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You can play with photo effects! Photo Light Effects ImageEditingwith a great collection of light effects and photo filterstoquickly produce masterpieces of your images, we offer a newphotoorganizer program! Your photos can shine and shine!With thephotoediting program you can edit the pictures you want. It isthefastest and best quality editing tool. With frames and effects,youcan make photos more magnificent. Create wonderful artifactswithinscription and color selection in pictures. It is anincrediblyfeatured program designed for everyone. Photo editing forAndroidis very simple and easy. Arrange the pictures you take withthecamera with ease. You can make the most beautiful by playing onthephotos. It is a great application especially for socialmedialovers. You can edit photos you share instantly and share themonyour social account. Animate your pictures with the photoeditor.Turn your photos into works of art. Only one detail,shape andcolor can perform miracles!Photo and image editor forAndroid, asimple and free image editing editor. With thisapplication, userscan turn their mobile device into a small studiofor editingphotos. It makes your photos beautiful with easy andpowerfulediting tools. Easy to use filters and effects to share Itdoes nottake any good time for your photos to look great.* Imagerotation*Image Cut* Picture size setting* Painting and graphite,you canfreely adjust the size and stiffness of the brick* Adjustimagebrightness and brightness* You can adjust brightness,contrast,color temperature, color saturation* Photo effects* Colorsplash*Picture frame* Picture Stage* Focus and anti-blurfunction*Temperature* Sharpness* Add text to pictures* Sticker*Acne*Whitening stains and teeth* Red eye reduction* Easy photos,cameraimport photos* Easy Tone adjustment with Brightness,Darkness,Exposure and Contrast shifters* Fast White Balancecorrection forenhanced color accuracy* Tweak Saturation for themost vivid imagepossible* Apply photo effects to both spherical orspecific regionsof images* Frame section (Beautiful photo frames).*Live photoeffects. Create a collage.* Add text to pictures.* CustomFilters.*Image editor is professionally designed.* Selecting animage inGallery.* HD feature. Camera and image.* Specialstickers.*Brightness, color saturation.* Contrast and scribble.*Red eye andbleach.* Color balance.* Cropping, rotating*Automaticoptimization.* Resize.* optimization settings.* Photoeditor free.*View your images using simple, two-finger zoom byusing your fingerto move and zoom images,* Easily adjust HSL slidesand RGB colorchannels in your photo to color or correct hard whitebalanceproblems* Apply live photo effects if you can take photosand usethe in-camera features in a wide range of advancedcamerafeatures!* Edit, combine your favorite photos to createfantasticcollages, and then adjust!* Sharing on social networks.(Facebook,tango, instagram, swarm, skyp, badoo, whatsapp v.s).Thank you.

App Information King Photo editor, filter, frame 👑

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    King Photo editor, filter, frame 👑
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    March 17, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Sweet and Beauty HD Cameras
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HD Camera (Full 4K+) 1.0.1 APK
DSLR Ultra 4K HD Camera is the camera for maximum quality from yourphone or tablet and you have the convenience of taking photos andvideos with much speed. You can take the best quality pictures withprofessional camera which is prepared with careful attention touser satisfaction. Capture photos and videos in high-definition HDquality with the professional 4K HD Camera. An excellent cameradesigned for high-definition HD quality photos and videos withphotos with different effects. You can capture the best qualityphotos with the event camera prepared by paying attention to usersatisfaction. Create a wonder and wonder with the professional 4KHD Camera. An excellent professional DSLR HD, a camera with all thecontent and features you can use for free. With the superb 4K UltraHD camera you can capture top quality photos. Features: * Selectscene modes, color effects, white balance and exposurecompensation. * Select camera and video quality and resolutionJPEG. * Video recording time (with optional audio). Burst mode withconfigurable delay. * To turn off the optional shutter sound. * TheGUI works in any direction without any pause to change thedirection. Optimize your choice for right and left handed users. *Keys Adjustable volume (to take pictures, zoom, or to changeexposure compensation). * Open camera functionality: support forfocus modes, scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO,exposure compensation / lock, face recognition, torch. * Videorecording (supports all resolutions including HD). * Convenientremote control: timer (optional audio countdown timer), automaticrepeat mode (with configurable delay). * Adjustable volume keys. *Location targeting feature * Face Detection Alternative. * Front /rear camera selection. * Multi-touch gesture and one-touch remotecontrol. * To lock the portrait or landscape orientation for thedesired photo or video. * Photo effects * Disabilities shuttersound. * Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging) photos andvideos; For photos, this compass direction (GPSImgDirection,GPSImgDirectionRef) contains. * Apply a date and time stamp,location coordinates, and custom text to photos. * Also known asfront camera (selfie shooting) * (Some) external microphonesupport. * Widget to take pictures automatically after the launch.* Manual focusing distance; manual ISO; manual exposure time; RAW(DNG) files. * Switch between front and rear camera. * Full HD1080P quality video recording. Carefully designed for phones andtablets. Create great photos with high-resolution 4K Ultra HDquality photos and videos, excellent effects and different effectsand real-time filters. Full HD (1080p) Become a social phenomenonwith camera. Professional 4K Ultra HD 1080p Camera is a fullfeatured and completely free camera application for android phonesand tablets. With the new design and new features, you will find aprofessional HD camera and video recorder. Thank you.
