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Çiçek Sepeti
Mizu Android uygulamasıyla karşınızda,Son çıkan moda trendlerinden haberdar olmanın yanında kolay onlinealışveriş deneyimi için şimdi indirin!Dünyaca ünlü markaların giyim, parfüm, ayakkabı, takı-aksesuarürünlerini en uygun fiyatlara bulabileceğiniz mizu,6 taksit - ücretsiz kargo avantajı sunarken, sizlere %100 orijinalürünler ile avantajlı online alışveriş keyfi yaşatıyor.Mizu Android uygulamasının avantajları;• Sezon sonu indirimleri ve güncel kampayanlardan anlık haberdarolabilir,• App kullanıcılarına özel indirim kuponlarından yararlanarakavantajlı online alışveriş yapabilir,• Yeni açılan OUTLET kategorisiyle en sevdiğiniz markalarınürünlerine indirimli fiyatlarla sahip olabilir,• Güvenli, hızlı şekilde siparişini oluşturabilir, teslim sürecinekadar takibini sağlayabilirsiniz.Hızlı güvenli gönderim, 7/24 ulaşılabilirlik cazip fiyatlara trendürünler, farklı kategorilerde yer alan bir çok ürüne kolay erişim,150 TL üzeri ücretsiz kargo, seçili ürünlerde aynı gün kargoavantajı Mizu app'in sağladığı kolaylıklardan sadece birkaçı.Haftalık İndirim Fırsatları!Site içerisinde yer alan trend sayfaları, özel günler içinoluşturulan kategorileri ile daima müşteri odaklı bir yaklaşımiçinde olan mizu’da her hafta yapılan özel indirimlerle, severekkullandığınız markalara uygun fiyatlarla sahip olabilirsiniz.Tarzınızı tamamlamak, giyimden ayakkabıya, gözlükten çantaya, içgiyim ve cilt bakımına, birçok alternatifle size ve hayatınızaışıltı katmak için daha fazla beklemeyin!Mizu app sayesinde moda parmaklarınızın ucunda!Miz face with yourAndroid appDownload it now for easy online shopping experience, besides beingaware of the latest fashion trends!the world famous brand clothing, perfumes, shoes, jewelrymiz-accessory products you can find the most affordableprice,6 installments - the advantage of offering free shipping, givingyou enjoy the advantages of online shopping with the 100% originalproducts.The advantages of Mizu Android app;• End of season discounts and be informed about the current kampaithose instant,• App advantageous to shop online and take advantage of the specialdiscount coupons,• the product of your favorite brand with the newly opened Outletcategory may have discounted prices• Secure, you can quickly create order, you can follow up thedelivery process.Fast safe shipping, 7/24 accessibility trend products at attractiverates, a product with easy access to areas in different categories,150 of more than $ free shipping, same day shipping advantage inselected product Miz just some of the convenience provided by theapp.Weekly Discounts!Site is located within the trend pages, with categories that arecreated for special occasions, always focused on the customerspecial discounts every week on an approach which mizuki, you canhave reasonable price brands you know and love.To complete your style, wear the shoes, eyewear bag, underwear andskin care, many alternatives for you and expect more to add sparkleto your life!With the app Miz fashion at your fingertips!
