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An App for Kenyan Telecommunication Corporations Customersespecially for • Safaricom, • Airtel and• Orange Customers.the Appcontains most of the services for SIM card related issues like• TopUP Balance by reading the numbers on the card using in-app Camera•Top UP- Recharge Current Balance by writing the numbers on thecard• Check Current Balance• Self-care option• Request Call Me Backjust by selecting the user from contacts • Money Transfer just byselecting the user from contacts • To Buy Bundles• Subscribe todata and other services• SkizaTunes• Okoa Jahazi• Check Okoa JahaziBalance• Check bonga points/ redeem bonga points• Mpesa services•Subscribe to Sms bundles• And other more subscriptions in an easyway to access and you don’t need to remember or type USSD codesanymore … How to use the Camera Card Numbers Scannero Scratch offthe silver foil to see your voucher(Card) number.o Open App to scanvoucher number.o The App will automatically read(Scan) only thevoucher(card) Numbers Separately o And Press Top Up or rescan ifthe numbers are misplaced.o Or You Can Share the Voucher Number toOthers - Finally from now on you don't have to remember all theemergency, Ambulance, Fire station, Hospital, or other importantTelephone Numbers because all this are incorporated in this miniAPP.Have FUN.Follow Us on Facebook for updates:https://www.facebook.com/HelpfulAndroidAPPsandGames/And thanks toOrawo Junior, Biniyam Eyob and Richard Obwaya who collected thedata (USSD codes).Make your life a lot easier and Have Fun

App Information Kenyan Telecom Services in Easy Mode

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    Kenyan Telecom Services in Easy Mode
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    May 9, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Samuel Minale
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    POBOX: 12023 CMC, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Ethio Telecom in Easy Modeኢትዮ ቴሎኮምን በቀላሉ(በአዲሱ ቅናሽ) 4.0 APK
Samuel Minale
For all users who are outside of ETHIOPIA Please use our RechargeMaster WORLD-EDITION APP ለኢትዮጵያ ቴሌኮሙኒኬሽን ኮርፖሬሽን (ኢትዮ ቴሌኮም) ደንበኞችየሚሆን,አዲሱን የኢትዮ ቴሌኮም ቅናሽ መሰረት ያደረገ ከሲም ካርድ ጋር የተያያዙ አገልግሎቶችን የያዘአፕሊኬሽን(መተግበሪያ) ሲሆን ከያዛቸው አገልግሎቶች መሃከልም - የሞባይሎን ካርድ በካሜራ ወይም ያለካሜራመሙላት - አፕሊኬሽኑ ውስጥ የተካተተ ካሜራ በመጠቀም ካርዱ ላይ ያለውን ቁጥር በቀላሉ አንብበው መሙላትእንዲችሉ ያስቻለ - ቀሪ ሂሳቦን ማየት - መልሰው ይደውሉልኝ መልዕክት በቀላሉ የሚፈልጉትን ኮንታክትመርጠው ለመላክ - በቀላሉ ገንዘብ ለማስተላለፍ - በኢትዮ-ገበታ የቀረቡትን የጥቅል ቅናሽ መገልገያዎችበቀላሉ መጠቀም ያስችላል - የድምጽ የአጭር መልዕክት አገልግሎት ለመጠቀም - የድምጽ መልዕክት ለማስተላለፍ- በቴሎኮም ዙሪያ ጥያቄ ለማቅረብ (994) መደወል ያስችላል - የተወሰኑ ጠቃሚ ስልክ ቁጥሮች ፖሊስ ፣ባንኮች ፣ እሳት አደጋ ጣቢያዎች - የተደበቀ የ Android ሚስጥር ኮዶች ለማወቅ እና ለመጠቀም -ከኢትዮ ገበታ ላይ በቀላሉ ለመግዛት ከዘመኑ ጋር ይዘምኑ -- ህይወቶን ቀለል ያርጉ! An App forEthiopian Telecommunication Corporation (EthioTelecom / ethioSelf-Care ) Customers, this is an APP for contains most of theservices for SIM card related issues like - Recharge CurrentBalance by writing the numbers on the card - Recharge CurrentBalance by reading the numbers on the card using in-app camera -Request Current Balance - Request Call Me Back just by selectingthe user from contacts - Money Transfer just by selecting the userfrom contacts - Ethio Gebeta Package Offer Utilities in acomfortable way to access - Voice Short Message Service(VSMS) -Voice Mail - Call to Support persons (994) - Useful EthiopianNumbers like police, banks, fire stations … - Hidden Android SecretCodes For all users who are outside of ETHIOPIA Please use ourWORLD-EDITION Recharge Master APPhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samuel.rechargemaster
Tianshi Business Group Tiens -(Product & Training) 5.1 APK
Samuel Minale
