2.0 / April 6, 2018
(4.3/5) (805)


Dylan works as a security guard for an American security firm.He’sex-military. He has accepted a contract to work for firm thatprotects American interests at the Mexican port of Veracruz.Averageday for Dylan when suddenly the Port is overrun by a MexicanCartel. You need to cover the retreat of employees and civiliansfrom the port until support can arrive.You’ve taken out the scout.Alarms are ringing. People are running away in fear. You must pickout the scout’s partner. You must cover your tracks before yourposition is given up. You are heavily outnumbered so it isessential that you remain stealthy. The Cartel Boss is heavilyarmoured and armed. He is supported by two snipers who will informhim of your location as well as provide fire support. Don’t leavethe boss of this gang, he is the master mind behind all crimes.Kill him.Be brave and stay safe in this SHOOTING mission.Features:•Amazing Port Environment!• High Quality 3D Graphics and RealisticExplosive Sounds!• Smooth and Easy Controls!• Powerful Soldiers!•Addictive game play and Challenging Missions!• InterestingScenarios to complete!

App Information King Sniper FPS Survival 2018

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    King Sniper FPS Survival 2018
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    April 6, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Awesome Action Games
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    7900 E. Princess Dr. 1240 Scottsdale, AZ 85255 United States
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