Cicek Sepeti – Online Gift and Flower Store 5.0.7
Çiçek Sepeti
• Instantly see all Ciceksepeti.com discounts and campaigns, •Don’t forget your loved ones’ birthdays with the Birthday ReminderService, • Same day delivery for flower orders and “free shipping”advantage on all gift products. Our Android app makes onlineshopping easy for you! Place your flower order with only a coupleof clicks without going to a florist. Quickly place an online orderfrom your mobile device by filtering hundreds of gift products fromflower and gift categories. Download the Çiçek Sepeti Android appnow to your mobile phone to send flowers. We offer same daydelivery anywhere in Turkey with our extensive florist network! TheFlorist in Your Pocket Besides being the closest florist available,Çiçek Sepeti is the online flower service giving you the bestvariety of products. Boxed flowers, terrariums, infinite roses,lush flower arrangements, romantic rose bouquets, white daisies,exquisite orchids and more. In Turkey’s flower market,Ciceksepeti.com prepares handmade arrangements to send for deliveryon the same day to delight your loved ones. With deliciousBonnyfood (edible flowers) and fruit basket products, personalizedgift options are available in your pocket at affordable prices withthe Cicek Sepeti Android app. Birthday Reminder Service Forgettingabout your loved ones’ birthdays is not a problem anymore! Thanksto the birthday reminder service in our app, you will be notifiedof your loved ones’ birthdays just in time. For last minute orders,experience the ease of quick shopping with our Android app. 
OnlineShopping App You can add the flower arrangement you like to yourshopping cart by making a selection from products filtered bycategories like the purpose of sending, flower type, and specialday. Specify address details and the desired delivery time slotalong with a flower card note and complete your online order withinseconds. Also, you can order custom design products from boutiqueflower sellers and vendor gifts from members of our marketplace.
Advantages of the Cicek Sepeti Android App • Be the first to knowabout promotions, discount coupons, and special deals. • Receivenotifications of your loved ones’ special days through our reminderservice. • Create an online order and track its status through theapp until your order delivers. 
• Easily register withCiceksepeti.com and edit your profile information. 
• View previousorders, past order dates, and card notes.
 • Save address detailsof loved ones using your personalized address book, proceedingsmoothly with the order.
 • Reach customer support through the appto quickly get assistance. Don’t forget to follow us on SocialMedia: https://www.instagram.com/ciceksepeti/https://www.youtube.com/user/CicekSepetihttps://www.facebook.com/ciceksepeti/https://twitter.com/ciceksepeti
LolaFlora - Flower Delivery 1.8.2
Çiçek Sepeti
Buying floral arrangements is now very easy at LolaFlora, yourfavorite online store! Here you will find offers and discounts onthe best products. Imagine ordering flowers for that specialsomeone, or for you, from your mobile phone using our app. Ourshopping app allows you to search for alerts and special offersthat we publish on our site every day. It has never been easier tobuy flowers! The flower arrangements you choose have been createdwith the highest standards of quality and commitment. We guaranteean extensive selection of flowers that will make the perfect giftfor the occasion and the person you have in mind. Imagine beingable to check hundreds of products in the flowers and giftscategories from our Android application, and all without having togo to a shop. To do this, you just need to open our application andplace your order. Don't wait any longer and download the LolaFloraAndroid app and send flowers today! We guarantee the delivery ofyour flowers on the same day, and not only within your country butalso to other countries around the world. How do we do it? Veryeasy, we have a network of florists worldwide. Believe it or not,sending flowers and giving flowers is just two clicks away! Wepride ourselves on having an unsurpassed collection of roses,gerberas, lilies, orchids, carnations, red carnations, whitecarnations, daisies, lisianthus, and lilies. And, our catalog alsoincludes fresh seasonal flowers. If you have a more baroque taste,we have combined flower arrangements, which you will not be able toresist. Today is the best day to send flowers! The reasons can bemany: give thanks, birthday, anniversary, or, maybe you just wantto buy a potted flower for your new apartment. Or, just because,make a beautiful arrangement for a loved one. And all this with theguarantee that we will deliver your flowers to all of Mexico,Spain, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, and Portugal, on the same day!LolaFlora is not another florist or online store. For us, it isvery important to know your needs and preferences to provide youwith the best service and flowers that will create a special momentin the life of the people you love the most. Our bouquets andfloral arrangements are full of details for your special moments sothat your celebrations have more of you and your love for thosearound you. It's always nice to pleasantly surprise your loved onesand what better way to send flowers to their home to remind themthat you love them? Birthdays or an anniversary dinner are idealevents for our flowers, can you imagine the faces of your lovedones to receive such a surprise? The flowers will exalt the momentof those important people in your life. Don't you know what thebest flowers are for every occasion? If it is to celebrate a birthor an opening ceremony, the colorful gerberas are ideal. For loveand romance, or to celebrate an anniversary, red roses will notdisappoint you. All brides want white roses in their weddingbouquet. Really, we have many other flowers such as blue and yellowroses, white daisies, colored lisianthus, lilies and a bouquet oforchids. The occasions can be different, from the birthday of afriend, or to celebrate a new job. And if this is not enough, weinvite you to review our selection of carnations and exotic plants.However, we also offer products for the most difficult moments,such as funeral arrangements and different types of bouquets tohelp you cope with those difficult moments with your loved ones.You must get to know our extensive collection of flowers, flowerarrangements, potted plants, anniversary gifts, and birthdays! Andmaybe, sometime you may feel like giving flowers just because,there really doesn't need to be a specific reason to brighten thelives of those around you. Then, don't wait any longer and share aflower, in LolaFlora we will help you, and all with just one click.
