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Kids Games - professions, will bring your babya positive mood and a smile. As well as affect his reaction andlogical thinking for the better. You can play in the profession onany device, so you can install the game on the child's plate or ontheir phone, on their own aside some time to play.
In this game collected a lot of different and excitingdevelopmental and educational games for children, so that yourlittle one will find what to do for a long time.
Children's game, it is - training, educational game for kids whoare accompanied by lively music, colorful and fun pieces and ballsthat will help your child have fun and to spend time.
Conditions- children's games, a profession - that provide the gamewith ease be able to understand even the kids up to threeyears.
Children's profession, games for babies - this occupation isclassified as educational games, as it promotes the development ofimagination and creative talents of the baby. Proposed in the annexof the game for young boys and girls games interface is simple anddoes not provide reading skills. Professions - an educational gamethat will help your kid to develop.
As a child, the kids tend to imitate their elders, so most of thegames associated with adult professions such as doctor, policeman,chef, doctor, fireman, or a builder. Professions for childreninclude the following types of games:
Builder - is the child will build a house, with each level the sizeand number of parts increases, so the kid will be interesting todiscover new objects and move quickly to the next task
Pilot - first we have to raise the plane in the sky, and then getto a certain point of landing, but the path of the aircraft andairships encountered, from which you need to cleverly evade, not tomeet head-on
Doctor - you have to help a patient in a complex disease that canbe cured by means of, on the right side of the screen. The babywill have to decide in what order to use forceps, prick, rubbingand adhesive to cure the patient quickly. You are now the chiefdoctor and decide what and how to treat weary patient
The policeman - one of the offenders at high speed disappears fromthe field of view of the police, our task - to respond quickly andto go to the chase, the main thing is not to break the safemovement and deftly slip between cars that travel with us on thesame band. Police chase would be a dangerous and time-consuming, sobe prepared for the fact that the offender will not give up justlike that;
Cook - one of the most famous dishes in the world is pizza, but youcan prepare delicious pizzas for our heroes? Use all the availableingredients to make a really delicious pizza. Play the cook is notso difficult, it is important to carefully cut all the products anddistribute them to the surface of the dough correctly. Making apizza, you can use different recipes, choose one that you will likeit
Fire - in the city broke out several serious fires if you can helpour team to stop the fire disaster, firefighters can not extinguishthe fire without water, connect the hose and help save the housefrom burning. Play firefighters interesting even that depends onyou the life of the other characters, so quickly proceed to takeaction and stop the fire
Jockey - but sometimes you want and just have fun, you are invitedto play in racing, if you can control the horse and overcome theobstacles? The competition is not only interesting, but alsodifficult, so tune in to win and go to our rodeo.
In this game you will be able to fly a plane, to extinguish thefire, to treat the child, and even build a house.

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Fishing for Kids 1.0.39 APK
Exciting baby game "Baby Fishing" is afavorite pastime for kids and for older children.In this game you have to go on a fishing trip. The goal of the gamefor baby is simple - you need to catch as many fish and collect therequired number of points to pass the level. For each caught a fishyou'll get points. But if you are caught on a hook shoe tin or adangerous predator - the points will be reducedUnusual and colorful fish attract the attention of children and donot leave you indifferent, and the fisherman - the cat will lovethe children. Playing children's games , a child fun hold time,because all the games for child are illustrated with colorfulpictures, with a pleasant and fun music. Also, children's game willhelp in the development of such skills in children asattentiveness, memory, concentration. A good mood - is the key tosuccessful development.Starting from an early age the child actively learns the world,exploring everything that happens around. Therefore, educationalgames for children at the forefront of a child's life. Educationalchildren’s games"Baby fish" broaden representation baby about theworld, teach the baby to observe and highlight the properties andattributes of objects, such as size, shape, color, to distinguishthem, as well as to establish the relationship between them.Developing baby games fix children's knowledge of the surroundingenvironment, forming thought processes. Playing developingchildren's games, the child will enjoy its results andachievements. Educational baby games can help kids have fun andhave fun, and at the same time will be an indispensable tool in thedevelopment and education of the child. Games from “YOVO Games”will help him to become observant, attentive, smart. Educationalgames for children to develop attention and memory, can help youwith your child fun and to spend your spare time!Kids fishing - fun game.Baby fishing - exciting game.Children fishing - your baby will have a good mood.Visit us at: Site: http://yovogames.comYoutube:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZruadkJJTuD4Bgb1F6pa3ATwitter: https://twitter.com/YOVOstudioFacebook: https://facebook.com/yovogames
Kids - racing games 1.1.0 APK
