V1.4.3 / October 23, 2015
(4.7/5) (7,969)


Get ready for Kingdoms Charge, the most exciting mobile RPG of2015! The world of Nodrania comes alive with beautiful hand-drawnart and intuitive controls. Lead a team of Heroes through a journeyto explore a fantasy world filled with forgotten magic and ancienttechnology.
Evil is threatening Nodrania on all sides, and only the forgottensecrets of the past can change the tides of battle. Do you havewhat it takes to win the day in Kingdoms Charge?

Game Features:
✔ Deep and strategic combat!
✔ Tons of unique Heroes allow for endless teamconfigurations!
✔ Visually dazzling skills and boss summons!
✔ A robust enchantment system for your gear!
✔ Global rankings so you can be the best in the world!

Please note that while Kingdoms Charge is a free to play game,certain items can only be obtained through payment. For moreinformation please refer to our "Terms of Service" and "PrivacyPolicy." You must be at least 13 years old to download and playKingdoms Charge.

Visit our Facebook Fanpage at: http://www.facebook.com/KingdomsCharge

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Kingdoms Charge Version History

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  • V1.4.3 (1004003) - Latest Version
  • V1.4.2 (1004002)
  • Kingdoms Charge V1.4.3 APK File

    Publish Date: 2016 /2/12
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 48.3 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 14)
    File Sha1: 1e21ac584d763edeb26cfacaa107c269b1421c35
    APK Signature: 05470a301e047f2d5ff66e183bb177ca68f2d170
  • Kingdoms Charge V1.4.2 APK File

