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In dieser Anwendung lernt man die vierte Säule des Islams (dasFasten) kennen. Die Regeln und hohen Ziele sowie Zwecke für denMuslim werden dargelegt, außerdem sein Vorzug und seine Belohnungaufgezeigt. Darüber hinauswerden das Fest des Fastenbrechens undseine Stellung in den Seelen der Muslime besprochen.Inhalte derAnwendung:– Bedeutung des Fastens– Der Vorzug des Monats Ramadan–Die Weisheit hinter dem Fasten– Der Vorzug des Fastens– Was dasFasten bricht– Wer vom Fasten ausgenommen ist– Freiwilliges Fasten–Das gesegnete Fest des FastenbrechensVorteile der Anwendung:–Einfache Navigation, die Spaß macht.– Interessante, attraktive,interaktive Anwendung– Erklärung und Darlegung, wie die Anwendungzu bedienen ist.– Ein vereinfachter Leitfaden, der auf Koran undSunna basiert.– Enthält eine Bibliothek mit ansprechenden Bildern,die eine Vielzahl von Themen illustrieren.Bleiben Sie inKontakt!Wir freuen uns über jede Anfrage oder Anmerkung.Außerdemfreuen wir uns über jede Bewertung unserer Produkte.In thisapplication, you learn the fourth pillar of Islam know (fasting).The rules and high goals and purposes for the Muslim sets out, alsoindicated his preference and his reward. In the Eid al-Fitr and itsplace in the souls of the Muslims also are discussed.Contents ofthe application:- Importance of fasting- The advantage of the monthof Ramadan- The wisdom behind fasting- The benefit of fasting- Whatthe fasting breaks- Who is exempt from fasting- Voluntary fasting-Blessed Eid al-FitrAdvantages of the application:- Simplenavigation that's fun.- Interesting, attractive, interactiveapplication- Explanation and exposition of how the application isto use.- A simplified guide that is based on the Koran and Sunna.-Contains a library with appealing pictures that illustrate avariety of topics.Stay in touch!We welcome any question orcomment.We also appreciate any review of our products.

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La prière en islam 1.3 (git build) APK
Modern Guide Co
Dans cette application sera expliqué les piliers de la religion,les rituels les plus importants de l'Islam et les plus importantsactes d’adorations. De plus, une clarification du statut de laşalât (prière) sera faite ainsi que son mérite et comment onaccomplie la prière de manière parfaite. Les piliers et lesobligations de la şalât (prière) seront expliqués, ainsi quel’explication de l’importance du recueillement lors de la şalât(prière) avec un exposé de quelques jugements concernant cerecueillement en des termes intéressant, amusant et facile acomprendre. Contenu de l'application : • Importance et mérite de laşalât (prière) • Les cinq şalât (prière) obligatoires et leurhoraire • Le lieu d’accomplissement de la şalât (prière) •Description de la şalât (prière) • Les piliers et obligations de laşalât (prière) • La şalât (prière) du vendredi • l’appel à la şalât(prière) (adzân) et l’annonce du commencement de la şalât (prière)(iqâma) • Le recueillement dans la şalât (prière) [khuchû`] • Laşalât (prière) en groupe • La şalât (prière) du voyageur • La şalât(prière) du malade Particularités de l'application :• Navigationsimple et agréable• Application interactive jolie et intéressante•Guide simplifié basé sur le Coran et la SunnaPour être en contactNous serions heureux de recevoir vos questions ou vos commentaires:info@modern-guide.com Tout comme nous serions heureux que vousévaluiez nos produitsModern Gude. Birmingham - UKB11 1ARIn thisapplication will be explained the pillars of religion, the mostimportant rituals of Islam and the most important acts of worship.Furthermore, a clarification of the status of Salat (prayer) willbe made and its merits and how it accomplished the prayerperfectly. The pillars and obligations of Salat (prayer) will beexplained and the explanation of the importance of meditation inthe Salat (prayer) with a presentation of some judgments about whatmeditation in terms of interesting, fun and easy to understand.Appcontent:• The importance and merits of Salat (prayer)• The fiveSalat (prayer) and mandatory schedule• The place of performance ofSalat (prayer)• Description of Salat (prayer)• The pillars andobligations of Salat (prayer)• Salat (prayer) on Friday• the callto prayer (prayer) (adzan) and the announcement of the beginning ofthe salat (prayer) (Iqama)• Reverence in salat (prayer) [khuchû`]•Salat (prayer) in group• Salat (prayer) of the traveler• Salat(prayer) of the patientSpecial features of the application:• Simpleand enjoyable navigation• pretty and interesting interactiveApplication• Simplified Guide based on the Quran and SunnahTo be incontactWe would welcome your questions or comments:info@modern-guide.comJust as we would be happy that you evaluateour productsModern Gude.Birmingham - UKB11 1AR