One of the first genres of virtual games thatinstantly have achieved unprecedented popularity and remainspopular to this day became the race for children. Feelings andexperiences that are given to us by car racing games cannot becompared with virtually anything, so game racing car will never beforgotten. Playing race car is always interesting for boys, so carracing game toddlers and are often designed for them. But cardriving games develop reaction speed and the ability to quicklyorient in unexpected situations entangled, so it is useful foreveryday life and exciting for everyone. So race cars for kids arerather popular among girls too, because they want to enjoy all thefeelings given by car games kids as well as boys.We offer you the best car children games for boys and girl, freegames for kids for smartphones and tablets. Do not limit yourselfby playing educational games on a laptop or desktop computer,because boy car games and racing girls are appropriate everywhere.Modern developers of virtual realities have managed to createmultiple versions of car games for kids and adults for mobiledevices. These versions are no less interesting, exciting anddiverse than racing game for the PC. With these applications youcan enjoy exciting and fun kid racing at any given time. You needonly a smartphone or tablet to play kids racing games. Since thevast majority of people always carries with them their mobiledevices, the implementation of such conditions will not cause anydifficulties - boy games, as - kids race cars, are always withyou.What do you get playing our free car games for kids andadults?Addictive gameplay. Here you will not find boring and dull kids carracing games, in which everything is predictable and formulaic. Weoffer you only the best creations of the virtual gaming industrydevelopers – really cool games for kids and their parents, the bestrace car kids. Gameplay in such car games for girls and games forboys cars captures the player from the first minute and gives himan incredible experience.Incredible graphics. All of our race car games for kids representapplications, the creators of which were not too lazy to use allthe features of modern information technologies for the developmentof extremely realistic graphics. You will be amazed at howaccurately the graphics of these games conveys all the nuances andpeculiarities of the real world, and do not get less pleasure fromthe game than the real racers get from off-line racing on realmachines.Sound accompaniment. Realistic sounds of roaring engine, creakingof brakes and, of course, incredible driving music - the developersof girl car games and racing games for boys always take intoaccount such features of the atmosphere of their applications.Realistic sound would complement the incredible graphics andfascinating gameplay and provide your full immersion in the virtualworld, which is ruled by speed, drive and love of cars.Download and install of all the, kids games “Baby cars” for girlsand car games for boys that we offer is extremely simple andtransparent. You do not need to spend a lot of time or space, lookfor patches, extensions and upgrades - you simply download theinstallation file and run it, and nothing more. The process is soeasy that even a child would simply cope with it (not withoutreason we offer a lot of racing games for kids, although themajority of adults will also get the pleasure of playing such, kidscar games).If you are looking for interesting games that can brighten up yourleisure time with a high range of quality, the care games forchildren and free car games for adults are what you really need. Donot waste time on boring, not exciting games that are not able togive you a real pleasure. Download racing games for boys or racinggirls games, as well as, games car racing -for adults, and playkids learning games with maximum pleasure!
Kids race - racing for kids 1.0.16 APK
Kids developing game "Kids race" will givechildren the opportunity to participate in these competitions. Youtask - to get to the finish, overtaking other cars, because thekids love to be the first. Before the race, children can choose acar that will participate in the race. Kids will love thesemachines, because they are very good, lovely and colorful. Alsoduring the race on the way will meet the fruit that must becollected.Kids game "Kids race" - really will be liked by kids and also helpin the development and knowledge of the world.Cheerful children's game - Baby cars.Visit us at: Site: http://yovogames.comYoutube:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZruadkJJTuD4Bgb1F6pa3ATwitter: https://twitter.com/YOVOstudioFacebook: https://facebook.com/yovogames
Phone for Kids 1.2.2 APK
Children phone, Phone for Kids -This freeapplication, entertainment for the smallest. Children love music,teach the kid to notes and sounds of musical instruments. Let's trycall all colors of a rainbow. Who did not learn to count yet -let's learn to count together! All modern mothers and fathers knowthat their kids inquisitive. Children need to be borrowedconstantly with interesting fascinating games, reading books, to beengaged in development of thinking of children and to increasepossibilities of their knowledge of world around. With newtechnologies development of children becomes more saturated andvarious.Except the interactive toys, developing toys, colourful books andvarious computer games there are new games for children who it ispossible to download in the smartphone, to open on a tablet and,thereby, to give the chance to the child to develop in trip time intransport, expectations in turn in policlinic, etc.The game "Children's Phone" will help the child to master musicnotes, also the kid will be able easily to learn all colors of arainbow and to learn to count. Besides, the game "Phone for Kids"is made in 20 languages: Russian, German, English, and this alreadyspeech development of the child which is very important aged from 2till 7 years.The child with pleasure will repeat after a fantastic voice of adigit and color of a rainbow in three languages which are equallyimportant in kindergartens and schools. Appendices for smartphonesand tablets on the basis of Android are familiar to many parentsand their kids, they were already fallen in love and used with agreat interest in everyday life. Games and applications for Androidare created constantly and new game for younger age group from"YOVO Games" - "Children phone" can become for children favouriteand very useful.For parents the following information is important: this gamebelongs to a row developing and is rather simple for understandingof kids aged from 2 till 7 years.Our site http://yovogames.com and also we in:Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZruadkJJTuD4Bgb1F6pa3ATwitter: https://twitter.com/YOVOstudioFacebook: https://facebook.com/yovogames
