1.1.1 / August 6, 2014
(4.0/5) (406)


Tap your way through the intricate zigzag pathwithout hitting off the edges! 

Sounds easy? Better think twice.

From the developers of the insanely challenging Hardest GameEver 2, comes yet another intense game armed with high-speedaction: KEEP OFF THE EDGE!

Keep Off The Edge is a fast-paced action game that will pushyour skills to the limit! Feel the adrenaline rush as youexperience the uncanny progression in every level!

The game that will leave you FRUSTRATED, but in a GOOD WAY!

Join the Zigzag Revolution. KEEP OFF THE EDGE.


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Clear the Tiles 1.1.0 APK
The makers of the hit games Hardest Game Ever2 and What’s My IQ? are back with a brand new challenge: It’s timeto CLEAR THE TILES!Goal: Tiles of the same color are cleared togetherChallenge: Remember to leave NO TILES BEHINDClear the Tiles - offering over 300 levels - is the perfectpuzzle game for both casual players and hard-core masterminds. With5 difficulty levels to choose from; you can play it as a relaxingtime passer or as an intense mind-twisting challenge!Game Features:300 Puzzles5 Difficulty LevelsMinimum number of moves challengeChallenge yourself and collect stars by clearing all tiles usingthe minimum number of moves!Always remember: “In the end, all things become clear.”
Fox Hop 1.0 APK
Control a graceful fox and guide him throughthe starry night sky.Hop on snowflakes and build the momentum of your ascent.Be careful though as different colored snowflakes has differentproperties that can put off your timing!Always be alert and plan your next move as there will be moresurprises the longer you play the game!
Agent Must Die 1.0 APK
Your mission should you choose to accept it,involves obliterating all agent spies lurking around headquarters.Execute fast kills and keep civilian casualties to aminimum!Show your fast killing prowess and avoid getting shot by theagent spies.Tap on the agents to shoot them and do headshots while atit!Good luck.
Umbrella Man 1.0 APK
Glide across the sky with the help ofyourumbrella, avoid pesky birds along the way, and see how far youcansurvive without falling.Simply tap to open or close the umbrella to control yourflightand fall!Use this movement to avoid the birds that fly towards you andtocollect power-ups that fill up your Umbrella Meter.Remember that when your Umbrella Meter fully depletes, youwillfall down.Always be in the lookout for these power-ups because they willbethe key to your survivability.
Eskimo Must Jump 1.1 APK
It’s Mr. Eskimo’s dream to jump from pole topole and he needs your help!See how far he can push the flag!Guide the eskimo through endless number of poles and see how faryou can go.Get coins as you jump along.The further you jump, the more coins you get!Unlock and collect special eskimos with surprisingbehaviors!
Save Earth 1.0 APK
How’s your anticipation skills lately? Itmightjust save the earth!Calculate exactly when to turn to successfully collide withanddestroy incoming meteors.Rapid tapping may extend your survivability but a wellexecutedsingle turn will grant you a bonus score.Oh so you’ve mastered the turning rhythm? The meteorsalsodecrease in size and become harder to hit. Their spawnrategradually increases to overwhelm you with threat fromeverydirection.How long can you survive? That depends on how well youexecuteyour turn.
Impossible Triangle 0.6 APK
Can you handle the speed?Then feel the rush of adrenaline as you race through theobstacles at impossible speeds!Trust your instinct and you might survive.Dare yourself to make a turn at the last moment.Every near miss gives bonus points for style!Go faster and faster and faster! Push your skill to thelimit!
Hipster Shooter 1.0 APK
You see them everywhere, taking selfies,wearing sweaters in summer and using grade-less glasses.You know who I’m talking about: HIPSTERS.They annoy you beyond reason but you can’t do anything aboutit.Until now that is.From the creators of Hardest Game Ever 2, comes a trigger-happy,anger reducing game; “HIPSTER SHOOTER”.Vent out all your earthly frustrations and shoot those hipstersin a series of mini-games.Rank up and turn that hipster into a normal human being.