1.2 / April 18, 2016
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It's time to play funny road adventureforfree. The weather was good, and baby Hippo went on the long pathofwooden boxes. But this trip is not easy, it is full ofobstaclesand dangers and you have to pass. An unforgettableadventures arewaiting for you!

Baby Hippo step by step moving forward, but there are pilesofboxes and the abyss on the way. But this makes our adventuresjustmore fun and interesting. You need to move the boxes to allowbabyHippo freely moved forward. Take your time to think overyouractions in advance, not to waste time on unnecessary movements,andthen step-by-step approach the finish line. you can Move theboxesby different ways. There are some durable boxes that cannotbebreaken by the first tap, but sometimes among them you canfindboxes of dynamite, which destroyed everything around. Walkingisreally hard, you need to make quick decisions and quicklyrespondto all emerging changes there. Every wrong step complicatetheadventures of baby Hippo. Be careful not to trip intothetrouble.

This free game has two modes. You can place pre-defined levelsorselect an endless game of free survival. And if the firstoptioneverything is clear, the survival game can be enjoyed only bythemost experienced and savvy player. challange survival mode andtryto go as far as you can. What are you waiting for?! Baby Hippoisgoing forward and she needs your help. where is the end ofhertrip?

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Kids Circus with Hippo 1.0.8 APK
Hippo and her friends decided to play a kidscircus. It's so funny and exciting!What a great idea to play in the circus, Mommy Hippo foundnecessary items without which it would be impossible to make thepresent submission. To do this, a lot of things do not need.Apportion the items that may be needed for the performance. Whenyou cope with these easy task - you can start playing! The gamewill have a lot of favorite characters Hippo and her friends.You can choice whose performances you want see: Dog, Elephant,Raccoon or Giraffe. And even take part in the presentation!Elephant can juggle balls, help her catch a 3 ball, and then shewill be able to show their performance. Dog - Strongmen can liftheavy objects are different, try to give him some object. All kidslove to look like a circus act funny clowns! Giraffe - The Clowncan entertain with the help of different objects that are on thescene, try to give him different things and see what he will dowith it. Raccoon - Make-Up Artist, she can decorate anyone, it isso much fun, choose your character and try on a variety of subjectsand you have a happy clown. And what will make Hippo? It will bethe inspector of the kids circus (Shprehshtalmeyster), it is themost important thing!Kids Circus this is a clown who amuses children and jugglers andathletes that hit his strength.Enjoy new game with Hippo!!!
Kids Airport Adventure 1.1.0 APK
Kids Games for the little ones replenishedremarkable novelty. Baby Hippo and her family arrived at theairport to go on an exciting journey. Our favorite characters arewaiting for an adventure, but first they need to drop off yourluggage to check. In the meantime, the family fun is waiting forhis flight, baby Hippo decided to find out how the airportoperates. Good Uncle Dog allowed her to sort baggage with him.Try to put on a conveyor belt right amount of bags. Do the samething, but choosing the right color of the bags. And so the journeywas safe and nothing will spoil our adventures enlighten suitcaseson a special device. Try to recognize objects, packed in bags andsuitcases. Sort bags so fun and exciting!Besides, our kids games help children develop. Your child easilyand playfully learn to count and recognize the color of an object.Baby Hippo will help him and embolden at failure. To send Hippofamily on a journey, you need to accurately sort their bags andchoose the right items, packed in them. Our kids games harmoniouslyteach your child and will give him a good mood.And now that the sort is nothing more to be seated on a planeand leave the airport. Embark on a long-awaited trip, where you arewaiting for new fun adventure. But this is only the beginning of aseries of games about the airport! The kids games with your child,you can play forever! That is why we will continue to delight youand your children's novelties. Our free educational games for boysand girls set with love for you. Stay with us, stay tuned and diveinto fun adventures that you will give baby Hippo.
Baby Balloon Journey 1.0.8 APK
Wonderful journey with Hippo in Hot-AirBalloon.Hippo and her family go on a journey in a Hot-Air Balloon, in theway will be encountered various obstacles lift the Hot-Air Balloonup or lower it down in order to successfully overcome theobstacles.Perfect weather for Hippo and her family for journey! On the wayyou can meet a storm cloud, airship and other obstacles, try not tocollide with them! To do this, lift and lower balloon.Management:Fill Hot-Air Balloon - to climb up each time you press the buttonwith an arrow up, it will go up. If you do not press - willdescend.This is a real simulator for the kids!Enjoy new game - journey with Hippo!
Street Soccer runner for kids 1.0.10 APK
New Runner based on a football! AbsolutelyFree!Do you like runners, sports, football, children's cartoons aboutpig - our Kid Hippo all like it too!Here is the game with your favorite character Kid Hippo in thegenres of Kids sports games and football or soccer runner. Coolstreet football player Hippo is 7 years old and should go as far aspossible using her masterly ball possession aiming the ball to thedifferent targets. The tasks will become more complicated with yourgame progress.Features of our application:- Bright beautiful HD graphics;- Your favorite 7 years old character Hippo;- Soccer runner;- Absolutely Free!!!The most popular genres of games for boys are soccer, runnersand sports games for kids.For any player from forward to defender and even goalkeeper -precision of strike and pass culture, along with an eye estimation,are most critical skills. And our free app will help raise theskills of the game for boys from 3 years to the boys 7 years old.Yes, and gaming skills of 30 year old boys, this app will notreduce ;)If you liked the kids street Soccer (football) with our KidHippo, and you are not a pig, please rate our free sports games andshare them to your friends with kids from 3 years to 7 yearsold.
