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How cool would it be to have a tree house? We all dream about it atleast once and to make this cleaning game even better we come upwith a sweet kitty that lives in a wonderful tree house. The thingis that her beloved tree house is now really destroyed and thegarbage is spread all over the house. Kitty Kate didn't make anycleaning since she moved into the house and everything is overusedand the walls are all stained with grease. Your job will be toassist the cleaning and learn how to do it by following thepresented instructions. Use the stair to move in each part of thetree house, but to be possible to go into the other rooms you willhave to clean first the kitchen. Be careful, you have a lot of workto do. Throw the garbage, clean the floor and wipe the dust, thenmove to the walls that need a serious rubbing. The sink and the gascooker are too dirty and need to be restored. The fridge isfulfilled with rotten food that you will get rid of. Next, you willgo to the bedroom and here is the same mess. Deal with all thattrash and try to make the room look like the one you could live in.Swipe the dust, have the floors cleaned up and handle the rest ofthe disorder. Move to the bathroom and save your strength becausehere you will get a little bit more work to do. Clean the toilet,the bating tube has to be disinfected and the sink as well. Don'tmiss the floors and the rest of the bathroom. Now that you havefinished your work, our beloved Kitty Kate could dance around inher new fresh home you have given to her. Besides the amazingexperience this game provides, you will be able to identify somefeatures like:- Easily controlled and free playing- Developingcleaning skills and learn how chores are done- Helping out a littlekitty to have her dream tree house- Using different tools to removestains and variety of dirt to get rid of- Cool graphics andcheerful background music

App Information Kitty Kate Cleaning the House Tree

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    Kitty Kate Cleaning the House Tree
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    March 21, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Str. Dimitrie Gusti, Nr. 7, Ap. 1, Cluj, Napoca Cluj
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A fine morning here at the stables in a fun princess horse gameawaits you and it is business as usual. The time has come to dosome maintenance work on the stable where your favorite horse livesand you will have to be thorough. Put some time and effort into itto make it look brand new in order to improve the quality of lifefor the residents here. First things first you will have to startoff by picking up the manure and then remove the old hay. Dust offthe spider webs and broom the floor to keep everything clean andthen you will be able to add the fresh hay and the horse can moveback in in no time. Once you see how clean the stables are comparedto the horse, you will have to do the same thing to the cuteanimal.Clean off all the stuff off the horse with a brush and thensoap him off and let it soak. She has been a wild rider so she wentthrough loads of bushes and now she is a bit dirtier than usual.Rinse her nice coat off and then groom her like you know best andyou will see that actually she is a white horse not a gray one. Thenext step, after you have her nice and clean, is to take care ofthe hooves, which we will cover shortly.She is a sweet and calmhorse so you can work in peace on her hooves, which are a trickypart on any horse since they love to run, so they need some loveand attention as well. Remove the old once by pulling out thenails, clean the hooves and trim them as they grow a bit in sizejust like our nails and add the new golden ones so she will feellike she has brand new shoes on. Give them a good scrub and apolish to complete this task.In the final task of this horse farmgame is actually a dress up with the magnificent animal as sheloves a new saddle and some cool looking accessories. Fortunatelyfor you there are plenty of which you can choose from and by theend of it you will have a nice photo opportunity. Enjoy the coolfeatures that this game has:-Plenty of tasks to complete-Easy tofigure out what has to be done-Responsive gameplay-Amazinggraphics-Cute characters and animals
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The best way you could understand a horse caretaker and theresponsibilities you are confronting with during the process is toget in this unicorn game and learn on your own skin the properactivities that need to be done in order to have a happy andhealthy horse. And exactly how you could accomplish that? It'ssimple, you just have to follow the game's challenges and make sureeach one of them is fulfilled so your money and experience pointswill raise. Yes, you heard that right, you are able to earn somecoins in this game to buy anything you might like to add for yourlittle unicorn. There are also some icons that will show you theactual health condition and the good state of his mind. Hishappiness is in your hands and the first thing you are going to dowhile you are playing with this unicorn is to clean his stable fromthe dirt that accumulated during the time. Once his home is allcleaned up his turn comes too and you must use all those tools togive him a real pamper. Because you care of him you'll take himnext to the farrier to care his hooves and you will go through awhole process to chance them, pay attention. You even have aharvest game where you need to collect in a bucket apples and waterto be able to provide a good healthy meal. Next you have to unlockthe upcoming level and if you would like to decorate his home,dress him up with nice accessories, take him to the doctor for afull control, offering him a facial spa treatment and also a makeup. There are also interactive games integrated and as you can seethe complexity of the game will make you wanna play it as much aspossible. And for that we would want to reward you with some dailyprizes like the gifts boxes and the spin wheel where you can spinyour luck. Besides those you have some funny mini games and anexciting horse race where you could win more money. Your goal is toearn experience as a unicorn caretaker and to have fun trying tofulfill the needs of this cute animal. This pony game is everythingyou wished for and even more, the features are exorbitant and theway graphics managed to combine with the thematic is amazing.
