1.2 / February 25, 2015
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Kawaii Bear Bump is one of the greatkawaiigames out there, it is a casual game for the teddy bear loverinyour home. It features precious kawaii bears that give youpointsand a smiling raincloud that will rain on your parade with asadgame over!

Kawaii Bear Bump, one of the very few free kawaii games outthere,is simple: brown kawaii bears are worth 1 point, gray kawaiibearsare worth two points, and white kawaii bears are worththreepoints... But BEWARE! As much as you want to collect all oftheadorable kawaii bears, you do not want the smiling raincloudtorain down upon you.

Kawaii Bear Bump is a kawaii game known to be cute,adorable,precious, and most of all FUN! Download this free game forall agesnow!

App Information Kawaii Bear Bump

  • App Name
    Kawaii Bear Bump
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  • Updated
    February 25, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Anderson Whitney Inc.
  • Installs
    50 - 100
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THE STORY SO FAR...You have just been hired to work for one of the most powerfulmega-corporations in history, Velveteen Industries. It is theopportunity of a lifetime, but to put it mildly you're a bitanxious... You'll be working side by side with CEO VincentVelveteen (AKA "V"), the most powerful, charismatic, ball-bustingcorporate executive in the world... whom, it should also bementioned, happens to be a 3 foot tall adorable bunny rabbit in apurple suit.WARNING:This game has been designed specifically for Google's ProjectTango dev kit when combined with the Durovis Dive virtual realityheadset/HMD. This game will not work without a Project Tango devkit!PROTOTYPE INSTRUCTIONS:In this initial version of the game it is up to you to aide Mr.V in purchasing highly volatile stocks. You must keep your eyes onthe stock market ticker, always being aware of the current price ofV's favorite stocks. When V decides to buy or sell shares, it is upto you to make sure he's making all the right moves!This game uses head tracking to control the gameplay. When youagree with Mr. V's valuation of a stock you nod your head up anddown to signal, yes, he is making a good buy. When you disagree,meaning, V has suggested buying a stock at an overly high price orselling at a price that is far too low, shake your head no tosignal disagreement.Making as much money for Velveteen Industries is the name of thegame!VELVETEEN INDUSTRIES, WHO WE ARE:Velveteen is more than a video game, with character design andanimation by professional LA animator Kenny Roy (Arconyx AnimationStudio/Arconyx Games) and a script by Anderson Evans (Droid CasualGames), Velveteen will have you laughing your ass off, and youwon't even care (or realize) as people point and stare at yougiggling to yourself like a mad stooge.FUTURE ITERATIONSThis is only the first of many "boardroom missions" featuringmeetings with V. Eventually these single missions will entail alarger narrative, leading to off-world play spaces and cinematiccut scenes. Trust us when we say Velveteen isn't just a game, it isthe future of interactive storytelling comedy.
Octopus Alien Adventure 1 APK
Octopus Alien Adventure is a casual octopusalien game game sure to give you a real wet thrill as you swim youroctopus alien pal through the ocean toward rad colorful rainbowfish and avoiding great whites!Octopus Alien Adventure is one of the very few free alien games andoctopus games out there, and is easier to understand than listeningto an alien radio! Move the octopus alien around the screen bytapping where you want it to go, if you double tap you'll gainextra speed, if you tap and hold your octopus alien will do a freefall escape. The tropical rainbow fish are worth differing amountsof points depending on the level of difficulty you have selected.Watch out for the great white sharks, hitting them sends you into adisappointing game over!Octopus Alien Adventure was designed by the king of octopussimulators, who decided the whole first person thing was just toodarn serious, and lo, he became a casual game designer obsessedwith octopus games.Octopus Alien Adventure is the perfect game for lovers of casualgames and of course octopus games and alien games.
NYC Subway Scramble 1 APK
NYC Subway Scramble is the perfect matchinggame for NYC Subway commuters that are bored while riding fromBrooklyn to Manhattan. It features cards with logos from the mostfamous subway lines in New York. The gameplay is simple: Match thegame cards, but make sure they have a linear link! If they don't,the subway logos will silently mock you with their bold colors andhelvetica lettering while your time runs out!Don't worry if you get stuck, you can always push the shufflebutton (and by always I mean 3 times) if you need the game to makea match for you, you can use the express lane button (3 times aswell) to find cheats as well! Each round becomes more difficult, sohurry to beat New York rush hour!The app is designed by a team of New Yorkers, looking to bringyou the kind of NYC game they love playing in the Village, placeslike Thompson Square Park and 14th Street, Union Square! All peoplethat love NYC love this game, this we've seen time and again!So enjoy NYC Subway Scramble, for a great trip back to Brooklynor Queens!
Hot Air Balloon Free For All 1 APK
