1.0 / February 16, 2015
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A quick paced card game that involvescounting,pairs and combinations. Good for improving numbercombination skillsand developing card playing strategy.

See if you can outsmart the computer!

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Seven card nap 1.02 APK
Two player seven card nap game with a judo based scoring system.Play the computer opponent and experience the thrill of Ippon fromyour fingertips. Features:- special AI that switches playingstyles- stats to monitor your performance- nice graphics andanimation- a unique two player game- full playing instructions inthe gameNap is a bidding card game. This version has a specialrange of bids and a scoring system that allows for two players tohave a jolly exciting game. Use different bidding strategies toovercome the computer AI.Lots of potential for future developmenthere - multi-player, match play mode, a career mode. Let's see howit goes.
zobups card puzzle game 1.02 APK
A unique, challenging solitaire puzzle card game. Over 40 puzzlesto solve, plus a free play and survival mode that becomeprogressively more difficult. This game uses the principles of thesolitaire game aces up and takes it one step further so that youcan actually complete it!Interactive help (tap the question mark)and tutorials to help you learn the different moves. Unlike acesup, these puzzles can all be solved!The objective of the game is toeliminate all the cards until only four aces remain.- Eliminatecards of the same suit- Move cards into empty slots - Slide cards,recycle them, bump them up- Swap cards- Remove pairs- Use specialcard combinationsUnlock extra features such as the monkey and foxcards.This game has achievements, statistics, scores and full undofunctionality. No ads, just puzzle solving fun.
kpips counting card game 1.0 APK
A quick paced card game that involvescounting,pairs and combinations. Good for improving numbercombination skillsand developing card playing strategy.See if you can outsmart the computer!
Mindfulness partner (minpa) 1.04 APK
A simple app that helps you with different mindfulness meditationpractices. Includes- simple explanation of mindfulness- a full runthrough of the 16 stages of anapanasati- a three minute practice- acheck in practice - a simple zen practiceEach practice comes withhelpful pointers - just type help or (h) at any point for extrainformation.This app does not record any responses. It is for youto use as you see fit as a tool to help improve your mindfulnesspractice.Now includes text to speech playback. Includes threeguided meditations:- a five minute sequence (mostly silence)- thezen sequence (a 10 minute meditation)- anapanasati (a 15 minutesequence)Find out more using the 'about' command.
Playing card tennis (ktenni) 1.03 APK
A tennis card game using a standard deck of cards and a clevercomputer managed game system. Play five different opponents withvarying degrees of difficulty.Includes a tutorial to help you getstarted.Serve aces, hit winners and enjoy the thrill of a tennisrally!