Description “Tiens App” is an application for Android which offersinformation on Tianshi business and products by easy access. Itfacilitates smart business style by providing various functions andeasy operation. “Tiens App” is also useful for any person who wantsto be Tianshi products distributor. This Tiens App also containstraining for anybody who wants to be a network marketer like theeight building blocks of any business.What is New in this Release?• New Awesome Design• Tianshi Profile - About multilevel marketing-The Company Profile - 101 reasons why Tiens business - How to startthe Tianshi business- The New Tianshi Marketing Plan in Video-Projection power - just by one person joining your network permonth- How to use a system to build your business - What is Tiensall about• Tians Products and Supplements- Product and supplementslist with picture, description, dosage and for who it isrecommended- Tianshi Equipment’s list, with how to use, benefitsand for who it is suitable for.- More than 160 Guides andRecommendations on how to treat and be safe from different disease(Full description on what tianshi product is recommended for whatdisease).• Great Trainings - 8 Basic Building Blokes Training-Attitude Training- Five Laws of Success Training- The 30 DaysChallenge- Success Strategy Training- Name List Training- TrainingCenter Management- Team Building Training- Invitation PowerTraining- In-Service Training- Building Relationship Training•Successful Life- Leadership Key- Leadership Qualities- Goals andDreams- Affirmations- Financial IQ- Eagle Leadership Principles-Destructive Habits- Coffee Powder- Desire Goals- MotivationalLines- Things to Checkout - Entrepreneurs Habit- Personal Grooming-Nagators - Action- Emotional Intelligence • Forum Chat with otherTianshi members In accordance with “Tianshi business Group'sphilosophy, namely "restoring health to mankind, contributing tosociety", Tiens products are selling in over 190 countriesworldwide. Tiens produced more than 1100 products such as healthfood, health care appliances, skincare applications, and householdproducts, are creating a high-quality life for more than 30 millionfamilies around the world and have helped them to enjoy health,happiness, beauty, and affluence.Tianshi is the best networkmarketing company to work with. Tiens products are well tested andtrusted which are very potent in bring solutions to many disturbinghealth issues of human being.[One World, One Family] + [Harmony,Unity, Prosperity]
Holy Pictures of Orthodox Tewahedo Church 2.0 APK
Samuel Minale
This APP contains more than 140 different Holy Pictures ofEthiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Holy Saints, Holy Angels, HolyFathers, Holy Mothers and Holy Pictures of God. And also the APPcontains List of Yearly, Monthly Holy Days which are celebrated inOrthodox Tewahedo Church and finally the app contains a list ofbiblical name and their meninges.These Holy pictures are collectedand organized from by- Capturing Holy Pictures that are ready forsale- Capturing Holy Pictures which are painted inside DebreMitemak Sealite Meheret Kidest Mariam Cathedral- Capturing HolyPictures from different Holy Books- Also from the internet …Pleasegive attention that the Holy pictures which are found in this appare not the only one there are a lot of Saints which are notincluded in this APP.
Ethio Tourist Attraction Sites 1.5 APK
Samuel Minale
It is always true that the natural beauty ofEthiopia amazes visitors from all around the world. Ethiopians areproud of their natural gifts because Ethiopia is a land of forests,mountains with broad savanna, lakes and rivers. The unique RiftValley is a remarkable region of volcanic lakes, with their famouscollections of birdlife, great escarpments and stunning vistas.Tisisat, the blue Nile falls, which ranked as one of the greatestnatural spectacles in Africa today. With 14 major wildlifereserves, Ethiopia provides a microcosm of the entire sub Saharanecosystem. Bird life abounds, and indigenous animals from the rareWalia ibex to the shy wild ass, roam free just as nature intended.Ethiopia, after the rains, is a land decked with flowers and withmany more native plants than most countries in Africa. Among themany natural tourist attractions only the principal ones arebriefly listed and described in this APP.Ethiopia has recently labeled by the European Council on Tourism"The world’s best tourist destination". if you want to know moreabout Ethiopia or if you wish to visit Ethiopia you have to havethis APP on your phone. This APP describe for you the touristattraction area you want to see with images and full textdescription. And also if you need Travel Agencies in Ethiopia youcan get so many Travel Agencies with their telephone address inthis APP.
