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Kill The Bandit is a real "ReflexTrainer".
Measure your reflexes with this fast action shooting game. Touchthe screen to aim for the bandit and align the sight of the gun,and release the finger to shot. Avoid the fearful sheriffs thatescape in all directions and sometimes inadvertently cover thebandits. There are two game-play. Arcade mode, where you progressfrom level to level, with level 1 being only bandits, level 2bandits and sheriffs, level 3 sheriffs and moving bandits, level 4all characters moving, level 5 and further all guys are faster andfaster. Kill the bandits before time expires, and try to accumulateas much as remaining time as possible. You have got only one life,and hitting sheriffs makes you lose time. The more the time youwill accumulate, the more you will be a champion. Level mode (1-8)let you choose the level you want, and you have to try to lower therecord (world or personal) playing 7 rounds, with from 1 to 7bandits. In this game mode there is no time limit but you have tominimize the elapsed time.
If you mobile tablet or smartphone is connected to the Internet,you can view the world-wide records, both for arcade and levelmodes.

App Information Kill That Bandit

  • App Name
    Kill That Bandit
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  • Updated
    June 28, 2013
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Texasoft Reloaded
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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A mix of combat and zombie 3DFirst-Person-Shooter (FPS) in a frightening and claustrophobicenvironment.Kill all zombies and soldiers collecting new weapons, medikit,coins and more.16 levels, including boss level, and more to come.Destroy tanks and UFOs with bazooka.Marine level where you drive a rubber dinghy on the sea aroundislands populated by enemies, armed with a machine gun, chased byzombie sharks.Multiplayer supported (2 players on the same LAN/WiFi).
RetroBikeRunner 1.0.5 APK
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This is an exciting space shooting gamefreelyinspired by an old arcade.Fight against tons of aliens coming down to invade the Earth!Use the accelerometer of your (smart)phone or tablet, rollingitleft or right, to move your space gun. Fire by tapping any pointonthe screen.Hit the nasty aliens, avoiding the missiles that literally rainoveryour gun. There are three energy barriers that shield yourshiptemporarily, but beware: the enemy fire will slowly make itswayinside the barriers.From time to time the alien mother ship shall enter your viewtocontrol the situation: try to hit it at the center, the moreyourmissile hits the ship in a point near the center, the moreyourscore will be increased (from 25 to 125 points).Each level is harder than the previous: aliens shall be moreandmore aggressive, more enemy missiles shall be fired, and theenergybarriers shall be thinner.If you shall reach level 3, well, you are good. If you arriveatlevel 4, your are a master.Note for PC owners: if you buy this game, we'll give you thePCversion for free! Send us the receipt of your purchase onAndroidMarket, an e-mail, and we'll send you the installer versionforWindows(TM).
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Travel between the stars and battle analieninvasion from a black hole! Black Holes are used as aintergalactictunnels by an aggressive alien race, determined toconquer theEarth and enslave the human race. Hold on to killersatellites,deadly spheres, asteroids and a terrible and hugebosses, under theubiquitous influence of the black hole. Cross theenergy barriercreated by the enemies while avoiding the collisionwith theirspaceships. Use 4 soft keys to rotate to the left andright yourspace shuttle, to enable the rockets and to fire themissiles.Attention to fuel efficiency when using rockets, if yourun out youwill be forced to wander under the gravitationalinfluence theblack hole at the mercy of your enemies.If an enemy ship or missile hits you, you will go down intotheblack hole and inevitably explode into fireballs.Each level consists of 5 stages, and the next level the enemiesaremore numerous and aggressive. Each type of enemy has apeculiarbehavior and you will find a way to address it.Other exciting features of the game:- Rich and engaging music (thanks to www.vgmusic.com)- Eye-catching graphics (thanks to www.reinerstilesets.de/)- Realistic physics effects through integrated libraryBox2DAGK.- Persistent high score. High score can be deleted, too, ifyourfriend has been better than you!Again, as for other pieces of software from Texasoft Reloaded,ifyou buy the Android version, I'll give you for free the PCWindowsone, that can be played with the keyboard (up,left,rightarrow keysand spacebar) or with a joystick.Enjoy the game, and beware of the black hole!Made with AGK (App Game Kit) by The Game Creators.
Super Dario Frog 2.5.0 APK
Evolution of classic frog character basedretrogame with the funny action of platform games and the excitingcapabilities of 2D physics.Swipe over the touch screen to make the frog Dario jump in alldirection, it is easier than you can imagine,.Five different world types: 1) classic platform game with a lot ofjumping and enemies, 2) classic top-view game with rivers andhighways to cross 3) side-scrolling space game with UFO, spaceshipsand deadly obstacles, 4) world in the volcano, descending on awater lily, avoiding fire bubbles and rotary fire barriers, 5) bossworld with ghastly bosses and additional gadgets andpower-ups.Final version - 40 levels - 5 Extra levels downloadable for freefrom the Internet. Christmas theme e additional enemies. Snails canbe beaten by jumping over.Enjoy.

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