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Kids Songs : A collection (Over 500) of themost popular & favorite Kids Songs/Nursery rhymes/songs forToddlers and Preschool kids / baby / Children.

And those are very safe contents for kids. Also it helps yourelax and gives you some free time while your baby is having fun,and your device is in the safe in your baby's hands.

Theme 1 : Shapes Songs
Theme 2 : ABC Songs for Kids
Theme 3 : 123 Songs for Kids
Theme 4 : Nursery Rhymes for kids
Theme 5 : Colors Songs for Kids
Theme 6 : Top Sing-Along Favorites for Kids

Kids Learning (US English) help your Kids learn about

1. Numbers
2. Alphabet
4. Colors
5. Shapes
6. Animals
7. Fruits & Vegetables
8. Vehicles
9. Body parts
10. Sports
11. Music Instruments
12. Clothes
13. Nature

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Kids Songs 2.0 APK
Kids Songs : A collection (Over 500) of themost popular & favorite Kids Songs/Nursery rhymes/songs forToddlers and Preschool kids / baby / Children.And those are very safe contents for kids. Also it helps yourelax and gives you some free time while your baby is having fun,and your device is in the safe in your baby's hands.Theme 1 : Shapes SongsTheme 2 : ABC Songs for KidsTheme 3 : 123 Songs for KidsTheme 4 : Nursery Rhymes for kidsTheme 5 : Colors Songs for KidsTheme 6 : Top Sing-Along Favorites for KidsKids Learning (US English) help your Kids learn about1. Numbers2. Alphabet4. Colors5. Shapes6. Animals7. Fruits & Vegetables8. Vehicles9. Body parts10. Sports11. Music Instruments12. Clothes13. NatureInstall now 100% FREE!
Children Songs 2.0 APK
Children Songs :: The most popular &favorite Children Songs nursery rhymes/songs for Toddlers andPreschool kids / baby / Children. if you are looking for bestChildren songs for your baby this app for you. just install now allFREE!!
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