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Endless balls! Endless blocks! Endless challenges! Unlimited blocksare waiting for you to break! Slide your finger to launch the ballfrom the top. Aim carefully, different changes in different angles.Use the rebound, pick up your physical knowledge, and try to getmore points! Features: - Perfect physics simulation engine, preciseaiming - 3 addictive game modes, over 1000 challenges - 20+ bouncyball patterns and numbers of special blocks - Endless game mode,keep your highest score at top - Simple but exquisite graphics,powerful special effects - No time limit, best casual game to killyour free time - Relax your brain, play without internet connectionEasy to play, hard to master, perfect way to pass your leisuretime.

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    Keep Bounce
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    March 25, 2019
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    DoPuz Games
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2048 Charm: Classic & New 2048, Number Puzzle Game 4.1501 APK
DoPuz Games
Are you ready to play the most fun and innovative 2048 game in themarket? New 2048 is here to offer you the most classic 2048 puzzlegameplay along with 12 different variations, all in one completepackage! With rich gameplay, intuitive interface, and all thefunctions right at your fingertips, this 2048 number puzzle game issure to be your favorite! Get immediate access to 2048 plus gamevariations like 4x4+ Board, 5x5 Board, Drop mode, Party mode, andother 12 fun number puzzles gameplay! 2048 Charm Puzzle GameFeatures: ♥ 12 unique & advanced 2048 gamemodes in one app ♥Keep playing for High-slcore after collected 2048 tile ♥ Classicand simple UI, smooth sliding block experience ♥ One Undo movesupport to adjust coolmath strategy ♥ Reset 2048 standard anytimein case you get stuck ♥ Detailed guide and rules for each 2048classic modes ♥ Process and high score will be automatically savedHow to play 2048 Charm: Swipe the screen to move tiles left, right,up, and down. When two tiles with the same number touch, they mergeinto one! Every swipe, a new tile will randomly appear in an emptyspot on the board with a value of either 2 or 4. Slide the tiles tomerge them, 2+2→4, 8+8→16 ...32 ...256 ...1024..., when 2048 tileis created, you win! Play this amazing 2048 game and have fun! 2048Charm Game Modes: Classic Mode: Classic (4x4), big (4x4+) amdbigger (2048 5x5) board options. This 2048 number challenge mode isan upgraded version of the original 2048 game. Click & Joy:Click the tile, the number +1 and compose a new number withadjoining tiles. Be prepared for a new super 2048 puzzle challengefor best record! Drop Mode: Place the falling tiles to the rightposition. Two tiles with same number will merge into one. This isthe interesting combination of 2 classic logic puzzles games: Blockcrush game & 2048 Ultimate. Party Mode: Click on the adjacenttiles with the same number, all the tiles will merge into one anddouble its number. Explore deep cool math logic challenge for yourmind! Merge Mode: Click on the blank spot, blocks will move closer.Start playing this awesome 2048 unlimited mode, merging the numbersand experiencing the cool math logic game. Line Mode: Slide toconnect the same number, the more you connect, the higher numberpuzzle game score you get. Compete with your friends to see who canreach the best score. Spin Number: Line up numbers from small tolarge to generate a more larger number. The longer the line is, youhave more chance to win the 2048 pro magic puzzles game. 12 LegendMode: Only the red 1 tile and the green 1 tile can combine a 2.This is an amusing 2048 mania game mode that will get your braintrained, get fun out of it and make you think. More fun 2048 gamesare waiting for you in our cool math games: 2048 Charm! Withendless 2048 you now have the famous math logic puzzle always withyou – anytime and anywhere for free! We deliver all of that withina refined, appealing and easy to use interface! Relax or keep yourmind active – pass time in a pleasant way! If you want to have agreat time while learning more math tricks in logic puzzle apps,this is the right brain teasers game to help you with that. Our2048 free number app will make the puzzle solving experience smoothcause you can have lots of fun as you explore all the possibilitiesand everything that you might want from a popular 2048 game! Likeus on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DoPuzGames Follow us onTwitter: https://twitter.com/DoPuzGames Free to Download Now! Enjoythe fun on this 2048 charm number puzzle games!
