1.0 / April 29, 2016
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Enough is enough. Put out the call and assemble your assault forceof heroes. It’s time to take out those terrorists in an actionpacked modern military campaign ops. Choose from several differentguns including machine-guns sniper rifles and grendades.and fendoff your position on the battlefield for as long as you can.Withstand waves of suicide bombers, assassins and heavy gunners asyou combat the enemy. Stand with honor as you confront the enemycombatants in guerrilla warfare. Can you outlast the enemy throughall three warzones? Features- Several different weapons- Realistic3D graphics- In-game weapon upgrades- Incredible grenade explosions

App Information Black Ops Desert Strike Force

  • App Name
    Black Ops Desert Strike Force
  • ناوی پاکەیج
  • Updated
    April 29, 2016
  • قەبارەی فایل
  • پێویستی بە ئەندرۆیدە
    Android 2.3 and up
  • وەشان
  • گەشەپێدەر
    Psychotropic Games Pte Ltd
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    346 River Valley Road #17-01 River Valley Residence Singapore 238373
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Mayhem Mountain Bike Downhill 2.2.1 APK
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Experience the thrill of Mountain Biking in 2017 with this extremedownhill MTB 3D free racing game. Action is real & intense asyour rider pedals his bike in a full open 3D terrain park that youcan explore sandbox style. Catch big air, do stunts, go up,downhill, and race to the finish line. Just remember, speed is notalways your friend.Features:- 10 action packed levels that willkeep your racer busy for hours!- Insane stunts, wall rides and evenloops that will keep your adrenaline pumping!- Massive open-worldterrain park with real cool scenery and downhill tracks that willblow your mind!- Realistic super HD 3D graphics.- Multiple cameraangles including first person FPV camera mode to put you right intothe action as if you are the rider!You have a lot of games tochoose from, but you owe it to yourself to check out this 2017version of Mayhem Mountain Bike Downhill! By the way, not only isit FREE, but all bikes are unlocked and there is absolutely nothingto buy! Just download and play! Have fun! :)
3D Motocross Snow Bike Racing 1.5.0 APK
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Rev up your engine, it’s time to unleash your off-road motocrossdirt bike skills on some of the most eXtreme winter snow coveredmountain roads available in one of the most exciting and adrenalinepumping racing games of 2017. Avoid falling rocks and treacherouscliffs as you race your motor cross sport bike as far as you cango. Cause mayhem with 3 different trials motorcycles. Are you braveenough to take on a mad stunt bike winter challenge? We dare you totry! It's time to get going! What are you waiting for? Awesomefeatures you won't find in other games! - 5 absolutely rad dirtbikes to choose from. These are not all the same with differentcolors. We have a good variety to choose from!- 4 different gamemodes! (Snow, Snow Reverse, City, & City Reverse)- Falling rockhazards that will keep you on the edge.- High quality super 3Dwinter environment. This is NOT a game where it looks like ourartists just drew a few stickman characters. We are using highquality 3D graphics! Just wait until you see!- Non stop actionracing game!- Easy tilt controls so you wont waste time trying tofigure out how to play.- Everything unlocked! No tricks here! Wewant you to enjoy the game, and not leave mad because we tried tosneak in some IAPs. This game is absolutely FREE!- Multiple cameraviews! Don't like the default view? Check out the other availableviews!What are you waiting for, download 3D Motocross Snow BikeRacing today! Did we mention that its free and everything isunlocked? :)
First Person Motocross Racing 1.1 APK
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Hey motocross fans! It's the summer of 2017, so rev the throttleand hang on in this adrenaline pumping, FREE first person (FPV)motocross bike racing game! Overtake other off-road vehicles liketrucks, dirt bikes and ATVs and hit ramps to go as far as you can.Earn money and upgrade your motorcycle bike. Buy new MX bikes. Raceacross a huge map in different endless stages both day and night.See how far you can ride!Check out these cool features that youwont find in other games:-12 stages in total. You will experience alot of different environments, obstacles, and even some kick a$$scenery! The stages are Graveyard, Flood, Mountain, Cave, TheBridge, & Desert! All locations have super detailed realisticenvironments that rivals any of the top racing games on the markettoday!-Tons of real motocross dirt bikes. Not happy with the basicin stock version? No problem! You can choose from a variety ofdifferent bikes!-Choose your own awesome colors! Customizeeverything you want.. choose the color that makes you want torock!-Upgrade your moto bikes! Lots of cool upgrades such aswheels, handling, & speed! You can even add some stickers anddecals on your bike!- 5 different extreme game modes includingpolice chase and an absolutely insane 2 way traffic mode! (We areworking on a crazy 3 and 4 way traffic mode.. keep an eye out forthat!)- Multiple camera angles including FPV (in-car/ on-bikeview)! Although not an actual VR game, this 'First Person View'mode is the next best thing to an actual VR game minus theheadset!! Check out out!Overall, if you are looking for theultimate racing game packed with a lot of options, upgrades, gamemodes, bikes, and adrenaline pumping action.... download thislatest 2017 version of FIRST PERSON MOTOCROSS RACING today!!!!Heck, its FREE so what are you waiting for?? :)** BIG UPDATE! **-For a limited time, we have unlocked all the cool bikes andupgrades! This means you can choose any bike you want, whatevercolor makes you happy, and upgrade it to your hearts content! Weeven unlocked a couple new locations! Have fun!