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The princess castle room is about to get a major overhauling inthis fun cleaning game because it is quite a mess. Three littleprincesses need to learn how to keep a clean house if they want tobecome true queens one day. They did quite a number with all thosetoys laying around and you will have to start picking them up.First thing on the list is actually, another list, of items thatyou have to find. They are household cleaning items and they arelaying around the floor and in other strange places so you need tocarefully search for them.Once you found out the stuff you willneed, proceed to the actual house cleaning game and pick up all thelitter, then throw it in the trash bin. This way you will make someroom on the floor to be able to broom the carpet. Wash the windowas well to let some sunlight in and once you pop all the balloonsfrom last night’s party, all that remains is to dust off the spiderwebs. In a few easy steps you will see that the room starts to lookgreat again.When you are done cleaning, then the room decorationgame will start because after doing so much work, it is nice totreat the girls and give them a great surprise by changingeverything about the room. Each area of the room will beinterchangeable with an item from the bottom of the screen sobrowse through them all to see which ones you like, and also whichones are considered best fitting. There are plenty of tasks to becompleted so jump right into it. This way you will learn thatchores are actually fun because everything will look a lot betteronce it is clean and reorganized. Every part of this mobileapplication will have some cool features such as: -Lovely colorfuldesign-Relaxing background music-Interactive menus-Straight forwardtasks-Different challenges along the way-Great variety ofcustomizable options
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Welcome to the pony farm where today something really special willhappen because the number of ponies is about to go up by one. Thereare quite a few things that need to be prepared first though, sothis is why you are here as a veterinary doctor. See to it that themama pony is having a relaxing time as she is expecting the newbornto come very soon. Listen to her breathing and make sure everythingis ok. Feed her some carrots and apples as treats so she will berelaxed when the birth is going to happen.This is magical processand you will see that the mommy is doing a great job at it. Giveher a shot so she will be relaxed and also complete the mandatorycheck-ups before she starts pushing. There will be a brief momentwhere you will have to monitor her heart rate but in a few shortseconds, she will be the proud mommy of a cute blue pony likeherself. This means that you did a great job, but it’s not quiteover yet because new born babies are really fragile and also needto be checked up. Cut the cord and begin the process.Warm up yourstethoscope and see if the baby is healthy and give her a nice rubwith a warm towel so she will be all cleaned up and ready to begina wonderful life. Give her a shot too because she is prone todiseases and you do not want that to happen to such a cute littleanimal. In just a few minutes you witnessed the birth of a new lifeand helped greatly to make it possible. Soon enough you will beable to visit the farm again and both of them will be on the fieldrunning and enjoying some fresh green grass. The pony farm game youare about to play has a few nice perks to it:-Step by stepinstructions-Cute art style-Easy to play -Relaxing music-Lovelycharacters
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Everyone has to clean up their homes for theholidays and you will soon find out that Santa has to do this aswell this year because his helpers are too busy with the gifts.Enjoy this room cleaning game with him and lend a helping hand sothat he will surely bring those gifts you asked for him. There arelots of stuff to pick up off the floor and place in the right spotsso this way everything will be in order.The first thing that you have to do is start off by tapping thelarge play button and agree to help Santa clean that messy room.Pick the dirty clothes off the floor and place them in the laundrybasket as they will soon be washed and dried. There are lots ofthem so follow the arrows to see exactly which ones to pick. Oncethat is done you can start dusting the areas that have spider webson them and broom the carpet so that all the areas will be clean.This will be your gift to Santa because he is usually the onegiving, this will be a nice surprise.As soon as you are done cleaning the room it is time to take allthe clothes out of the basket and throw them in the washingmachine. Add some detergent and some fabric softener to make themsmell great and feel soft on the skin then wait out the program.This will be a fun Christmas for you and for Santa because the roomwill not be a mess once he arrives back home from the run aroundthe world. Do all the chores for him and you will definitely feelgood knowing that you helped someone so important.