Numpuz: Classic Number Games, Num Riddle Puzzle 3.1501 APK
DoPuz Games
Numpuz: Number Riddle is a classic math puzzle game. Tap and movethe wood number tiles, enjoy the magic of digit, coordinate youreyes, hands and brain. Challenge your logic and brainpower, havefun and enjoy it! How to play Numpuz? Sliding puzzle game consistsof a frame of numbered square tiles in random order, with one tilemissing, The object of the puzzle is to place the tiles in order bymaking sliding moves that use the empty space. Endless challengemode that challenges your logical thinking and mental limitsFEATURES: -6 levels of difficulty (3,4,5,6,7,8 modes) -Wooden retrostyle of user interface -Simple to control, hard to master -Timerfunction: record your playtime -Test your logic and reaction speed-Realistic animation and tiles sliding -Combination of number andPuzzle -Traditional educational puzzle game -No wifi need, play inanytime anywhere -Best casual game to kill time 6 different sizes:3 х 3 (8 tiles) – for beginners and kids; 4 х 4 (15 tiles) –classical mode for all ages; 5 х 5 (24 tiles) – for those who liketo think. 6 х 6 (35 tiles) – complex mode for veteran 7 х 7 (48tiles) – difficult level to challenge 8 х 8 (63 tiles) – design formaster players Play the Numpuz: classic intelligence Klotskidigital game, challenge your brainpower! User-friendly operationand simple interface make you experience the unique charm of slidepuzzle game! Go for enjoy it and have fun!
Chess Kingdom: Free Online for Beginners/Masters 3.4501 APK
DoPuz Games
FREE classic chess for beginners and masters. Play Chess gameONLINE with real opponents from all over the world. Develop yourchess strategy and chess tactics, face the challenge and be theChess Master now! Touch the screen, move and drop the pieces,checkmate, Win! Chess is 2 player strategy board games played on achessboard, a checkered game board with 64 squares arranged in an8×8 grid. With powerful chess AI, amusing challenge mode, ChessKingdom will bring you an amazing adventure! Top FEATURES of ChessKingdom free: ♞Detailed chess rules with clear diagram ♞Online,Computer, Double, Review modes ♞Great graphics and exciting soundeffects ♞Infinite hint and undo function free for you ♞3 difficultyonline levels (Junior>Senior) ♞Retro UI design and comfortablesetting ♞Powerful Chess AI, easier for the beginners ♞Add localserver to keep the stable network ♞Auto save game progress and eachmove ♞Play with chess masters all over the world ♞Face to facechess online with friends ♞2 player chess: Interactive chess gameFour Modes of Chess: ONLINE: Challenge real online chess game withreal opponents from all over the world. Online real time battlemode brings you infinite game experience in chess game set andhelps you from chess novice to chess pro. Four Room to challenge:Junior Room, Middle Room, Senior Room and Play with friends.COMPUTER: Chess offline practice with AI: perfect chess engine,play chess against computer. Simple chess for everyone, special foramateur. Daily rapid chess game free challenge to get quicklypromotion. Single player games mode is your best daily braintrainer and chess tutor. DOUBLE: In this mode, you can chess withyour friends face to face. The screen of your phone is the bestchessboard. Enjoy free unlimited games and improve your chessrating with your friends and families. REVIEW: After finish a game,it will auto save in the Review page. You can re-play the finishedchess online 2 player game and check the battle records of chess,which will help you analyze the battle information of chess,improve skills and unlock your inner chess master! Get an amazingexperience in chess games online for free! ✓Finish Daily Challengecan get rich rewards ✓Hints can guide you through the points whenyou are stuck ✓Chess timer: Record your game time and step time✓When battling with AI, you can change the color of pieces in anytime ✓Unlimited undos. You can put it back quickly when you makemistakes Learn how to play Chess Kingdom Game! Chess puzzles beginwith a grid in which each player possesses 16 chess pieces: oneking, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eightpawns. Each of the six piece types moves differently. The objectiveis to checkmate the opponent's king by placing it under aninescapable threat of capture. Best free chess app available forAndroid! Are you tired of playing chess games that look like theywere designed for large screen instead of today's smartphones?We've created a chess mobile game for you. Chess Kingdom is thebest looking chess for Android, and it's free! All of you can playand challenge in any place and any time with your smartphone. Freefamily chess online for all ages! Whether you’d like to relax orkeep your mind alive, all of you can join the free board games,become chess king, pass time in a pleasant way! It’s freemultiplayer chess family for kids. Train your brain with theultimate chess anywhere, anytime. Hope you have fun and enjoy alot! Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DoPuzGamesFollow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoPuzGames
Ludo Game: Kingdom of the Dice, Pachisi Masters 1.3501 APK
DoPuz Games
Ludo is a classic strategy board game for 2-4 players, in which youcan play with All Ages OFFLINE/ONLINE: family, friends & kids.Recall your childhood memories and happy hour. Roll the dice, moveand arrive home safe. Have an amazing flying tour in LudoKingdom!Like other cross and circle games, Ludo is derived from theIndian board game, Pachisi, but simpler. It is also called asParcheesi. The game and its variants are popular in many countriesand under various names. Don't wait any further, get the dicerolling to be the king of Ludo dice game.Ludo rules:The players(red, blue, green, yellow) race their four tokens from start tofinish according to the rolls of a single die. Whoever gets allfour tokens to the end first is the winner.Top FEATURES ofOnline/Offline Ludo Kingdom: ★Free to choose one of the threeflying map★Different variations: Classic, Battle, Ludo★2, 3 and 4Multiplayer Real-Time Ludo★Powerful AI free to being there withyou★Free to play with people around the world★Freely select gameroles: 1-3 AI players★Option to get different points to takeoff★Face to Face challenge your friends (1-3)★Memorable theme,user-friendly interface★Off/online Flying Chess, Nice SoundEffects★Auto save game procedure. ALL FOR FREE★Applicable to AllAges, whether kids or adultsLudo Game plated with: - Play againstcomputer- Play with Friends (Local Multiplayer) - Play with peoplearound WORLD3 kinds of LUDO mode(Single/Online): Classic Ludo:Chinese cross and circle board game similar to the race game,Pachisi. It features 4 starting "hangars" in each corner, a "track"of 52 spaces circumventing the board, 4 "home zones" each leadingfrom the track to the "end spaces/home column" at the center of theLudo board.Battle Ludo: Battle mode of Ludo gameworld. The playerwho shoots 3 planes of others first is the winner. Challenge withAI and friends. Make an exciting aeroplane crash, challenge ludoworld players.Indian Ludo: Classic cross and circle game. Roll thedice, move and arrive home safe. Multiplayer in the same device, 2,3 and 4 player Real-Time Ludo.Bring you back to the old childhoodtime! Ludo is also called Aeroplane Chess or Flying Chess (飛行棋,飞行棋)in China, which is popular in child's period. Play the ONLINE ludogame, bring you back into the happy childhood moments, make youfeel the happiness of those childhood days once again. It onceplayed by kings, and now it can be enjoyed by you and your family,friends.Classic Real-Time Ludo mode along with innovative gameplay!Ludo star game has stayed popular throughout the ages, varying onlya little in its game structure. This persevering kids board gamesis now available for you to play in an all new modernized format.While the gameplay of Flying Plane Chess seems simple, the game isimmensely enjoyable in a real time. There are various modes derivedfrom the dice game which may bring you brand-new gameexperience!Wonderful casual puzzle game and best time killer! LudoKingdom - one of the casual timepass games that once you start, youwon’t stop. You’ll be playing this one for hours and its fun forthe whole family. Ludo game is family board games and it played allages people like kids, young and old, woman and man. If you aregetting bored, Ludo kingdom is the best timepass game to spend yourtime.Start playing Ludo aeroplane games via rolling the dice andhave fun with your friends, families and people all over the world,challenge the highest scores on the board. Let's start and roll thedice in the classic manner and see who becomes the Ludo master.Hopeyou like our Online Ludo gameworld and enjoy a lot!Like us onFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/DoPuzGamesFollow us onTwitter:https://twitter.com/DoPuzGames
Block Gems: Classic Block Puzzle Games 4.8501 APK
DoPuz Games
