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The kitchen is a hub of activity, but it can be beautiful as wellas functional. Browse the ideas of kitchens for inspiring ways toblend looks and function.This app contains favorite kitchens thatfeature beautiful decor, smart layouts, and hardworking storage.Decorating a kitchen often starts with a style.Browse the galleryby decorating style to find ideas that match your vision: fromtraditional kitchens with time-honored looks, to modern kitchenssporting clean lines and forward-thinking materials, tocottage-style kitchens with vintage details and soft colors. Ifyour style trends global, browse the ideas for Tuscan, countryFrench, European, and Old World style kitchens.Get ideas for addingcolor to your kitchen as well as style. Find kitchens in blue, red,green, yellow, and more. Browse the ideas of the favorite whitekitchens, and see how to use this classic favorite in new andexciting ways. A lot of details go into decorating a kitchen.Usethese ideas as inspiration for pulling together a look all the wayfrom the style to the color scheme to the countertops, cabinets,backsplash, flooring, lighting, and appliances.

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