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WiFi Phone Calls,Chat,SMS,Talk
✈ YouRoam lets you make and receive calls on YOUR phone numberanywhere in the world over WiFi or 3G data! STOP PAYING OUTRAGEOUSROAMING AND LONG DISTANCE FEES! Receive calls on YOUR phone numberover WiFi!YouRoam can be used in every country to call and to sendtexts to any phone!★ Free phone calls and free texting with allyour YouRoam contacts through WiFi or 3G!◆ With the FREE YouRoamapp, you will be able to:• Make/receive calls to and from YouRoamusers for free anywhere in the world.• Receive FREE calls on YOURcellphone number from any phone, anywhere in the world. (availablefor 36 countries)• Send and receive instant messages to YouRoamusers for free. • Messenger lets you send pictures, videos, yourlocation, voice memos and emoticons.• Easily access all your phonecontacts to make free calls directly and with just 1 click.•Notification of missed calls even if your cellphone was turned offor on airplane mode.• Receive and check voicemails for free overWiFi.• Use messenger and make free calls on phones or tablets, evenwith no service plan and just WiFi.• Send selfies to your friendsand family while you travel.• Smart Caller ID- never waste timewith a telemarketer. See who the unknown caller is and ignoreunwanted calls. Similar to knock knock or knock-knockfunctionality. ✈ When you travel, avoid roaming bills usingYouRoam!◆ Premium:• Make calls to any phone number and chat fromanywhere in the world over WiFi or 3G. Call any US phone number forjust 2 cents/minute.• Send SMS texts to any phone for just a fewcents. YOUR PHONE NUMBER: Use your cell phone number, caller ID andyour phone all over the world to make free calls. Make and receivereally inexpensive calls to any phone in through a secure in-apppurchase.SMART CALLER ID: You can see exactly who is calling youeven if they aren't in your phone book! Receive all your calls whenyou travel. Anyone you call will see your cellphone number on theircaller ID.YouRoam does not support 911 and other emergencynumbers.FAQ's:How does YouRoam work? YouRoam is a mobile and webapplication that allows you to receive calls on your original phonenumber and make calls to anyone in the world without incurringroaming or international charges. YouRoam also lets you call andtext any phone in the world, even if the person you are callingdoes not have the app or a smartphone.We help you forward yourphone number into YouRoam before you leave your home country. Onceyou arrive to your destination, turn on your WiFi and startreceiving calls at very inexpensive rates for free! You can receivecalls from people who don’t have YouRoam if you have a phone numberfrom one of the 36 countries currently supported. Call forwardingis available in 36 countries:Algeria, Argentina, Australia,Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, CzechRepublic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Georgia,Israel, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand,Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, South Africa, Slovenia,Spain,Romania, United Kingdom, United States and VenezuelaWhat isthe difference between YouRoam and applications like Skype,WhatsApp, Allo,Duo or Viber?You can call any phone and the otherperson sees your regular phone number on their caller ID. Also,your friends can call you from any landline or mobile, directly onYOUR PHONE number. Your friends and clients don not ever need toknow you are abroad. There is no need for App-to-App calling withYouRoam. Does YouRoam use my regular minutes? YouRoam does not useyour minutes for outbound calls. If you use it to receive calls byforwarding your phone number to YouRoam, carriers typically deductthe minutes you spend on forwarded calls against your monthlyminutes. However, since YouRoam provides you with a local telephonenumber, you will not face large international roaming fees whilemaking and receiving calls abroad if you call through YouRoam.
这个软件是fqrouter(翻墙路由器)的安装包。安装之后会自动下载fqrouter的安装包并安装。fqrouter(翻墙路由器)可以做到:1、不用ROOT就可以翻墙2、无时间限制无流量限制看youtube,刷twitter3、共享翻墙网络给pc,iphone等其他设备使用关键字:vpn goagent gae shadowsocks youtube facebook twitterThis software is fqrouter(over the wall router) installation package. After the installationwill automatically download fqrouter installation package andinstall it.fqrouter (over the wall router) can do:1, the wall can not ROOT2, no time limits no flow restriction watch youtube, twitterbrush3, the shared network to other devices over the wall using pc,iphone, etc.Keywords: vpn goagent gae shadowsocks youtube facebooktwitter
YouMail - Voicemail & Call Protection
YouMail, Inc
Our top rated spam call blocker, robo call blocker & visualvoicemail app will help you handle your phone calls better whileprotecting you against scams and robocalls. See for yourself whyYouMail has won over a hundred awards for voicemail and spamprotection and is trusted by over 10 million users to better answerbillions of calls. THE FREE BASIC SERVICE INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING ATNO CHARGE: * Any spam call or robo call hears 'Number Disconnected'which gets you removed from spam caller lists. * Other robo callblocker apps engage a spam call which might sound fun, but keepsyou on spam call lists and encourages more spam and robo calls! *As the top free visual voicemail app in the US, our robocallblocker will block a spam call or robo call faster than other appsto prevent that spam call or robocall. * Every second a new spamnumber or robo call number starts up. Our call blocker updatesmultiple times per day to block a new robo call number the secondit appears. * Not just a robocall blocker! Block any non robocallphone number using a personal blacklist. * A clean voicemail inbox.We either block the spam call or robo call or suspects are in yourspam folder. OUR AWARD-WINNING CALL HANDLING IS ALSO FREE: * Thehighest quality voicemail to text and voicemail to email. * Givecallers the experience they deserve with special personalizedvoicemail greetings only they hear. * Phone not on you? Checkvoicemail online or by email without your phone! * Save calls andvoicemail forever. * Search calls and voicemail from the app or anyweb browser. * Organize leads, projects, or follow-up calls intofolders. Save important voicemail forever. * Share voicemail,forward voicemail and reply to phone calls by email, SMS or adirect voicemail. We can provide our visual voicemail and robocallblocker for free as many users upgrade. PROFESSIONALS +ENTREPRENEURS LOVE OUR BUSINESS PHONE LINE SERVICE: * Need a secondphone number or second line? How about several? Pick a vanitynumber or a local number from nearby area codes for your business,side hustle or classified listing. * Add an auto attendant, virtualreceptionist or e-receptionist with menus so callers can press akey to connect their call to a partner, assistant or any otherphone number. * Add an after hours or weekend greeting on your mainphone number or second number to our auto attendant or virtualreceptionist. * Automated TXT replies make missed callers to yourmain phone or second number feel less ignored and less likely tocall a competitor. * Automatically forward unread messages to apartner, spouse or any email so important phone calls aren'tignored. * Host conference calls without a meeting ID or passcode -callers call your virtual conference number and they're in. *Trusted by 100,000 businesses: "like Google Voice with betterservice and Grasshopper with a better app!" YOUMAIL VALUES PRIVACY!* Permissions requested only when needed (and no locationpermission needed). * Android Q+ requires the call blocker role toblock calls. * Free visual voicemail, spam or call blocker personaluse for 30+ days will be supported by ads served by Google andAmazon. COMPATIBILITY: * Compatible with postpaid plans to upgradeAT&T voicemail, Sprint voicemail, T-Mobile voicemail, Verizonvoicemail, StraightTalk voicemail and others. * Some prepaid plans,Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, Google Fi and Consumer Cellular don'twidely support conditional call forwarding which prevents customersfrom using YouMail. ACTIVATION: * Activation dials carrier specificcodes to forward a missed call to YouMail so we can block robocalls, block spam and provide visual voicemail. * BEFORE DELETING,Deactivate and Return to Carrier from Settings, otherwise callsstill go to YouMail even without the app installed! For more help,visit
Tocomail - Email for Kids
Tocobox Inc.
