1.0 / October 29, 2018
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A modern revolutionized fighting play is designed for theactiongame players where you will enjoy level up shooting withoutanybreak. Air Strike Combat - Freedom Forces Gunner Shooting isthemodern version of old action games. Accept the challenge toburiedruthless enemy fighter jets with your heavy gunner. You couldshowyour clever fighting way to your enemy but also you gotvariedweapons to fight in any situation. Air Strike Combat –FreedomForces come into action to prove yourself the master fighterof theworld. Air Strike Combat is one of the best gunner shootinggameavailable on Google Play. Unlike the other jet fighter games,thegame-play is based on casual style controls which playthestrengths of the platform, providing a satisfying experience totheplayer regardless of their skill set. In Air Strike Combat-Freedom Forces Gunner Shooting there are dozens ofsupersonicmilitary aircraft warbirds to choose from. Air StrikeCombat -Freedom Forces Gunner Shooting battle will decide theoutcome ofthe war and the forces have been tasked with this duty toattackfrom the battlefront. Action filled shooting missions aredesignedwith the increasing difficulty levels at each successorstage.Variety of shooting tasks will blow your mind. Face waves ofenemyjet fighter striker planes disengage and destroy all ground,seaand air targets. Lead your jet fighter squadron to destroyenemy’sbase. Fly an ultimate dogfight mission and air to air strikecombatbattle. Destroy bomber aircrafts, weapon garages, radarsandwarplanes at enemy’s island base with your jet craftinessfighterstrike. As a specialist pilot, you have to destroy allgroundtargets. Perform landing and take-off mission at day ornightmodes. Unfasten your jet fighter plane from enemy missiles.AirStrike Combat - Freedom Forces Gunner Shooting works againsttheworld’s most efficient jet fighter pilots. Get into stealthmodeand avoid radars. Select your best weapons and gunner todestroyenemies hidden special places. Takeover the striker cockpitofacrobatic warplane of a bomber fighter jet. Bomb and strike likeahell over the enemy. Perform dangerous maneuver stunts with atwistand turns like a brave heart pro jet fighter. Take downenemygunship helicopters using air to air missiles and becomesupremelord of the jet fighter air strike combat squad andexperience themost realistic plane games with exciting missions andthrillingadventure. In Air Strike Combat - Freedom Forces GunnerShootinguse your special training skills to win this air combatfightinggame while playing the jet air strike mission 3D. Fly thereal jetfighter plane simulator and flip through the air whileperformingthe extreme shooting action. Hunt down each and everyfighter planeof the enemy and don’t miss a single shot. Roam aroundthebeautiful islands and enjoy the most realistic 3D environmentwhilesurviving in extreme air strike combat fighting game. Showyourperfect shooting accuracy to win this extreme real jetfighterplane fighting Air Strike Combat shooting game. There is thewidecollection of jet fighter simulators along with realballisticmissiles.

App Information Air Strike Combat - Freedom Forces Gunner Shooting

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    Air Strike Combat - Freedom Forces Gunner Shooting
  • ناوی پاکەیج
  • Updated
    October 29, 2018
  • قەبارەی فایل
  • پێویستی بە ئەندرۆیدە
    Android 4.2 and up
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Kids Learning ABC Alphabets 1.1 APK
ABC kids learning Alphabets app is an amazing ABC learning game toteach your kid ABC from toddler to preschool to kindergartner. yourkid will be able to Recognize the letters, the numbers or lettersounds in a fun and entertaining way.Your kid will learn not onlyABC but also many words starting with letters with sound. First, itwill teach your kid letters and then further it will help you inteaching your kind words with those letters in a very fun way. Thisapp is so fun that your kid will play and learn ABCs with interest.the interface will keep your kid focused on learning. Even teacherscan use this app to make their kids learn easily with more fun andless effort. In first your child will learn ABC alphabets and thenwords with these alphabets. The interface is really easy your kidjust have to pop the right picture starting with given letter.Words learning contain picture learning like as an example if givenletter is a there will be four pictures with only one correctanswer your kid will pop the right answer and game will move him tolearn next word. The purpose of making this app is to teach ourkids and make their learning fast. The end result will be the goodlearning experience we want for our kids. You and your kid willenjoy it Features: ☆smooth touch. ☆simple poping methodology. ☆Acolorful interface that helps children learn the English alphabets.☆Includes words with the sound of the letter. ☆The interface helpskids focus on letters without exiting the game.