ETH: Tourist Attraction Sites 1.8 APK
Samuel Minale
We all know that the beauty of Ethiopia amazes visitors from allaround the world because Ethiopia is a land of forests, mountainswith broad savanna, lakes, rivers, cities, volcanic lakes,escarpments, stunning vistas, waterfalls etc. Recognizing thisfacts even if the country has all the natural beauty and attractionsites which can make visitors delighted, however the main goal ofthis App is also helping Ethiopia become the number one touristdestination in the world. Although it was very challenging tosecure enough documented and updated information about thecountry’s each tourist attraction areas, most of the Apps contentswere secured after analyzing both primary and secondary sourcessuch as historical books, magazines, and various websites.Some ofthe futures of the App are almost all Ethiopian tourist attractionsites with a category like UNESCO approved sites, Mountains, Parks,Cities etc. The App has also vital address of more than hundreds ofTravel Agencies in one place. The other advantage of the App is ifonce installed it can work properly as offline (without internetconnection). Moreover the App easily shows all the Ethiopiantourist attraction site with pictures and rich readable contents.All in all the App has the following additional features like:-Users can see the location or the tourist attraction site on googlemaps.- Users can see more than 37 types of places which are foundnearby the attraction site like Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, Café …-Users can see the distance of the tourist attraction site fromAddis Ababa Bole Airport in kilometers.- Users can choose specificgroups of attraction sites like UNESCO approved areas, Mountains,Parks …- Share the images and the content of the Tourist AttractionSites using various social Medias including email, Facebook,Twitter … and also Bluetooth.- Save all the images of theattraction site in your local storage(Phone Storage).Look at someof the Attraction Sites in Ethiopia: https://youtu.be/iqXIleDcsCw
Awesome Quotes 1.2 APK
Samuel Minale
In this APP there are Hundreds of Top Quotes which are collectedfrom different websites and Facebook pages which talks mostly aboutLove, Friendship, Work, Family, the Internet and also so many othertitles with animated pictures of the guys that we know in Animationmovies which makes your day for sure, we hope you will enjoy thequotes so you can share the quotes that you like or you can justsave it to your devices so you can get it on your gallery. And alsoyou can invite your friends to install the app within the appitself using their email address or phone number.If you like theapp please rate and give us your comments so that we can delivermore quotes.
Motivational Quotes on Success 1.0 APK
Samuel Minale
In this APP you will get Motivational Quotes which will give youinspirations from people who have been there and done remarkablywell and this Quotes are timeless Motivational Quotes that arehelpful, motivating, useful and some funny quotes on success.Hereare 176 motivational quotes to inspire you and your followers togreater levels of Success, Leadership, Happiness, Gratitude, andSelf-confidence. And there are quotes specifically designed toinspire Entrepreneurs.Tweet them, share them, and the mostimportant is, use them to motivate you to reach on top of yourdreams.
Small Business Ideas for Ethiopia 1.0 APK
Samuel Minale
When I was considering starting a home based business I wassearching the web and also asking so many people about what to doand how to do it. After some time I was having a very long list ofbusiness ideas with their description and some of my friends wareasking me to give them my list of small Business Ideas and sincethat day I was thinking to make the Business Ideas list moreaccessible to public so that it will help tens of thousands ofpeople who are considering to start a Side/Home Based Business orfor those people who needs second or third Business , … that is whyI have made this APP with a list of categorized Small BusinessEntrepreneurship Ideas like Side Business Ideas, Business ideaswith low Investment capital, Small Startup Money Business,Categorized Business Ideas … and also some kind of questions whichwill help you to choose the best business idea.If you want to startyour own business, start to do it now.If you don't, you're going toregret itDo It Now.Sometimes Later Becomes Never.And I encouragepeople to email me other unique Business ideas so I can add to theAPP.