1.7 / April 1, 2016
(3.7/5) (478)


A refreshing 3D tank game! Please Play thoseTank Wars Killer now!
It combines military strategy game and shooting game! ! !
Please Plunder loot from destroyed enemy tanks!!
Diversified landforms and scenes where numerous battles and warfarehappened! ! !
Equip your tank with ray guns, plasma howitzers, sonic cannons, andmore.
Use the all new interactive environments to strategically kill yourenemies.

• Simple controls, Touch and drag finger anywhere on the screen fortank movement and rotation in any direction.
• Practice your skills against intelligent AI Tanks.
• 10 powerful tanks to choose from with more coming soon!
• Enemy Tanks and machine guns are fighting you with ArtificialIntelligence (AI)
• Go to war in one of 12 arenas, watch out for those chokepoints.
• Realistic hitting feelings
*** The game is 28 MB. It does not need additional download !

App Information Killer Tank Attack Wars 3D

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Emoji Emoticons Plugin 3.1 APK
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Ice Cream Blast 1.0 APK
The best free jump game on the android storeis here! Hours of mega fun with Ice Cream Blast! Download this jumpgame free today and be happy!Playing Ice Cream is as easy as a doodle on your screen. Jumpfrom city to city with your ice cream friend. Avoid the obstacles,collect coins, and earn as many points as you can! Jump from onegrassy area to another, don’t doodle around! Ice cream melts if youwait to long, so download this free jump game today!Your Happy Ice Cream Blast awaits!
Basketball Paper Flick Pro 1.0 APK
The Smash Hit Free Game is now on Google PlayStore :)Ever wished there was a basketball net above that trash can whenyou throw paper in? Then Basket ball Paper Flick is for you!Enjoy the ultimate basketball gaming experience with a fun newgame Basketball Paper Flick.Basketball Paper Flick Pro is an addictive game designed forbasketball fans, office junkies, and those with a few spare minutesfor some addicting to kill some time, which it offers single playeror multiplayer options, as well as many cool game modes where youcan show off your paper tossing skills!You can choose to play online with people around the world, orplay live games with your friends and earn MP's which can be usedtowards in-app features.Prepare to experience the joy of playing best flickingbasketball paper toss game with real people.Choosing from over 12 different courts to flick the paper andplay.Unlimited fun awaits you with 3 different game modes. Check outthe scoreboard and leaderboards in each game mode to see how youranked and which friends you need to beat.Unlock various achievements to win tens of cups and gain accessto extra features.Features:
- Custom rendered levels & graphics over 12different locations
- 3 different game modes-Unlimited Possibilities
- Online multi-player game experiencewith real opponents or challenge your own friends 
- Cups &Trophies which can be unlocked through various achievementsTags:
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Money Clicker : Make it Rain 1.1 APK
Everyone wants to be rich, but how fast canyou get rich? Download Money Clicker: Rich in Vegas to find out howaddicting this game is! Go make it rain now!So, how do you play Money Clicker: Rich in Vegas? It’s as easyas 1, 2, 3…Click the money to make it rain, the more you click the more itrains! Grow your business by bribing criminals to make more moneyand bribing law enforcement to protect your money from robbers. Buymoney plates to make it rain higher value money. Time is money; themore time you spend making it rain the richer you become!-Enjoy hours and hours of endless game play, and all for thelove of money!-Be the richest person in the world by checking out theLeaderboard!-Tap the money to watch your stash grow-100% Free to play!-You will be a money tapping pro in no time.Money Clicker: Rich in Vegas' seemingly endless gameplay willallow you to play for an indefinite amount of time, or at leastuntil you make a gazillion dollars, your device will not be able tocount them anymore.Become the Money Master by making it rain and be the richest personin the world!Don't waste time, start now!
Killer Tank Attack Wars 3D 1.7 APK
A refreshing 3D tank game! Please Play thoseTank Wars Killer now!It combines military strategy game and shooting game! ! !Please Plunder loot from destroyed enemy tanks!!Diversified landforms and scenes where numerous battles and warfarehappened! ! !Equip your tank with ray guns, plasma howitzers, sonic cannons, andmore.Use the all new interactive environments to strategically kill yourenemies.TANK WARS FEATURES:• Simple controls, Touch and drag finger anywhere on the screen fortank movement and rotation in any direction.• Practice your skills against intelligent AI Tanks.• 10 powerful tanks to choose from with more coming soon!• Enemy Tanks and machine guns are fighting you with ArtificialIntelligence (AI)• Go to war in one of 12 arenas, watch out for those chokepoints.• Realistic hitting feelings*** The game is 28 MB. It does not need additional download !
Swept Tiles & Blocks Free 1.0 APK
Sweeping with a broom is a thing of the past;spend your time sweeping these tiles to create a pattern! Downloadthis casual fun free game today, don’t miss out!How to play Swept Tiles & Blocks Free:Sweep Rows, sweep columns. You must make them equal in bothstreams before the blocks collide.Build the same clashing rows in both boxes by sweeping its rows andcolumns. 
-Be swept away by the graphics and gameplay-Join cubist movement uniting cubes of the same colors. 