    Publish Date: 2015 /8/24
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
    File Size: 48.3 MB
    Tested on: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 14)
    File Sha1: eadbebe02f775554e5a302e75f04e498d371a09a
    APK Signature: 05470a301e047f2d5ff66e183bb177ca68f2d170
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Castle Clash: Guild Royale 1.7.6 APK
●●● Your legacy in Castle Clash continues after 6 years! ●●● For 6years you have fought and survived. Now an epic new challenge dawns- Narcia: War Era! Lead your heroes into battle alongside yourallies, and outsmart rival guilds to fulfill a greater, collectiveambition. Step into a brave new land where you must build, develop,and protect your guild's territory. Summon your allies to conquermighty enemy guilds together. What are you waiting for? It’s timeto take your guild to greater heights! Packed with exciting combatand fast-paced strategy, Castle Clash is a game of epicproportions! Hire powerful Heroes to lead your army of mythicalcreatures. Fight your way up to become the world's greatestwarlord. Put your strategies to the test in dungeons, raids, andmore! With over 100 million players worldwide, it's always time toclash! Now available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian,Japanese, and Korean. Game Features: ✔ Strive for glory in GuildRoyale. Summon your guildmates and fight to be the mightiest guildof all in the all-new “Narcia: War Era”! ✔ Give your Heroespowerful new looks when they wear enhanced Hero Skins! ✔ Utilizethe non-linear base development system to upgrade your base as youlike! ✔ Enjoy seamless operation and jaw-dropping visual effects atyour fingertips. ✔ Hire Heroes with extraordinary abilities tofight for your cause. ✔ Deploy loyal troops to battle! Those whosurvive will return to your base. ✔ Go head-to-head against anotherplayer in the Arena and be crowned the ultimate competitor. ★Unlock Equipment for your Heroes to wield in battle. ★ Customizeyour Heroes and Buildings with a huge variety of Skins. ★ Earnriches and glory in Torch Battle, Fortress Feud, and Guild Wars. ★Team up with your friends to challenge multiplayer co-op dungeons.★ Combine forces to avert a server-wide treat, the Archdemon. ★Develop adorable Pets into powerful battle companions. ★ MatchHeroes to powerful abilities to be the next “Squad Showdown”victor. Note: This game requires an internet connection. Visit ourFacebook Page at: http://www.facebook.com/CastleClash
Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle 1.0.299 APK
A top 10 strategy game all around the world! 4.5 stars! A top-ratedgame! Are you ready to step into the pit and punch someone? Yourfavorite Clash of Lords 2 Heroes are fighting in a free-for-allfrenzy against a force of frightening fiends! Control the actionand become the greatest warlord in all the land. To survive you’llneed wit, will, and we couldn't think of a word for strength butyou get the picture. It's time to Clash! Clash of Lords 2 is astrategy game with fun and innovative twists on the genre. Recruitover 50 Heroes and their mercenaries, build and defend a base, andfight alongside your friends in over 10 PvE and PvP modes! Getready to Clash! Game Features: ✔ You control the action! ActivateHeroes’ skills in real time! ✔ Pair Heroes and Troops with ourunique Mercenary system! ✔ Play it Your Way! With over 10 PvE andPvP modes, there's always something fun and different to do! ✔Fight alongside your friends! Join a Guild, and clash with playersfrom all over the world! You can even battle against players fromdifferent countries! ✔ Free to Play! Log in every day to win freeHeroes and Jewels! Note: This game requires an internet connectionto play. Visit our Facebook Fanpage at:https://www.facebook.com/clashoflords2
Castle Clash: Epic Empire ES 1.7.2 APK
🇪🇸 🇪🇸 This is the optimized version of Castle Clash in Spanish. Fora better user experience, we recommend you to download the Englishversion of the game through the following link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.igg.castleclash&referrer=utm_source%3DES%26utm_campaign%3DEN●●● Assemble your troops for an epic MMORPG combat! ●●● With morethan 100 million players around the world, Castle Clash is a gameof epic proportions! Recruit Warriors and legendary heroes for yourknight armies and fight to become the mightiest warlord of thisempire! Conquest the rival king castle, test your combat strategyin a dungeon or battle against powerful swordsmen, elves and alsodragons in this RPG with PvP mode. Join this epic combat now! Planthe defense for the Civilization of a medieval empire against theenemy invasion or jump into war on the side of a clan fighting forinvading and the conquest of a kingdom. Build an impenetrablecastle to defend your empire or use the best strategy to attack andinvade the village of an enemy knight. Customize your weapons,armour and fortress in this MMORPG multiplayer role-playing PvP orPvE game. Conquer a castle and build a village to get resources andimprove your forces for the battle. Create the best fortress toprotect the castle. Plan the batlle strategy to defend the empireand send your troops to invade and conquest kingdoms from