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The most popular Ketchup Factory Crazy Chef is back! Withnewcooking recipesINTRODUCTION:Ketchup is a tablesauce.Traditionally, recipes of ketchup made from eggs whites,mushroomor other food, but in modern time and the advancement oftechnologyketchup make from tomato. Chef tomato ketchup is used assweet andsalty mustard to various dishes that is served with hot:Frenchfries, burger, sandwich, hot dogs, barbecue and with grilledorfried meat. Kids, toddlers and girls can’t eat single bitewithoutdipping their fast food into tomato ketchup. FAVORITECONDIMENT OFKID’s & GIRL’sIt’s Wonder! Why kids, toddler andgirls eateverything along with chef tomato ketchup? The answer is,kids andgirls find the tomato ketchup delicious that help them tocover upthe unpleasant taste of the food they are eating. So chefketchuprecipes giving it a sudden sweet taste that making the foodandmeal more tasty and enjoyable.Chef kitchen ketchup is one oftheworld favourite condiments, but you know what will be goes intoit?Do you want to Know how to make a expert chef ketchup? Therecipeof factory tomato ketchup is pretty universal: tomato andotheringredients are used in it for cooking the hot ketchup.LetsGrowTomato in Farm LandIn farm simulator land, dig up the farmingsoiland seed the tomatoes. As a farmer boy water the veggies andtakecare farm. Pluck off all the ripe tomatoes and fill the bucketwithripe tomatoes and put them into truck delivery simulatorfordelivery. Lets Wash the Dirty ProcessWhen delivery truck reachedatthe factory, first you have to wash all the dirty tomatoesandseparate the tomato leaves. Then pass it through the cuttingmakermachine which slices the tomato in the small pieces. LetsMakeFactory Ketchup MixtureAfter cleaning and slicing tomatoes thenextprocess is to cook the mixture. In this area kitchen chefcookingthe ketchup mixture and add some special ingredients.LetsCookingketchup Factory for kidsWhen mixture ready, pour chefmixture intolarge container for cooking on burner with suitabletemperature.After that, take the mixture into cooler maker machineformaintaining the ketchup temperature. Lets Fill theKetchupBottleHere you have to fill the entire ketchup bottle andthen putthe company logo on it. Put all ketchup bottles on thecartons andthen load all ketchup cartons on delivery truck fordelivery.

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There is an opportunity for kids to create memories on thesevacations with family. Farmhouses are arranged very beautifully& designed with adorable terraces tree and flowers. A group ofbirds was twittering and hovering on field, eager to feed on thecrop and the smell of sweet grass is in the breeze. Responsibilityis learned on the farmhouse is by taking care of plants andanimals. There are many little jobs to do on farmhouse. Fences forthe large animals have to maintain and cages for small animals likerabbits, have to be clean. Taking care of animals is a bigresponsibility. Fruits plants need spray every month for goodfertilization and growth. We have never seen too many farms likethings in city.Mommy & daddy have planned to visit farmhouse invacations with kids. Everyone start packing of their travel bagsand then move towards bus for going farmhouse. After reached there,they have seen many farmers working at their farmhouses. Mostly,farmers have dairy farm houses where they look after cows andbuffaloes. They have a lot care of pets, showers the cow, preparefood for pets and done their prime care. The kids of the farmer areexpert tractor driver and they wash out the tractor for next dayworking and make it neat and clean by using water shower, sponge,surf and brush. Royal and beautiful fields spread on acres anddesigned by adorable fences and trees. Fields are the mostimportant thing in farmer’s life. They do their work whole day tomake fields good and beautiful in look. Farmer needs to ploughfield land before sunset and go back to his farmhouse. At the endof the day, mummy enjoys the chef cooking time for fun and makesdelicious pizza for children. Kids love to play the farmhousefamily vacations games for fun & entertainment. Kids play thisgame and rate us!
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Everyone loves to eat different variety of pizzas for yummy anddelicious taste. Kids have decided to run their own pizza businessand make their mommy proud by making pizza. For all this, you haveto go for supermarket and need to buy all things that required forpizza. Catch bus and go to shopping mall, take your shopping cartand buy all things one by one from supermarket shelves like meat,eggs, flour, vegetables, tomatoes, cheese, black olives, greenolives, green peppers, red peppers, onion, garlic and mushrooms.Check shopping list and go to cash register your items from a procashier. Add amount of all items and cash register machine willtell you your complete shopping amount, then submit your cash atcounter, and take back your remaining amount from cashier withreceipt. You can also upgrade your manual point of sale. Now, comeback to home and start making pizza dough, add all ingredients intoit and mix them all by using mixture machine, make its shapeproperly as you like. Decorate the dough by different vegetablesand mushrooms, add different style of toppings, and put it intooven to bake. Until baked properly, do not switch off oven, furtherthat you can enjoy this by ketchup and red and green chili sauce.Call your friends and family members for a great pizza party thatyou are going to arrange tonight for fun. You will definitely lovethis cooking game for fun and enjoyment. This cooking game makeyour day more adorable and precious so play this pizza maker cashregister game and invite your friends to play with you to createfun for best cooking games for girls.