Kids Dancing 1.0.4 APK
Playing music is cheerful and brightly coloredlamps flicker - this is a game dancing! Welcome to our party! BabyHippo now a superstar, she went to the dance floor and ready todance till she drop. Now we lack only you. Join in the party willbe hot! Baby Hippo and dancing game waiting for you!As you know, kids games for the little ones replenished anotherremarkable novelty. Dancing game - a good combination of fun, musicand light useful to develop elements of the game. And so, the musicis already playing, and baby Hippo good fun and dancing, but sheneeds your help. Our superstar needs a bright holiday illumination.For this dance floor light colored spotlights light music. Manageto include them in the right order and the party will be rememberedfor a long time! Help our little dancer, and she will give you yourfun dance steps. Today, with your help baby Hippo steal the show onthe dance floor - it's her party!Experience the novelty dance game will love you and your kids.Fill your free time with joy, good music and a merry dance. Ourkids games are absolutely free.
Feed Hippo 1.0.4 APK
Attention! The most awaited update fromtheseries of games with our favorite Hippo! Games for kids arerenewedwith a very popular game. Traditionally, this is not a shortgamein which you need to collect candies and other sweets, butthewhole saga with a lot of exciting levels. What a funandinteresting game! The only thing that distinguishes our gamefrom alot of similar games - this is a special adaptation of thegame foryoung children. Kids development is the goal of all ourproducts,the most massive of which are free games with Hippo forkids from 3to 7 years.But do not think that collecting candies and sweets is soeasy!Our curious Hippo is waiting for her favorite sweets, but togetthem, we need to think our steps in advance. We need to cuttherope so that the hanging candy would not just fall into themouthof Hippo, but also collect along the way all the gold stars.Youneed to cut not only in the correct sequence, but also foralimited amount of time! This game develops not only theingenuityof the child, but also the speed of reaction! And do notworry ifyou are not the winner for the first time for cutting therope notcorrectly. This game is for kids! Here you cannot lose!Weencourage persistence and curiosity of our young researchers.Youcan play this exciting game for a long-long time. Besides thissagafor boys and girls is absolutely free!Try the novelty from the series of free educational gamesforkids. Curious Hippo is waiting for your baby. Get deep withyourchild in the sea of positive emotions! Stay tuned and stay withus.Our free games for boys and girls will always surprise you andyourchildren!
Pirate Treasure for Kids 1.0.4 APK
Once there were pirates. They swam in the seasand oceans. They travelled in different countries and looked fortreasures and adventures. All the children know and like theseexciting stories. Our small curious children have been alwaysinterested in pirates` stories. And today active Hippo and curiousJi, like real pirates, go to find treasures and adventures!This time, free educational games for boys and girls are renewedwith a dynamic exciting novelty. Who has not even dreamed offinding an ancient treasure? Who could refuse a wonderfulopportunity to get away in a sea adventure? A new fun game withHippo gives such an opportunity! Hippo takes place on the commandbridge, and Ji wears on a diving suit and go deep into water. Todaywe will look for treasures in sunken ships! Grandpa showed Hippothe place on the map where old pirate boats sank. And we shouldonly send the boat in the direction of rough waters and look forpirates and their wealthy treasures. It gives you a lot of fun andexcitement! And now, let`s go! We are waiting for an excitingadventure with Hippo in seas and oceans!This new product, as well as all our games for boys and girls, isabsolutely for free! Stay with us, stay tuned and spend time withfun, playing with children our free educational games.
Pop Balloons Toddlers Games 1.0.7 APK
Baby Hippo and her friends are playingnewinteresting game. This is burst balloons boom game. Free gamesforkids up to 2 years! Our favorite characters made so large hotairballoons, that they can fly in the sky. But do not worryaboutthem, when you burst balloons boom. Baby Hippo and herfriendsreturn down to earth on a large baby parachutes. The playerwillhave to burst balloons boom, to prevent our friends flew toofar.As you know, our educational games replenishedremarkablenovelty. Kids Games - burst balloons boom is a free gamefor thekids up to two years and even older. Balloons Popping isalways funand easy. There is no reason to think long and calculatecomplexgame combinations. Just relax, listen nice music and do notforgetto burst the balloons! And even when the night will come andbrightstars will appear on the sky, baby animals will not stopbecausethe free baby game balloons burst is equally good both dayandnight. Look how beautiful brightly colored parachutes look onthenight sky!Free kids games for 2 years old toddlers. Try to boomtheballoons with your chlidren, Compete with them maybe and youwillenjoy our game too! After all, the gameplay of new Hippo gameisthe easiest. Millions of adults to relieve stress like bursttheplastic bag with pimples. Believe me, burst balloons with yourbabyis much more interesting! Our baby educational games can beplayedwith the youngest toddlers. All game tasks manageable evenfor 2year old kids. Our free games for boys and girls are made withlovefor you. Stay with us, stay tuned and dive into fun adventuresthatgives you the baby Hippo!!!