othercivilizations. Become the king of this medieval battle realm. Trainyour armies for attacking and defending and upgrade your forces forconfrontations in dungeons. Play solo or in co-op beside yourfriends in this MMORPG campaign. Forge a powerful empire realmalliance and fight against enemy hordes along your best squad. Ifyou like castle games, play Castle Clash now: The fortress castleempire game along role-playing players worldwide. Collect the bestheroes, upgrade their skills and plan the strategy to become thelegendary king of this MMO empire in war! Features of this MMORPGgame: * Build an impenetrable medieval castle to defend andconquest the kingdom! * Are you an empire knight, a clan summoneror a guardian paladin for the war realm? You choose! * Hit themythical dragons with armies full of troops of archers and mages! *Collect gems and customize your legendary heroes, from elves anddwarfs to orcs and ogres! * Join your favorite heroes for a newchampionship: magicians, warriors, bowmen… * MMORPG: join yourfriends and clashers from all over the world to combat and attackin the battlefield against powerful swordsmen! * Combat in thealliance wars and the fortress battle clash! * Better co-op and PvPmodes than any other RPG strategy game! Battle against enemykingdoms and conquest territories without forgetting the defensestrategy for your own castle. Manage the clan resources from yourvillage and upgrade the gear of your warrior troops. ¡Remember toturn your castle in an impenetrable fortress! Get ready to live thebest role-playing action and medieval war MMORPG. Assemble yourarmies, dominate magic, prepare your castle and conquest the empireto rule a whole civilization and to destroy your enemy. Your knightforces await. ¿Ready for the ultimate kingdom clash? Please note:This game requires an internet connection Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/CastleClashEs Google+:https://google.com/+CastleClashEs Twitter:https://twitter.com/CastilloFurioso
Castle Clash: Regu Royale 1.6.6 APK
●●● Susun pasukanmu agar Clash tambah seru dan menarik! ●●● CastleClash adalah game yang epik, penuh dengan strategi cepat danpertarungan menarik! Berjuang untuk menjadi Panglima Perang terbaikdi dunia, rekrut Hero perkasa untuk memimpin pasukan fantasimu, ujistrategimu di fitur Penjara dan Penjarahan, dan masih banyak lagi!Kini terdapat lebih banyak cara untuk memodifikasi Hero-mu! Ubahtampilan mereka dengan Skin Hero! Tingkakan kekuatan Hero denganPeralatan unik dan buat kombinasi sihir dan karakteristik untukPeralatan barumu! Dengan lebih dari 100 juta pemain di dunia, pastiselalu ada lawan untukmu! Kini tersedia dalam bahasa Prancis,Jerman, Spanyol, Italia, Rusia, Jepang, dan Korea. Fitur Game: *Bangun benteng yang tak terkalahkan! * Buat pasukanmu dari berbagaipilihan unit! * Kumpulkan dan evolusikan berbagai Hero perkasa! *Perkuat Peralatan unik dengan sihir dan karakteristik khusus untukmembuka lebih banyak keahlian! * Ubah tampilan Hero-mu dengan SkinHero yang cantik! * Berteman dengan Peliharaan yang lucu! * Rakithero favorit untuk Bentrokan Pasukan! * Gabung ke PerseteruanBenteng untuk bersenang-senang antar regu! * Tantang para bos yangmenyeramkan bersama teman dari seluruh dunia! *Lebih banyak modeco-op dan PvP daripada game mobile lainnya! Catatan: game inimembutuhkan koneksi internet. Kunjungi Facebook kamidi:https://www.facebook.com/CastleClashID/ Terima kasih atasdukungannya!
Deck Heroes: Legacy 13.2.0 APK
Construct the ultimate deck with an amazing horde of Heroes andmagical Creatures to save a threatened kingdom. With hundreds ofcards to collect, every deck is unique. Feast your eyes onspectacular HD graphics, get lost inside thrilling battles, anddelve into majestic and mysterious lore! War has come to the worldof Deck Heroes! The Neander, Human, Faen, and Mortii are marchinginto battle! Build your very own faction from Heroes of all races,and lead them to glory! Enter the world of Deck Heroes: Legacy!FEATURES ✔ FREE TO PLAY ✔ Non-Stop Gaming! Innovative game play,endless battles, and countless tactics are guaranteed to have youhooked! ✔ Worlds at War Align your army with the four factions -Human, Fae, Mortii, and Neander. ✔ Magnificent Artwork! Elegant andexquisite designs paired with flamboyant, vibrant colors bring yourHero and Creature cards to life! ✔ Adventure Calls! Intricatelydetailed maps, mazes, trials, and more, await those bravewanderers! ✔ Global Action! Millions of gamers worldwide experiencethe suspense of a thrilling card adventure! ✔ Adrenaline PumpingAction! Raids, competitions, and more; this is a player versusplayer haven! CONTACT US Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/deckheroes/ Forum:http://dh.forum.igg.com/
Castle Clash: Batalha de Guildas 1.6.3 APK