Get safe email accounts for your children to send emails, audio,video and picture messages and stay safely connected with familyand friends. Have peace of mind with an efficient yet simple set ofparental controls: - Safe and Monitored contact lists - Quarantinebox holds emails for parent's review if contact is unknown ormonitored. - Emails containing bad words and bullying patters isalso quarantined for parent review - Copy of quarantined emails isforwarded to the parent email address FREE 7-days trial. You cancancel your subscription at no charge anytime during the trialperiod. Once you finish your trial, you’ll be charged on arecurring monthly or yearly basis on the day the trial wasfinished. Amazing drawing board, contact pictures editor andinstant messenger interface make it fun for kids to send emails!Tocomail has no ads. Having integrated filter for bad words andbullying patterns Tocomail works great as kids email for schoolcommunication. Configuring email for kids in class is very simpleand quick, it takes minutes to create email accounts for allchildren in school. EMAIL FEATURES FOR CHILDREN • Kids receivetheir own email addresses (i.e. • Audio, videoand picture messaging is a lot of fun • Intuitive Mailbox makes iteasy to overview all of the child emails • Instant Messengerinterface teaches kids safe texting! • Drawing board makes picturemessaging fun with hundreds of postcards and stickers • Avatareditor helps to create awesome contact pictures PARENTAL CONTROLFEATURES • Safe, Monitored and Blocked lists of contacts – youdecide who can email your kids • Quarantine box holds emails forparent review if contact is unknown or monitored • Emails a copy ofeach quarantined message to the parent • Parent can add contact toSafe list right from notification email • Parent can approve orreject quarantined messages right from the notification email • Badwords and bullying patterns detector
Tutanota - Free Secure Email & Calendar App
Tutao GmbH
Tutanota enables you to use the benefits of the cloud -availability, flexibility, automatic back-up - without compromisingon security. With Tutanota's built-in encryption you own your data,no one else can access it. Tutanota comes with a light &beautiful GUI, dark theme included, with instant pushnotifications, auto-sync, full-text search, swipe gestures andmore. The open source email app Tutanota enables you to sendend-to-end encrypted emails to anybody. Even emails that are beingsent without end-to-end encryption and all your contacts are storedsecurely encrypted on the Tutanota servers based in Germany.Tutanota also has an encrypted calendar, easily accessible fromwithin the mail client. Our passion for privacy. Tutanota is beingbuilt by a team passionate about everybody's right to privacy. Weare supported by an amazing community, which enables us to grow ourteam continuously, making Tutanota a lasting success withoutdepending on venture capital interests. Tutanota respects you &your data: - Only you can access your encrypted emails &contacts. - Tutanota does not track or profile you. - Open sourceclient & apps. - Innovative full-text search feature lets youeasily search your mailbox. - TLS with support of PFS, DMARC, DKIM,DNSSEC and DANE. - Secure password reset that gives us absolutelyno access. - 100% developed and located in Germany under strictData Protection Laws (GDPR). Official website: https://tutanota.comSource code: With the Tutanotaapp, you can: - Create your own Tutanota email address (ending,,, with 1 GB of free storage. - Create custom domainemail addresses for €1 per month with optinal catch-all. - Send andreceive end-to-end encrypted emails to anybody. - Send and receiveold-fashioned emails (not end-to-end encrypted). Even these emailsare stored encrypted on the Tutanota servers. - Automaticallyencrypt subject, content and attachments. - Get push notificationsinstantly. - Auto-complete email addresses as you type from yourTutanota or your phone contacts. - Auto-sync between app, webclient and desktop clients. - Tutanota is free and open sourcesoftware (FOSS) so that security experts can check the code. TheTutanota app asks for very few permissions to keep your level ofprivacy to a maximum: - Full network access: Used to send andreceive emails. - Receive data from the internet: To notify youwhen you receive a new email. - View network connections: To findout if an internet connection exists. - Read your contacts: Thisenables you to select recipients from your phone's contacts. - Readfrom SD card: To allow adding of attachments from the SD card toemails. - Control vibration: To notify you when you receive a newemail. - Deactivate sleeping mode: To notify you when you receive anew email.
