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Everybody likes when people smile to each other. Smiles make ushappy. Person need to take care of teeth regularly, to make oursmiles beautiful. You need to brush teeth few times a day. Whenyour teeth get ill, you need to visit a special doctor. Dentisttakes care of teeth. Today our beloved Hippy will get to know withyou what tasks has dentist every day. Kids Hippo hospital is opento everybody! Let’s meet adventures. Our kids hospital is waitingfor its dentist. It waits for you! Every person knows that dentistworks with problems connected with teeth. How many tooth problemsdo you know? Today we will learn about it. Kids Hippo Hospitalexplains to you, what dentist has to do. Today we will learn how todrill teeth, remove unhealthy caries, set filling, fight a badbreath, give a shot, fight bad microbes and just how to brushteeth. Don’t think that setting a filling is such an easy task.There are a lot of preparatory and exciting tasks before. Our kidsHippo Hospital will tell you about it and about many otherinteresting facts. Help Hippo to become a dentist. Have fun andlearn a bit, playing our kids educational games. This new game,like all our games for boys and girls is absolutely for free! Staytuned, follow Hippo and make your children happy playing with themour kids educational games!

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    Publish Date: 2019 /12/1
    Requires Android: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Size: 50.2 MB
    Tested on: (, API: 29)
    File Sha1: 611686c225af62eb7b27dd06055f39df5446180c
    APK Signature: 5e155a954ada2fb054dbde23384b3ea716ae6031
  • Kids Doctor: Dentist 1.3.1 APK File

    Publish Date: 2019 /9/25
    Requires Android: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Size: 47.4 MB
    Tested on: (, API: 29)
    File Sha1: 8859018350510dae294f87cfa389e18acb7a6069
    APK Signature: 5e155a954ada2fb054dbde23384b3ea716ae6031
  • Kids Doctor: Dentist 1.0.5 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /3/30
    Requires Android: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 14)
    File Size: 29.5 MB
    Tested on: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API: 23)
    File Sha1: d44a0ba69d60f4d7789a084277d8833d094e469f
    APK Signature: 5e155a954ada2fb054dbde23384b3ea716ae6031
  • Kids Doctor: Dentist 1.0.4 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /3/2
    Requires Android: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 14)
    File Size: 29.6 MB
    Tested on: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API: 23)
    File Sha1: fcf8e4e460c54b5396c40a556998121418d4c54f
    APK Signature: 5e155a954ada2fb054dbde23384b3ea716ae6031
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Masha and Bear: Cooking Dash 1.3.3 APK
Here are “Masha and the Bear: Cooking Dash”! Masha welcomeschildren to try these games for kids and their cooking foodabilities! 😋 The Bear, Rosie, Panda, the wolves, and other animalsin the forest are hungry! 🍲🍴 Who will feed poor animals in thisfood making games? Masha and Bear of course! With the help of kidsthis restless little girl will be cooking food for every characterfrom the popular cartoon “Masha and the Bear” in this food games!But each animal wants different ingredients. Find them all in thiscooking dash and make the best oatmeal ever! Game for kidsfeatures: 🤗 - 16 characters in this children games free from Mashaand the Bear games - cooking dash games with 33 ingredients to addinto oatmeal - talking Masha in this cooking games for girls - therecipes become more difficult with levels in this cooking games forkids free 😋 Are you ready to make oatmeal with bananas in dinergames? Or with ham? In this cooking dash games Masha and the Bearwill teach toddlers how to make oatmeal with anything in this cafegames free! Every animal in the forest will come to Masha's cafegames and order a dish. In cooking games for girls this can happentwice a day! With every new visitor in your cafe kitchen theoatmeal recipes will become more interesting and complicated. Cookall orders in this cooking games free! This Masha and the Bear cookgames are suitable for kids from 2 to 8, it has the initialinterface so that even toddlers can play without parents. If yourkids love children games free about cooking dash or diner games,“Masha and the Bear: Cooking Dash” is the best choice for them!With Masha and Bear plus other animals kids will train theirintelligence, logic and attention! And will learn how to cookdinner! 😋 Children games for boys and girls free are not alwaysinteresting and new. But Masha cooking chef will make this cookingdash a complete fun! This is the first food games with Masha andthe Bear. If you are looking for cooking games for kids free wherekids cook this is a good choice! Give your kids games free that arenot only funny but are also educational games for kids! Toddlergames free do not always suit these parameters but this cook gamefor kids really do! ❗Contact us if you have any suggestions ortroubles! E-mail: support@indigokidsgames.com
