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Welcome to Keep Calm Lounge and Chillout, the app that will aid youduring your calm evenings at home, your night out at the beach barand your moments of sexy relaxation. Here you will find all thatyou need to soothe your body and mind. All of our songs areextremely versatile, and can be used in many occasions; may it befor your party lounge evening or as a background to your eroticmoments with your partner. Keep your sensual instrumental musicalways within hands reach with Keep Calm Lounge, and use it to makeyour sexy moments even more special!Imagine to be on the pureshores of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and startthe app music by selecting the song that you wish to play; they are10 disco background songs in total, the first 3 are completelyfree, and were created to relax you in various situations. Here isour best ambient music selection:1. Maya Bay2. Waikiki3. Surfer'sParadise4. Cape Code5. Zanzibar6. Cook Islands7. White Heaven8.Sidari9. Lanikai Beach10. Golden SandsRelax and chill even more byadding special soft sensual sounds to your Ibiza chill out song.You will have a selection of 5 natural sounds from which to createa true beach party atmosphere. Two are free, while the remaining 2are unlocked through in-app purchases.** Nature Sounds for yourLounge Jazz Music:1. Seashores 2. Heartbeat 3. In the Wood 4. OceanWaves 5. RainforestLast but not least, you can unlock the timerfeature. Select how long each one of the chilled music will play,and get that special evening party on the beach finally stared! Wehope you can live meaningful moments with your friends through thisapp. For any suggestions, problems or requests, please contact usat support@rehegoo.com

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    Keep Calm Lounge and Chillout
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    November 8, 2016
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Rehegoo Sp.zo.o. Ul. Piłsudskiego 3 43-300 Bielsko-Biala POLAND
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What are Chakras, and why should I be interested in their alignmentand balance? Chakras are energy centers located through yourphysical body; the most important ones are 7, and they influenceyour life flow. Chakra Healing Music contains the right songs tothis.Each Chakra has its position in the body, its color and itsinfluence. Chakra meditations and certain exercises can help youbalance them. It is said that certain stones and certain tunes canalso help you heal your chakras; this is why we created thisapp.Sahasrara, Ajna, Vishudda, Anahata, Manipura, Swadhisthana,Maladhara. These are the names of these energy centers. Each andevery one of them is associated with a different color anddifferent relaxing sounds. Chakra Healing Music was created to helpyou balance them through specific wave frequencies. It also helpyou in your deep meditation session and can be the perfect soundtherapy to reduce anxiety. Just tap once the buttons and a softtune that will song that will open that Chakra will start. Tapagain to stop it.This FREE app includes:- 7 unique HIGH QUALITYsongs, created for each Chakra.- High definition background.- Abrief tutorial on how to use all of the app's potentials.- A colorchanging background to help you relax.- Facebook and Twitter sharebuttons to let everyone know you are meditating with us.The In-Apppurchases allow you to enjoy its potentials at its fullest. Theyinclude: - A Sounds of Nature pack, which allows you to playrelaxing sounds of nature.- A Meditation Timer, that allows you toset a timer for your meditation to control how long you each songwill play.For any suggestions, problems or requests please contactus at rehegoo@gmail.com
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Buddhist Meditation is the app that will aid you during yourmindfulness training and your moments of deep relaxation. Here youwill find all that you need to soothe your soul and mind. All ofour songs are extremely versatile, and can be used in manyoccasions; may it be for your meditation classes, for your yogaretreat, qigong and guided meditation, for inner sanctuary andshrine soundtrack or simply for a daily relaxation purpose withrelax music. Also your Yoga Nidra and Vipassana meditations, forexample, can be very effective with the right background music!Keep your mindful oasis ready in your pocket!Start by selecting thesong that you wish to play; they are 20 in total, the first 8 songsare completely free, and were created to relax you in varioussituations:1. Inner Peace2. Mind Guidance3. Deep Meditation4. TheSecret Chamber5. Third Eye6. Mantra for the Soul7.Loving-Kindness8. Magical Dreams9. Zen Experience10. ChakraBalancing11. Ancient Tibet12. Mahakala Song13. Peaceful Evening14.Tao15. Self Healing16. Purification17. Mandala18. Compassion19.Wisdom20. Sun SalutationRelax even more by adding special tibetanom chanting to your song. You will have a selection of 10 chantssung from Buddhist monks from which to choose. Two are free, whilethe remaining 8 are unlocked through in-app purchases.Are thetibetan mantras and chant not enough for you? Well then startplaying these 10 relaxing nature sounds on top of your music ofchoice. Once again, the first two are completely free: try them outto reach a total relaxed state!