Razer Comms - Gaming Messenger
Razer Comms is a free all-in-one communications solution forgamers, offering crystal clear VoIP and versatile instant messagingwith group chat capabilities. Built with advanced in-game overlayfunctionality and cross-game chat support, Razer Comms allows youto get in touch with your friends without compromising yourgameplay. This is how gamers were meant to communicate.Features:• Connecting Gamers – Connect with your friends or find new gamerson the world’s largest multi-platform gaming messenger.• Instant Messaging - Chat away with your friends 1on1 or ingroups.• Free Voice Chat – Make your voice heard with friends on mobileand PC alike.• No Interruptions – The in-app overlay allows you to handlemessages and calls without interrupting what you’re currentlydoing.• Stay in the game - SMS-Forwarding and Call Notifications on thePC allow you to stay connected even while you’re in-game.• Multi-Platform (PC, Tablet or Phone) – No matter your preference.Comms is there.• Always On – Never miss a message and instantly receive them withpush notifications.• Completely Free – Razer Comms doesn’t have any hidden costs.Works over your phone's existing data plan or any WiFiconnection.
Zap Zap Messenger
Private Host
ZapZap Messenger is messaging application that uses the TelegramAPI It adds a great social network to the Telegram. The biggest andbest messaging application ! With ZapGrupos you meet people fromall over the world in thematic groups of 23 different categories.See all advantages: √ Very light , fast, efficient and safe ; √Send self-destructing messages; √ Sending any kind of up to 1.5 GBfile, not just videos and pictures ; √ installation on multipledevices , including tablets ; √ Access web sync with conversationsand sending files in √ Check -in andsearch for users in ZapMapa ; √ Mural public to post text andphotos ; √ Groups of up to 20.000 people ; √ Save the phone batterythanks to an advanced data synchronization system; √ You receive anotification when a friend installs too :) Questions? Send amessage on the site :
KeepCalling - Best International Calling Rates
Miron Enterprises, LLC
Save money on your international phone calls with KeepCalling app!Make cheap international calls or send an SMS at great rates. Enjoyhigh quality VoIP calls, low rates and an easy to use onlineservice. It's time to save when you call international! Buy cheapprepaid credit online and replace calling cards and phone cardswith our free international calling app. This way you can makecheap international calls to Mexico, India, China, Colombia, Cuba,Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and many other countriesworldwide. With KeepCalling it’s easy to call home. NEW! OfflineCalling - this feature is meant to allow app users to connect callswithout Internet connection WiFi or 3G/4G-LTE, through local accessnumbers. This feature will help you call any contact number withoutInternet connection. For any international contact you may need tocall, a local phone number will be instantly made available foryou. VOICE CALLS & SMS • Use with WiFi & 3G/4G • Pay perminute, no hidden fees • Works on 7'' and 10'' tablets DOWNLOAD FORFREE AND GET: • Cheap rates for international phone calls • Nohidden or extra fees • Minute rounding • $2 minimum order • Balancenever expires • Buy credit in app • 100% call quality • Highquality international phone calls • Access from any Android device• Direct access to your contacts • 24/7 Customer Service EASY TOUSE: 1. Create an account or login 2. Buy Voice Credit if you don’thave a PIN yet 3. Start calling or texting 4. Add Voice Credit fromthe app whenever your balance is running low. EXTRA OPTIONS CallingRates *Check what’s the rate/min for the destination you want tocall in our Rates menu. Help Center *Check out the answer to ourfrequently asked questions in our Help Center menu. Set my CallerID *Let your friends know who’s calling them! Set your Caller IDdirectly from the app. Buy Voice Credit *Recharge your PIN directlyfrom the app! You don’t have to go to our website anymore, you canbuy Voice Credit for international calls from this tab. Rate ourapp *We value your opinion. Please let us know if you like our app!FEATURES: • Use your own Contacts list • Create new account fromthe app • Use Speed Dial to call your favorite numbers faster • BuyVoice Credit online, directly from the app • Set Auto Recharge onour online store to make sure you never run out of credit HELPCENTER 1. What can I do to improve my quality when making a phonecall online? a. All international phone calls placed through ourapplication depend on the quality of your Internet connection.Please make sure you have a good signal and that no other softwareor program is using your Internet resources when making an internetphone call. 2. Can I use my phone contacts? a. Yes, but you have tomake sure that all phone numbers are saved in international format:country code + phone number. 3. Where can I find the rates for SMS?a. The rates for SMS are available in the More -> Rates section,next to the calling rates. 4. How much data does the app use for anonline call? a. On average, the app uses approximately 1MB/min formaking a voice call. In order to benefit from the highest qualityavailable, we advise you to use the application with a WiFinetwork. Any costs resulting from using the application with 3G or4G networks when you call internationally or send an SMS are notcovered by us. BACKUP CALLING METHOD: • Use our Toll Free or LocalAccess numbers from any mobile or landline. We recommend that youturn off international calling with your mobile provider. This waythere will be no risk to make international calls or long distancecalls by accident using your current provider at much higher rates.Having issues with the KeepCalling application? Please email us
GroupMe - the free, simple way to stay connected with those whomatter most. Family. Roommates. Friends. Coworkers. Teams. GreekLife. Bands. Faith Groups. Events. Vacations. “Lifechanger....utterly indispensable” -Gizmodo - START CHATTING Add anyone to agroup via their phone number or email address. If they are new toGroupMe, they can start chatting over SMS immediately. - CONTROLNOTIFICATIONS You’re in charge! Choose when and what type ofnotifications you receive. Mute specific chats, or the entire app –you can even leave or end group chats. - SAY MORE THAN WORDS Goahead – fall in love with our exclusive emoji. - THE WHOLE INTERNETIN YOUR GROUP Meme images, search and send GIFs, and see contentshared from URLs displayed in the chat. - SHARE NOW, RELIVE LATERThe gallery saves your memories. Easily explore the photos andvideos shared in your group now, or later. - LEAVE TEXTING BEHINDWith direct messages, you can use all the features you love forgroup chat, but one-on-one. It’s like texting, but better. - CHATWHEREVER YOU ARE Including from your computer at groupme.comWhether separated by a hallway or a hemisphere, GroupMe allows youto stay in touch with the connections that count. Get your grouptogether. We want to hear your feedback! Email: support@groupme.comTwitter: @GroupMe Facebook: Instagram:@GroupMe Love, Team GroupMe NOTE: SMS chat currently available inUS only. Standard text messaging rates may apply. Privacy Policy: A member of the Skype family
rundQuadrat OG
IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTICE To mitigate efail please consider thefollowing: - Install Version >= 2.40.264 - Disable HTML view(Settings->Display->View HTML content by default->off) -Do not download remote content R2Mail2 is an email client forAndroid OS which provides cryptographic capabilities, such asDigital Signatures and Digital De- and Encryption based on personalSoft-Token keys (.p12 format), as for example provided by a TrustCenter or generated by PGP applications. Even though we focus onthe best cryptographic experience in the Android email world, wetry to provide a full functioning mail client with correspondingsafety features in general. Since some people do not understanddifficult sentences: THIS IS DEMO WHICH DISPLAYS ONLY THE NEWEST 10MAILS! The unlimited edition of this app will be available via theGoogle Play Store in form of a purchasable key. The free version ofR2Mail2 is also a replacement for our established and also free appX509Tools - so the ability to decrypt or verify content (in form ofp7m-files) is even available without creating a mail account. Tounlock the R2Mail2 and see all messages please install "R2Mail2License" from Google Play( * E-Mail Server: IMAP (incl. pushmail/idle), POP, SMTPand Exchange (>2007 SP1) * SSL with X-509 client certifiateauthentication * An database in which the mails are storedencrypted * Special Attachment View (browse your attachmentswithout checking single mails) * Unified Inbox and E-Mail Threading* Peak Options for check intervals * Search Function for messagesper Folder * IMAP shared folders Main Cryptographic Features: *Private keys and passwords are stored in an encrypted database(Key-Store) and protected by a Master Password. * The securitysettings allow the configuration of encryption parameters,signature and certificate validation methods (OCSP and LDAP). *Full S/MIME and PGP Plain and PGP MIME support * Automaticselection of S/MIME or PGP for each recipient * Full support ofAndroid Root Store * Certificate import of .crt, .pem and .ascformats * Certificate/Key import from KeyServer LDAP or HKP (HTTP)The application needs the following Android permissions to run: *Full Internet Access - required to send and receive emails *Modify/Delete SD card content - required to access the private keystore, download attachments and to write log-files * Read Contacts- required to suggest email addresses from your contacts * NetworkState - required to check if an Internet connection is present *Vibrate – required for notification purposes * WakeLock - to allowservice to check mails in background PLEASE DO NOT REPORT ERRORS INCOMMENTS! We cannot react on that! If you get errors please use"Menu -> Report Error" on the start-screen to send us thelog-file information in your preferred way! Informations aboutPrivate Key and Validity Handling: The application comes without apersonal key pair (the users private and public key) - so it isfully functioning in the sense of sending and receiving emails asany other mail client and provides the correct usage of validationif the mail you receive is signed by the sender. For signing orencrypting a message it is necessary to use a private key you own.Turn to a Trust Center of your choice as a source of supply. Youcan find a list of trust centers, which are trusted within theAndroid world, in the Certificate Store (CA section) of R2Mail2.Please be aware that this app can only support Soft-Token in formof P12-files and will not work with smartcard-based certificates.For more information visit
Lionscribe Software LLC
Smartlist is the ultimate phone book and caller id app availablefor the frum smartphone user. With over 20 frum community lists(and more coming!), Smartlist is the only app you need to stayconnected to friends and family across the globe, and to find theservices and businesses you need, when you need them. FEATURES✔Residential listings - stay connected with friends and family!Search by any part of the name, address, or phone number to find alisting. ✔Business listings - find phone numbers, addresses, andmore information for community businesses! Easy to use, smartsearch allows you to search by keyword, business type, address, orphone number. ✔Caller ID - See who is calling you, and whose numberyou are dialing! Name will also appear in your call log, so you cansee at a glance who you missed a call from, and who you called.✔Offline database - does not require internet access to search forlistings or to show caller ID. ✔Share listings - email or messageinformation you find on Smartlist to others who may need it. Youcan also export Smartlist contacts to your phone's contact list.✔Contact businesses, restaurants, and residential listings easily -directly dial, message, or map from Smartlist. Email addresses,websites, and alternate phone numbers, plus more, also makeSmartlist a valuable resource. ✔Stay up to date - be notified ofcommunity events and local promotions! ✔Phone directories for over20 Jewish communities around the world: * Lakewood * Boro Park *Flatbush * Williamsburg * Monsey * Kiryas Yoel * Five Towns/ FarRockaway * Cleveland * Chicago * Montreal * Gateshead * GoldersGreen * Manchester * Stamford Hill * Seagate * Baltimore * BergenCounty * Bobov * Staten Island * Melbourne, Australia * Toronto *Catskill Mountains * Antwerp, Belgium * Westchester County *Bloomingburg * and more coming! ★ Smartlist does not upload yourpersonal contacts to make them public or searchable ★
Bijoy Bangla বিজয় বাংলা
Bijoy Bangla App for Android OS is developed for writing Bangla inUnicode System with Bijoy Keyboard. You will have to download theApp, set up and than use it. This App follows Bijoy Keyboardperfectly as it is in desktop PCs.Bijoy for Android is a completelynew version developed by us. After downloading the app install theAPP, do the setup and you will be able to use it as it is beingused in desktop PCs. This APP will work in the Android OS whichsupports Unicode Bangla. You can use it in Smartphones, Tablets andPCs.If you face any problem please contact us to have support. Weare continuing its development and shall upload the newest versionas soon as it is developed. Please use the newest version for moreconvenience.Ananda Computers188 Motijheel Circular Road,Dhaka-1000, Bngladeshe-mail :,website, www.bijoydigital.comFacebook, facebook/pages/Phone: +88027194002, +88027194527
TwinSMS Systems
SEND FREE SMS AND TEXT MESSAGES WORLDWIDE Also send emotiSOUNDS™,emoticons with sound that we invented to make your communicationsmore fun. In addition to sending international free sms to any ofyour contacts with twin you can send photos, videos, music and allkinds of media files to other users up to 10 Gb! Also useinteresting options like the walkie-talkie function to send voicemessages that will play directly when you send them or the newvoice to text translation feature to chat without having to writeyour messages with the keyboard. Enjoy sending a twin! Terms of useand Privacy policy of the app:
Wifi sniffer
HTS Entertainment
Wifi sniffer, android sniffer application. Internet connectionsniffer. Android professional security hacker sniffer applicationto detect, prevent and check sniffers, leechers, hacker, crackersand all kind of threats to your cell phone wifi, mobile internet orandroid phone.
