1.0 / July 12, 2017
(into this application.<br><br><br>Chirping Chirping Bird's Features of the Acom :<br><br>- Contains a collection of Chirping Bird of Acom <br>- The resulting sound can be saved as Ringtones<br>- The Woodpecker's voice can be sent to your friends with one touch. :<br>- Play the sound Chirping Bird of the Acom Woodpecker<br>- Stop, Shuffle, Repeat<br>- Content in the application can be shared with Share feature<br><br>Chirping Bird Of Pileated Application Contents :<br>- Chirping Bird Sound 1- Chirping Bird Sound 9<br>- App Rate<br><br><br>Download and tell your friends about the Acom Chirping Bird of app now.<br><br><br>All the criticism and suggestions can be submitted to us, we will be happy to help you. thank you</div> <div class="show-more-end" jsaction="click:vhaaFf"></div> </div> </div> <div> <button class="play-button show-more small" jsaction="KoToPc"> Read more </button> <button class="play-button expand-close" jsaction="vhaaFf"> <div class="close-image"> </div> </button> 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Chirping Bird of the Acom is anapplicationthat contains the chirping of acom woodpeckers. Sound iscollectedfrom various sources and incorporated into thisapplication.

Chirping Chirping Bird's Features of the Acom :

- Contains a collection of Chirping Bird of Acom
- The resulting sound can be saved as Ringtones
- The Woodpecker's voice can be sent to your friends with onetouch.:
- Play the sound Chirping Bird of the Acom Woodpecker
- Stop, Shuffle, Repeat
- Content in the application can be shared with Share feature

Chirping Bird Of Pileated Application Contents :
- Chirping Bird Sound 1- Chirping Bird Sound 9
- App Rate

Download and tell your friends about the Acom Chirping Bird ofappnow.

All the criticism and suggestions can be submitted to us, we willbehappy to help you. thank you

App Information Chirping Bird Of Pelatuk Acom

  • App Name
    Chirping Bird Of Pelatuk Acom
  • ناوی پاکەیج
  • Updated
    July 12, 2017
  • قەبارەی فایل
  • پێویستی بە ئەندرۆیدە
    Android 4.0 and up
  • وەشان
  • گەشەپێدەر
    Tidut app
  • دابەزاندن
    10 - 50
  • Price
  • هاوپۆڵ
  • گەشەپێدەر
  • Google Play Link