Relax and unlock your brain with the simple but addictive puzzlegame! Block Gems is a fun classic creative block world full of freejigsaw puzzles. Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay, you cantest yourself and exercise your brain in a moment. Hope you lovethe block mania! Enjoy various block puzzles everywhere, every timewith No Wifi Need. Just drag, drop and move. Once you start, youwill be hooked and not stop playing the best block puzzle games.Easy to play and available for all ages. Enjoy the endless BrainTeasers. WHY CHOOSE BLOCK GEMS? ★Exquisite and dynamic gameinterface ★Fun, colorful and engaging graphics ★Easy to play, andsuitable for all ages ★It is all for FREE and No Wifi Need ★Endlessblock puzzles full of challenge ★Various gameplay and modes free toselect ★No time limit to play and Auto save game ★Retro games:smooth and delicate animation ★Simple rules and easy to control★Good for relaxing and brainstorming HOW TO PLAY ★Drag the blocksto move them. ★Try to fit all in the row or column. Then the blockswill be clear and you get the point. Game will be over if there areno room for any the shapes below the grid. ★Blocks can't berotated. Block Puzzle Modes: Drop Mode: Follow the drop blocks, tryto fit them in the row or column. You can adjust the shapes anddirection of blocks when falling. Enjoy the amazing block puzzle!Drag Mode: Place the pieces into board. Once you fill in a verticalor horizontal line, it will disappear, freeing up space for newpieces. Classic block puzzles free to challenge. So come to ourblock puzzle games legend, this casual puzzle game will satisfyyour taste! Roadblock Mode: Clear all barriers in the classic blockgame. The tiles will eliminate if 4 barriers with same color formin a line. Hexagon Mode: Drag and drop block into right place tofinish the game. Puzzle games for kids and adults. Play in thehexagon puzzle kingdom, exercise your brain! Classic innovativegame - easy to fun and simple to play. Block gems will keep youentertained for just a moment, or will keep you engaged for hoursof fun. Easy to play and have fun, you can enjoy the block puzzlegames mania to your content. Vivid graphics and bright backgroundwill bring you unique experience. [ALL INCLUSIVE] Classic blockgames, exercise your brainpower! Daily block puzzle games includesa variety of family puzzle games. Each mode will greatly test yourreaction speed and ability of space combination. Run across themaze puzzle game, solve the mysterious brain puzzles, win the finalvictory! Hope you like our Block Gems - Classic Block Puzzle Gamesand enjoy a lot! Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/DoPuzGames Follow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/DoPuzGames
Piano Tempo – Magic Tiles For Music Fans 2.2501 APK
DoPuz Games
Do you have a piano dream deep inside your heart? Save years oftraining, play our magic piano tiles game instead and become apiano master right away! Tap on the black tiles according to themelody and don't miss any music tiles! You control the tempo andrhythm, allowing your expressivity and creativity to shine. Whetheryou’d like to relax or keep your mind active – pass time in apleasant way! Music piano app features: ◈ Stunning graphic, richpiano rhythm game play ◈ Rhythm&tempo control to recreate realpiano music ◈ 20 piano play game modes so you never get bored ◈Varied difficulty levels will challenge your speed limit ◈ Playwith numerous music to satisfy different tastes ◈ Customizableclassical & modern piano soundtrack ◈ Create your own musicwith virtual piano music games How to play piano online: The pianotutorial rule is quite simple. Press the piano black tilescontinuously to play the piano songs. Watch out for the white tilesand never miss any piano black piano keys to complete every song.Concentrate on the black tiles and maximize your finger speed.Enjoy tons of classical simple piano music, compete with yourfriends and speed up your fingers! Piano play game modes: 【Classicmode】: You need to tap tap number of magic tiles in minimum timeperiod as fast as you can to finish the seleted music. 【ArcadeMode】: Tap on black tiles (Don't tap white tile) without missingany black tiles. There are no restrictions, see how many points youcould get, note that the speed will be faster. 【Heartbeat mode】:Don't Lose Your Heart! One tile is one heart, if miss one, you willlose 5 hearts instead. So concentrate on the black tiles, one stepwrong will cost a lot more. Be careful! 【Endless mode】: Norestrictions of any kind. The piano games for free will end whenyou tap a white tile. Hang in there, refresh you or your friends’record with incrediable finger speed and become the greatest pianomaster. 【Zen mode】: For Zen level of this piano simulator you haveto tap as fast as you can in limited time period. With a limit of30 seconds, you can see how much you can tap on the piano virtualtiles. 