Rugby Car Championship - Pro Rugby Stars Leagues 1.0.1 APK
Time to play the world best car rugby championship of 2018 We knowwell that you love shooting, adventure, simulation and racing gamesbut this time try your favorite sports car in US stadium not onlyfor racing , stunting , parking and to test your driving skills butto win the rugby car world championship in 2018. The rugby is justlike football but it look like in oval shape which you have totransfer from one player to another not with kicking, hand to handbut with help of driving your luxury cars in the biggest Americanvastly expended stadium. Fight against world rugby car rival inthis soccer car simulator game to excite the driving, drifting andrugby match lovers as best rugby team captain ever. Become thelegend top rugby car driver scorer of league rugby champions 2018in this rugby car thrilling adventure. Show amazing stunts whiledriving car in stadium of football and hit the oval ball continuesto take it opponent team side and make goals more than other teamto win this pro rugby championship. Lead your team as professionalrugby player and select the best players in your team with supercar selection. The audience is waiting in stadium hall and crazy tosee the rugby car stunts. Play car to car against your opponent toscore the goals but remember the opposite superhero team are alsoon crazy cars to play the rugby so first trained your sports skillsthen play this rugby car racing game. Show dangerous stunts likeuphill driving and not need to worry about the injury because thegrand trucks are present to transport you from one place to anotherin case of any car accident. Dribble the rugby with special cardesign to play rugby tournament and hit the ball to score the goal.The patience of sports lover is going to end for playing rugby gameand robot transform cameras are ready to shoot the rugby match sodownload this Rugby Car Championship - Pro Rugby Stars Leagues andstart your best car match 2018. Start your best car and start yournation rugby match 2018 Select your world best rugby team andchallenge other team who stands in your way as you rise throughdifferent league matches to upgrading rugby team level and earngoals to unlock the expensive cars. Build the best captain skillsin the world and lead team to win the soccer like game 2018championship at any cost. Rugby car driving with racing is thelatest mobile game featuring with simple controls, smoothanimations and crazy actions. Adventure of rugby passing and skillof moving with car in ground is real test of car driving and testof championship experience so remain attentive and keep your eyeson device screen while playing this game. Realistic passes withcars, powerful shots in this rugby game will add an amazinggameplay experience. Best rugby game on store ever Rugby CarChampionship - Pro Rugby Stars Leagues is the best free racing 3dgame on store. Test your abilities while playing against top soccerteam players & experienced team managers around the world.Unite your rugby team stars with the spirit that they are finestcar rugby stars. Be the champion to build the best team & topplayers of the world. For winner’s game play is very simple justdrive car, passing the rugby ball to team player & take aim toshoot & goal. Enjoy the intuitive controls and amazing jeepswith the 3D view of largest stadium of world will definitely giveyou fun for several hours so keep enjoying by playing this amazinggame.
Chicken Eggs Delivery Van 1.0 APK
Let’s play chicken Eggs delivery game! Time to become a real vandriver of the delivery truck simulator to deliver the eggs to theirdestination. Get ready for the off-road and on-road driving indifferent crazy locations of the city. Duty driver is here to bringdelights and tasty chicken games and eggs to kids all around theworld. Grow hens on your farm to get a large number of eggs. Youneed to feed the hens with good food so that production increases.The poultry farm story starts from the garden where the number ofhens lives. Make a trap for them to catch a number of hens. Takethem to your hen farm and don’t forget to pick different kinds ofhens for hen farming, such as silver hen and golden chicken etc.Have fun in poultry management and chicken breeding by doing yourjob as an expert poultry manager. Give hens their food and collecttheir eggs. Start egg farming adventure in your barn to get thebaby chick. Take the eggs to the egg farm where chicken eggbreeding can be done by the egg farmer. Poultry farming of egg henis a crazy fun adventure in the egg farm. Be careful while deliveryof eggs as they can crack especially takes extra care of a goldenegg as they are more precious. This job is very tricky and needsextra care during driving. You need to drive the van like a prodriver with excellent driving skills. Deliver these precious eggson the van in a bumpy ride while keeping them as save as possible.Enjoy one of the latest eggs delivery game. This van drivingsimulator is designed for people who love to play the role of anauto eggs delivery boy. We can assure you that 3D eggs deliverygames were never such before. Chicken Eggs Delivery is a drivingsimulator in which you take the role of the driver of the truck, Goaround the city looking for the location indicated by the arrow onthe top of the screen. This game is a modern Egg delivery truckdriving simulator in which our role is to drive the Car and deliverEggs. This new 3D game promises some great features that youdefinitely need to explore in detail. So, get ready for a superEggs Delivery Van with a 3D fun time.