Car Wash 1.0.21 APK
The new exciting game for children "Car Wash"helps kids feel young motorists anddesigners. The game has many different models of cars, so that thebaby chooses a car, what he likes. Machine needs to be washed usingdetergent, water, washcloth, and then the machine can be painted.Also you can select and apply a varied pattern and changediscs.Kids game "Car Wash" is a very bright and interesting children gamewithbeautiful and nice cars. Our game will help in the development offine motor skills and learning colors and take your baby for a longtime.Visit us at: Site: http://yovogames.comYoutube:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZruadkJJTuD4Bgb1F6pa3ATwitter: https://twitter.com/YOVOstudioFacebook: https://facebook.com/yovogames
Children's Puzzles 1.1.7 APK
Interesting game for kids "Children puzzles" -an excellent way to occupy restless kids. In this game of a figureof animals are divided into some parts. Collect pictures and youwill see various fantastic and amusing dragons, fishes, birds andbutterflies. Remarkable puzzles for children with bright, colourfulpictures will help the kid to learn animals, and also their partsof a body. These baby puzzles surely will be pleasant to your kidssimple lovely pictures and cheerful music. And the main thing -always it is possible to collect the favourite pictures again andagain, and this occupation never bothers!Puzzles for children – useful developing game, after all collectingpuzzles, the child develops in himself such qualities, as logicalthinking, creativity, assiduity. It develops a small motility, theimagination, patience, observation and ability to concentrateattention is developed. And all this in interesting to the child, agame form.Educational games for kids will help cheerfully and to spendinterestingly time, and at the same time will appear irreplaceableassistants in development and education of the child. Playing thesimple educational learning games for kids, the child will rejoiceto the results and achievements. Training games for children allownot only to learn something new, but also to put the gainedknowledge into practice. Developing games for the child will helpit to become observant, attentive, bright. Educational games forthe children, developing attention and memory, will help you withthe child cheerfully and with advantage to spend free time!Visit us at: Site: http://yovogames.comYoutube:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZruadkJJTuD4Bgb1F6pa3ATwitter: https://twitter.com/YOVOstudioFacebook: https://facebook.com/yovogames
Coloring games : coloring book 1.0.18 APK
Kids coloring pages are games for children ofall ages, from the smallest ones to older children, which help tobroaden their horizons, develop imagination, give an idea of ​​theworld around them, make them observant and attentive, give a uniqueopportunity for your kids to try themselves in yet another formChildren's creativity and feel like a real artist.Educational games help your kids from early on to learn todistinguish the basic and characteristic features of objects, theircolor, size and shape, distinguish them and establish the simplestrelationships between objects, and develop attention, fine motorskills, memory, logical thinking and color perception.A child can create his own unique and unique world with the help ofpencils and paints. When a child draws or paints a picture, hereveals his inner creative potential. Creating your firstmasterpieces in the role of the real artist - your kid begins toactively explore the world, to explore everything that is happeningaround, so these games and occupy the most important place in thedevelopment and life of the child.Coloring pages for kids is a great game for every child, whichgives an opportunity to learn how to depict various objects andlandscapes, cute and funny little animals. But the main thing thatthis game gives is the ability to create and decorate your favoritepictures over and over again, change colors and leave the mostbeautiful option, take the child for a long time and help you withyour baby to spend your free time fun, exciting and with greatbenefit. Such an occupation will never get bored.That's why we create games and other applications that help kids inthe knowledge of the world, reveal their potential andcreativity.You need only download coloring games for kids and start creatingyour first artistic masterpiece.----------------------Be sure to visit our website at http://yovogames.com and also weat:Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZruadkJJTuD4Bgb1F6pa3ATwitter: https://twitter.com/YOVOstudioFacebook: https://facebook.com/yovogames
Frog Jump - Tap ! 1.1.2 APK
"Frog" - colorful and fun game for children inwhich the frog has to jump from leaf to leaf, and not fall into thewater. Your task is to go as far as possible! Children’s game"Frog" will not let you get bored and will provide an opportunityto test your reaction. Bright design, lively music and a cute frogis very pleasant to children.Join the adventure in which the frog will pass its way!Visit us at: Site: http://yovogames.comYoutube:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZruadkJJTuD4Bgb1F6pa3ATwitter: https://twitter.com/YOVOstudioFacebook: https://facebook.com/yovogames

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