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Its time to celebrate your pet's birthday same like yourownbirthday party. So lets plan surprise birthday celebration foryourpet Kitty. Organize the kitty birthday party in coolest way.Designthe handmade hat for your kitty, give kitty best spa, dressher upusing modern outfits for pets, wrap the pet's gift for Kittycatand bake a delicious birthday cake for her. All theseactivitiesshould be done at your best so kitty's birthday partyhaveunforgettable moments.Play this amazing party game ofkitty'sbirthday celebration and enjoy interesting activities likebirthdayhat creation, makeup, dress up, cake decoration and muchmore!PetBirthday Features:- Celeberate kitty's birthday party-Designbirthday hats for every guest and kitty Cat- Uncover allthebirthday gifts and see what's inside it- Decorate the birthdaycakewith different toppings- Dress up little kitty to lookmostbeautiful in the party, try beautiful outfits, matchingshoes,handbag and hats.- Pet's Birthday Surprise for kitty cat.-Freebirthday celebration game to show pet and kitty'slove.CONTACTsmartBaby :Email: [email protected]://smartbabygirlsgames.blogspot.com/GooglePlus:https://plus.google.com/+SmartBabyGamesLikeus:https://www.facebook.com/smart.baby.games/Followus:@smartbabygames

App Information Kitty Birthday Party - Pet's Birthday Surprise

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    Kitty Birthday Party - Pet's Birthday Surprise
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    July 14, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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