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Family holidays to farmFamily farm entertainment duringholidaysFarmhouse is a place where you can live a happy life withyour friends and family. You can enjoy the fresh air and atmosphereof village that is close to the nature. In virtual village life,most of the farmers love to work as village farmer and reside neartheir farmhouses. The kids of the farmer are expert tractor driverand they do real farming. However, the people of city may have funwhile travel to village site and become virtual villagers. Kidsenjoy in their fields with parents during vacations.Mommy and dadplease let us plan for vacations. The best place is to visitmountains. No mommy we want to visit village farm. Kids are readyand catch the bus for village farm to look at the life of farmer atfarm. The village farmer led a very simple life with his happyfamily and friends at village. Farmers family also take care of thefields, makes fields neat and clean on daily basis by using boombrush harvester, wheel cart and tractor. He collects seeds, flowersfor vegetable and fruits plant, and makes field look good. He lovesto do work in field. Farmers also have dairy farm house where theylook after cows and buffaloes and other animals. They have a lotcare of pet, showers the animal once in a week, and prepare foodfor pets. After completing this work, he wash out his tractor fornext day working and before sunset he go back to his farmhouseafter too much work. At the end of the day kids feel tired, mommymake pizza and enjoying cooking fever. She made delicious andmarvelous pizza for kids. Kids eat pizza and enjoying FamilyHoliday at Farm, a great farming simulator for kids.
Potato Chip Factory Crazy Fun 1.3 APK
potato fries is a trim slices of potato that are deep frying,baking and popping until crunchy and crispy. You can eat potatofries as a fast food, side dish or appetizer and it will also beconsider as a predominant part of the snack food. You can alsoenjoy potato fries with cold drinks in your kitchen.The secret of“Potato Chips Factory Crazy Fun” is finally out of bag: Homemadefries are not normally crispy and crunchy so make your own potatofries in our potato factory with full of fun. How to make Frenchfries in your kitchen :Potato fries that are perfectly crispy arenot so difficult but there is a trick to cooking the golden crunchyand tender; buttery inside. So potato chef kitchen share theirtricks and tips for cooking them perfect every time with fun.Growup your kids with potato French fries; breakfast, lunch, dinner andyou will enjoy the fry’s fast food at your table any time of theday. Tip & Tricks • In chef factory you have to grow the potatoin farming land. Before you grow the potato, start digging in tofarm land in proper way. After that, put potato seeds in to farmsoil.• When potato fully ripe in the farm deliver it into deliverytruck to factory for cooking the hot potato.• Wash the potato andthen pass it through the chef isolated maker machine for cookingthe best hot fries.• Slice and cube the raw potato in to same sizethat all slices will cook evenly and they shouldn’t be too thickand thin. All these things always keep in mind in our chef kitchenfactory.• Kitchen factory use the best and healthy oil for cookingthe hot potato fast food. After using best oil put the potatoslices into preheated oil and fry them for 2 to 4 minutes.• In thisphase pack the chef hot potato by using the packet maker machineand then seal it.• Hot fries is ready, now deliver the factorychips into delivery truck to the shop.
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Farm builders are responsible for farm constructions andarchitecture. Farmer can build his own beautiful dream farmland. Hecan also decorate farmhouse by his own choice by making concernwith farm builders. Farm builders make available management,financing for farmers to rebuild their farms and at the same timeencourages the growth of food, and cash crops on the same farmland. This will make sure food safety measures and proceeds beforenew farms begin producing. A farmer is the one of the mostimportant member of the society. He is the giver of food on season.He plant crops for good food. Famers provide us good vegetables andfruits for our good health. To become a happy farmer you have towork day & night to build and cultivate your farmland and takecare of farm animals like sheep, horse, goats, hens, dogs &cow. Take care of them by preparing their feed. Build a beautifulfarmhouse while playing farm builder’s game to tackle differenttype of the problems that occurs during farm building. Farmbuilders development helps kids to learn and inspire a real lifefarm house construction. About Farm Building-1: Performing asInterior & exterior designer for farm builders2: Learning &appreciative farm life and virtual farming3: Cleaning & washingof animals4: Famers provides us fresh vegetables and fruits fromthe cultivated farm land