2.0 / June 1, 2021
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Many cockroaches are crawling around. It is not easy tocatchcockroaches because cockroach is moving up and down. TheKillCockroach game consists of several levels. If you completeacertain number of killed cockroaches at each level, you will gotothe next level. When you kill cockroaches, one moment abigcockroach appears. Small cockroaches is dead by touching onlyonce,but big cockroach is dead by touching several times until itsHPbecame to 0. Touch hard until the big cockroach is dead. Avarietynumbers of cockroaches crawl around each level. The KillCockroachgame is a game that catches cockroaches crawling aroundthe screenand is a good game to enjoy with children. Play the KillCockroachgame with exciting background music and have a fun. [Howto play]1. Touch the screen to kill the cockroach. 2. The number ofkilledcockroaches are displayed at the bottom of the screen. 3.Kill thecockroach by a certain number at each level and go to thenextlevel. 4. When a big cockroach appears, you must touch thescreenuntil HP became to 0.

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    Kill Cockroach
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    June 1, 2021
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    CoCoPaPa Soft
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    Geumgang-ro, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, Korea CoCoPaPa Soft
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This is a good game to people who like simple money-making games orthose who dislike complicated games. The goal of this simple gameis growing tree shadow and making a lot of money. We don't needcomplicated manipulation. As long as you tap on the screen, you getmoney from the tree shadow. The more you tap, the more you makemoney. You can buy various animal shadows by money you get. Even ifyou don't do anything, animal shadows give money after a certainamount of time automatically. The more animal shadows collect, themore money get. If you collect many animal shadows, you can feelthe joy of getting more money. Try not only to grow tree shadow,but also to raise animal shadows. Expensive animal shadow gives youmore money. Collect 60 different animal shadows. You can buyvarious animal shadows such as butterfly, ant, spider, bird,turtle, hippo, lion, whale. An unnecessary animal shadow may besold. The money that sells animal shadow can help pay for moreexpensive animal shadows. Every time you tap on a tree shadow, youget an experience point. If your experience point is max, you getlevel-up. The higher the level, the tree shadow grows and gets morebranches. As the level-up, you can get a more money from the treeshadow. Shadow Tap game doesn't require a high-speed control orplay. It may be too boring to enjoy. But it can be a good game foranyone who dislike complex games and want to relax. Tap on the treeshadow to make a lot of money and try to grow tree shadow. [How toPlay] 1. You can get money from the trees when you tap on thescreen. 2. You can buy various animal shadow with the money youget. 3. You can get money from the animal shadows automatically. 4.You can sell animal shadows. 5. When you tap on the screen, you getan experience point. 6. When the experience reaches 100%, you arelevel-up and tree shadows grows. 7. As tree shadow grows andbranches are more, you can get a more money from tree shadow. 8.The money getting per second is displayed at the top of the screen.
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Eastern dragon as a holy and imaginary animal is different withwestern dragon. Flying Dragon game is a based on eastern dragon andthe goal is to survive as long as possible and make longer andlonger. To make dragon longer, eat balls of dragon. But it is noteasy to eat. Phoenix flies on the sky and arrows attack you. Eatballs of dragon as quickly as possible avoiding phoenix and arrows.Dragon has a weapon to defeat a phoenix and arrows. That is a tailof dragon. Tail can make disappear phoenix and arrows. But don't becollided with phoenix or arrows. The more dragon grow longer, themore easy to defeat phoenix or arrows. The dragon can defeat thephoenix by surrounding the phoenix. Get the best record bysurviving for a long time or making dragon longer. [How to play] 1.Dragon moves on the screen you touched. 2. Dragon grow longer byeating ball of dragon. 3. The head of dragon doesn't be collidedwith phoenix. 4. The head of dragon doesn't be collided witharrows. 5. The tail of dragon can make disappear the phoenix. 6.The tail of dragon can make disappear the arrow. 7. Make the dragonlonger with surviving as long as possible. 8. Dragon grow morelonger, it is easy to defeat phoenix or arrows.
