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Katakana Typing Trainer - it's not just a simple and fun game toremember katakana, the Japanese alphabets, but japanese keyboardtyping trainer that helps you learn how to quickly and correctly toprint in Japanese using the virtual keyboard on your phone.Take thefirst and correct step to learning Japanese language with LearnKatakana, because the game - the best way of remembering, learningand repetition.The program trains katakana, making iteffectively.Learn Katakana is app for:* learning katakana* japanesekeyboard training on mobile phones and tabletsBeautiful cartoondesign appealing to both adults and children.

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    Katakana Typing Trainer
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    December 12, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Eiko Solutions
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Grumpy Fish 0.5.9 APK
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Motivational Quotes 1.0.5 APK
Application Motivational Quotes – is a collection of the mostuseful and interesting motivational quotes and sayings of famouspeople. Quotes in RUSSIAN!!!Simple and intuitive interface,beautiful abstract background image and quality quotes will help toincrease motivation in all your affairs.Motivational quotes on thesubject - business, personal growth, saying, sport
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Learn Kanji N4 1.0.1 APK
Program for learning and repetition japanese kanji, japanese words,kanji readings for the preparation for the Nihongo Nōryoku Shikenexam, level 4(N4). Repeat the word, and compete with your friends,earn achievements and learn Japanese with the program Learn KanjiN4. The program includes 1300 words necessary to pass the JLPT N4.
Мотиваторы 1.0.2 APK
Подборка интересных и полезных мотиваторов с разныхресурсов.Мотиваторы на действие, красивые цитаты, подниматорынастроения и пр.Внимание! Для работы приложения необходимоподключение к Интернету.Веб-версия доступна тут -http://eikosol.com/motivators/Следите за новыми сайтами иприложениями Eiko Solutions - @eikosolutionsA selection ofinteresting and useful motivators from differentresources.Motivators for action, beautiful quotes, podnimatorymood, etc.Attention! The application requires an Internetconnection.Web version is available here -http://eikosol.com/motivators/Watch for new sites and applicationsEiko Solutions - @ eikosolutions
Life RPG 1.4.1 APK
Enjoy the process of planning and cultivate useful habits inoriginal game form.Life RPG - excellent tool for planning andmotivating. If you want to change yourself and begin new bettermore productive life - do it and this app will help you.Feelyourself a hero of role play game called Life. Add game elements toyour life. Live, play, improve yourself, reach new heights andenjoy scheduling.Application Life RPG also would be interesting forthose people that don’t have time for games, but they like to playthem. Combine pleasant and useful - "upgrade" yourself, increaseyour productivity.Key features:• game approach to planning•motivating system of accounting ToDo`s• widget• flexible remindersystemMore about game capabilities:Screen "Habits". You can addhere habits that you want to cultivate and those that you want tobe out of. Good habits are awarded by money and experience.Following bad habits is punished by penalties. Examples of goodhabits - "walk up the stairs", "small exercise after each workhour".Screen "ToDo". With the help of Life RPG you can scheduleyour todo`s- add, watch and make them. This is also awarded. UseLife RPG as a personal assistant. Due to the mechanism ofreminders, you will not forget to perform tasks. Users can set areminder on a certain date and time on the day of the week, once aweek, once a month.Screen "Achievements". Earned some coins anddon’t know what to do with them? Add to this list new things/doingsthat you like and assign price for them. Award yourself with them.Examples of awards: "watch film", "eat cake". This will be greatmotivation for you to follow good habits and do your tasks. You canalso equip your game avatar. For equipment you get experiencebonus. Reach new levels and get other bonuses. Application has awidget.But the most important in Life RPG - is honesty. Be honestwith yourself and you`ll do great. Life RPG. Life - game.If youfind bug, please wrote to us by email
Climbing Run 1.0.53 APK
Climbing Run. Climb the hill, try to get above the other. Dodge therocks, rock falls, funny enemies and collect useful bonuses.Compete with friends from Google+ circles and strangers indifferent categories and gaming worlds. Get achievements andawards.Climbing Run - it's a simple, fun and easy runner, ideal tobrighten up a few minutes of waiting. Game session does not long,and is perfect while waiting for transport or in boring classes.Everyone who is no stranger to the spirit of competition - welcometo Climbing Run. Perhaps it is you are worthy to take the top spotin the leaderboard .Climbing Run - easy game about conquering thepeaks. Perfect to relax, move away from the everyday hustle andbustle. Try to climb up above the others. Do you find yourself moreprofessional than the other players? In Climbing Run built ingaming services Google. There are leaderboards andachievements.Game ”Climbing Run” will like climbers, mountaineersand all those who love the mountains , or just compete with friendsand strangers. Next on the rock!A few tips:1. Play every day andget bonuses.2. Birds can be killed by touch :)attempt # 4EikoSolutions in Twitter - @eikosolSite - http://eikosol.com