Toy Shop: Family Games 1.5.2 APK
Favorite educational family games! Hippo and her friends areplaying family shop. Hippo and her friend Pig will be sellers atthe shop. Raccoon, Giraffe and Cat will be buyers. Family funnyinteractive shop sells a variety of goods: toys, foods, fruits,vegetables, horses and even dinosaurs. It's like a smallsupermarket. Characters take turns coming to the cashier and orderwhat they want to buy. Even if something is not in the market,Hippo and her friend Pig can offer something else. Once youreceived the goods - you must pay! To pay for goods use coins 5, 3and 1. Help to pay for your purchase. To do this, combine thedifferent versions of the coins that would fulfill the sum for thepurchase. Funny Family Interactive Shop, is a great opportunity tospend time with family, and to play and learn at the same time! -Family game - Education element of counting to 20 - Colorfuldecorations - Search for items - Funny Hippo heroes and her friends- A hilarious mood during the game Enjoy the new game with Hippo.Funny Family Interactive Shop. Visit us: Website:http://psvgamestudio.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/PSVStudioOfficial Twitter:https://twitter.com/Studio_PSV Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwiwio_7ADWv_HmpJIruKwg E-mail:babygamepub@gmail.com
Supermarket: Shopping Games for Kids 2.8.3 APK
Kids supermarket is funny games for kids with educational elements.Mommy makes a list of the goods that you need to buy in thesupermarket. Daddy, Hippo and her brother have taken a trolley andgone to the supermarket to find all products that Mommy has addedto the shopping list. At the top of the screen there a list ofgoods you must find. Help Hippo to find all the products which arein the list. Look attentive at the shop shelves and when you see aproduct from the list, just put it to the trolley. Do not forget tolook for the Daddy and little brother, they always try to throw inthe basket something extra. Then Hippo with her daddy and littlebrother go to the cashier and pay for the goods. Afterall you willmeet Mommy, who will check the shopping list and all you havebought. And do not buy anything extra. Collect all 5 stars andMommy will be happy! The kids supermarket sells a variety ofproducts that are familiar for kids: fruits, vegetables, clothes,shoes, garden tools, etc. Baby will be happy to search for productsand fill the trolley. - Funny game for kids and all family - Learnwhile you play - Colorful pictures - Supermarket with manydifferent products - Search for items - Learn to count money -Educational games for kids Have fun and enjoy new Supermarket gamefor kids! Visit us: Website: http://psvgamestudio.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/PSVStudioOfficial Twitter:https://twitter.com/Studio_PSV Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwiwio_7ADWv_HmpJIruKwg E-mail:babygamepub@gmail.com
Free games: Masha and the Bear 1.4.0 APK
A NEW GAME! Here we proudly present for your attention free familygames Masha and the Bear. Do your kids like cartoons? And are theygetting tired of the monotonous gameplay very quickly? And youdon't want to waste your time to find a place where to downloadsmall games? There is a solution! Free family games Masha and theBear is a series of great games for kids and adults! Everybodylikes to watch cartoons about funny adventures of the favoritecharacters. But now you and your kid have a great opportunity totake part in these adventures by yourself. You will find a largevariety of games. Start to solve large and colorful puzzles, whichimages are the moments of the favorite cartoon. Kids will besurprised to find that our puzzles are different from standardgames of this type. Try simple but funny scratching games withimages from the cartoon. But if you will be bored with collectingimages, start to pop the balloons flying out of the house. And youhave to pop the balloons quickly to have time for collecting aseries of toys and send them on a fascinating journey in a hot airballoon! Both educational and entertaining elements are combined inPuzzles and Memories (Pairs). They develop visual memory andlogical thinking. Game Connect the Dots is good for the developmentof movement coordination. Сonnect the dots and get as the reward afunny character from the cartoon. Kids as well as their parentslike scratching games, especially when these scratching games aresomehow connected with the favorite cartoons characters. Kids andadults like watching cartoons that’s why this game is suitable forall the family! But the biggest surprise for those who lovecartoons, is waiting at the play Masha- photographer. Kid has totake a beautiful picture with the heroes of the series Masha andthe Bear. But if you are getting tired to photograph, start againto play Spot the Pair, Pop the Balloons, Scratch pictures, jigsawPuzzles or Connect the Dots with Kids favorite cartoons! Go on foran adventure! Bring yourself and your kid a lot of joy. Our familygames will surprise you. Play our family games Masha and the Bearabsolutely for free!