Balloon Pop 2.0 APK
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Most of children is amused by seeing balloons floating into thesky. Children have a fun even though they are surprising when theballoon popping sound is heard. Balloon Pop is a good game to playfor kids as a game of popping various colors of balloons floating.Various fruits or food are fallen from the popped balloons.Although they can't eat falling fruits or food, kids are pleased tolook at them. The cheerful sound of various colors of balloonspopping stimulate the curiosity of children. The time goes soquickly during balloon popping with mom and dad. Balloon pop is asimple and interesting game for kids, in addition to everything isfree. Every time the balloon popped, you get a point and experiencepoint. Your level is up as experience point is increased, pointwhat you get is depending your level. For example, you can get a 1point if your level is 1 and 10 point if your level is 10. Poppingballoons more makes level-up quickly, you can get a more point asyour level is up. Not only simple balloon pop game, but also youcan experience a growing as level-up. [How to play] 1. Balloons arefloating from below of the screen to sky. 2. Touch the balloon,balloon popped. 3. Variety of fruits and food are fallen from theballoon popped. 4. Obtain experience point every time you pop aballoon. 5. You are next level when experience point is max. 6. Thelevel is higher, you get a more point.
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Many mosquitoes are flying around. Touch the screen to killthemosquito. It is not easy to catch mosquitoes because mosquitoismoving up and down. The Kill Mosquito game consists ofseverallevels. If you complete a certain number of killedmosquitoes ateach level, you will go to the next level. When youkillmosquitoes, one moment a big mosquito appears. Small mosquitoesisdead by touching only once, but big mosquito is dead bytouchingseveral times until its HP became to 0. Touch hard untilthe bigmosquito is dead. A variety of colors and numbers ofmosquitoes flyaround each level. The Kill Mosquito game is a gamethat catchesmosquitoes flying around the screen and is a good gameto enjoywith children. Play the Kill Mosquito game with excitingbackgroundmusic and have a fun. [How to play] 1. Many mosquitoesare flyingaround the screen. 2. Touch the screen to kill themosquito. 3. Thenumber of killed mosquitoes are displayed at thebottom of thescreen. 4. Kill the mosquito by a certain number ateach level andgo to the next level. 5. When a big mosquito appears,you musttouch the screen until HP became to 0.
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Black holes are known as substances that absorb everything inthespace. Black Hole Growing Game is a game that aims to surviveforas long as possible while absorbing smaller planets than blackholeand avoiding bigger planets than black hole making blackholebigger based on black hole theory. To make a black hole bigger,youhave to eat the light floating in space. Each time you eatlight,the size of the black hole becomes larger. Smaller planetsthanblack hole can be absorbed by the black hole. Smaller planetsthanblack hole is linked to a dotted line to black hole, so youcaneasily know if it can be absorbed. However, planets largerthanblack hole is also coming to you. Larger planets than blackholescan not be absorbed so you must avoid. Get a high score byavoidinglarger planets than black hole and absorbing smallerplanets thanblack hole as possible you can. As the black hole growslarger, youcan absorb larger planets. The score you get when youabsorb alarge planets is higher than the score you get when youabsorb asmall planets. Because the size of black hole issavedautomatically, you can continue the game from the final sizeofblack hole. It is easier to get a higher score than you startswithsmall size of black hole. Let's try the challenge and grow ablackhole and make the best record. [How to play] 1) The blackholemoves to the place where the screen was touched. 2) When youeatlight, the black hole grows bigger. 3) Do not hit a largerplanetthan a black hole. 4) Smaller planets than black hole canbeabsorbed. 5) The planet that can be absorbed is represented byadotted line linked to black hole. 6) Make your black holebiggerwhile you survive as long as possible. 7) The more you absorbthelarger planet, you can get higher score.