- Seashores- Early Morning- CricketsField- Heartbeat- In the Wood- Ocean Waves- Pouring Water-Rainforest- Rainy Day- Stormy Night Last but not least, you have afree timer feature for your meditation sessions. Select how longeach song will play, and program your perfect meditation! A singingbowl sound will announce you the beginning and the end of yourmeditation timer. Buddhist Meditation is the best soundtrack alsofor yoga nidra classes and reiki exercises, and for anyone whowants to find peace with his/her headspace and mindspace. We hopeyou can improve your buddhist meditation techniques through thisapp. May it help you find peace and understanding and provide thebest tibetan meditation moments ever. For any suggestions, problemsor requests, please contact us at support@rehegoo.com
Pranic Healer Music 7 Chakras 1.10 APK
Welcome to Pranic Healer Music 7 Chakras, the app that will aid youduring your chakra balancing meditation and your moments of deeprelaxation and healing. Here you will find all that you need toclear your body and mind and to collect all your pranic energy, asmaster choa kok sui explains. Our songs are a collection of thebest zen music that are extremely versatile, and can be used inmany occasions; may it be for your inner balance, homeopathytreatments, or for a daily relaxation purpose. Use it to improvethe quality of your life by healing your energy centers.Start byselecting the song that you wish to play; they are 10 pranichealing songs in total, the first 3 are completely free, and werecreated to relax you in various situations. Open and clean yourSolar Plexus (and other chakras) choosing one songs among the bestcollection for chakra meditation techniques:1. Inhale (with tibetanbowls sounds to introduce you to meditation)2. First Chakra –Muladhara (Root)3. Second Chakra – Svadhisthana (Sacral LowerAbdominal Centre)4. Third Chakra – Manipura (Navel Centre)5. FourthChakra – Anahata (Heart)6. Fifth Chakra – Vishuddha (Throat)7.Sixth Chakra – Ajna/Angya (Eyebrow)8. Seventh Chakra – Sahasrara(Crown) 9. Exhale – Bindu Chakra (Mantra Om Chant)10. FinalRelaxation (with relaxing piano music to complete your meditationsession)Relax even more by adding special soft zen sounds of natureto your music for meditation for clear chakra. You will have aselection of 5 natural sounds from which to create an originalambient. Two are free, while the remaining 2 are unlocked throughin-app purchase.Last but not least, you can unlock the timerfeature in order to properly time what chakra to balance. Selecthow long each song will play, and hop into an amazing sensoryexperience! We hope you can improve your moments of harmony andserenity through this app. May it help you find peace andwellbeing. For any suggestions, problems or requests, pleasecontact us at support@rehegoo.com
Binaural Beats Theta Waves 1.03 APK
Looking for an even more effective way to meditate on a day to daybasis? Binaural Beats Theta Waves is the App for you! The brand newbrainwave generator for deep meditation and theta healing. And ifyou want more, try the Premium version which includes relaxingmusic and an insight timer. Have you ever heard about Theta Wavesbefore? Among all isochronic tones (waves naturally emitted by thehuman brain), Theta are associated with a state of deep meditationand lucid dreaming. They are emitted in an amplitude range between4 and 7hz (also known as Theta Rhythm) and are needed for sometypes of biofeedback training. They can be recreated by thebrainwave generator contained in this app, and they are the perfectsound to use while practicing mindful exercises. Many meditationgurus all over the world are using the Theta healing technique intheir sessions of meditation. Binaural Beats Theta Waves lets youchoose between 6 different binaural beats frequencies (headphonesrequired to enjoy the benefits of the stereo binaural tones): 4hzfor Feel Deep and True Emotions 4,5hz to reach a Semi-HypnoticState 5hz for Deep Meditation 6hz for Emotional Connection 6,5hzfor Chakra Opening 7hz for Third Eye Visualization To fullyexperience the effectiveness of this brainwave generator, you canonly listen to one frequency per time. You can, however, add abackground song to it from our playlist. The first one iscompletely free, while the remaining others are included in thePremium in-app purchase that can be unlocked: 1 – Daydreaming (withSound of Water) 2 – Fight Depression 3 – Emotional Awareness (withSound of Water) 4 – Destress Yourself 5 – Mindfulness Meditation(Tibetan Bowls, Gong and Nature Sounds) 6 – State of Mind (TibetanBowls, Gong and Nature Sounds) 7 – Meditation Music Guide 8 –Calming and Emotional 9 – Deep Meditation Sensations 10 – PeacefulBuddha Atmospheres Finally, you can also unlock our timer featurewhich will help you concentrate even more during your meditationsessions, organize your moments of concentration and feel all oftheir benefits. May this app help you discover the true potentialof your mind and the true power of meditation, and provide you withcountless hours of relaxation! Leave a review on how to make thisapp even better for you. For any suggestions, problems or requests,please contact us at support@rehegoo.com