Offroad Parking Simulator Game 1.0.1 APK
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It's back and better than ever! Experience the thrill of taking areal off-road truck out on the trail. The goal is simple. Park yourtruck at the end of the level. Sounds easy but feindish traps,explosive barrels, deadly falls in a fierce landscape stand in theway of you and success. Do you have what it takes to strap in andtake on mother nature? Earn money and upgrade your truck. Buy newtrucks to ensure that you can take on the toughest challenge. Anawesome experience is waiting for you. This game is not for theweak. Real drivers wanted.
Flying Motocross Racing 2017 1.0.3 APK
Psychotropic Games Pte Ltd
Why ride a super motocross bike when you can get it to fly? Hop onthis flying bike and pilot through a canyon at top speed. How farcan you make it without crashing in this heart pounding racinggame? Do you have what it takes?If you are a big fan of flying car,truck, or bus simulator games, then you will absolutely love thisone! Not only can you choose from one of three different bikes, butyou also get to go against an insane race track full of crazyobstacles that are out to get you! Good luck racer!Features: - 3different motocross bikes.- Realistic 3D graphics.- Falling rockhazards.To play, simply select the bike you want to ride, and thenas soon as the game starts, you tap the right button to control thespeed of the motorbike and then tap the left button to slowdown/brake. As you race down the canyons though, you really need tobe careful not to crash into any of the oncoming obstacles. I knowthis sounds easy, but its a lot more difficult than you canimagine. Have fun!
3D Spy Drone Parking Simulator 1.0.1 APK
Psychotropic Games Pte Ltd
Fly your spy drone through the skyscrapers! Can you park your dronein front of your targets window and take a picture of them? Don’tcrash and don’t get caught or it’s game over. Channel your innerpilot to steer your drone to the correct location. Do you have whatit takes?Features:- 3 Different drones to pilot- Awesome 3Dgraphics- Realistic flying physics
Flying Dinosaur Race Simulator 1.0 APK
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If you are a big fan of flying car, truck, or bus games, then getready for the craziest flying racing simulator yet! Join T-Rex andfriends as they hop on flying bikes and pedal like mad as you racedown a narrow jurassic canyon. Don't let them fall into the water.How far and fast can you go in this eXtreme flying racinggame?FEATURES-Awesome 3D graphics!-3 crazy dinosaurs to choosefrom! Each with their own unique bike!-Realistic flyingaction!Seriously, who would have ever thought that a dinosaur candrive a flying bike? Sounds crazy right? So what are you waitingfor? Download this game today and find out for yourself just howfun it is to race down a canyon as a dinosaur! ")
WWII Defense Shooting Game 1.0 APK
Psychotropic Games Pte Ltd
Take control of high powered WWII weaponry in this intensehistorical battle game. Fight both Tanks and warplanes in destroyedcities as you strategically protect your base from Axisadvancement. Survive wave after wave of assaulting forces. Shootrockets at incoming flying aircraft to blast them out of the sky.Earn cash and upgrade your gun. Buy new weapons and become the heroof the war! Do you have what it takesFeatures-Realistic 3Dgraphics-3 Unique Battlefields-Several different weapons-Realisticexplosions-Shoot enemy tanks and planes