Cooking School: Games for Girls 1.4.5 APK
Children like to help their parents. They especially like to helpwith cooking . When there is a cooking in the kitchen, it is no wayto play. But cooking is a complicated process and often it ends upwith a huge mess in the kitchen. But what if you are so eager tocook pancakes, cake or cupcakes? How to cook all that without doinga cleaning after? We have a solution! Home Cooking School with ourcurious Hippo has opened especially for parents and children! We donot only cook food here. We will learn different interestingrecipes and the ways how to decorate dishes. Here you are amaster-chef! Cook dishes for everybody! And your kitchen willremaim clean and without damages. Again, family games are renewedwith a new game. This time Chef Hippo teaches you and your kid tocook. Of course, this is, first of all, an entertaining game, socooking would bring a lot of fun! But do not think that cooking issuch an easy task. All the recipes are special so you need to mixthe ingredients in the correct order and perform all actionscorrect. Whatever we do, cake, cupcakes or pancakes, each dish hasits own characteristics and requires your attention. But at thevery end of cooking it would be a lot of fun. We will decorate allthe dishes to our taste! There will not be restrictions due to thecreativity of our art. Family Cooking School with Hippo is waitingfor you and your kid! Have a lot of positive emotions together withyour kid! Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free educational gamesfor girls and boys will always delight you and your kids.Peculiarities of the game: - Exciting cooking for all the family -A lot of recipes (cakes, cupcakes, pancakes and other) - A greatpossibility to spend time together for a whole family - A recipebook is updating - Secrets of cooking
Good Night Hippo 1.2.8 APK
Very often, when the night comes and everybody says goodnight, youdon't want to sleep. It is a feeling that something is missing. Andreally, there is not always enough good mod, one beautiful picture, a small interesting task, and, of course, an interesting story -good night fairy tale are also missing. That's why our belovedHippy has a special fairytale. Hippy has come to wish goodnight andgift an interesting interactive fairytale for all members of thefamily. Educational games for kids and family are renewed with anew interesting story about Hippo town. Today we are going to learnwhat are they doing before going to sleep. All Hippo citizens arereally different and have a lot of various tasks, which they needto do before sleeping. Somebody likes to play and watch beautifulpictures in the book. Another citizen likes to invent interestingstories, and somebody just sets a noisy alarm, to wake up earlierand do nothing. Visit every citizen and help them to manage theirurgent tasks. Perform interesting tasks, put the citizens to theirbeds and say them goodnight. When all the citizens are alreadyasleep, you could also go to bed. When the night is outside, andyou don't want to sleep, interactive Hippo lullaby will help you. Akind Hippo wish goodnight to everybody. And don't forget to set analarm not to oversleep in the morning and not to miss a lot ofinteresting and important things! Our interactive good night fairytales are suitable for all the ages, for both kids and adults. Thisinteractive story is suitable for all the family! Furthermore, thisnew game, as well as all our educational family games, isabsolutely for free! Stay tuned, stay with us and have fun playingour free educational family games with your relatives.