all the features.Guess what, we don’teven charge a dime for this - no financial transactions et al. Andit’s way too easy too: simply log in to the app and communicatewith users just like you, exchange information during unforeseencancellation times. Better still, all deals happen through thein-person interaction with the users i.e. private calls and emailsso one can buy or sell the ticket.Tickets Supported:Liveentertainment show, Movies, Music events, Sports, Drama,Conference, Seminar, Professional Summit and other similarevents.Here’s how simple it is: You have tickets for a show or anevent planned and suddenly you change your mind to do somethingelse: No worries, sell the ticket to another user through this app.And guess what, you save your time and money, and you can selltickets quickly from any device.Features:Filter ticket based onyour city.Keep a watch on the list of tickets, you have showninterest in.Get notified of any activity by the seller/buyerthrough Push Notifications.Quickly search for tickets by typing theevent name OR event type (movie).Right price and time motivateusers to buy tickets earlier, inspire ticket buyers to rally theirfriends, and increase your chances of earning more.Simple tonavigate and easy to sign up: All you need is 2 clicks using yoursocial account or you can register using your mail ID.A Seller cancheck the buyer’s list and their ticket details.Seller and buyercan make calls directly from the application to make a deal. Note:Deals are not done on the application, User information is onlyexchangedOffersSend out a “last call” email with discounted pricesright before your event. Offer discounts for those buying inbulk.Offer limited-time discounts by choosing tailored slots duringthe day when you could use a boost in attendance. For example, youcould give 10% off to anyone who arrives before noon.Limited-timediscounts can create a sense of urgency and inspire people topurchase tickets right away. Or you can sell tickets inlimited-number tiers at increasing prices, keeping your salesstrong all the way up to the event. Whenever possible, play up theexclusivity of your event, let buyers know that remaining ticketsare limited, and urge them to take action before it’s toolate.Special deals for group members related to your event andsweeten the deal with early access to ticket sales and/or earlyevent entry.
Claimax 1.0.22 APK
Zymr, Inc.
Which claim is the most motivating for consumers to purchase myproduct? CLAIMAX App allows to answer this effectively throughvarious modules: 1. MAXDIFF METHODOLOGY: To identify the winningconcepts in terms of motivation to buy or appeal 2. RATINGS ONKPIS: To measure tested concepts against a relevant benchmark 3.OPEN ENDS / CLICKABLES: To understand why top ranked concepts areliked and what can be improved