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“Kenex" is a networking app thatdigitallyconnects people in proximity of each other. Kenex can helpconnectpeople looking for others in a specific professional orservicefield, interest or category.

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Kenex 2.0 APK
“Kenex" is a networking app thatdigitallyconnects people in proximity of each other. Kenex can helpconnectpeople looking for others in a specific professional orservicefield, interest or category.
iDontity 1.4 APK
Welcome to iDontity! We are so excited to have you connect with ourcommunity of donor families! The iDontity app allows donorchildren, donor children’s parents and donors to identify if theyare in the proximity of another genetic half. The app can be usedfor general awareness when out and about in the world makingconnections, or it can be used to spark a conversation between youand another person with your iDontity. The app is built off of theinformation you provide so be honest! If you are a donor, be sureto disclose all of your donor IDs to allow connection between donorsiblings that would otherwise not know they are connected. It is upto all of you to maintain the integrity of the information in thisapp. If you do, we can all be of benefit! Check back often as newconnections may be added daily! Thank you for joining our effort tocreate more connection in this world! Jami Hamilton, Founder ofiDontity About Jami: I am a mom of two donor produced, amazing androwdy little boys. Like most parents, I want life for them to be aseasy and carefree as possible. I began to contemplate thechallenges they would face as they became adults, creatingconnections outside of the ones I’ve built for them, eventuallyseeking more romantic connections. The questions in my mind tookoff like wildfire! How would they recognize whether or not they hadjust met their half sibling? Having a genetic link, would they bemore likely to establish an instant connection with this person?What if they mistook that connection for romantic love? What if“something” happened between them and their half-sibling and theydidn’t know? The repercussions could be catastrophic! I startedtalking about the concept more and more seeking to find a solutionto this looming societal issue. During dinner one night withfriends, the seeds of this app were planted and stuck with me untiliDontity was formed. This app allows donor children, donorchildren’s parents and donors to form connections and createawareness of existence. Our society suffers from so muchdisconnect. My hope is that this app will add a little moreconnection, peace, and love in this crazy world.
Journey Transportation 1.0.8 APK
Using Journey in your organization is easy. Most healthcareorganizations use Outlook or even paper calendars with telephonesand fax machines to manage transportation. Journey replaces all ofthis with cloud-based calendars (desktop and mobile), automaticbidding and client notifications, to offer the industry a fullyautomated program to now manage transportation while controllingcosts. Here is what it does: - Forecasts and PredictsTransportation Costs: The organization’s contracted vendors havethe opportunity to bid for your transportation business, thusensuring every external transport is the lowest price. - EfficientCloud-Based Calendars: No more chasing down paper calendars orfaxes - Simple Reporting for Multiple Business Locations: SpendingReports, Cost Projections, Medicare Billing Log, etc. - AutomaticNotifications to Patients and/or Third Party: Immediately uponscheduling an appointment, clients, or whomever they choose, willreceive an email notification of the appointment time, location andother appointment details. A 24-hour reminder email will also besent as a courtesy. - Customize User Roles and Permissions - Greatfor Teams: Your designated staff will now have a live, cloud-based,appointment schedule available on their desktop and mobile device.This allows immediate access to answer your customer’s questionsrelating to appointments.
Declare 1.5 APK
Declare is a college student’s fastpass to multiple collegedegrees.The Declare app was created to identify your overlappingcourseswhich fill the requirements of your major, as well as therequiredcourses for any potential minor degrees within the sameinstitution.At Declare we have combined innovation and technologyto create anapp that has the capability to recognize your progresstowardsdegrees unknown based on current and future courseselections withinthe parameters of your current major. A Few EasySteps:-Create asimple personal profile within the app whichincludes the collegethat you are currently enrolled in -Selectyour major, select allcourses completed and in-progress -The appwill then get to workcalculating potential minors in progress foryou -Receive availablepathways towards realizing multiple degreeswithin minutes *Currentcourse progress towards these degrees isalso provided. 75% or moreof the required courses for arecommended minor fall into thecategories of completed,in-progress, or will be realized based onmajor requirements. AtDeclare, the theory of placing you on apathway to realizingmultiple degrees in tandem simply by makingacute course selectionsis our end goal. Success is never anaccident!GET DECLARED!
Fotocoin 1.1.0 APK
Fotocoin makes it easy to earn cryptocurrency. Earn Fotocoinbysigning up friends, submitting photos, and winning weeklyphotocontests. Earn 500 Fotocoin for downloading the app today!What isthe fastest way to earn Fotocoin? The fastest and easiestway toearn Fotocoin is to share the app with your friends. How canIredeem the coins? By requesting a conversion of Fotocoin toUSDBitcoin. Can I convert Fotocoin to Bitcoin? Yes! You canconvertFotocoin to Bitcoin. We felt earning cryptocurrency shouldbeeasier. So we created Fotocoin. People were talkingaboutcryptocurrency, but most did not know how it all worked.Weobserved a common trend that most people wanted toearncryptocurrency as Bitcoin but did not have the proper toolsorknowhow to earn it. Cryptocurrency should not be limited. Infact,the opposite should be true. Cryptocurrency should bemadeavailable to everyone. That is the true principlebehindcryptocurrency. That is why we call upon you to join us,share theapp with your friends, earn Fotocoin, and empower themasses.Fotocoin. Cryptocurrency for all.