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Experience Black Library audiobooks and audio dramas in a new way –right on your tablet or phone, with the Black Library audio app.Browse the full range of Black Library audio products, buy anddownload them within the app, and listen to them in the integratedplayer. It's the ultimate way to get your fix of high-action audioon your mobile device.– Browse the range– Choose from over 175audiobooks and audio dramas– Download and listen to your new audiosin the app– Includes Horus Heresy, Warhammer 40,000 & WarhammerAge of Sigmar– Includes in-app purchasesThe Black Library Audio Appis the ultimate way to experience Black Library’s wide range ofaudiobooks and audio dramas wherever you are, whenever you want,right on your phone and tablet. Browse the range on your device;buy and download your chosen audio right there into your library,and listen to it in the app.There are two types of audio adventuresavailable in the app, set across the worlds of Warhammer 40,000,The Horus Heresy and Warhammer Age of Sigmar.AUDIOBOOKSWith ouraudiobooks you get to experience the story as it was meant to beheard. Word for word your narrator will read the story to you,straight from the page. Audiobooks are usually full and unabridgedversions of novels, novellas or short stories.AUDIO DRAMASWith ouraudio dramas you are immersed in the story. Gunfire, battle criesand music form the backdrop on which actors play out thecharacters. The narrator links the tale together so all you have todo is listen to the action. Audio Drama’s are uniquely scripted andcan range in length between roughly 10 minutes and 2 hours.LIBRARYBrowse the audiobooks and audio dramas you’ve purchased inthe app’s Library.PLAYERThe app also features an audio player,allowing you to listen to your downloaded audiobooks and audiodramas wherever you are, whenever you want. Never be without yourfix of fantastic adventures from the worlds of Warhammer!WHERE TOGET ITYou can download the Black Library Audio app for free foryour iPhone and iPad from the App Store. If you have an Androidphone or tablet, you can download the app from the Google Playstore. Any purchases you make within the app will be available onall your devices on the same platform, so you can read themwherever you go, on whatever device you have to hand.

App Information Black Library Audio

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    Black Library Audio
  • ناوی پاکەیج
  • Updated
    February 14, 2017
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  • پێویستی بە ئەندرۆیدە
    Android 4.1 and up
  • وەشان
  • گەشەپێدەر
    Games Workshop
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  • Price
  • هاوپۆڵ
    Music & Audio
  • گەشەپێدەر
    Games Workshop Group PLC, Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS, United Kingdom
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Paint Warhammer miniatures like a master. Whether you’re afledgling painter looking to improve your skills or a veteran inneed of a quick reference guide, this is your essential companion.Inside the Citadel Paint app, you’ll find: - A breakdown of keypainting techniques from drybrushing to edge-highlighting -Step-by-step instructions to paint any colour - Detailed colourscheme guides for a wide variety of miniatures - Techniques andtips for basing your miniatures - A colour picker: See a colour youlike? Using your device’s camera, the app will find the best match- Inventory & Wishlist - manage your paint collection andprepare for your next project This is your free guide to theCitadel Paint System - a straightforward and simple method forpainting Warhammer miniatures that breaks down the process into aseries of easy steps.
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ABOUT THE APPTake your adventures in Warhammer Quest: Silver Towerto the next level with this invaluable companion app. It allows youto create a hero and guide them through their trials in thesinister Silver Tower, tracking their dice, skills and treasure,and those all-important amulet pieces. Determine which skills andtreasure your hero will carry over from game to game and add evenmore to your game with downloadable, app-exclusive skill andtreasure cards. You'll also find more than 35 additional heroes todownload and use in your games, from the sneaky Grot Shaman to thecharismatic Sorceress, and many more. PLAYChoose your Trial andfollow your hero as he fights his way through the twistinglabyrinth of the Silver Tower. Track their dice, collect theirTreasure and Skill cards in an easy-to-read format and note whichcards they will keep as they continue on to their next adventure.HEROESChoose your hero from a huge selection. View their stats,weapons, Traits and Renown and whatever Skills and Treasuresthey've managed to claim during their dangerous quests. MYCOLLECTIONView your Characters, Skill cards and Treasure cards. Allten heroes from the boxed game are included, as well as thethirty-six Treasure and Skill cards from the box – and more areavailable in the Shop. View all the details of everything you haveavailable – select the right warriors and equipment for your nextjourney into the Silver Tower. SHOPAdd new options to your game!Choose from a selection of more than 35 new heroes, all based onplastic Citadel Miniatures from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar range.Buy packs of new Skill and Treasure cards to give you more ways todefeat the dread servants of the Gaunt Summoner. With so manyadditional options, no two games of Warhammer Quest: Silver Towerwill ever be the same.
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Warhammer Quiz is the ultimate test of your knowledge of the richuniverses of Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar and TheHorus Heresy. Answer questions about factions, events, famousbattles and mighty heroes and prove that you are a true loremaster.Unlock Achievements and rise up the global leaderboard for eachquiz pack. The app comes with questions about the Warhammer 40,000universe, Sigmar's mighty Stormcast Eternals, and the GreatCrusade, in which the Emperor led his Space Marines out into thestars.
