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Kid-friendly calculators that will help your kids to have funwithcalculators of all kinds. Use this simple and easy freekidscalculator at school or at home. With our calculator , kidscanperform simple and trigonometric calculations.Features:-Calculators in many colors and shapes- Use the KidsCalculatorwherever you are- Easy to operate for Kids- Large andeasy to pressbuttons specially designed for kids- Helps kids dotheir homework-Animals Calculator in various colors- Help kidsdevelopmathematical skills while having fun- Kids Learn Mathoperationslike addition, subtraction, division and multiplicationAcalculatoris a machine which allows to do math operations moreeasily. Forexample, most calculators will add, subtract, multiply,and divide.A Free Kids Calculator, Quick and Easy, and FullScreen!KidsCalculator will make your kids love mathematics andnumbers andfind it less boring.

App Information Kids Calculator - Math Calculator For Toddlers

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    Kids Calculator - Math Calculator For Toddlers
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    July 20, 2018
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    NutBolt Games
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How much concerned are you in teaching Quran to your kids?? Being aMuslim parent, it’s our responsibility to teach our children aboutIslam. Grooming our kids spiritually is as much important as is togroom them worldly. Recite most commonly daily used muslim duas andincrease your faith on Allah. Daily Duas is one of the best Duasapp for any Muslim you have ever seen before. This amazing IslamicDuas is a collection of supplications collected from the Quran andSunnah. Features: - Memorise duas from the Quran and Sunnah - Tryto apply these duas in your daily lives, without the words goingbeyond the lips - Raise better practicing Muslim kids. - Dua thatwill make your Child Intelligent, obedient, and sharp. - Theperfect gift for a child that is sure to be treasured. - Make yourchildren pray on their own without quarrel or a reminder Islamicduas includes: “Oh Allah, surround him with those whom You love inthis life and the next. Make him kind, humble, patient, gratefuland one who remembers You often. Oh Allah, let him be loved by… Andmany more. It is good practice for parents to keep these daily duasvisible around the house for the children to read. Teaching Islamiceducation to your kids is now not a difficult task with the help ofour app. Muslim Kids Dua Now is an Islamic educational app forMuslim kids to learn Islamic duas with English Translation. KidsDua Series is a easy-to-use app for kids of age between 1 to 9years. The duas included in this app are for young Muslims who havejust started learning the basics of Islam. Kids Dua is a among theuseful list of free Islamic apps and parenting tool for people whoare looking for resources to teach their kids
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Piano Simulator Specially for Girls! Girly Pink Piano enables youto experience the piano on your mobile phones and tabs - for free!It empowers you to innovate and entertain with music. Prepare toexperience the pink music revolution! Features: • Explore differentinstruments & develop musical skills. • The ultimate girlspiano app that everyone can play. • Delivers you an advancedfeeling of touch. • Magical Pink Piano to learn to play the piano.• Super fun and highly addictive piano! • Play with Piano,Xylophone, Drums and Flute. Pink piano that teaches you how toplay. You can play music and chords, or play your favorite songs.If you don't have a real piano keyboard at home or if your piano orkeyboard aren't located next to a computer then our pink piano isthe perfect fit for you! Pink Piano will increase the skills tolisten, memorize and concentrate. This piano machine is quitesimple and user-friendly. It gives you the possibility to play thepiano, organ, saxophone...using your mobile phones. Also gives youexcellent piano practice. Make learning music a cool funnyoccupation with this virtual pink piano, virtual piano simulator.