【Magic mode】: The sliding speed of black tiles will changeevery 5 seconds. You will have to adjust your hand speedaccordingly. 【Candle mode】: Its light will become dark at timeslike a real candle. With the darkness blocking your sight, you needto be more careful! 【Colorful mode】: The pink piano tiles arecolorful instead of the original black tiles, eye protection, toavoid fatigue. 【Bomb mode】: Don't tap on Bomb and white tiles, youhave to identified bomb and forgot it without tap. 【Lighting mode】:Lightning storm approaching, the night falls, everything can onlyrely on your intuition. Watch your step! You don’t need to be aprofestional pianist to create a wonderful music. No special skillsneeded, all this piano tap games for kids asks of you is anattentive mind and fast fingers! Get a small stimulating break orclear your head with online piano keyboard. Take your favoritepiano playing games with you wherever you go! The piano tutorialgame is easy to learn and incredibly fun to play! Just by tappingthe piano black tiles, you can play your favorite romance songs asthe best pianists and provide your fingers a quick paced thrillusing the elegance of piano playing! Like us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/DoPuzGames Follow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/DoPuzGames
Word Wave – Letter Connect & Word Search Puzzles 1.4501 APK
DoPuz Games
Word Wave is a very fun and exciting word puzzle game – made forthe best brains! Swipe & connect the letters to find all thehidden extra words and play through multiple connect word puzzles.With over 1000 interesting word hunt levels to be explored, you canchallenge your brain limit DAILY! Become clever as you discovertens of thousands of new words - all handpicked - with fundefinitions guaranteed to train your vocabulary and enhancespelling skill while you have fun playing this word finder games!What makes Word Wave so special? ★Simple, fun & addictive wordfinder gameplay ★1000+ word jumble levels with tons of words awaityou ★Discover hidden words from mixed letters in wordsearch ★Thisword builder starts easy and get challenging fast ★Play word searchgames free in anytime and anywhere ★No wifi? Don’t worry, combineword with friends offline ★Login every day to get free words proDaily Bonus coins ★Develop your mind and vocabulary with wordsearch solver How to play: - Words can be assembled in anydirection. - Just swipe in over the letters to make a specifichidden word. - Find all the hidden words to unlock word crushlevels and earn extra bonus coins. - If you get stumped , you canalways use the shuffle and hint power-ups. Simple & Addictiveword quiz challenge! Word Wave offers the classic gameplays of wordsearch puzzle game in a brand new but more fun way. This modernwords puzzle game combines the best of word puzzles and word searchmaker for tremendous brain challenging fun! Word board games is aperfect hit for all word game fan. You will never experience atiresome moment after you try our fun & addictive word crushpuzzle fighter! Many fun levels with tons of words await you!Thousands of free word puzzles are waiting for you to explore! Asyou progress in the linking words game, word puzzles get trickier.Not enough to find words in the easy word puzzle maker levels? Trychallenging yourself to find all the extra harder words for moreextra bonus. Sometimes you will be surprised to see how easy a wordcan be but you just can’t find it! Prepare yourself to meet theword search puzzles challenge! Boost your vocabulary and sharp yourmind! Wanna improve vocabulary and have fun in the same time? Hereis an amazing word trivia game for you to keep mind engaged! Wordconnect is a free word connecting puzzle game that will give you areal mental challenge and brain exercise, easily improve yourspelling, concentration, word finding and puzzle solving skills.Give your brain a quick workout by playing the daily challengeeducational word games! NO Time Limit, No Internet Needed! PLAYANYTIME – No Wifi? No internet? Not a problem. You can play offlinetoo for free! The word hunt games can function without theinternet, which makes it a great time killer & brain teaserswhen you’re on the go. There is no time limit either in word searchfinder so no need to feel pressured. Just take your time to findnew words at your own pace! So what are you waiting for? Play thisword game once and you won’t be able to put it down! How to be areal vocabulary master? Just DOWNLOAD Word puzzle games for freeNOW!