Super Zoom HD Camera (New 2018) 1.0.0 APK
⚜️ An excellent camera designed for high-definition HD qualityphotos and videos with photos with different effects.⚜️ You cancapture the best quality photos with the event camera prepared bypaying attention to user satisfaction.⚜️ Professional Camera Fullfeatured and completely free Camera app for Android phones andtablets.⚜️ An excellent camera designed for high-definition HDquality photos and videos with photos with different effects.⚜️ Youcan capture the best quality photos with the event camera preparedby paying attention to user satisfaction.⚜️ Professional CameraFull featured and completely free Camera app for Android phones andtablets.⚜️ Professional Ultra Full HD Camera and video applicationis prepared for you.⚜️ Up-to-date features, up-to-date design, newcontent with up-to-date content, zooming camera and videoapplication.💎 The best and greatest app will be on your mobilephone and tablet.💎 Very nice features and shapes available.💎 Withthe professional camera you will get the best video.💎 You will getthe best photos.💎 Share photos and videos on social media withease.💎 With this application you will feel like a photographeryourself.💎 You'll feel like you're using an Apple camera with aZoom camera.💎 Compatible with Android phones and tablets.💎 It iscompletely free. works without internet.💎Immerse your beautifulmemories with a beautiful camera.★★★ FEATURES ★★★✔ Set the focusdistance, ISO, exposure, shutter speed (Lollipop only)✔ Bestpractice on camera on Android✔ Keystrokes Adjustable volume(copyright, image, zoom, or compensation change).✔ Color effects,focus modes for scene modes✔ White balance, ISO, exposurecompensation / lock, face recognition.✔ Video recording (alsosupports HD resolution).✔ Apply date and time stamp, placecoordinates and custom text to photos; Save the store date / timeand location as video subtitles (.SRT).✔ Zoom feature✔ Ultra-HDcapability✔ (Some) external microphone support.✔ RAW capture (onsupported devices)✔ Take a photo with the Widget after it startsautomatically.✔ Manual controls, ISO, Shutter speed, focus distance(supported devices)✔ Best Mode!✔ picture quality✔ Exposurefeature✔Camera control settings✔ Stable Shot feature for betterphotos!✔ Timer feature✔ Audio adjustable✔ Timeout✔ HDR ModeProfessional✔ Quiet camera mode✔ Multiple flash modes✔ Liveeffects✔ Work offline✔ touch to capture✔ Gold ratio feature✔Storage area indicator✔ Time display✔ Video recording at 1080Pquality✔ Professional selfie feature✔ Zoom in at Pro zoom quality✔Completely free !! Thank you.
