1.0 / February 2, 2017
(5.0/5) (2)


** Take Control of an Angry Lion that isLetLoose in the City **
Release your primal intuition and show your wild side! In thisgame,you take control of a furious lion that pounces and attacksitsprey. The city is your playground, and your fellow animalsandhumans become your prey. Sharpen those hunting skills bysharpeningyour teeth!

Angry Lion Winter Attack features:

•Beautiful, vast city environment
•Vibrant 3D graphics
•Cool background music
•Thrilling prey hunting challenges and wild safari
•Realistic lion animations

Attack with the ferocity of a jungle king. Are you hungry?

App Information Angry Lion Winter Attack

  • App Name
    Angry Lion Winter Attack
  • ناوی پاکەیج
  • Updated
    February 2, 2017
  • قەبارەی فایل
  • پێویستی بە ئەندرۆیدە
    Android 2.3 and up
  • وەشان
  • گەشەپێدەر
    Gaming Mania
  • دابەزاندن
    50 - 100
  • Price
  • هاوپۆڵ
  • گەشەپێدەر
  • Google Play Link

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