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Karur Basketball Club is one of the famous Club in IndiaforBasketball Federation of India. We are continuously conductingaAll India Basketball Tournament about 60 Years. Our Website-www.karurbasketballclub.com Email - krrbbc@gmail.com

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Karur News 0.0.3 APK
Karur News - Karur District Tamil News | KarurDistrict Business News | Karur City Crime | Today's news in Karur |Karur City Sports News | கரூர் செய்திகள்நம்ம ஊர பத்தி சொல்ல நிறைய இருக்குங்க. 2000 வருட வரலாறு நம்ம மண்னோடகலந்து இருக்கு. இந்த வஞ்சி நகரோட பெருமை, வரலாறு, அன்றாடம் நடக்கிறசராசரி நிகழ்வுகள், நீங்க நாங்க பாக்கற அவலம், கேக்க நினைக்கிறகேள்வீகள், நம்ம மக்களோட ஏக்கங்கள்...., இப்படி எல்லாவற்றையும்பகிர்ந்துக்கொள்ள அமைச்சுக்கிட்ட இடம் தான் இந்த "வணக்கம் கரூர்". இதுநாங்க மட்டும் பகிர்ந்து கொள்ற இடம் இல்லைங்க, நம்ம எல்லோரும்சேர்ந்து பகிர்ந்துகொள்ற இடம்.சில நண்பர்கள் சேர்ந்து பல நண்பர்கள் கிடைக்க உருவாக்கினது இந்த"கரூர் நியூஸ்" . வாங்க நம்ம ஊர் பெருமையை நல்லா உரக்கசொல்லலாம்.
Yugam - 2019 Tamil Calendar - Vastu - Jothidam 3.4 APK
Yugam Launched New Year 2019 Calendar - Vastu - Jothidam KTG -KnockThe Globe Technologies, We successfully launched our freeYugamTamil 2019 Calendar - Vastu - Jothidam. On this year 2019 weupdatednew information like 2019 Calendar, Vastu, Jothidam,Rasipalan,Holidays, Festivals, Subha Muhurtham etc., ‘2019 TamilCalendar’ appis a completely free app which is available in GooglePlay Store.You may share all the information's in this YugamKaanoli App. 2019Tamil Calendar App works in all type of AndroidDevices.
Chit Interest Calculator in Multi Languages 1.1 APK
Our KTG - Chit Interest Calculator helps you to fix your bidamount,when you participate in the Chit bids conducted by nonbankingprivate finances ( finances all over India, We areproviding inMulti Languages). Minimum 25,000 chit to 1 crore forany month youcould know about the rate of Interest and the bidamount in fewseconds using our Chit Interest Application. KTGTechnologies havecreated an application called Chit InterestCalculator which ishelpfull for Finance and accounting sector tocalculate clearly andefficiently. Advantages of Chit InterestCalculator: We have usedMultiple Languages in our Chit InterestCalculator. CHITS All typesof chits can be handled very easily byusing this Chit InterestCalculator. We can also easily calculatepending payments by listwise. Please, give your comments incomment box or mail toknockus@knocktheglobe.com.
KTG - Knock The Globe Technologies 2.0 APK
Industry's leading web designers and developers who are having8+years experience in managing web design projects. Yoursatisfactionis most important to us. Attractive design, affordableprice,excellent communication, timely delivery made us one of thebestwebsite design companies in India. * WHY KTG We havehighlyprofessional team : We are World's leading and fastestGrowing Weband Mobile App Development company We have an experienceof 8+years in the Web and Mobile App industry We haveexpertisecross-industry knowledge in Web and mobile apps and deepdomainknowledge Amazing User Experience Address the needsandrequirements of your users through a website offering best oftheuser experiences.. We deliver best results One stop websolutioncentre Experience in delivering top-notch web solutionsCuttingedge expertise in web-based technologies StrongpartnershipsUnmatched customer service. Another important featureof ourcompany is that we deliver the projects on time. We value thetimeand complete the given project on time so that our customers donothave to suffer due to the negligence of our staff. Weremainconnected with our clients till 100% satisfaction is notachieved.We feel proud when our customers feel satisfied and happy.We hearand appreciate your inputs We are a fast-growing solutionproviderof information technology, user experience and brandingservicesfor customers across the world. We have provided bestplusaffordable software development services to numerous large aswellas medium entrepreneurs. We are the masters in offeringeffectivesoftware development solutions. * Our Services WebsiteDesigningWebsite Development Mobile Apps Textile ERP Software E-CommerceSolutions SEO Digital Marketing Bilk SMS and Voice CallWebHosting Domain Registration * Software We Developed TextileERPSchool ERP Call Taxi Management Yarn Management FinanceManagementAttendance Management Hospital Management Flex ManagementStaffManagement Score Board Management Web - www.knocktheglobe.comEmail- rj@ktgt.in
Tamil Vastu Sasthiram - 100% Rules and Plans 1.8 APK
Why is Tamil Vastu Sasthiram important? Tamil Vastu sasthiram isatraditional Hindu system of architecture which literallytranslatesto "science of architecture." These are texts found onthe Indiansubcontinent that describe principles of design,layout,measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement andspatialgeometry. Do it yourself to improve Vastu Allow a brightlight onthe main door. Avoid keeping a television in the bedroom.... Avoidkeeping any water feature or plants in the bedroom. Do notuseseparate mattresses and bedsheet. Arrange the furniture to formasquare or a circle or an octagon. Benefits of Tamil VastuSasthiram: Many factors govern the life of a human being; his fate,karmaand vastu of the place where he lives and work. Apart fromkarma ofa person, fate and vastu affects life’s quality. If thevastu ispoor but the fate of a person is good then results obtainedcanrange from poor to mediocre; where as if the vastu is good andfateis unfavorable then the ill effects are minuscule. TamilVastuSasthiram Features [*] Vastu Rules [*] Vastu Days [*]ManaiyadiShastram [*] Vastu FAQ [*] Vastu Parigaranal [*] VastuPlans - 100%
Tamil Calendar 2020 - 2030 1.1 APK
We Launched New Year Tamil Calendar 2020 - 2030 KTG - Knock TheGlobe Technologies, We successfully launched our free Tamil 2020 -2030 Calendar - Vastu - Jothidam. On this year 2019 we updated newinformation like 2019 Calendar, Vastu, Jothidam, Rasipalan,Holidays, Festivals, Subha Muhurtham etc., ‘2020 - 2030 TamilCalendar’ app is a completely free app which is available in GooglePlay Store. You may share all the information's in this Tamil 2020- 2030 Calendar App. 2019 Tamil Calendar App works in all type ofAndroid Devices.
Karur IMA 1.4 APK
Karur IMA - Indian Medical Association. It is only used for whoareall registration in Karur IMA they only access.
Karur Basketball Club 1.3 APK
Karur Basketball Club is one of the famous Club in IndiaforBasketball Federation of India. We are continuously conductingaAll India Basketball Tournament about 60 Years. Our Website-www.karurbasketballclub.com Email - krrbbc@gmail.com