Little Web Browser [2]
Wee Jim
Little Browser aims to be a very fast web browser. It is designedto be very simple to use and to load the webpage as fast aspossible. It reduces data utilization by displaying only readablecontent from webpages and by not downloading extraneous contentslike scripts and images. This app makes getting information overthe web easier and faster especially when internet speed andbandwidth are limited and is very suitable for users on the move.In-app purchase is available to remove ads. Features 1. Reducesdata utilization by not downloading images. 2. Bookmark webpagesfor quick site access. Saved bookmark can be accessed by searchingfor them by entering the bookmark name into the address bar (youmay need to scroll down to find the matched bookmarks). 3. Quickaccess to recently accessed webpage (up to 10) via navigationdrawer on the left. 4. Supports webpage zooming. 5. Supports backbutton to move to previous webpage. 6. Built in ads blocker forwebsite 7. Invert color (white text on black background for preandroid 4.4 Kit kat devices only) Little Browser recognizes •"mailto:" html link and redirects the user to his mail editor •"tel:" link and opens the phone call dialog • "geo:" link and sendsthe coordinates to the map program Explanation of PermissionsRequired: INTERNET: for accesing the web READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: for backing up and restoring bookmarksto/from sdcard READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS: for importing systembookmarks into Lynx Browser Quick Tip • Access the tabs by slidingin from the left (see screenshot) • Other shortcuts are alsoavailable by sliding in from the right (see screenshot) • To go to"", just enter "nba" into the url text. • Turnoff Javascript for even faster browsing experience. (Warning: somesites with heavy usage of Javascript may fail to load properly.Just reenable Javascript when that happens) • Hide address bar toincrease amount of screen space • Long click in manage bookmark toget context menu to appear (so that you can delete/rename selectedbookmark) This application is a work in progress. Give it a 5 starsif you like it. Free feel to let me know how the app can beimproved for you (I am always on a lookout for ways to make itbetter) I would appreciate if you can refrain from giving the app abad rating. I am just starting out, give me a chance to fix it foryou :) Known Issues • zooming does not work for mobile sites(update settings to use "Prefer desktop sites" to workaround thisfor the time being)
Google LLC
Gmail is an easy to use email app that saves you time and keepsyour messages safe. Get your messages instantly via pushnotifications, read and respond online & offline, and find anymessage quickly. With the Gmail app you get: • An organized inbox -Social and promotional messages are sorted into categories so youcan read messages from friends and family first. • Less spam -Gmail blocks spam before it hits your inbox to keep your accountsafe and clutter free. • 15GB of free storage - You won’t need todelete messages to save space. • Multiple account support - Useboth Gmail and non-Gmail addresses (, Yahoo Mail, or anyother IMAP/POP email) right from the app.
انترنت واي فاي ف اي مكان مجانا
Bosh Bosh Apps
تطبيق انترنت واي فاي ف اي مكان مجانايحتوي تطبيق تطبيق انترنت واي فاي ف اي مكان مجانا على شرح لعدةتطبيقات اخري و طرق تمكنك من الحصول علىالانترنت الوايرليس مجانا او فى مقابل مادي بسيطاذا سافرت الى اى مكان و محتاج انترنت قم فقط بتحميل تطبيقنا لكيتتعرف على طرق الحصولعلى الانترنت الواي فاي فى اي مكانكما يحتوي التطبيق على شرح طرق اختراق و كيفية حماية شبكات الواي فايبمختلف انواعهايحتوي تطبيق تطبيق انترنت واي فاي ف اي مكان مجاناعلى الموضوعات الاتية:شرح تثبيت الباك تراكشبكات WPA or WPA/2شبكات WPSشبكات WEPشبكات واي فاي اتصالات و فودافونFree Wifi Mapكل هذا و اكثر فى تطبيق تطبيق انترنت واي فاي ف اي مكان مجاناملحوظة تطبيق تطبيق انترنت واي فاي ف اي مكان مجانا هو تطبيق شروحاتفقط ولكنه لا يزودك بخدمة الواي فايملحوظة اخري جميع شروحات الاختراق و الهكر فى هذا التطبيق هي لمجردالتعليم و لكي تتعلم حماية شبكتك وليس لاستخدامها على شبكات الاخرينTheapplication of Wi-Fi Internet in anywhere for freeApplication contains the application of Wi-Fi Internet in anywherefor free to explain to several other applications and ways you cangetAllowaarles online for free or at a fee simpleIf you traveled to any place and in need Internet Just download ourapplication in order to find out ways to getOnline Wi-Fi anywhereIt also contains an explanation of the application methods ofpenetration and how to protect Wi-Fi networks of variouskindsApplication contains the application of Wi-Fi Internet in anywherefor freeOn the following topics:Explain install PAC-Trac Networks, WPA or WPA / 2 WPS networks WEP networks Wi-Fi networks Telecom and Vodafone Free Wifi MapAll this and more in the application of the application of Wi-FiInternet in anywhere for freeApplication Application Note Wi-Fi Internet in anywhere for free isto apply only explanations, but does not provide you with freeWi-FiOther notable all explanations and hacker penetration in thisapplication are just for education and to learn to protect yournetwork and is not to be used on other networks
Hushed - Second Phone Number - Calling and Texting
AffinityClick Inc.