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It is summer and this means that the girl inthe luxury legs spa game is in the need for a whole package. Thismeans that you will have some work to do with her because she wantsto shave her legs and make them look nice and silky. The goal hereis to make her look dazzling for a nice and warm night out as sheis going to meet up with her friends at the bar later. If you enjoygirl makeover games then you are in for a treat.First things first, you will need to wax those legs and thatwill be done with some preparations so it will not hurt one bit.Apply the creams on her legs, wash them off and then use the shaverto get rid of all those tiny hairs. This way she will have smoothlegs and they will look amazing. The next step to changing thisgirl for the better is a bit of make-up. If you proceed to thesecond station of your luxurious spa, you will see that you have awhole lot of products that are ready to be applied to her face toadd some finishing touches. Change her eyelashes, eye-shadow andalso lip gloss. Once you are satisfied with the results, move on tothe last station.Upon arriving at the latest step of this girl spa game, you willnotice that she is already looking gorgeous from the shaving andthe make-up so now it is time to choose the perfect outfit for anight out dancing. Find some skirts, shoes and a top for her so shewill feel confident and be able to enjoy herself knowing she looksstunning. Keep in mind that accessories can make or break the wholelook so choose them with a great interest as well.Try to make the girl look like a model in a game that has:-Awesome graphics-Lots of different steps-Plenty of beauty products-Intuitive buttons-Freedom of choice
College Girl Car Wash 1.0.4 APK
Making some money on the side can bechallenging, especially for the college students that really needit, but don’t have enough time for it. Learn how you can make somereally good cash while having fun as well. Try out this girl carwash game and see how it easy it can be if you really put somepassions into it. First things first though, you will have tochoose the outfit for the two girls because they need to be meetingwith clients and hopefully they will look great while washing anddetailing cars.Once the dress up part is complete, you will start seeing thecars rolling in. They will have deflated tires, oil stains and dirtall over and you will have to identify which product you can use tomake it look like it’s brand new. To do so you will have plenty ofsponges and brushes on the bottom of the screen, and you can easilypick one up and start scrubbing away. Also, when you see that thetires are not quite round, that means they could use some air. Grabthe air pump and start inflating them so the car ride will besmooth as well. Add a little car freshener and it will smellawesome when you give it back to the owner. All these steps will beeasy to follow because you can easily identify which item doeswhat. You will have one for cleaning the windows, one for thetires, a few that give the car a fresh air smell and also a bighose that you can use to rinse any leftover soap.The clients will be rolling in one after the other so make sureyou clean their car to the best of your abilities and they willgive you the money for a job well done. This way you willdefinitely have a lot of fun seeing all their happy faces as theydrive off.There are a few key things that separate this cute game from theothers:-There are a couple of games built in, a dress-up and a cleaninggame-A cute drawing style-Easy to get into and plenty of things to do-Runs on most mobile devices