-Colorful game play-Blue, Red, Black and Gray blocks make it more challenging-Compete with millions of people all over the world.Move on from ball games and try out this block game today, SweptTiles & Blocks Free will blow you away. The graphics are simpleand elegant. Enjoy the casual game play it offers. Challengeyourself and your friends. We are starting a cubist revolution witha puzzle game that is great for the entire family. Best of all, itsFree! Download Swept Tiles & Blocks Free today, you won’tregret it!No price, no in-App Purchases - just play it FREE and havefun!
Forest Zombies Free Game 1.1 APK
Zombies are attacking! And they mustbestopped. They are killing and eating the friendly Woopsie'sthatare nothing more than harmless squirrels that live in abeautifuland enchanting forest. THEY NEED YOUR HELP!Get ready to save the Woopsie's and help Plummy McClane inhiseffort to kill the Zombies.This is your job now! Protect the Forest! Get rid of theZombiesbefore they take over!FEATURES:Over 100 addictive levels.Interactive ability to kill the zombies with all kinds ofsurprisingweapons.Over a dozen unique never-seen-before zombies that keep comingbackfor more squirrels.Hours of power packed entertainment that you will not be able toputdown.Multiple weapons and upgrades.NOT JUST ANOTHER WASTE OF SPACE ON YOUR DEVICE YOU CAN MASTER INANHOUR! AN ADDICTIVE AND CHALLENGING!There are over five worlds featuring 100 action packedlevelsfull of zombies. These levels will keep you engrossed forhours! Itis addictively fun and challenging!CAN YOU RID THE FOREST OF ZOMBIES? Only your play in thegamewill tell! You must kill many Zombies to protect the forest butyouwill have many weapons at your disposable to do this.UPGRADE YOUR WEAPONS AND RID THE FOREST OF ZOMBIES!This is a super cool game with an unbelievable numberoffeatures!One of these is a "Zombie Book". This is the ultimate guideandonly guide you will need for learning about the Zombies thatyouare killing. It is full of insightful and interestinginformationthat will help you learn about why you must killthem!Also featuring an inside Zombie Comic showing all the goodiesforthe zombie culture!
Original 100 Balls+ 1.0.9 APK
Original 100 Balls+ is the best ball gameofthe year! Insanely addictive is an understatement.Don’t miss out on this new craze! Its not just aboutballdropping, its about exercising your brain and having fun whileyoudo it!How to PlayThe cups rotate on the track; you must drop a ball through theslotinto the cup to keep the cup on the track. Fill the moving cupsupas much as you can with the falling down balls! The filledcupswill take the balls back to the pot; lost balls are goneforever.Each level the cups increase in speed. As you go higher inlevelyou will see different colored cups pop on the track. Thecolorfulcups produce higher valued colored balls. The longer youkeep thecups on the track the more points you earn. The game endswhenthere are no cups or balls left.Ready…Set…Download Original 100 Balls+ today!- Eye pleasing graphics, great for kids and adults alike!- Free fun game to play all the time!- Single tap controls for easy game play.- Best SFX and Music!- Endless hours of the best brain strategy entertainment.- Compete with and crush other players all over the worldthroughthe leaderboard, be the big fish on the leaderboard!Original 100 Balls+ is putting a twist to puzzle games, Itsallabout strategy and timing. Don’t let the Balls rain downtoquickly! Being able to top the leaderboard and crushthecompetition has never been so creatively challenging. Whowouldtake 100 colorful balls and make a game to entertain youforendless hours? When I think of ball I think of throwingballs,basketballs, football, baseballs, bouncing balls, all kindsofballs! But all you have to do here is drop balls and guesswhat,your thumb gets a great workout. So make this game your nextjam,download the Original 100 Balls+ free today!