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Take to the skies and enhance your aerial adventures with thisfantastic app that lets you use your Warhammer 40,000 flyers toplay the Stormcloud Attack game. Within this app you will find:–The full rules for Stormcloud Attack– 24 missions to choose from–Rules for 21 flyers from 10 Warhammer 40,000 armies– Track yourpilot's missions and kills as you play through a campaign– For iOSand AndroidThe galaxy of the 41st millennium burns, trapped in anunending war, with every race set against every other, in allimaginable theatres of conflict. A vital component of these battlesis the desperate struggle for aerial superiority: wings of aircraftengaging in spectacular dogfights, weaving through storms of bullethell, swooping into valleys to shake off enemies before unleashingincredible firepower, climbing at stunning speed to gain theperfect angle for a volley of missiles…Stormcloud Attack: My Pilotis your invaluable guide to aerial dogfights and vertiginous duelsin the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It contains the full rules forthe Stormcloud Attack game, details of more than 20 fighter craftfrom 10 different armies, 24 missions in which you pit your trustypilots against their foes, and more besides.PILOTSChoose yourflyers, name your pilots and track their exploits as they take tothe skies and battle to become a fighter ace. Tally their kills,and the skills they gain as they become Fighter Aces.CAMPAIGNTakeyour pilots on campaign and play Stormcloud Attack missions,tracking the kills your aces accomplish and taking them from greenrookies stepping into the cockpit for the first time to top gunaces, the galaxy's elite pilots.MISSIONSTest your pilots againsttheir myriad foes in twenty Stormcloud Attack missions – tenDogfights and ten Duels. Each of these is fully detailed within theapp.RULESThe full rules for the Stormcloud Attack game! Includesthe core rules, detailing how to set up and play a game, fullCampaign rules, and rules for your pilots gaining points for killsand getting skills, Also includes the rules for 21 different flyersyou can use, ranging from Space Marine Stormtalons to Chaos SpaceMarine Heldrakes, and many more besides.
White Dwarf Magazine 1.2 APK
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WHAT IS WHITE DWARF?White Dwarf is Games Workshop's monthlymagazine and one-stop hobby guide, covering all the news, releasesand much, much more for Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmarand the rest of Games Workshop's products.ABOUT THE APPThe WhiteDwarf app is your digital gateway to your monthly Warhammer fix.It's the ideal way to subscribe and read every issue of theUltimate Warhammer Magazine on your tablet.Subscribe, buy, downloadand read your monthly White Dwarf with this fantastic app. It's adigital archive of every White Dwarf issue you buy, so you'vealways got your hobby information at your fingertips. Designed fortablets, it allows you to browse your collection and read yourWhite Dwarf with additional interactive features!INTERACTIVEFEATURESThe White Dwarf app is packed with extra features that openup the magazine in new ways and give you extra images, details andmore over the paper edition.– Additional Information: product infoand other extra detail– Scroll and swipe: Reveal additionalinformation and images throughout the magazine– Zoom: Getfull-screen pop-outs of images and page spreads from new products–360-degree images: see models in all their glory with spinning360-degree views– Web Links: Like the look of a product? Jumpstraight to games-workshop.com to browse and buyTHE CURRENT ISSUE –SEPTEMBER 2016– Planet Warhammer: All the latest Games Workshopnews– In Stores Now: a round-up of recent releases– Contact:Letters from the readers (and Guy Haley)– 'Eavy Metal: What theexperts have been painting– A Tale of Four Warlords: The armybuilding begins!– Hall of Fame: Nagash– Army of the Month: Biel-TanEldar– Boxed Games Bonanza: New rules for nine boxed games!– GoldenDemon: Award-winning Horus Heresy miniatures– Illuminations: Theart of the Deathwatch– Battle Report: The Brimfire Ritual– TheUltimate Guide: Imperial Knights– Temporal Distort: White Dwarf 202revisited, 20 years later– Battleground: The Ruins of Dras'shiel–Blanchitsu: See some of John Blanche's own models– Parade Ground:KIll Teams– Sprues and Glue: Building Kill Teams– Paint Splatter:Slaughterpriest and the White Dwarf– Designers' Notes: Deathwatch–Readers' Models: A showcase of models painted by you– In theBunker: What the White Dwarf team have been up toSUBSCRIBEPer month- £4.99 / $6.99 / €6.99Per quarter – £12.99 / $16.99 / €16.99Peryear – £49.99 / $64.99 / €64.99The subscription will include thecurrent issue if you do not already own it and subsequentlypublished future issues. Payment will be charged to your GooglePlay Account at confirmation of purchase. This subscription willautomatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24hours before the end of the current period. Your account will becharged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the currentperiod. The cost of the renewal will match the initial subscriptionprice. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewalby going to your ‘Account Settings’ after purchase. No cancellationof the current subscription is allowed during the activesubscription period.RESTORE PREVIOUS PURCHASESTo restore anyprevious purchases after updating the app, go to the account tab,select ‘Restore Purchases’ and your previous purchases will berestored.PRIVACYPOLICYhttp://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Privacy-and-Cookies-Policy