Sudoku Wood: Daily Number Puzzles for Brain 1.2501 APK
DoPuz Games
Classic Sudoku for all ages, whether you are beginners or experts.No matter you want to learn sudoku techniques or just past thetime, Sudoku - number puzzle game is your best brain trainer andpartner. Get a quickly brain crush and logic challenge. Sudokunumber puzzles designed for Android ALL FOR FREE.1,000+ Sudoku newpuzzles bring you unique Sudoku free experience! Easier levels helpexercise your brain, logical reasoning and memory; harder levelsbring you a powerful real mind workout and teach you sudokustrategy. Train your brain with classic kakuro puzzle gameanywhere, anytime, enjoy the pleasant of number blast with the freeprintable Sudoku !FEATURES: • More than 1,000 well-formed puzzles•Unique wood style and UI interface• Add Math Quiz workout gameplay•Simple and intuitive sudoku rules• Interactive Sudoku tutorials andtricks• Retro and magical game user interface• User-friendly funmath brain puzzles• Wonderful Sudoku unblocked levels• Auto ErrorOption for checking mistake• 3 perfectly balanced levels ofdifficulty• Challenge the extremrity of brain power• Brainexercises for all ages: adults / kids• Entertainment mobile gamefor AndroidHow to play Sudoku? Sudoku puzzles (or called NumberPlace) is a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. Theobjective is to fill a 9x9 grid with digits so that each column,each row, and each of the nine 3x3 sub-grids that compose the gridcontains all of the digits from 1 to 9. So get Sudoku download andlearn Sudoku tricks.HELPFUL FEATURES (sudoku tutorial): • Addunlimited undo/redo and game timer• Auto highlight selected cellfunction• Mark Function: mark the uncertain number • Highlightingof the same numbers• Eraser.: Get rid of all mistakes, be Sudokukiller• Hints: Lead you find correct sudoku solutionWood SudokuGame mode:Four grid: Sudoku for beginners, sudoku easy mode. Fill a4x4 grid with digits so that each column, each row contains all ofthe digits from 1-4. Sudoku beginners can learn first from themode.Six grid: Fill a 6x6 grid with digits so that each column,each row contains all of the digits from 1-6.Standard: Sudoku hardmode enjoys a 9x9 grid. It divides into 3 parts: beginner Sudoku,Sudoku medium and expert Sudoku. This mode will greatly exerciseyour logic thinking and brainpower, make you a Sudoku master andSudoku king!Quick Math: Math Games include 3 kinds of modes: Math24, Add-subtract, Multiply-divide. In this mode, you need to solvemath problems by using maths formulas and math operations:addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.Wood Sudoku numberpuzzle game - designed for Android Phone. Challenge the Sudokuextreme, enjoy a clear, easy to read, and customizable super sudokuboard with visual guides. With your smartphone, you can play ourdaily sudoku crossword puzzles anytime, anywhere unlike the freeprintable Sudoku. Start brain yoga and math blasters and unleashyour inner sudoku genious!Family user-friendly game for anytime andanywhere! Sudoku is intelligence tests which suit for all ages. Allof you can learn how to solve sudoku in this friendly and retrosudoku gameworld. Anytime or anywhere, Sudoku for kids and adultscan bring you pleasant and happiness. What’s more, in our Sudokukingdom, each free sudoku puzzle has only one Sudoku solver, so gochallenging sudoku with answers!Hope you enjoy the gratis Sudokuoffline latin square puzzles game. If you have any questions, doplease contact us. Thank you for liking our cool math games!Like uson Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DoPuzGamesFollow us onTwitter:https://twitter.com/DoPuzGames