1.0.5 / October 7, 2012
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Kids First Play is the application made for our youngest.In thisapplications your kids will be able to draw, color premadepaintings and learn how to spell in 4 different languages (English,German, Spanish and French). - ColoringIn coloring mode, kids willbe able to color premade pictures, from flowers to dinosaurs.-DrawIn drawing mode, kids can draw pictures with their fingers andexpress their imagination.- WordsIn words mode, kids will beputting together letters into basic words with dragging lettercubes into right position.When we give phones or tabs to kids,consider what apps/games you allow them to play, it's the best forus and the kids that they learn when they play.

App Information Kids puzzle game

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    Kids puzzle game
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    October 7, 2012
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    QP Studios
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    QP, Gregor Gjerek s.p. Kajuhova ulica 5 9231 Beltinci Slovenia
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