Trend women's clothing styles (New) 1.0.1 APK
The most popular clothing styles of recent times are in thisapplication. The most stylish and stylish combos and setstogether.Shoe belt compatibility, watch earrings wrist fitting,pants shirt fit, skirt sweatshirt ...There are a lot more suits inthis app. It's easy to be the most stylish woman in themedia.Download the app, create a list of your receivables, andstart shopping.Shopping will be a lot of fun and short.Do not spendhours shopping. Have the most popular women's clothing style...Trend clothing styles. After you look attractive, you should befashionable, so it should be fashion trend today. When looking forthe best style, there are many style types that you can createexamples. You should know a little style.The first example comeswith a jeans jacket. This dress is a popular style in women'sclothing. Jeans can be paired with short dresses and short skirts.Leather jackets are popular and stylish for women. You can wear ahat for a jeans jacket and accessories. Also, this road can be usedfor the combination of blazers and shorts style. You can choose thestyle of the city you want. In addition, another example of a modelthat can be used for street style is a convenient mode. Sometimesmany women want to use casual models, because this is the simplest.It is a simple style wearing a short short shirt. Once people havetalked about the best shoes for street wear, you should think aboutthe best shoes for style. There are many types of shoes that youngpeople can use for street fashion. Boots for teens are the choicefor you to find the best shoes to match. Bots are used both informal and casual clothes. You can choose shoes with heels orwithout heels. Heeled shoes, usually used for formal wear and highboots, can be bought in cozy street style stores. In addition,there are other types of shoes. Wearing the right shoes makes itmore feminine and stylish. This is a type of shoe that is notbackwards. The shoe mule is also suitable for wearing it. I mean,women are very popular in street fashion. The same jacket, blazerand so on. You can use.It is completely free and works withoutinternet. Having attractive look, you have to be stylish. For thisreason, today we have to know the trend into fashion. Women streetwear is a style of clothing style that becomes popular style inthis era. There are many different models that can be used asexamples when searching for the best styles. Thus, for women, youneed to know several kinds of styles. These examples are availablefor the option below if you are looking for female street fashiontrends. A list of samples for everyday wear for women was created.Thank you.
Daily clothing styles (New) 1.0.3 APK
With this application, you will create the fashion and you willguide the fashion. The most stylish and trendy everyday clothingstyles of the season are in this application for you. Make up youreveryday clothing style with ladies' daily wear. Besides women'sdaily wear, women's clothing, ladies 'fashion, ladies' shoes,women's hair models and women's accessories are also available inthis application. Now apply and enjoy. Cozy clothes for women is akind of style that will be popular in this age. There are manydifferent models that can be used as examples when looking at theBest Styles. You can find the best and most modern design forcasual clothes for women. For casual wear for women this popularpair of jeans, denim jackets, short dresses and short skirts can bematched with leather jackets, but at the same time it can bepopular and fashionable for women. You can wear a pair of jeans tomatch with a jacket and accessories. You can choose an urban styleoutfit for your desired style. he will guide you to dress well inthis practice when you go to parties, invitations, meetings,negotiations, business trips .... Compatible with daily wear stylesand accessories in this application. There are many clothing stylessuch as sportswear, casual and free clothing, casual wear, formalwear, semi-formal wear ... is a free application for casual clothesfor women, casual clothes for women, clothes ideas for youngpeople, trend clothing styles, street clothes for women and more.Feature: - Stylish designs and combos - Free Application - Offlineand Online Application - Can set comfortable clothes for women -Small-sized - The best and most beautiful clothing models - Newfashion and trends - Color combinations that work best together -Trendy wear - Trend accessories. Thank you.
Gallery (your gallery) 1.0.0 APK
It is designed to display your photos and videos. You will belooking at your 3D gallery taste photos.Compatible with Androidphones and tablets. You will notice the quality after indenting theapplication.In your photos, you can make all the settings you canthink of with this gallery!Exposure, Brightness, Contrast,Saturation, Shadow, Accent or Tone settings, etc.Find it right nowwith this regular gallery from thousands of photosCrop your photosas you like.You can crop other photos to fit the size of yourphotos.You can edit your pictures with various filteringmethods.You can keep your photos both better and more organized.Itis completely free. works without internet.Thank you for yourinterest and your interest.
