1.0 / December 12, 2014
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It is an educational game for kids, becauseithas been demonstrated that resolving puzzles helps inthedevelopment of skills and abilities of children, such asmotricity,creativity, spatial skills, language and self-esteem.
Besides, kids will train the resolution of problems, and theywillget a funny picture as a reward, stimulating their imaginationandself-confidence.

This fun jigsaw puzzle game is aimed to preschool children.Itcontains a collection of beautiful colorful pictures suitablefortoddlers and kids. Children will see an outline of an imageandthey will have to move the colorful puzzle pieces into placetoreveal the hidden image. Children enjoy solving the puzzle andaredelighted by the cute images. At the same time they learnandimprove their observation and skill.

When you exit a game, the state of the puzzle willbeautomatically saved. So you can continue whenever you want.

- Animals
- Scenes of daily life
- Landscapes (forest, sky, space…)
- Fantasy characters

App Information Kids Puzzle Adventure

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