1.0 / November 11, 2014
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The idea of the game’s name came from theoldname of Al-Karak city, the students’ home town.
The game is about a Jordanian citizen who moves around with his“shmagh “ on his head using mind to collect the coins andthetargets. Meanwhile, he should avoid and destroy the rocksfacinghim while moving around.

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The game features the touristic site of UmQais at the city of Irbid. Um Qais was inhabited by the Romancivilization for a long time. The site includes many Roman ruinssuch as theThe user has to run through Um Qais collecting as many coins aspossible and avoiding obstacles such as rocks.
Strong Sprocket 1.0 APK
Enjoy playing with our sprocket to take allthehealthy food.• Learn what food is the healthy and useful for your teeth?• Get to know the food that harms your teeth which neverknewbefore.• Look for healthy food that give you an extra life!• Play more to get a high score.
2020 1.0 APK
Save the Earth from pollution with Anigan,thealien, collecting trash while travelling throughcontinents.
Puk! 1.0 APK
Don’t be sad, your kid will love thisgame.More sensual, optical and audio communication.Meet our “puk!” girl, destroy the bubbles, avoid the clouds andplay each level by its own so you can be our winner.
Your Way To Fun 1.0 APK
It is an education game, it teacheschildrenfrom (7-12 years) English language in an easy andinterestingmethod, It uses colored photos.Children can learn the name of some tools by looking at onepicture, then choose one of the three words, and they can learn thenameof colors by looking at one picture , then choose therightword.also children can learn the name of animals by looking at onpicture, then choose the right word .
Food Choice 1.0 APK
The Food Choice is considered aneducationaland entertainment game.It is designed for children from five to fifteen years old.It’sgoal is to teach a child how to recognize healthy food.If the player selects healthy food, the score rises and hisbodywould still be healthy and petite.And if the player selects unhealthy food, the lives woulddecreaseto a limit number. As a conclusion, he would be gainweight.
CellViver 1.0 APK
Fun! Biology! And Cuteness! These were the3main ingredients to create the amazing gameCellviver!! It's an endless game targeting children of 7 yearsoldand older, which basically teaches them the exchange systemindifferent parts of the body.
Save My Computer 1.0 APK
The idea of this amazing game, save mycomputeris to have a computer with a hero in the shape of a mousethat willdefend and attack intruders (Viruses) by shooting fire onthem andsaving files and folder . The purpose of this game iseducationalfor children with 7 years and older ages, so kids wouldunderstandthe dangers their computers might face