US Police Car Gangster Chase Crime Simulator 1.2.1 APK
Let’s ready to chase down the criminals in American city.Developersof HotBite games bring a new adventure in your life as US policecop. Become a police super car driver around the city and performyour duty as US police officer who is always ready to take actionagainst the criminals, gangsters, bad guys, thugs, thieves andtransform robotic evils in city Street to chase and destroy withsniper. Go out and drive police car to rock the streets as realpolice cop in this US police game 2018. Use your extreme police USroads driving skills to drive crazy car and knock down thecriminals escape from prison. Enjoy the police chore game withshowing your fast driving skills for gangster chase. You have tocatch them alive but in situation they attack on you then use yourelite force extreme commando skills who always ready to survive inarmy war. Us president is making a special police squad force withmodern police truck design by different companies to chase downcriminals as fast as police car or police bike. But this time weneed a brave police officer which can complete real gangster chasemission to reduce real crime in city. The whole nation even policedepartment trust on your chasing ability so don’t be worry becausea modern system to chase criminal is always in your police 4X4 carwith help of which you can easily trace the criminals. Now downloadthis US Police Car Gangster Chase Crime Simulator game and start topatrol the streets.Dress up your police uniform and burn the policecar on highway roadsChoose your high speed police car for crazyrace with real gangsters and become police cop of this epic policegame. Hit the cop car lights on, and let the outlaws hear thepolice siren. Race around the US city streets and drift throughhighway at top speed. Get into a chase criminal case game. Try thispolice simulator in city and become a professional police cop. Thetheme of this game is to chase criminals and transport them to jailin police transport van. Show the criminals that you are legend inpolice force which is ready to die for his country. The whole cityis in fear due to criminal prisoner escaping because bad guys arehigh professionals and they can destroy any grand shopping mall,public market, branded shop, even border police station without anyfear of police arresting. So hurry up complete the gangster chasemission as soon as possible to save the innocent people because youare superhero police officer who can bring peace back to the USgrand city.Feel like real police with great graphics andenvironmentUS Police Car Gangster Chase Crime Simulator gives you afull real police car game graphics for the best experience feelslike real stunt police luxury car chasing. Police car VS UScriminal will test your chasing, driving, shooting, andtransporting and police car parking experience. You play the roleof a duty full policeman leader. The highway cars in speed and youhave to must follow the traffic signals for avoiding accident.Criminals are driving their car with unresponsiveness and mentallyprepared to hurt the civilian so hurry up show best future policecar breaking skills during sharp turns and chase down the criminalsbefore accident happened.Enjoy the police car driving withrealistic feel.This game is specially designed for police gameslover so a well designed 3D environment with realistic carcontrols, amazing graphics, and 3D policeman character willentertain you for several hours with surety so without wasting yourtime download police game 2018 and keep enjoying.
