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Application is in German only!This is the free version of "Klug undLustig Pro", application has Ads and less content.Feel sad andlost? Come on, the two friends - Funny and Clever - will help youon it! Joke from Funny and wise proverb from Clever - this is whatyou need!We're glad to propose you the collection of over 400 pairsof jokes and proverbs paired in this application. The idea is tomake your day with small joke and make you stop for a moment andthink a bit on life with a proverb at the same time.Some jokes arepretty salty or a bit too masculine or racists and can consideredto be insulting, so we would not recommend this application ifyou're sensitive to these kinds of things.Hope you will have asmuch pleasant moments using it as we had collecting it. Have funand turn wise! :)

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    June 12, 2013
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    Android 2.1 and up
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Японская поэзия (Хокку, Танка) 2.1 APK
Наверняка, со школьной скамьи вам известны такие жанры классическойяпонской поэзии как Хокку (или Хайку) и Танка. Каждый из жанровимеет свою древнюю историю формирования как искусства, уходящую вглубь веков. Эти ёмкие и содержательные песни (как называют ихяпонцы) нашли отклик в сердцах многих людей. И проверка временемэто только доказывает.Японская поэзия основана на чередованииопределенного количества слогов. Рифмы нет, но большое вниманиеуделяется звуковой и ритмической организации стихотворения.Хокку(начальные стихи) - жанр японской поэзии: не рифмованное трехстишиеиз 17 слогов (5+7+5). Искусство писать хокку - это прежде всегоумение сказать многое в немногих словах. Генетически этот жанрсвязан с танка.Танка (короткая песня) - древнейший жанр японскойпоэзии (первые записи - 8-й век). Не рифмованные пятистишия из 31слога (5+7+5+7+7). Выражает мимолетное настроение, полнонедосказанности, отличается поэтическим изяществом, зачастую -сложной ассоциативностью, словесной игрой.В нашем приложении вынайдете коллекцию более чем из 1200 стихов. Вы познакомитесь состилем и биографией таких известных поэтов как Басё, Исса, АкикоЁсано, Рёкан и других, живших в различные эпохи.Также мы добавилинесколько мелких улучшений, которые помогут вам более комфортнопользоваться приложением:- чтобы ознакомиться с биографией автораследует нажать на его имя на странице просмотра стихов.- чтобыперейти к конкретному номеру стиха, нажмите на текущем номерестраницы и введите нужное число.- используйте кнопку в виде цветкалотоса под текстом стиха, чтобы добавить или убрать произведение израздела Избранное.- используйте закладку (в верхнем правом углу),чтобы быстро вернуться к месту, на котором закончиличитать.Приятного времяпровождения.Certainly, at school you knowgenres such as classical Japanese poetry Haiku (or haiku) and Tank.Each genre has a long history as an art form dating back centuries.These comprehensive and meaningful songs (as the Japanese callthem) have found an echo in the hearts of many people. And the testof time it just shows.Japanese poetry is based on the alternationof a certain number of syllables. No rhyme, but great attention ispaid to the sound and rhythmic organization of the poem.Haiku(opening verses) - a genre of Japanese poetry is not rhymed tercetof 17 syllables (5 +7 +5). Art of writing haiku - is primarily theability to say much in few words. Genetically linked to the genreof the tank.Tanka (short song) - the oldest genre of Japanesepoetry (the first recording - the 8th century). Not rhymedpyatistishiya of 31 syllables (5 +5 +7 +7 +7). Expresses a passingmood, full of innuendo, different poetic grace, often - difficultassociativity, a verbal game.In our application, you will find acollection of more than 1,200 poems. You will get acquainted withthe style and background of the well-known poets such as Basho,Issa, Akiko Yosano, the river, and others, who lived at differenttimes.We also added a few small improvements that will help youmore comfortable using the application:- To read the biography ofthe author should be to click on his name on the preview page ofpoetry.- To go to a specific number of the verse, click on thecurrent page number and enter the number.- Use the button in theform of a lotus flower under the text of the verse to add or removea product from the Favorites section.- Use the tab (top rightcorner) to quickly return to the place where finished reading.Enjoyyour time.
Voice Remover 1.0 APK
Create the audio tracks with suppressed vocals locally on yourdevice. No Internet connection required.