Hot Air Balloon Free For All is a casualhotair balloon game sure to give you hours of enjoyment as youmoveyour hot air balloons toward other balloons, while avoidingnastyweather conditions!Hot Air Balloon Free For All is one of the very few free hotairballoon games out there, and is easier to understand thanhowballoons stay in the air: tap where you'd like the hot airballoongo, double tap for speed, and tap and hold for a hot airballoonfreefall. catch all the other hot air balloons whileavoidingclouds and weather!Hot Air Balloon Free For All was designed by a hot airballoonenthusiast who also enjoys free casual gamesHot Air Balloon Free For All is the perfect game for loversofcasual games and of course hot air balloons.
Super Ant N' Man 1 APK
Super Ant N' Man is a game superhero fanswillmarvel at. It features cards that demand you become an antsmasher.The gameplay is simple: Match the game cards, but make suretheyhave a linear link! If they don't, each little antman willbattleyou while your time runs out!Don't worry if you get stuck, you can always push the refreshbutton(and by always I mean 3 times) if you need the game to makea matchfor you, you can use the find button (3 times as well).Each roundbecomes more difficult, so dont be a punk like batman,be like anant man! Be like the guy who reads his comic books everyday becausehe thinks it is cool.The app is designed by a guy that people call Antman because heissuch a tiny little bug of a man. It really is a marvel howsmallthis joker is! Regardless he makes a pretty solid game,especiallywhen he gets that chance do design around an ant man.This game isa marvel! It blew my socks off. It is also a comic gameso be readyto laugh when you see this thing in action. I love SuperAnt N'Man!You're gonna love smashing the ant, man! It is Super Ant N' Manoutnow!
Watering Cloud Adventure 1 APK
Watering Cloud Adventure is a casualcloudwatering plants game sure to give you hours of enjoyment asyoumove the watering cloud toward thirsty flowers. It featuresmanycolored flowers, but watch out for other clouds, they want towaterall the plants, and if you get in their way, you're introuble!Watering Cloud Adventure is one of the very few freewateringplants as a cloud games out there, and is easier tounderstand thanphotosynthesis: All you have to do is move thewatering cloudaround the screen by tapping where you'd like thecloud to go, ifyou'd like to have the cloud move faster double tap,and tap andhold to go into freefall. Each colored flower gives youa differentamount of points depending on the level of difficultyyou haveselected, but watch out for the clouds, they'll send youright intothe game over screen.Watering Cloud Adventure was designed by a weatherobsesseddeveloper that just wanted to spend his days tapping ascreen whilea happy cloud floats along.Watering Cloud Adventure is the perfect game for lovers ofcasualgames and of course clouds watering plants.
Doctor Floppy 1.1 APK
Doctor Floppy Features Overview:* Inspired by flappy bird and floppy bird games. Basically ahugeimprovement on all things flappy birds* You control doctor floppy, move him around and collect thegoodflappy planets in the most classic of ways (i.e. by tappingaroundyour device)* Stay away from the red planets! They are classic snakes, man!Look. Up in the sky. Is it a floppy bird? Is it a floppycloud?Is it a floppy fish? No. It is Doctor Floppy. Doctor Floppyis aninventor that has eaten too much food before bed, will youhelp hisdream go on as long as possible?What is Floppy dreaming about? Do you know? Do you know ofwhatFloppy dreams are made of?Where do your fingers go when you sleep? Is Doctor Floppya"floppy" doctor? Why is floppy the new flappy? What do thesewordsmean? Is "flappy" an "alt" word? Is "alt" still around?Is Doctor Floppy a hipster? Is Doctor Floppy a stoner? IsDoctorFloppy a far out planet collecting game for kids? What agegroup isDoctor Floppy for? Is it really for kids? I say it is notfor kids,I say it is for the kid in all of us, but not for the kidsinsideof the kids because they are already children? Was that aquestion?Does Doctor Floppy have the answer? Is Doctor Floppy a PHDor anMD?Is Doctor Floppy's physics engine child friendly? That iswhatthe last version of this "full description" used to say. Butwhatis a physics engine? Does it allow you to control our floppyfriendas he soars through the floppy clouds? Or does it confuseyoung andold because exact instructions on how to control Floppyremain sohush hush.What gameplay features can I expect? Does Doctor Floppyhavemultiple levels? Is Doctor Floppy minimalist? Is Doctor Floppya"casual game?" I do know the secret of Doctor Floppy: blueplanetsare one point, green planets are worth two points, andyellowplanets are worth three points. Will you have fun withDoctorFloppy? Will you let Doctor Floppy fly around the screen? Doyouknow How? Can you make Doctor Floppy fall to the ground likearagdoll? What is the Red Planet? Is it Mars? Is the giantanimatedred planet dangerous? And can it turn Doctor Floppy'sdreams into anightmare?
Rainbow Tree Frog Switch 1 APK
Rainbow Tree Frog Switch is ajungle/swampthemed matching game for the Frog Fanatic. It featurescards withbeautifully colored tree frogs.The gameplay is simple: Match the game cards, but make suretheyhave a linear link! If they don't, each little will croakwhileyour time runs out!Don't worry if you get stuck, when you play Rainbow Tree Frogswitchyou can always push the refresh button (and by always I mean3times) if you need the game to make a match for you, you can usethefind button (3 times as well). Each round becomes moredifficult, sodon't ribbet your luck away!Rainbow Tree Frog Switch is designed by a team of frogs andtoadsfrom the jungles and swamps of the world that made a matchinggamethat spoke to THEIR interests. These amphibians are allaboutbringing you the froggies and toadies favorite games onthelillypad and the trees.When it comes to Frog Games free is the way to go, soplayRainbow Tree Frog Switch today!