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Science is all about inspiring curiosity and discovering the world!Learn science through fun educational games! Our science games aresure to fulfill your sense of curiosity. They will introduce you tobasic science concepts in an approachable manner, reinforcingcomprehension through engaging and stimulating activities. Usinginteractive science games creates a unique learning process whencombined with conventional topics. Food Chain : Learn about thefood chain and food web. How energy cycles and transfers throughliving organisms. In this lesson, you will learn about simple foodchains and how energy is passed from producers to consumers todecomposers. What eats what? Where does the energy that life needsto survive come from? Learn about producers, primary consumers,secondary or tertiary consumers, apex predators, and decomposersand the roles they play in food chains! Microorganisms : Everwondered what happens when you look through a microscope? There aretrillions of trillions of trillions of microbes around the Earth.Maybe more! learn types of living micro-organisms like bacteria,viruses, fungi, algae and protozoa. Human Body Health & Growth: Learn how living things grow and stay healthy. Use water, foodand exercise to provide a human with what they need to stayhealthy. Be Super Scientist & Enter into the amazing world ofscience and learn different experiments. Let us explore our worldof science with great curiosity. Welcome to the science LearningGames World Fun. Let us explore this world. You will encounterscience lessons and mini games, fun facts, DIY experiments, sciencequizzes and more activities. Be a Science Superstar and learneverything about the amazing world of science by enjoying our funscience games, cool facts, games, free activities, ideas and more.
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Love Indian Games ? Love Indian Food ? Love being a Chef ? Then,You’ll definitely love Indian Gola Maker Game. Make your ownvirtual ice slush without all those kitchen mess! A colorful icegola is the perfect dessert to cool you off during the hot summermonths or those long lazy days at the beach.On a nice hot summerday, there's nothing better than an ice cold gola! Why not make acols slushy for yourself and your friends? From orange, lemon,kalakhatta, rose, to green apple, there are tons of indian sorbetflavors to try, but taste isn't the only thing you can customize!Dress up your gola dish and make it look cool, too! Choose fromover 5 types of gola , add ice, sweet dry fruits and flavors of allcolors, blend, add your favorite toppings and enjoy. It couldn't beeasier! The best ice drinks start with a fun dish gola. Crush icewith the gola maker machine, Coat it with different dry fruitstoppings, sprinkle, put on some decorations and get yourself feel .
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Welcome to the Pet Circus Fun Fair Amusement. If you're lookingforcircus carnival party games, here is the one! Start yourjourneytowards creating a fun-filled carnival! Features :- Keepsyour kidsentertained for hours!- Feed the hungry circus animalsbefore theshow- Clean up and take care of the Circus Animals-Decorate theCircus Stage in Amusement Park- See the magic goinglive in the PetCircus Game! Ice-cream :Make ice cream like you area professionalwith this ice cream maker Level. Ice cream is great,but it reallydepends on your toppings, so be sure to put on someicing, fruits,nuts, and chocolate syrup for a delicious decoration!Create thesweetest flavors and the most colorful toppings!PopcornMaker :Helpthe circus going public get some snacks and go crazy atthecarnival by feeding them their favorite snacks! Cook somehotpopcorns with some cool flavours.Balloon shoot:Grab some dartsandsee who can pop the most balloons!Numerous Carnival mini fungamesto play. The games and attractions will keep on updating. Getreadyfor some real fun!
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It's always annoying to be stuck in traffic. But why not turn thatinto a game? Be a real traffic police and Control the traffic,before it's goes completely wrong. Drive in the traffic flow andtry to follow all the traffic rules.. You must stop your vehicle atthe stop line or you’ll get caught. If your vehicle is towed by thepolice, you must pay Fine to the Traffic Police to get back yourvehicle. Features : • Study common traffic signs with a free roadsign learning level • Prepare for your drivers license exam. • Passthe traffic sign recognition test the first time. • Realisticfeeling of driving with eye catching graphics. • Learn the highwaycode road signs and traffic signals Learn Traffic Rules and RoadSafety Signs. The app offers cool traffic games for kids too.Children will learn traffic rules while playing fun, free logicgames and puzzle games. The traffic signs practice test helpseveryone in learning the road and traffic signs. This app helpseveryone to learn the traffic signs and rules. A must for all thoselearning to drive in a easy to understand format. Be a honestTraffic Police and facilitate the orderly and timely flow oftraffic. Remove the cars that hold up the traffic and do not followthe traffic lights. Issue E-Challans to the people breaking trafficrules. Stop vehicles who doesn’t have a driving licence. Check& Catch the cars that are parked in No-Parking. How muchtraffic flow can you handle? Work closely with the Indian TrafficPolice to promote road courtesy and safety, and children learnthrough the Traffic Games. Drive safe. Unlike other racing gameswhere 'learning and safety' has no importance, this ‘Traffic Game'is the master key with TrafficFollowing.