1.0.0 / November 23, 2015
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▶ Special goods for special prices!
- You can buy great seats for K-pop concerts at the lowest prices

▶ Special offers for popular goods in Korea
- Special offers: Tickets for tourist destinations, snacks,popularskincare and cosmetic products

▶ Free goods offers   
- Free downloadable special coupons for touristdestinations,shopping and restaurants

▶ Easy to buy, easier to use!
- Simply show the bar code when you arrive in Korea aftercompletingthe online payment.

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Korea Subway 4.8.55 APK
The Korea subway application that the travelers love the most! ▶Provide subway map and search engine with 4 different languages Weprovide Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English andJapanese version! You can handy check the subway map of Seoul,Busan, Daegu, Daejeon and Gwanju, and various information. ▶ Whenshould we get off? Alarm Setting On! Just switch on the AlarmSetting function, then notification will be sent to remind yougetting off of the train when you arrive! ▶ Ranking of the subwayand Hot Place Try to touch the "Hot Place" button on the bottom!You can check out the ranking of the recent hot places and even theaccumulated popular places. ▶ ▶Make your story about real-timeKorea and create your own travel map Upload your trip through'Story'! Make memorable spots your own travel map and share yourmemories with your friends! ▶ Share your opinions with othertravelers! Travel Talk! How’s the weather in Korea? Is that placereally pleasant? You can freely share the information and start tochat! korea, subway, transportation, jeju-do, busan, shopping,travel, restaurant attraction map timetable schedule plan,photo,story, video, realtime
日本地铁_日本ing 1.0.4 APK
▶支持三种语言(中文简体,繁体,韩语)▶提供地铁路线及搜索功能▶提供地铁站周边的旅行美食信息日本地铁APP为提供给大家愉快便利的日本旅行而一直在努力!如有任何建议或意见,请致电下方邮件!您的建议是我们前进的动力!谢谢!k-ing@cheilpengtai.com▶ supports three languages ​​(ChineseSimplified, Traditional, Korean)▶ provide subway routes and thesearch function▶ provide food subway station surrounding travelinformationJapanese subway APP is available to everyone pleasantand convenient trip to Japan and has been working!If you have anysuggestions or comments, please call the below e-mail! Yoursuggestions are our motivation! Thank you!k-ing@cheilpengtai.com
차이나나우 - 실시간 중국 정보 서비스 1.1.1 APK
‘진짜’ 중국이 알고 싶다면? 주요 매체들의 최신 중국 뉴스와 차이나나우 고수들의 순도 100% 중국 이야기를 한 화면에담은 실시간 중국 정보 서비스 ‘차이나나우(CHINA NOW)’ 를 만나보세요! * 최신 중국 뉴스를 한 화면에서 -국내 주요 매체들이 전하는 중국 관련 뉴스를 모아서 실시간으로 * 내가 관심있는 정보만 골라서 - 비즈, 테크, 라이프,연예, 정치, 사회 등 나만의 맞춤형 뉴스 피드 * 전문가가 들려주는 진짜 중국 이야기 - 자타공인 중국 전문가가 전하는중국 각계 인사이트 & 칼럼 * 동영상으로 보는 중국의 생생한 현장 - 유머부터 시사까지 대륙의 스케일을 느낄 수있는 중국 현지 핫이슈 동영상 Chinanow, China now, 중국뉴스, 중국정보, 중국통, 중국비즈니스, 중국어,중국정치, 중국문화, 중국경제, 중국사회, 실시간뉴스, 중국, 대륙, 뉴스, 경제, 정치, 중국동영상 'Real'China If you want to know? Meet the 'China Now (CHINA NOW)'real-time information services in China with the latest news inChina and 100% pure Chinese story of China Now stick the majormedia on one screen! * The latest news from the Chinese screen  - collected in real time the Chinese domestic newsmedia to convey * Pick only the information you care about.  -business, tech, lifestyle, entertainment, politics, society, suchas your own personalized news feed * Chinese real story to tellprofessionals   - Authorized oneself and others fromvarious fields in China and Insights column Chinese experts charge* Vivid scene of a Chinese watch videos  China Local Trendingcan feel the scale of the continent, from humor to suggestChinanow, China now, China News, China Information, jungguktong,Chinese business, Chinese, Chinese politics, Chinese culture, theChinese economy, the Chinese society, real-time news, Chinese,Continental, news, economy, politics, Chinese Videos
Korea gift zone 1.0.0 APK
▶ Special goods for special prices!- You can buy great seats for K-pop concerts at the lowest prices▶ Special offers for popular goods in Korea- Special offers: Tickets for tourist destinations, snacks,popularskincare and cosmetic products▶ Free goods offers   - Free downloadable special coupons for touristdestinations,shopping and restaurants▶ Easy to buy, easier to use!- Simply show the bar code when you arrive in Korea aftercompletingthe online payment.
Singapore Subway_Singaporeing 1.0.2 APK
Must-have item for your Singapore trip!Singapore ing - Subway Appwill help you to travel around Singapore like local citizens !Wehave subway line map, tourist attractions, restaurant.Start yoursmart Singapore trip NOW !Singapore Subway APP main functions-Subway line map in multiple languages (Korean, Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese, English Service available)Tourist spots,restaurant, shopping info. AvailableFastest time / Shortest routeand time table service Arrival alarm settingFare
Korea Subway 4.9.07 APK
Korea Subway - Korea Travel Guide APP Korea travel traffic app forthe free traveler! Korea subway has been redesigned and officiallylaunched the comprehensive traffic inquiry and route searchfunction in Korea. It supports the detailed guides for Chinese mapsof the South Korean maps such as subways, buses, intercity buses,trains, and airplanes. The travel route of South Korea iswell-known and easy to travel! 1.【Subway Bus Comprehensive Inquiry】Subway - Support English South Korea subway route map, you cancheck the subway route guidance and station information in Seoul,Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, etc. at any time and anywhere, support thestation reminder function, don't worry about sitting in thestation, easily take the subway. The English version of the map inSouth Korea is also open at the same time, the road is better tofind! Bus - Newly launched real-time information on Seoul andsuburban buses. Real-time information on all public transport suchas city buses, regional buses, wide-area buses, and night buses canbe easily queried. 2. [Intercity traffic] Add the informationinquiry and booking function of the bus outside the city of Korea.You can check the information about the bus departing/reaching inall parts of Korea at any time. Check the booking in one step, andthe small place outside Seoul will go away! 3. [Korea popularplaces for recommendation] In the "popular areas", from the "mostpopular location ranking" to the "accumulated popularity ranking",all tourist information is immediately mastered! South Korea travelhot spots, gourmet restaurants, dessert snacks, traditionalexperience, fashion shopping, discount information, a variety ofeating, drinking and playing cards are gathered here. 4. [TravelTalk] Answer questions and solve all problems during the journey.Weather, exchange rates, transportation, attractions, food, etc.All the problems that arise when traveling in Korea, travel topeople to help you solve online. 5. [Travel essential goodsone-click booking] We offer a variety of Korean travel essentialsbooking functions such as Wifi, hotels, and tickets. The operationis simple and quick, and it is ready to use so that your Koreanfreedom can save time and effort! 6. [Airport Pickup and SendingService] Use Airport Pickup and Sending Service anytime, anywhere,one-click appointment, the driver provides English service,friendly and safe. Make it easy for you to walk freely.