**** FREE TO DOWNLOAD and GET A FREE 3-DAY TRIAL NUMBER **** Hushedis a private phone number app for any occasion! When you need adifferent number to call and text with, Hushed lets you get localnumbers from over 60+ countries. You can use Hushed for privatecalls and texts. You can even manage multiple lines for yourpersonal or business life. When you make a call or text withHushed, it’s sent from your dedicated Hushed number, and neverinteracts with your cell phone number. Hushed is great forclassified ads, dating, travel, and business. It's easy andrisk-free to use Hushed. There are no contracts, no hassles, andsigning up doesn’t require any verification. You can keep yourconversations entirely private, and burn your numbers once you’refinished with them. Protect your privacy with Hushed! WHY USEHUSHED? 🚲 Buying or selling on local classifieds? Get a temporarynumber to post on your ad and receive calls and texts on Hushedinstead. Delete your number once the deal is done! ❤️ OnlineDating? Stay safe by adding a layer of security to your personallife with a Hushed burner number. Share your disposable number withdating app matches and people that you’re just getting to know. ✈️Travelling or calling internationally? Family and friends can reachyou on a local number without having to pay long-distance orroaming charges. 💼 Need a business number? Simply add an extranumber to your device. Send business texts and stay connected withcustomers through Hushed. Manage your business line (or evenmultiple lines) in one simple app! 🇺🇸 + 🇨🇦 + 🇬🇧 Get UNLIMITEDcalling and texting in Canada, the United States, and the UnitedKingdom (UK). Choose from 1 or 3-line recurring subscriptions.Enjoy unlimited local calling*** minutes and texts! ***Localcalling is available on all Hushed numbers. SMS and MMS areavailable in select countries. International calling and SMS isavailable on ‘30 Day Worldwide’ Packages. HUSHED APP FEATURES ◆ Geta 2nd phone number, add different numbers, and manage multiplelines in one simple app. ◆ Full talk, text (SMS), and picturemessaging / MMS capabilities. ◆ Local numbers to choose from inover 60+ countries. ◆ Each number comes equipped with CustomizableVoicemail Greetings, Auto Reply Text Messages, Call Forwarding,Call Routing, and more! ◆ Access your account on any deviceconnected to WiFi or data. Even turn your tablet into a phone! ◆Flexible Prepaid (7/30/90/365 Day) and Pay-as-you-go plans to suitany temporary or long-term need. Extend, delete, and top up numbersat any time! ◆ Integrations with Slack and DropBox provide extraoptions. Send and reply to messages directly through Slack. Savevoicemails and message history to your Dropbox account.SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS ◆ Our 1 & 3 Line auto-renewingsubscriptions apply to all U.S, Canada, and UK numbers. Theyinclude UNLIMITED calls and texts within North America (for US andCanada numbers only) or within the UK (for UK numbers). Sign up ona yearly subscription and save up to 20% of the cost of theunlimited plan! ◆ Payments are charged to your Google Play accountat confirmation, and will automatically renew unless auto-renew isturned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.◆ Renewals are charged within 24-hours prior to the end of thecurrent subscription period at the original subscription price andterm. ◆ You can manage your subscription at any time (and turn offauto-renew) by going to your Google Play Account Settings.Cancellations do not apply to the active subscription period andrefunds will not be provided for the unused portion of the term.KEY FACTS Hushed offers both free trials and paid numbers, pleasereview pricing and plans before purchasing. Country and area codeavailability varies. May not work with SMS shortcode services orverification texts. Cannot be used for 911 emergency services.
Smart Motor 2.0
Viettel ICT
Hệ thống chống trộm và giám sát xe máy Viettelphiên bản 2.0.Truy cập hệ thống tại địa chỉ,,, giamsatxemay.viettel.vnAnti-theft systems andmonitoring motorcycle Viettel version 2.0.Access system at, smartmotor. VN,,
imo free video calls and chat
Imo is a free, simple and faster video calling & instantmessaging app. Send text or voice messages or video call with yourfriends and family easily and quickly, even the signal under badnetwork. 🔥New feature highlights: Group Video & Audio ChatsSupport real-time group video chats up to 20 members. Enjoy livetalks with colleagues, friends and families, create a conferenceroom for online meeting, and send large size videos or documents asyou like. It is the perfect tool for throwing an online party orworking from home. Why imo? ✔️Compatible with All Networks: Freeand unlimited instant messages and audio or video calls over 2G,3G, 4G* or Wi-Fi. Consistent & stable audio calls even with 2Gnetwork! Avoid SMS and phone call charges, no fees or subscriptionfor every message or call.🆓 ✔️Multimedia: Fast photo📷 and videosharing📹, you can also send and receive voice messages or documentsof any type(.DOC, .MP3, .ZIP, .PDF, etc.).📄 ✔️Free InternationalCalls: Make international calls to your friends & family forfree! No extra charge to send international messages. Experiencecrystal clear & HD quality instant video calls to friends andfamily all around the world!👪 ✔️Powerful: Enjoy group chats up to100,000 members, share large videos and documents of all types,send hundreds of free emotional stickers!🤼 ✔️Apps for All Devices:imo messenger is fully accessible from Android, iOS, Windows andMacOS. You can see all your messages, calls and share other mediadirectly from your desktop or Android tablet.🖥️ ✔️Less Data Usage:Enhanced data traffic usage efficiency, less data usage and savemore money! ✔️Customized Profile: Express yourself with customizedprofile, select from hundreds of cool avatars, music themes andbackgrounds! ✔️Quickly Find Your Contacts: Login to imo app onlywith your phone number, you don't need to remember extra usernameor PIN. You can use your address book to quickly connect withfriends & family.🦄 ✔️Find Your Interests: Join thousands ofgroup chats or imo Zones to find people with the same interests.You can also get all kinds of latest resources from imo.✔️Cloud-based: All of your messages history and files can besecurely synced in imo Cloud to free up your phone storage. Youwill never miss any notifications or messages even if you close theapp!☁️ ✔️Other Features: imo Big Group, imo Zones, imo LiveStreaming, imo Video and many other new features are coming!🔥✔️Make international calls to landlines or mobile phones with imoOut at lower rates. imo out will save you more compared withtraditional carries as for international calling. No expensive feesor subscription for each calls anymore! *Data charges may apply inthis app. Contact your provider for details. Official website:
Wi-Fi Auto-connect
This application helps Wi-Fi auto-connect settings.Instructions areavailable at developer's site.- Supported Wi-Fi -docomo Wi-FiWi2300BB mobilepointUQ Wi-Fi7SPOTLAWSON Free Wi-FiFamima Wi-FiTokyoMetro Free Wi-FiToei Subway Free Wi-FiToei Bus Free Wi-FiJR EastFree Wi-FiSTARBUCKS Wi-FiNTT-EAST FLETS SPOTTokyo Metro/ToeiSubway/Toei Bus/JR East Free Wi-Fi are provided by JapanConnected-free Wi-Fi.