Akhlak dalam Islam 1.3 (git build) APK
Modern Guide Co
Aplikasi ini memuat penjelasan tentang urgensi akhlak dalam Islamdan bagaimana Islam mendorong seorang Muslim untuk senantiasaberhias dengan akhlak mulia dalam semua urusan kehidupannya. AllahAzza wa Jalla juga telah menyediakan pahala yang sangat besar bagiorang-orang yang berakhlak mulia. Selain itu, aplikasi ini jugaberupaya mengenalkan akhlak Nabi Shallallahu alaihi wasallam danbagaimana mumalah beliau kepada sesama manusia. Konten Aplikasi:-Kedudukan akhlak dalam Islam - Keistimewaan akhlak dalam Islam-Potret akhlak Nabi Shallallahu alaihi wasallam.KeistimewaanAplikasi:- Mudah dibuka dan dipahami serta menyenangkan- Aplikasiini bersifat interaktif dan menarik- Disertai panduan rinci yangdidasarkan pada Al-Qur’an dan Sunnah- Dilengkapi dengan album fotoyang menarik yang membantu menjelaskan topik yang sedang diulasThisapplication includes an explanation of the urgency of morality inIslam and how Islam encourages Muslims to always decorated withnoble character in all the affairs of life. Allah Almighty has alsoprovided a huge reward for the people who are noble. In addition,this application also seeks to introduce the character of theProphet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam and how mumalah his fellowhuman beings.Content Application:- The position of morality inIslam- Privileged morality in Islam- Images of the Prophetsallallaahu alaihi wasallam morals.Privileged Application:- Easy toopen and understandable and fun- This application is interactiveand interesting- Accompanied by detailed guidance that is based onthe Qur'an and Sunnah- Equipped with an attractive photo albumwhich helps explain the topics being reviewed
Muslim Prayer 1.3 (git build) APK
Modern Guide Co
This new app is designed to provide you with complete informationand guidelines about the second pillar and the most important actof worship in Islam after believing that there is no God to worshipbut Allah (SWT) and that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is His messenger;performing the five obligatory prayers as per God’s order. Itclarifies the Muslim Prayer’s position and virtues in Islam andother related topic in a simple and easy-to-comprehendmanner.Topics include:- Position and virtues of the Muslim Prayer(Salat).- The five obligatory prayers and their times.- When andhow a prayer is performed.- The pillars and obligatory acts of aprayer.- Humility and attentiveness in a prayer.Features:- The mostadvanced informative Islamic app. - Simple guide with proof(Daleel) from the Holy Quran and authentic Sunnah.- Differentattractive illustrated images.- Easily-identifiable pages with apage navigator at the bottom of each page. - Click-and-swipefeature.Get in touch!We are happy to have any question, comments orfeedback.We would love to hear fromyou.info@modern-guide.comwww.facebook.com/WRMuslimsModern GuideCo.Birmingham - UKB11 1ARwww.newmuslimguide.com
Семья в исламе 1.3 (git build) APK
Modern Guide Co
Здесь вы найдёте разъяснение места семьи в исламе и того, как исламстремится сохранить целостность семьи. Разъясняются вопросы,связанные с браком в исламе, а также права и обязанности членовсемьи.Содержание:• Место, отведённое семье в исламе.• Место женщиныв исламе.• Права мужа и жены в исламе.• Права родителей.• Правадетей.Характеристики:• Легко листать и приятно читать.• Живое,привлекательное, интересное оформление.• Разъясняется, какпользоваться книгой.• Упрощённое руководство, основанное на Коранеи Сунне.• Содержит набор иллюстраций, поясняющих несколько тем.•Лёгкость перемещения между страницами книги с помощьюстрелок-указателей.• Содержит набор иконок и вспомогательныхкнопок.• Возможность прослушивать аудиоверсию текста.Here you willfind an explanation of the place of the family in Islam and howIslam tends to preserve the integrity of the family. An explanationof issues related to marriage in Islam, and the rights andresponsibilities of family members.Contents:• Place allotted familyin Islam.• The place of women in Islam.• The rights of husband andwife in Islam.• The rights of parents.• The rights ofchildren.Characteristics:• Easily scroll and a pleasure to read.•Live, attractive, interesting design.• Explains how to use thebook.• Simplified management, based on the Quran and the Sunnah.•Contains a set of illustrations explaining a few topics.• Easy tomove between pages of the book with the arrow pointer.• Contains aset of icons and auxiliary buttons.• The ability to listen to theaudio version of the text.