Reiki Healing Music Therapy 1.10 APK
Are you ready to have a healing Reiki time? Welcome to ReikiHealing Music Therapy, the app that will aid you during yourspiritual healing moments when you are mostly in need of deeprelaxation. Here you will find all that you need to soothe yoursoul and body. All of our songs are extremely versatile, and can beused in many occasions; may it be for emotional healing, as abackground for a holistic healing massage, or when you are giving aThai or Swedish massage. Keep your relaxing instrumental musicalways at hands reach with Reiki Healing, and use it to make yourbio energy healing sessions even more special!Start by selectingthe song that you wish to play; they are 10 oriental instrumentalsongs in total, the first 3 are completely free, and were createdas the perfect background for your therapeutic touch.** 10 Songsfor Hands on Healing1. Heaven Retreat2. Hot Hands3. Kundalini4.Peaceful Times5. Mystic Voyage6. Reflections of a Dream7. PositiveThinking8. Therapeutic Stones9. Vitality Symbols10. SacredRiverRelax even more by adding special soft reiky sounds of natureto your shamanic song. You will have a selection of 5 naturalsounds from which to create a deep relaxation atmosphere. Two arefree, while the remaining 2 are unlocked through in-apppurchases.** Nature Sounds for Harmony & Serenity:1.Seashores2. Heartbeat3. In the Wood4. Ocean Waves5. RainforestLastbut not least, you can unlock the timer feature in order toproperly time your reiki energy transferral. Select how long eachsong will play, and start your palm healing! We hope you canimprove your moments of harmony and serenity through this app. Mayit help you find peace and wellbeing. For any suggestions, problemsor requests, please contact us at support@rehegoo.com
Binaural Beats Delta Waves 1.04 APK
Looking for a way to sleep soundly at night? Well then BinauralBeats Delta Waves is just the App for you!Ever heard about DeltaWaves before? Among all other isochronic tones, they areassocciated with a state of deep sleep and lucid dreaming. They areemitted in an amplitude range between 1 and 4hz and are needed forseveral types of biofeedback training other than for curinginsomnia, sleeplessness and stop snoring.They are the ideal soundto listen to while trying to fall asleep at night: listen to themthrough the headphones is required to fully experience theirbenefits. The Binaural Beats Delta Waves app allows you to do this,and lets you choose between 6 different binaural beatsfrequencies:1hz – Deep Sleep and Lucid Dreaming1,5hz – RestorativeSleep2hz – Ren Sleep Behaviour Disorder2,5hz – Fight Insomnia3hz –Sleep Apnea Treatment3,5hz – Delayed Sleep Phase SyndromeTo fullyexperience the effectiveness of this brainwave generator, you canonly listen to one frequency per time. You can, however, add abackground song to it from our selection. The first one iscompletely free, while the remaining others are contained insidethe Premium extension and can be unlocked through in apppurchases:1 – Deep Sleep Music2 – Brainwave Entrainment3 – TheDeepest Level of Sleep4 – Healing Music5 – Rapid Eye Movement6 –Fall Asleep7 – Sleep Aid8 – In My Bedroom9 – Calming Sensations10 –Dreaming of a DreamFinally, you can also unlock our Timer Featurewhich will help you time even more perfectly the amount of time yousleep soundly at night.May this app be a good sleep aid and provideyou with countless hours of relaxation! Leave a review on how tomake this app even better for you. For any suggestions, problems orrequests, please contact us at support@rehegoo.com
Ballet Class 1.10 APK
Need the right music to start up your dance session during yourballet classes? Here comes "Ballet Class"! "Ballet Class" includesthe best classical and jazz piano soundtrack you can desire whiledancing. Excellent for your kids dance session, but great also foradults.With Ballet Class you can start up a virtual piano and playa selection of classical piano songs. You can choose the length ofeach track, each one of which is related to a specific exercise,such as plié and glissande.Ballet Class is extremely user friendly,with a minimalist and intuitive interface. Access the tune list andchoose how much each song will play, then proceed with yourroutine! Having Ballet Class on your device is just like havingyour professional school pianist playing the best ballet music athome. Ballet Class Includes:- 12 Piano songs related to differentballet moves (of which 2 are completely free)- A timer for eachsong (choose how much every single classic song will play).- Playin Background feature.The songs for dancing list is as follows: 1)Warm up2) Tendus3) Pliés4) Fondus5) Rond de Jambe6) Adages7) Adages28) Minuet9) Temps Lié10) Jetés11) Frappés12) AllegroWhether youare a professional dancer, a Swan Lake amateur, or a dance academy,start your ballet training now!!