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KIDS BASIC PRESCHOOL LEARNING: Parents/Teachers has to face reallydifficulty to teach the kids/students some basic; sometimes kidsdon’t want to learn because they want some good learningenvironment or sometimes they want some attractive way of teaching,keeping in mind these problems related to kids Basic Leaning wedevelop such a app that will help teachers or parents to teachtheir kids easily. Kids Basic Preschool Learning can teach yourkids about the basics. It contains the different portions for thealphabets and counting. Kids can easily learn Alphabets, Counting,and Phonetics from the Alphabets as well as writing of thealphabets and counting. This app is all in one basic learning forthe kids. Kids Basic Preschool Learning is the digital book in theform of app in Android phone. +++++++++++++++++++++++ CoveredEducational AreaKids Basic Preschool Learning Book cover many ofthe educational area in the form of app. Download this basiclearning from the Google play store. --Alphabets Writing andspeaking.--Phonetics from the all alphabets also speaks to learnoption.--Counting Writing andSpeaking.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+++HOWTO USE KIDS BASIC PRESCHOOL LEARNINGChoose the option from the toplist display on the main menu.--main menu List option: Alphabets,Alphabets Writing, Counting, Counting Writing--Go to any optionAlphabets will take you to the menu of alphabets and phonetics aswell.--Alphabets writing will take you to the writing section ofthe alphabets.--Counting Writing will take you to the countingwriting section.Download this preschool learning from the Googleplay store for the kids. This app contains all the learningmaterial which your kids need to learn.

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    May 21, 2016
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