Muslim Purification 1.3 (git build) APK
Modern Guide Co
Muslim Purity (Taharah) is the latest dedicated app that isdesigned to give you complete information and guidelines about theMuslim Purity, its meaning, description and verdicts from theIslamic point of view. It clarifies what the physical/ritualimpurities in Islam are and how to purify ourselves from thoseimpurities especially before performing prayers (Salat); the secondpillar in Islam. The app also explains what Ablution (Wudoo’) isand when and how to perform it. Topics include:- Meaning of Purityin Islam.- Purification from physical/ritual impurity or filth(Najasah).- The minor impurity.- The major impurity.- How toperform Ablution (Wudoo’).- What to do when water is not availableor can be harmful.Features:- The most advanced informative Islamicapp. - Simple guide with proof (Daleel) from the Holy Quran andauthentic Sunnah.- Different attractive illustrated images.-Easily-identifiable pages with a page navigator at the bottom ofeach page. - Click-and-swipe feature.Get in touch!We are happy tohave any question, comments or feedback.We would love to hear fromyou.info@modern-guide.com
La purification du musulman 1.3 (git build) APK
Modern Guide Co
Dans cette application sera expliqué l’importance de lapurification dans la vie du musulman, le sens de la purification etde l’impureté abstraite « al-ħadats », comment le musulman sepurifie de l’impureté ? Comment effectuer les ablutions, en plus del’ensemble des jugements concernant la purification en des termesintéressant, amusant et facile a comprendre.Contenu del'application :• Signification de la purification• Purificationconsistant à se débarrasser de la « najâsa » (saleté, souilluretangible)• L’impureté mineure• L’impureté majeure• La façon defaire les ablutions • Comment se purifier de l’impureté majeure•Que faire dans le cas où l’on ne peut pas utiliser l’eau?Particularités de l'application :• Navigation simple et agréable•Application interactive jolie et intéressante• Guide simplifié basésur le Coran et la Sunna• Une bibliothèque de belles images quiillustrent et expliquent les sujetsIn this application will beexplained the importance of purification in the life of a Muslim,the sense of purification and impurity abstract "al-ħadats", howthe Muslim purifies the impurity? How to perform ablutions, inaddition to all judgments relating to the purification in terms ofinteresting, fun and easy to understand.Contents of theapplication:• Meaning purification• Purification of riddingthemselves of "najasa" (dirt, filth tangible)• The minor impurity•The major impurity• How to make ablution• How to purify the majorimpurity• What to do if you can not use the water?Special featuresof the application:• Simple and enjoyable navigation• InteractiveApplication pretty and interesting• Simplified Guide based on theQuran and Sunnah• A library of beautiful images that illustrate andexplain topics
com.modernguide.ZakatArabic.DPS 1.3 (git build) APK
Modern Guide Co
في هذا التطبيق تعريف بالركن الثالث من أركان الإسلام (الزكاة) ،وإيضاح لمقاصد الزكاة في الشريعة الإسلامية، بالإضافة إلى بيان الأمورالتي تجب فيها الزكاة، ولمن يتم صرفها؟محتويات التطبيق:• مقاصدالزكاة.• الأمور التي تجب فيها الزكاة.• لمن تصرف الزكاة؟مميزاتالتطبيق:• سهل التصفح وممتع.• تطبيق تفاعلي بشكل جذاب ومشوق.• شرحوتوضيح لطريقة استخدام التطبيق.• دليل مبسط مستند على الكتابوالسنة.In this application the definition of the third pillar ofIslam (Zakat), and to clarify the purposes of Zakat in Islamic law,in addition to the statement of matters in which Zakat must be, andthose who are disbursed?The contents of the application:• Zakatpurposes.• matters that are subject to zakaah.• those who actedZakat?Application features:• browsing easy and fun.• Interactiveapplication is an attractive and interesting.• explain and clarifythe way you use the application.• simplified guide is based on theQuran and Sunnah.
com.modernguide.FastArabic.DPS 1.3 (git build) APK
Modern Guide Co
في هذا التطبيق تعريف بالركن الرابع من أركان الإسلام (الصيام)، معتوضيح لأحكامه والمقاصد العظيمة من فرضه على المسلم، مع بيان فضلهوالأجور المترتبة عليه، وتعريف بأحكام الفطر ومن عذرهم الله فيالصيام، مع تعريف بعيد الفطر المبارك ومكانته في نفوسالمسلمين.محتويات التطبيق:• معنى الصيام.• فضل شهر رمضان.• الحكمة منالصيام.• فضل الصيام.• المفطرات.• من عذرهم الله في الصيام.• صيامالتطوع.• عيد الفطر المبارك.مميزات التطبيق:• سهل التصفح وممتع.•تطبيق تفاعلي بشكل جذاب ومشوق.• شرح وتوضيح لطريقة استخدام التطبيق.•دليل مبسط مستند على الكتاب والسنة.In this application thedefinition of the fourth pillar of Islam (fasting), with anexplanation of its provisions and the great purposes of imposing aMuslim, with a statement bounty and wages incurred by him, and thedefinition of the provisions of mushrooms and their excuse God infasting, with Eid Al Fitr definition and its place in the hearts ofMuslims.The contents of the application:• the meaning of fasting.•The virtue of the month of Ramadan.• wisdom of fasting.• The virtueof fasting.• breaking the fast.• excuse of God in fasting.•voluntary fast.• Eid al-Fitr.Application features:• browsing easyand fun.• Interactive application is an attractive andinteresting.• explain and clarify the way you use the application.•simplified guide is based on the Quran and Sunnah.