Mega City Taxi Simulator 2018 1.1 APK
Welcome to Grand CITY of New York and got ready totransportpassengers in crazy taxi game You have played many taxicar 3dgames in city but now try this new taxi car top game of 2018inMega city of New York .Become a New York driver to transportfamilysim, soccer moms, shopping mall passengers, busy mom,business man,superstars, American visitors, offroad tourists,school children,and also provide the airport taxi service in yourreal taxi driving2018. Forget supercars on mega ramp and try thiswagen taxi supersport car 2018 in real vegas city to become amodern taxi driver ofcity taxi games & off-road taxi games.Pick passengers fromlocation shown on your device screen and dropthem to their desiredestination within limit of time. Take yourtaxi on highway cityroads and start your endless cab taxi gamedriving segment. Becomea best taxi game driver in great taxitransporter games who alwaysbusy in transport duty like future carsdriver. Go near the hillsas real mountain driver and feel thethrill of offroad drivinggames with eye catching mountain scenesand curvy turns. Don’t letthe passengers wait on taxi or city busstop in summer season andgive surety of pro taxi driver presence atany time with impossibletaxi ride. The mega city is fully packedwith crazy traffic likeconstruction machinery, oil tankers, cargotrucks, 22 wheelers andmany super cars for impossible stunts onmega ramp so we need aprivate driver to drive crazy wheels in megatown. Polish your taxidriver skills and give driving test to getthe taksi drivinglicense with downloading Mega City Taxi Simulator2018 game.How toPlay Fasten your seat belt and take your amazingtaxi near city buspassnger stop to provide the yellow taxi serviceto citizen of megacity. There are many people waiting for city busdriver for mobileservice, take your taxi near citizens and assurethem that you candrive as fast as super car driver to transport thepassengers withassuring for safe driving let them have a seat withopening yourtaxi doors. Provide them taxi app service that theyforget alldriving top games 2018. Keep your taxi clean by washingit fromkitchenhelper of house because passengers always prefer neatandgood taxi keeping driver. Always maintain you taxi sim fromcargarage and keep your oil tanker full before it impossiblecollidebounce with other duper cars. Go from famous places of NYcity andlet the passengers happy to see from glass of mega taxisimulator.Do not break the traffic signals because bumpy roadcamera and citysniper security are fully active due to russianmafia chasemission. Open the taxi 2018 deck and let the passengerenjoy withlatest songs and don’t try to show crazy stunts. Use besttaxi autoparking skills on passenger destination and let thepassenger getout form taxi. Drive amazing luxury taxi cars withdifferent colorsand enjoy this action packed taxi 3D gamesimulator.About all abovediscussionThe gameplay revolve around thetransportation duty fromoffroad to city and from city to off roadso be conscious citdriver while driving and perform your perfectdriving duty. Enjoythe intuitive controls, grand 3d cityenvironment, animatedpassengers, and detailed vc vehicle and muchmore you expect fromcab driving games. This game is totally freefor all ages sodownload this amazing game and enjoy nonstop fun forhours.
Real Racing Car Drifting – Traffic Riding Stunts 1.0 APK
Real Racing Car Drifting is one of the most popular racing stuntgames available on the play store. Pick one of furiously attractivesports cars and start doing impossible stunts. You can flip anytype of sports, luxury or racing Christmas car at top speed. Chooseand drive the fastest vehicles in the world on crazy courses toenjoy this year with your rider friends. The Traffic Riding gamefeatures tracks with gigantic loops, corkscrew ramps, and wildobstacles to test your driving skills. Drift crazily through turnsat incredible speeds and show others how it is done. You can showoff on the track how you want, but what is really behind it? Greateffort of mechanics and ideal car setup for a unique drivingexperience. When you test your skill in the stunt line, you willfind out that you can do virtually anything with your car. Hit theroad with the passion of racing and with the stunt car ridingchallenge. If you are a fast speed racer and have a passion for carracing games then, be ready on this Christmas to experience thereal car rally in a modern city. Race your car on death-defyingmissions in Unfair Stunt. This action game dares you to fly in amodified street vehicle. You can drive in vertical loops, launchoff of steel ramps, and skid across tight turns. Drive on trackswith jumps, turns, and obstacles Don't be afraid of falling! Chooseone of the almost different coolest crazy cars, set a color and getready for the joyride. Wondering which car to choose? Santa willhelp you to decide the best car for your next adventurous ride. Doamazing stunts with the drifting car. This is not just anotherstunt car game but one of the most insane racing games. Challengeyour friends or challenge yourself with dazzling speeds in thisinsane open racing game. Let’s go, show your coolest stunts.