●●● Seu legado em Castle Clash continua depois 6 anos! ●●● Vocêlutou e sobrevieu por 6 anos. Agora chegou a hora de um novodesafio - Nárcia: Era de Guerra! Conduza seus heróis para umaguerra ao lado de seus aliados e derrote guildas rivais paracumprir uma ambição maior e coletiva. Entre em uma nova terra ondevocê deve construir, desenvolver e proteger o território da suaaliança. Convoque seus aliados para derrubar poderosos inimigosjuntos. O que você está esperando? É hora de levar sua aliança àsalturas! Uma combinação de emocionantes combates e estratégia,Castle Clash é um jogo de proporções épicas! Contrate heróispoderosos para liderar seu exército de criaturas míticas, lute parase tornar o(a) maior mestre da guerra do mundo! Teste suasestratégias em masmorras, ataques e muito mais! Com mais de 100milhões de jogadores em todo o mundo, o conflito está sempreiminente! Agora disponível em francês, alemão, espanhol, italiano,russo, japonês e coreano. Funcionalidades do jogo: * Lute pelaglória na Batalha de Guildas. Convoque seus aliados e lute para sera guilda mais poderosa de todas em "Nárcia: Era de Guerra”! * Dêaos seus heróis novos visuais poderosos quando usarem skinsaprimoradas! * Utilize o sistema de desenvolvimento não linear paraevoluir sua base como desejar! * Desfrute da operação perfeita eefeitos visuais impressionantes! * Contrate heróis com habilidadesextraordinárias para lutar pela sua causa! * Escolha tropas leaispara a batalha! Aqueles que sobreviverem retornarão à sua base! *Lute contra outro jogador na Arena e seja o principal competidor! *Desbloqueie Equipamentos para os seus heróis usarem na batalha. *Personalize seus heróis e construções com uma enorme variedade deskins. * Ganhe riquezas e glória nas Batalhas da Tocha, FortalezaFeudal e Guerra de Guildas. * Junte-se a seus amigos para desafiaras masmorras cooperativas multijogador. * Combine forças e eviteuma ameaça para todo o servidor, o Arquidemônio. * Transforme Petsadoráveis ​​em poderosos companheiros de batalha. * Combine heróiscom habilidades poderosas para ser o próximo vencedor do "Desafiodo Pelotão". Obs: Este jogo requer uma conexão com a internet.Visite nossa página no Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/CastleClashPT/
Castle Clash: Схватка Гильдий 1.6.8 APK
●●● 6 лет вы пишете свою легенду в Castle Clash! ●●● Целых 6 лет выборолись и выживали. Сейчас вас ожидает новый грандиозный вызов -Нарсия: Эра Войны! Ведите своих героев в битву вместе с союзниками,перехитрите соперников, чтобы воплотить ваши мечты в реальность!Шагните в дивный новый мир, в котором вы сможете строить, развиватьи защищать территорию своей гильдии. Призовите своих союзников,чтобы вместе победить могучих врагов. Чего же вы ждёте? Пришловремя поднять вашу гильдию на новый уровень! Castle Clash - играэпических масштабов, с захватывающими боями и быстро меняющимсямиром! Нанимайте могущественных героев, чтобы они возглавили армиюиз мифических существ. Сражайтесь, чтобы стать величайшимполководцем в мире. Испытайте свои навыки стратега в подземельях,рейдах и многих других режимах! Более 100 миллионов игроков повсему миру ждут вас, чтобы сразиться! Игра уже доступна нафранцузском, немецком, испанском, итальянском, русском, японском икорейском языках. Особенности игры: ✔ Призывайте своих товарищей исражайтесь, чтобы сделать свою гильдию самой могущественной средивсех в новом режиме «Нарсия: Эра Войны»! ✔ Дарите своим героямновые облики и навыки. ✔ Используйте нелинейную систему развитиябазы, чтобы обсустроить её так, как нравится вам. ✔ Наслаждайтесьплавной работой игры и потрясающими визуальными эффектами. ✔Нанимайте героев с различными уникальными способностями. Они будутсражаться за вас. ✔ Отправляйте верные войска в битву! Те, комуповезёт выжить, вернутся на вашу базу. ✔ Столкнитесь лицом к лицу сдругими игроками на Арене и станьте главным претендентом на корону.★ Открывайте снаряжение для ваших героев и побеждайте в битвах. ★Меняйте вид героев и зданий большим количеством ярких скинов. ★Зарабатывайте богатство и славу в Битве за Факел, в Атаке Фортов иБитве Гильдий. ★ Объединяйтесь с друзьями, чтобы сразиться смонстрами в Командных Подземельях. ★ Объедините силы, чтобыпобедить Архидемона и спасти сервер в уникальном событии. ★Развивайте очаровательных питомцев в мощных боевых товарищей. ★Подбери героев и мощные таланты, чтобы стать следующим победителемв Колизее! Примечание: эта игра требует подключения к интернету.Присоединяйтесь к сообществу игроков во ВКонтакте:https://vk.com/castleclash_ru
Brave Trials 1.8.0 APK
Battle across dimensions as you fend off theforces of evil in real-time anime action! The entire screen isyours to explore as you deal out justice with spectacular skills.Experience combat like never before with fast action, beautifuleffects, screen-shaking graphics, and deadly finishers! Test yourskills against the World Boss, the Party Trials, the Wayfaerer'sWar, the Arena, and many more fun and frantic ways to play!Leave boring behind and begin your journey into the world ofBrave Trials today!FEATURES✔ Real-time combat, intense effects, and beautiful graphics bringthe world of Brave Trials to life!✔ Experience an epic adventure as you travel between dimensions tosave the world!✔ Enjoy RPG action in a whole new way with World Boss, PartyTrials, Wayfaerer's War, and Arena combat modes!✔ With more than 120 unique and exciting skills and Faen tocollect, you can play the game YOUR way!Note: This game requires an internet connection.Visit our Facebook Fanpage at: http://www.facebook.com/bravetrialsIf you have trouble downloading Brave Trials, contact us at[help.brave.android@igg.com].