다음 - Daum
Kakao Corp.
1. The favorite tab could be edited as the main page. 2. The realtime responding RUBICS allocates your news. 3. A flower searchengine is launched, which will find you the names of the flowersyou take picture of.
Whoscall – The best caller ID and block App
To have a safe and trustworthy telecommunication environment,Whoscall is your one and only option! With having more than 70million downloads globally, Whoscall is a highly-regarded phone appwith Caller ID & Block function. Besides calls and textmessages service, we're well known for our identification ofincoming calls & SMS, the blocking of malicious spam calls& SMS, and powered by our massive database with over 1 billionnumbers. ★Recognized as one of Google Play the most popular APP inTaiwan for five years★ ★Rewarded as Google 2013, 2015 & 2016the best app★ ★Rewarded as Google 2013 Innovation Award★★Recognized as the Top 10 Innovated App in Taiwan by TechinAsia★★Official partner with Taiwan National Police Administration★Whoscall provides a fully functional phone feature. Calls, SMS,Anti-Spam, all in one app to manage your calls & messages! 【Trustworthy phone app 】 ▶Identify unknown calls Only pick upimportant calls by knowing who’s calling! ▶Block spam calls Avoiddisturbing quality time by blocking spam calls. *Please setWhoscall as your default phone app to activate this service. ▶Built-in dialer Search & confirm unknown numbers before youdial out. ▶All-in-one Whoscall Call Interface In addition to Answer/ Hang up / Speaker, Whoscall still provide Whoscall Call Interfaceto identify incoming and outgoing calls. *Please set Whoscall asyour default phone app to activate this service. 【Safe and secureSMS】 ▶SMS conversation page Chat with anyone on Whoscallconversation page. *Please set Whoscall as your default SMS app toactivate Whoscall conversation page. ▶Identify unknown messagesCatch important messages and avoid disturbed one. ▶Block allannoying messages Block spam numbers and no longer receive annoyingmessages! *Please set Whoscall as your default SMS app to activateblocking messages function. Community-based data updated bymillions of users worldwide, 【 Rich Caller Data 】 ▶More than 1billion number of data from our global community. ▶Identify callerswithout internet access by downloading the offline database. 【Whoscall Premium】 ▶ Offline Database Extension Get premium offlinedatabase, totally control your callers. ▶ Auto-update Auto-updateoffline database. ▶ Ad-free Remove all ads and enjoy the purestexperience. Note: *According to Google Policy, please set Whoscallas your default phone app to activate Block and Whoscall CallInterface function. *All authorized permission will only be usedinternally for Whoscall to provide better service. *Whoscall CallInterface is available on Asus, Google, Lenovo, LG, Motorola,Samsung, Sony. *Offline database is available in Taiwan, Korea,Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, USA, India&Indonesia...etc. *Up to Android 6.0 versions request permission on SMS,Phone, Contacts and Draw over other apps. *Whoscall is alwayslooking forward to hearing from you! Should you have any inquiry orsuggestion, please reach us at
Text Free on Textfree Texting
Pinger, Inc.
Textfree Pinger: the free texting app thatgives you a 2nd free phone number so you can send free text and SMSmessages to anyone or any group, even if they don’t have a freetexting app. Using your data or WiFi connection, Textfree keeps youin touch with friends and family through free SMS messaging, groupmessaging, picture messaging, international texting & calling,and voicemail. All for free. Get Text free, the original freetexting app!TEXT FREE WITH GROUP MESSAGESTextfree is the perfect free texting app for group messaging withall your contacts. You can create groups, leave groups, addparticipants and let everyone be part of the conversation.REAL PHONE NUMBER INCLUDEDNot many free texting apps give you a real number. But having yourown local phone number means you can call your grandma’s landline,order a pizza, SMS any number, and of course, hit up all yourfriends, even if they don’t have a smartphone.SEND UNLIMITED FREE TEXTS & PICTURESWith Textfree you get free SMS texting plus calling, totally freeand unlimited. And now, Text free is the first free texting appenabled with real MMS picture messaging. That means you can evensend picture messages to all your friends, even if they don’t haveTextfree!FREE CALLINGFree calling has never been better. Textfree-to-Textfree callingand any incoming calls are always free. Outbound calling minutesare easy to earn or super cheap to buy. Who doesn’t love freecalling?TURN ANY DEVICE INTO A PHONENo phone? No Problem. Textfree has you covered. Textfree turns yourdesktop, tablet, or other Android devices into a phone so you cantext and call for free. Plus, calls sound even better overWiFi.AND SO MUCH MORE• Texting and calling are free back to the US and Canada fromanywhere in the world when you have a data connection or WiFi• Speaking of the world, Textfree is the perfect free texting appfor making free calls and sending free texts while you’reabroad.• Use Textfree as a free second phone line• Text free is the first free texting app to let users send andreceive real MMS picture messages, just like the pricycarriers.• Real MMS picture messaging works with nearly all other carriers(T-Mobile coming soon). If you try and send or receive a picturemessage with a T-Mobile user, it might not go through (yet).• Know the instant your texts are read if recipient is also onTextfree• Block numbers, if needed• Log in securely from any device• Turn your Android tablet into a free phone.• FREE TEXTING + CALLING APP for both the US and Canada.• FREE texting and calling plus 10 FREE minutes of outboundcalling• Send unlimited free texts, plus get free unlimited incoming callsfrom anyone, anywhere in the world.• Textfree is the original free texting app that you can use withWiFi.• Send text via your regular number or send free text with yourTextfree number• Free voicemail, too• Call and SMS any number in the US and Canada, even if you don’thave a calling plan.• Make Calls on WiFi• Your texts are 100% free. Pictures are 100% free. Incoming callsare 100% free.• Earn free minutes for outbound calls• Never miss messages• Send hi-res pictures to anyone on AT&T, Boost, Sprint,T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin• Want some light reading? Our terms of service are here: IMPORTANT STUFF• Emergency calls are not supported• Like many free texting apps, Textfree is ad-supported, so youwill see ads from time to time.• When roaming, additional carrier data charges may apply. Contactyour carrier for details.• If your contacts aren’t on Textfree, they might have to payregular carrier charges for texts and pictures. If that’s the case,be a good friend and tell them about Textfree.TEXT FROM THE WEB•© 2017 Pinger, Inc. All rights reserved. The Textfree name,associated trade marks and logos are trade marks of Pinger, Inc. orrelated entities.
