5.0 / January 4, 2018
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It is one of the best applications animecartoon funny and free kameha Super Saiyan power. Easy to use nowclick a picture of yourself in any given in this "Kamehameha"application.

You can also make the inductors and power Kamehameha show throughtheir own Almotherat on the images you have and share them withfriends and fooling them supernatural force, which has becomepossessed.

::: Features Kamehameha app :::
1- Attractive graphics
2- Add interactions on the images
3- Recycling Large and small images
4- Control in the pictures fully
5- easy to use
6- Free on Android phones

*Thank you for choosing Kamehameha We hope that you enjoy!
*Comments and evaluation of the application gives you encourage thedevelopment of a new version of this application!

App Information Kamehameha

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Makeup Camera 6.0 APK
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Do you need a bag to carry around on yourphone makeup always, light weight and do not need to pay forplastic materials never.We "Makeup Camera" is the best makeup collection you can get themto amend the shape of your face and adorn just flip the use ofintelligent mobile and without the need to go to the beauty andpain specialist and pay money!With Makeup Camera all the free services in addition to obtainingimpressive results.Features Makeup Camera App:- Easy to use and control!- Lipstick design of all colors!- Relaxing facial to clean and lubricate the skin!- Eye shadow, blush!- Create your lipstick!- Is compatible with all Android phone!- Free and easy to design simple!- Post on social networking sites (Facebook and Twitter andInstagram),,,Makeup Camera Free Version!(tech apps devlopers).!Rate 5 Stars and Suspension give it your opinion!
Sharingan Byakugan Mangekyou 4.0 APK
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In order to get the best design in the"Sharingan Byakugan Mangekyou" You just have to download thissimple Android application on your phone.The Sharingan Byakugan Mangekyou is very easy !! Changing your eyesto the Sharingan eye by the editor appointed Sharingan, add moreeffect like Amaterasu and Susanoo and be a legend like UchihaItachi or Sasuke and other unique personalities.All eyes are in high quality (HD) image, make your photo look realand beautifulThis application is available on more than 150 eyes Sharingan thatvary in colors and shapes that characterize the rest of the otherapplications, sharingan eye colors are red, blue and black andyellow you can make it on the images you have changed your eye anddeceived your friends on social sites like Facebook and Instagramand other ...::: Features Keys Sharingan Byakugan Mangekyou :::1 Sharingan Easy app!2 Sharingan Colors!3 Sharingan Free!4 android Sharingan!5 publice Sharingan!6 Sharingan Eyes!Thank you for choosing from (Sharingan Byakugan Mangekyou( amongeveryone!We hope that as you wish and gets a 5 star rating from yougood!
Kamehameha 5.0 APK
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It is one of the best applications animecartoon funny and free kameha Super Saiyan power. Easy to use nowclick a picture of yourself in any given in this "Kamehameha"application.You can also make the inductors and power Kamehameha show throughtheir own Almotherat on the images you have and share them withfriends and fooling them supernatural force, which has becomepossessed.::: Features Kamehameha app :::1- Attractive graphics2- Add interactions on the images3- Recycling Large and small images4- Control in the pictures fully5- easy to use6- Free on Android phones*Thank you for choosing Kamehameha We hope that you enjoy!*Comments and evaluation of the application gives you encourage thedevelopment of a new version of this application!
Braces Teeth Booth Selfie 2.0 APK
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Do you need to put braces on your teeth teethwithout having to go to the doctor and pay money!With "Braces Teeth Booth Selfie" you get on the set of Braces verybeautiful teeth you can put on your teeth even seembeautifully.You can also share the image with friends and deceived the newformat, which you get with free Braces Teeth Booth Selfie.This application is very simple and very easy to use.Features of Braces Teeth Booth Selfie:- Take a new picture using a camera phone you have!- Select a picture from your Photo Gallery!- More than 50+ Braces teeth!- Braces teeth in all colors!Thank you for your choice (Braces Teeth Booth Selfie).Application 5 Star Rating suspension give it your opinion helps usa lot to develop a new version better.!
Real Rinnegan Uchiha Mangekyou 4.0 APK