English Proverbs 2.0.0 APK
This huge set of more then 3 500 English sayings and proverbs mustbe the bigger collection ever released on mobile! You can markproverbs as "Favorite" and filter them by some text. Applicationremembers your settings including scrolling position betweensessions for your convenience.Application has adds, after "Upgrade"in-app purchasing made ads go away and you are able to sharesayings and proverbs to Twitter, FaceBook or send them to mailaddress. Allow the push-notifications for this application to getthe daily proverb pushed to you. Shake device to sort/shuffle thelist and get random proverb popped.Have a good time with "AllEnglish Proverbs" from A5
All German Proverbs 2.0.1 APK
This huge set of almost 13 000 German sayings and proverbs must bethe bigger collection ever released on mobile!You can mark proverbsas "Favorite" and filter them by some text. Application remembersyour settings including scrolling position between settings foryour convenience.Application has adds, after "Upgrade" in-apppurchasing made ads go away and you are able to share sayings andproverbs to Twitter, FaceBook or send them to mail address.Shakethe device to shuffle/sort the list and get the random proverbpopped-up.Have a good fun with "All German Proverbs" from A5!
Antichess 1.1.1 APK
It might be hard to find one who never heard about Chess play. Buthave you ever played the opposite game - the Anti Chess or Loser'sChess. Not many heard about this Chess variation but even less knowabout verity of Anti-chess rules. we found five: Antichess, Loser'sChess, Giveaway Chess, Suicide Chess, Kamikadze. Probably there aremore. In first version of out game we implemented the Loser's Chessrules only - but we are not about to stop here. We plan to add morewith time. ❖ ❖ Briefly towards rules differences ❖ ❖The majordifferences in rules concern the possibility of taking the King,castling, responsiveness to blocked pawns positions and the winnerdetermination conditions. ❖ ❖ Rules of Loser's Chess ❖ ❖◆ If youcan capture an opponent's piece, you must do so. If more than onecapture is possible, you can choose which one to make. If you tryto make a non-capture move when a capture is possible, you will betold "You must capture".◆ If you are in check, you must defend yourking as in chess. A defense that involves a capture takes priorityover other defenses.◆ You may castle, subject to the usual chessrules.◆ The conditions for victory differ. • Should you lose all ofyour pieces, except the king, you win. • If you are stalemated, youwin. • If you are checkmated, you win.◆ Draw rules (according toarticle 9.2 of FIDE Laws of Chess): • Threefold repetition - if anidentical position has just occurred three times with the sameplayer to move, or will occur after the player on turn makes hismove, the player on move may claim a draw (to the arbiter). • Thefifty-move rule - if in the previous fifty moves by each side, nopawn has moved and no capture has been made, a draw may be claimedby either player.Because we play with AI instead of human, the drawwill be claimed automatically.In this game, same as in any otherpuzzle game, you have to stay maximum concentrated to win.Play withpleasure! ☺
Romanian Proverbs 1.0.0 APK
This application, developed for you by A5 Mobile Development,contains the huge set, over 5000, of Romanian proverbs. Mystery andwise sayings on every day will show you the uniqueness and beautyof Romanian culture and history.Application is in Romanian only!Youcan mark a proverb as favorite to find beloved once faster. Or usefiltering in top of the screen.After in-app purchase "Upgrade" youcan share proverbs to social networks and send via email.Application has ads - it also go away after in-app purchase.Allowapplication to get the push-notifications and daily proverbs willinspire of warn you.Enjoy!
Hipster vs Yobs 0.6 APK
This game is as good as the real life: you're the young Hipster andyou're on your way back from Italian Speaking Club, or afterAnonymous Crocheters meeting, no matters. What does matter is thatyou aren't the only one wondering these streets this Saturdaynight, God damn you aren't! Streets are full with Yobs and you needto pass another 69 blocks to get home... Use whatever you can tofight your principals: Muffler, Vinil, Selfy-stick, devices andeven Mr. Cat. 11 types of weapons, next even more fun to use thenprevious- use them against 4 types of enemies. Drink Coffee to getfaster and eat Muffin to get stronger.Game is an endless runnerwith hidden and open achievements- compete your friends all overthe world.All content in this game is legal, either created by A5Mobile Development team, either ordered on Fiverr.com or bought onmusic stocks so your Karma is fully safe while your enjoyingbringing culture and progress into prols life. Do not hesitate tocontact us over info@a5.ua.May the force be with you!
Chess Clock Free 1.02 APK
Free version of our Chess Clock app!Love to play chess at atime?This application is what you need.Nice design, easy to manage.Nothing will annoy you and will spend time playing withenjoying.Features:- choose most spread game mode (from 2 min - 60min)- lite sound settings- possibility to pause game