HD Camera 💎⚜️ 1.0.0 APK
It is a perfect camera application designed completely free ofcharge. Create and share photos with different effects.ProfessionalUltra Full HD Camera and video application is prepared foryou.Up-to-date features, up-to-date design, new content withup-to-date content Zooming Camera and video application withyou.The best and greatest app will be on your mobile phone andtablet.Very nice features and shapes available.With theprofessional camera you will get the best video. You will get thebest photos. Share photos and videos on social media with ease.Withthis application you will feel like a photographer yourself. With aFull HD camera you'll be using the original Ultra HD.Compatiblewith Android phones and tablets. It is completely free. workswithout internet. Immerse your beautiful memories with a beautifulcamera.You can take top quality pictures with the professionalcamera which is prepared by paying attention to usersatisfaction.Professional Camera Full featured and completely freecamera application for Android phones and tablets.With the 4K HDcamera application, you will be able to take 1080P pictures andrecord videos.With the best and most stylish HD camera, you cantake quality pictures and share them on social media.✸✸✸✸✸☞Switching between front and rear camera. HD image capture feature.☞High resolution, And image capture, Flash feature, Real timefilters☞ Location targeting, Video capture, Different scene codes,Timer, Zoom in zoom☞ Select Scene modes, color effects, whitebalance and exposure compensation.☞ Night mode, Photo effects,Switch between front and rear camera☞ Capture photos and videos inhigh resolution HD quality with superb camcorder.☞ Whitenesssetting for high resolution hd quality photos and videos☞ FaceDetection Alternative.☞ Front / rear camera selection.☞ Selectcamera and video quality and resolution JPEG.☞ Video recording time(with optional audio).☞ Burst mode with configurable delay.☞ Toturn off the optional shutter sound.☞ Runs in any direction withoutany pause to change the GUI direction. Optimize your choice forright and left handed users.☞ Keys Adjustable volume (to takepictures, zoom, or to change exposure compensation).☞ Open camerafunctionality: support for focus modes, scene modes, color effects,white balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock, face recognition,torch.☞ Video recording (supports all resolutions including HD).☞Convenient remote control: timer (optional audio countdown timer),automatic repeat mode (with configurable delay).☞ Adjustable volumekeys. Location targeting feature☞ Move away with multi-touchgesture and one-touch control.☞ To lock the portrait or landscapeorientation for the desired photo or video.☞ Photo effects. Injuredshutter sound.☞ Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging) photosand videos; For photos, this compass direction (GPSImgDirection,GPSImgDirectionRef) contains.☞ Apply a date and time stamp,location coordinates, and special text to photos.☞ Also known asfront camera (selfie shooting)☞ (Some) external microphonesupport.☞ Widget to take pictures automatically after launching.☞Manual focus distance; manual ISO; manual exposure time; RAW (DNG)files. Thank you.
Classic Ringtones (Old phones) 🔔🎵 1.0.0 APK
Are you looking for some classic old phone ringtones? New age isbored with ringtones and wants something old and classic? You cannot stop calling! We saw this! Classic Phone Ringtones is theperfect choice for you app! Classic Phone Ringtones is the newestringing app that has the best old phone ringtones for your device!If you just want to hear old voices and have old standardringtones, or just take a look at the past, Classic Phone Ringtonesis the perfect app for you. With a nice retro design and loudringtones from the past, this app will bring back beautifulmemories. You will love this practice! So now Classic PhoneRingtones and these nostalgic voices of old office and home phonescan be enjoyedThis easy and free app lets you personalize yourphone or tablet very personally.It is perfect for loud phone tones,ring tones, notifications or alarms. There are 56 classic phoneringtones loud and clear.just listen to the loud or clear ringtoneor sound. If you like it, press the green check button and select aringtone, alarm, notification, or contact.this application iscompatible with most phones and can be used for ringing tones ornotifications or alerts.download it now and set a phone tone foreach of your contacts so you know who's calling and who'scalling!With the perfect ringtone application you will add color toyour phone.Features:- Loading on SD card- 11 old phone tones- highquality- touch to set as ring tone, alarm or notification- Classicphone ringtones- Retro phone ringtones and alarms- vintage phonemusic- Classic sounds- ringing old school free songs- Antique phonevoices-Indexes over 56 old phone ringtones.- Set as Ring, ContactRingtone, SMS Notification and Alarm.- Very easy to use.- Allscreen sizes - Compatible with 99% android devices.- This Fullversion is completely free. Thank you
i learn to make up (face, eye, lip) 1.0.5 APK
Are you looking for a natural eye makeup tutor? This application isperfect for you! Completely free, perfect for a make-up downloadnow for free. A natural makeup tutorial, a diverse eye penciltutorial, can be applied comfortably about how the pencil eyelinerwill be applied. No need to worry, this app does not require aspecial permission to install on your phone, and it's completelyfree. With this application you will learn to make make-up from theroad easier. Your eyes are the most striking feature in your faceand good makeup can enhance your attractiveness by drawingattention to the best facial features. One of the most importantaspects of eye makeup ideas is to choose makeup in the right eyefirst. The second is to learn the right techniques to apply youreye makeup. You will learn which colors of your choice and how thetypes of eye make-up will make skin tone and the shape of your eyesor eye pupil teacher, winged eye pencil, smoky eye lesson. With alot of makeup types, you will find your face and makeup style thatbest suits your eyes. After all, there is an almost limitlessnumber of eye makeup products on the market, so how do you choosethe right one for you? Quality make-up is designed to emphasize andemphasize the eyes specially, and a product that every woman shouldknow is eye-opener. This is the easiest way to do make-up step bystep. With this application you will immediately learn to make up.You will make up for yourself without help from anyone. It is theideal make-up application for a smooth face. Thank you.