Holaa! Caller ID & Call Block
Mara Corporation
Holaa! is a free Caller ID application which lets you know thecaller’s name, photo and their location during an incoming call.Holaa! also helps you block spam calls from pesky spammers or otherunwanted callers. Holaa! never uploads your phonebook to make itsearchable or public. Holaa! Features: - CALLER ID: Identify thecaller with their name, photograph, location and email ID. -HOODLE: Besides being a caller ID, Holaa is also a fun app whereyou can get Hoodle Score based on your calling patterns, Favoritesbased on people you like to call, and Nirvana Time based on theduration you stay away from calls. - BLOCK CALLERS: Block spamcalls from spammers and telemarketers. - SMART SEARCH: Identifyname, photo, location & email ID of the person, to whom a phonenumber belongs to. All your searches within Smart Search are storedso that you can go back and quickly search phone numbers again -ENRICHED PHONEBOOK: Synchronize your Facebook & Google accountswith your phonebook, and visually enhance it by fetching the latestphotos - MERGING CONTACT INFO: Holaa! regularly provides additionalinformation about your contacts which you can add to your phonebookby using the ‘Merge’ feature - CONTACT CARD: Every contact of yourshas a contact card within Holaa! where you can see the Name,photograph, email ID, Location, and your activity history with thecontact - ACTIVITY ANALYSER: Keeps you informed on the duration forwhich you have spoken to a particular contact - MISSED CALL ALERTS:If you have missed call(s), Holaa! provides you with a dashboardfor taking necessary action - Call, SMS, Block or Add Contact -OFFLINE SUPPORT: It provides you offline support for unknowncontacts that have already called you. This means, even if youdon’t have Internet connection Holaa! will still work fine. Formore useful information visit us at: ForPrivacy: For Terms of Use: For queries contact:
Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger
VoxerPro LLC
Voxer Walkie Talkie is a free app that combines the best of LiveVoice, text, photos, and videos into a powerful secure messagingtool. Voxer is the only walkie talkie messenger with end-to-endencryption. ------- Make your group communication more efficient,secure and personal with Voxer. Why millions of people chooseVoxer: * Live Audio - Instantly communicate with live voice, justlike a walkie-talkie or push-to-talk (PTT) device. * Listen Later -Not available to chat live? All messages are saved for laterplayback, saving or sharing. * Private Chats - Send end-to-endencrypted messages - only you and the other party on the chat canread or hear messages. No one else. * Photos, Videos and GIFs -Send text, photos, videos, and gifs. Share location and Dropboxfiles. * Free - Voxer is free to download and use. * Group Chats -Create chats with up to 500 individuals or team contacts. * PickYour Device - Get messages on your Android devices and othersmartphones. Voxer syncs seamlessly across all your devices. *Voxer for Web - Listen and respond to Voxer messages from yourcomputer’s browser at * Use Any Data Network - Talkover any 3G, 4G, or WiFi network in the world. * Audio QualityEnjoy crystal-clear audio quality. *Upgrade to Voxer Pro for$3.99/monthly or $29.99/yearly for enhanced communications for yourteam or business. Voxer Pro includes all basic features, PLUS: *Unlimited Message Storage - Access to your entire message history.Free users have access to approx 30 days of message history. *Walkie Talkie Mode - Use Voxer hands-free. Pick a chat to listenand respond to using live voice without having to open the app. *Message Recall - Recall and delete any unwanted messages you havesent. * Admin Control - Add and remove users from a chat withcomplete control. * Extreme Notifications - Turn on loud,repetitive alerts for messages when you are in a noisy environment.Voxer Pro subscriptions purchased in-app renew monthly or yearlydepending on your plan. We want to hear from you! * Like us onFacebook @ * Follow us on Twitter @* Need help? Check out
mysms – GPS Location Sharing
Share your GPS location via a text message to let your friends knowwhere you are. Use this plugin in addition to the mysms Androidphone app to share your location with whomever you want. *** PLEASENOTE: This is not a standalone app, you need to download the mysmsapp in advance to use this plugin. mysms – GPS Location Sharing isonly supported by our Android smartphone application.*** How to setup the plugin: 1) Install mysms Android app on your smartphone andset up an account: Install this plugin 3) Now you’re ready to share your locationvia the mysms phone app (New message – Add attachment – Location)By using this plugin you can share a Google Maps link with yourcurrent location via SMS. It is only possible to share informationby using the mysms Android phone app. Third party apps do not haveaccess to this location sharing feature. MYSMS AT A GLANCE: mysmslets you send and receive texts on your computer or tablet – justlike on your phone. Your SMS inbox is synced with your Androidphone and uses your existing mobile number, contacts and textmessages from your phone. Texting to other mysms users is free. Youcan send as many texts, pictures, files as you want at no charge.OTHER MYSMS FEATURES YOU’LL LOVE - Send and receive SMS textmessages on your computer, tablet or a browser - Sync all textsbetween your Android phone, tablet and computer - Remote SMS: textonline via your mobile carrier - Unlimited free texting to othermysms users - Group Chat: Add up to 50 contacts to a group andstart texting right away - Automatic SMS Back-up - Multimedia:Sending pictures and files, MMS sync_______________________________ We’d love to hear from you! Do youhave a suggestion, question or comment? Just get in touch with oursupport on We’re trying to reply within24 hours during weekdays. You can also reach us on Facebook at, Twitter @mysms and Google+
Wi-Li. Optical modem
Optical wireless modem (digital and Morse code) for droids.Upgrade your droid another wireless link!The modem supports point-to-multipoint message transfers at up to 8bps on link and uses device's flashlight or display as a signaltransmitter and its back camera as a receiver.