/ November 3, 2014
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Play as kittens or any of theunlockablecharacters. Play classical mode where you simply try tosurvive aslong as you can or, join in on the adventure to bringjustice toBuzz Killington who is stealing the worlds valuableresources.

+ Simple controls, click the screen to fly up and let gotofall.
+ Story mode with 5 levels
+ Unlockable characters
+ Unlockable Hardcore mode
+ Keep track of your progress with statistics
+ FREE to play - Everything can be unlocked by just playing!

Please note, this app was created with crosswalk and somephoneshave had a crash error on exit. The app works fine and theissue iswith crosswalk, once crosswalk has fixed this issue the appwill beupdated.

App Information Kitters Adventure

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