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Can be considered "Real Rinnegan UchihaMangekyou" is the perfect eyes Photo Studio Editor maker you edityour pictures with cool Sharingan eyes to impress your friends oryour family as a new form, which have become 'it.To do so just select an image from the Gallery or choose one byyourself. In addition Sharingan lenses with a button in the middle.Drag and drop it in the right place and resize and rotate them withmulti-touch. And save the image after the completion of theamendment on its own file on your smart phone.Steps use of "Real Rinnegan Uchiha Mangekyou"1 Open image from gallery.2 Choose eyes Sharingan favorite.3 Drag to your eyes.4 You can resize and rotate them.5 Make your photo appear like Uchiha Mangekyou.6 Save the image to your mobile phone.7 Post your picture to your friends.- Thank you for choosing Real Rinnegan Uchiha Mangekyou!- Rate and review encouraging you to help release a new versionmore sophisticated.!*Every month a new application update!*New Release No. 2 More Improved.
Make Me Bald Head 3.0 APK
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If you're looking for the best tool to makeanyone bald!With Make Me Bald Head You can use the application to make anyonebald in the picture. This is a good and easy application to dothis. This application has many bald head, that can be selected tomake the head bald. You can apply these objects to your photo or apicture of your friend and make fun of them.This simple and very easy to implement in a way so that you can usefor all use of this application quite easily on a mobile Androiddevice.After downloading "Make Me Bald Head" on your phone you can startracing in the amendment to the pictures on the Photo Gallery youhave or take a new picture using a camera phone, you also can sharethe picture with friends after the completion of the completion ofthe amendment for it on social networking sites like (Facebook andInstagram) and locations of the pictures again ...You can specify a special file the application on your phone MakeMe Bald Head you save all the images it!More Features Of this App:1. More than 100+ Balds available for your Make Me Bald Head.2. Change the size according to your face shape.3. You can set opacity Bald with scaling option in your BaldPhoto.4. All the Save Bald Photo in one particular area on the startscreen of Make Me Bald Head.5. All the user can easily used and simple steps follows with oneby one to make more easy.6. To share your friends with your best photo Bald design.Thank you for choosing Make Me Bald Head!Suspension give it your opinion and evaluation of the application 5stars help us a lot to release a new version over evolution.!
Braces Teeth Camera 6.0 APK
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Braces Teeth Camera Is a new application tomake you awsome with braces posters Braces Teeth Camera.Sometimes a brace can make someone look ugly. Reason to make this"suspenders Beauty Camera" application and it has a +100 postersbrace type. You can ask your dentist to give you this kind of arcsthat make you beauty.Braces Teeth Camera You can change the appearance of your teethtwice a fake. Of this application, there are many of the stent thatcan make you a beautiful type.Braces Photo Editor is a makeup application that can change yourteeth look beautiful, bows and wearing fake.Braces Photo Editor is a free new application. Use duct brackets.More than 100 models to choose from. The Brace personal images ofthe camera and the functionality of the application is very popularat the moment and so try this application now!The camera portrait arc can be used to Editor sweet images.Passengers is one of the medical devices which serves to straightenteeth,::: Features Of This App :::1- More than 100 ++ preparing posters!2- More than 250 ++ fun for pictures posters!3- Soft skin!4- 60+ unique effects filters with a retro, Lomo, HDR, bright,blue, water filters vignette!5- Plain and simple, rotate, and straighten your photo!6- Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, andsaturation!7- Post the image on the social networking platforms (such asFacebook and Instagram or Twitter and others ...)!8- Braces Teeth Colors!- Your choice of application Braces Teeth Camera is to encourageus!- Application 5 Star Rating gives us a boost for the issuance of anew version over the development and improvement!- The new version of the Braces Teeth Camera App more sophisticatedand faster.- The app has better content and more professional photo editingstickers.- Man's beard, eye makeup, beautiful hats, hair men andwomen.- This application is additionally easy to use and more powerful insecurity.
Saiya Hair: super effects 2.5 APK
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Wonderful applications to modify images andtheaddition of a beautiful new effects in the world of images"SaiyaHair: super effects" FREE.Saiya Hair: super effects gives you a range of effects you canaddthem to your personal image such as Saiya Hair: super effectsafull range of colors, such as the famous yellow Saiya Hair inredand other Saiya super.Select images from the Gallery to have him add effects!Or take a new picture using a camera phone you have!::: Saiya Hair: super effects features :::1- yellow Saiya Hair!2- red Saiya Hair!3- blue Saiya Hair !4- blackSaiya Hair!5- easy to use app!6- simple Saiya Hair: super effects!7- Professional design!8- Post the picture with friends on social networking siteslikeFacebook and Instagram and other ,,,Thank you for choosing the application Saiya HairComments encouraging and evaluating good 5 stars helps us toreleasea new version of the application is the best