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Kicau-Kicau Kenari 1.1 APK
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Aplikasi Kicau-Kicau Kenari adalah aplikasi kumpulan suara kicaukenari. Dengan aplikasi ini anda melatih burung kenari kesayangananda menjadi gacor dan dapat mengerti jenis atau bentuk kenariserta kicauannya. Fiture aplikasi : - Terdapat 15jenis kenari -Download suara kicau kenari - Memutar suara kicau kenari - Dapatdigunakan sebagai nada dering, sms, kontak dan alarm - Ada fiturerepeat dan shuffel. - Fitur offline. Isi Aplikasi Kicau-KicauKenari : -Kicau Kenari Lizard -Kicau Kenari Lokal -Kenari AmerikaSinger -Kicau Kenari Border -Kicau Kenari Gloster -Kicau KenariHollan -Kicau Kenari Warbler -Kicau Waterslanger -Kicau Kenari F1-Kicau Kenari Roller -Kicau Kenari Rusia -Kicau Kenari SpanishTimbrado -Kicau Kenari Yorkshire -Kicau Kenari Koloni -Kicau KenariGoldfinch Segera Download Aplikasi Kicau-Kicau Kenari ini danjangan lupa ajak teman anda untuk download aplikasi ini.Terimakasih,semoga kenari anda di rumah menjadi gacor. Salam KicauMania.. Application-chirping chirping Walnuts is a collection ofapplications sound of chirping canaries. With this application youtrain your pet canary into gacor and can understand the type orshape of a walnut and booms. Feature applications: - There is awalnut 15jenis - Download sound of chirping canaries - Play thesound of chirping canaries - Can be used as ringtones, SMS,contacts and alarm - There Fiture repeat and Shuffel. - Featureoffline. Contents Application-chirping chirping Walnuts: -KicauKenari Lizard Local Walnuts -Kicau -Kenari American Singer Walnuts-Kicau Border Gloster Canary -Kicau Walnuts -Kicau Hollan Walnuts-Kicau Warbler -Kicau Waterslanger -Kicau Kenari F1 -Kicau KenariRoller Walnuts -Kicau Russia Walnuts -Kicau Spanish Timbrado -KicauKenari Yorkshire Walnuts -Kicau Colonies Walnuts -Kicau GoldfinchImmediate Download Application-chirping chirping this Walnuts anddo not forget to invite your friends to download the applicationini.Terima you, your home may be the canary gacor. Regards ChirpingMania ..
Kicau Cucak Ijo Banyuwangi 1.0 APK
Tidut app
Aplikasi Kicau Cucak Ijo Banyuwangi merupaakan sebuah aplikasi yangdidalamnya berisi kicauan burung cucak ijo pilian dan kicau burungpemaster yang berguna sebagai masteran, pancingan burung cucak ijomenjadi gacor dan tetap gacor yaitu burung gereja,tengkekbuto,cililin,kenari,cungkok,serindit,rambatan dan prenjak dandisini kita memberikan tips-tips tentang cucak ijo.Aplikasi KicauCucak Iji Banyuwangi ini juga dapat dijadikan ringtone di Hp,karena suaranya yang merdu sehingga sangat cocok untuk menemanipara kicau mania disaat tidak ada kegiatan.Fiture aplikasi :-Terdapat suara kicau burung cucak ijo dan burung masteran-Tips-tips seputar Cucak ijo- Download suara kicau burung- Memutarsuara kicau burung- Dapat digunakan sebagai nada dering, sms,kontak dan alarm- Ada fiture repeat dan shuffel.- Fitur offline.IsiAplikasi Kicau Cucak Ijo Banyuwangi ini :- Kicau Cucak Ijo- KicauMasteran Cucak Ijo- Setelan Lomba Cucak Ijo Tampil Maksimal-Rahasia Perawatan Cucak Ijo Juara- Ciri Cucak Ijo Prospek Baik-Tips Memilih Bakalan Burung Cucak Ijo- Membuat Cucak Ijo TampilNgentrok & Jambul- Perbedaan Cucak Ijo Banyuwangi DanKalimantanSegera Download aplikasi ini dan semoga aplikasi KicauCucak Ijo Banyuwangi ini bisa membuat burung anda menjadi gacor danjuara.Terima kasih,salam kicau.Applications Chirping Cucak IjoBanyuwangi merupaakan an application which contains a bird chirpcucak green pilian and birdsong pemaster useful as masteran,inducement birds cucak green into gacor and remain gacor namelysparrows, tengkek Buto, Cililin, walnuts, cungkok, serindit,propagation and prenjak and here we give tips on greencucak.Chirping application Cucak Banyuwangi Iji can also be used asa ringtone in Hp, because of her charming voice, suitable toaccompany the chirping mania when there is no activity.Featureapplications:- There is the sound of chirping birds and bird greencucak masteran- Tips about green Cucak- Download sound of birdsong-Play the sound of birdsong- Can be used as ringtones, SMS, contactsand alarm- There Fiture repeat and Shuffel.- Feature offline.FillApplications Cucak Chirping Ijo Banyuwangi:- Chirping Cucak Ijo-Chirping Masteran Cucak Ijo- Settings Performing Maximum Ijo CucakCompetition- Champion Ijo Cucak Care Secrets- Feature Cucak IjoProspects Good- Tips on Choosing a bird feeder Cucak Ijo- MakeCucak Ijo Shown Ngentrok & Jambul- Differences Cucak IjoBanyuwangi And KalimantanImmediate Download this app and hopefullyCucak Ijo Banyuwangi chirping application can make your bird intogacor and juara.Terima love, greeting chirping.
Kicau Murai IndoMlay 1.1 APK
Tidut app
Aplikasi Kicau Murai IndoMlay merupakan sebuah aplikasi yang berisikicauan masteran burung murai batu Indonesia yang fuul isian dankicau murai Malaysia. Selain berisi audio kicauan burung murai batuyang merdu, aplikasi Kicau Murai IndoMlay ini juga bermanfaat untukmelatih burung murai kicau mania agar tetap Gacor,juga dapatmenjadi terapi Burung Kicauan yang sedang macet bunyi danmembedakan kicauanya. Fiture aplikasi : - Memutar suara kicauBurung Murai Batu - Nada dering, sms, kontak dan alarm (tekan lamapada mp3) - Kicau Murai dan artikel - Stop, Shuffle, Repeat -offline - Konten dalam Aplikasi bisa dibagikan dengan Fitur ShareIsi aplikasi Kicau Murai IndoMlay :Kicau murai batu Indoisian,Kicau murai Malaysia,Kicau murai panjang,artikeltentang(murai batu malaysia,mb.import vs mb.lokal,murai batuIndonesia) Download Sekarang Juga aplikasi Kicau MuraiIndoMlay.Terima Kasih Chirping Murai IndoMlay application is anapplication that contains a humming bird chirp masteran Indonesianrock that fuul stuffing and chirping magpie Malaysia. In additionto audio chirp contain melodious humming bird stone, Murai IndoMlaychirping application is also beneficial to train a robin chirpingmania to keep gacor, also can be therapeutic being jammed Birdschirp sounds and distinguish kicauanya. Feature applications: -Play the sound of chirping birds Murai Batu - Ring tones, textmessages, contacts and alarm (long press on mp3) - Chirping Muraiand articles - Stop, Shuffle, Repeat - offline - Content in theapplication can be shared with Share feature Chirping applicationcontent Murai IndoMlay: stuffing Indo stone magpie chirping,chirping magpie Malaysia, chirping magpie long article about(magpie rock malaysia, vs mb.import mb.lokal, stone magpieIndonesia) Download Now Also application IndoMlay.Terima LoveChirping Murai