Çiçek Sepeti Bayi 1.5.2
Çiçek Sepeti
ÇiçekSepeti’nin çiçekçi bayileri için hazırladığı Çiçek Sepeti BayiYönetimi uygulaması ile, siparişlerinizi pratik ve kolay birşekilde görüntüleyebilir, teslim ettiğiniz siparişlerinizinbilgisini uygulama üzerinden hızlıca girebilirsiniz. Mobil kullanımkolaylığı sayesinde çiçekçi bayilerinin bilgi girişi işlemlerinikolaylaştıracak ÇiçekSepeti Bayi uygulamasını Android cihazınızahemen indirin! Bayi yönetimi uygulaması ile Ciceksepeti.com,444Cicek.com, Cicek.com sitelerimiz üzerinden gerçekleşen tümsiparişleri tek ekrandan yönetebilirsiniz. **Bayilik başvuruişlemleri için websitemizdeki aşağıdaki formu kullanabilirsiniz:https://www.ciceksepeti.com/cicekciler-kayit Çiçek Sepeti BayiAndroid Uygulaması Avantajları •Yeni siparişleri anlık olarak takipedebilirsiniz. •Teslimatı yapılan siparişlerin girişini uygulamaüzerinden yapabilirsiniz. •Günlük toplam sipariş rakamı ve teslimedilen sipariş rakamını takip edebilirsiniz. •Sipariş No ile tümsiteler için yeni ve eski siparişleri görüntüleyebilirsiniz. •Yenive tamamlanmış siparişleri tek filtre altından rapor olarakgörebilirsiniz. •Tarif bazlı filtreleme ile kolay anlaşılırraporlar oluşturabilirsiniz. ÇiçekSepeti's Flower Basket ResellerManagement application for florist shop allows you to view yourorders in a practical and easy way and quickly enter theinformation of your orders via the application. Thanks to themobile ease of use, Florist Dealer Application will make it easierto enter information for Florist Dealers Download your Androiddevice now! With Reseller management application, you can manageall orders made on our sites from Ciceksepeti.com, 444Cicek.com,Cicek.com from one screen. ** You can use the following form on ourwebsite for reseller application process:https://www.ciceksepeti.com/cicekciler-kayit Flower Basket DealerAndroid Application Advantages • You can follow new ordersinstantly. • You can enter the orders that are delivered throughthe application. • You can follow the daily total order number andthe delivered order number. • With Order No, you can view new andold orders for all the sites. • You can view new and completedorders as a single filter under the report. • You can createeasy-to-understand reports with recipe-based filtering.
LolaFlora Vendor 1.2.9
Çiçek Sepeti
With the LolaFlora Vendor Management app, created for floristvendors by LolaFlora, you can smoothly view your orders and enterorder delivery information quickly via the app. Download this appdesigned for speedy data entry by the florist vendor, thanks to theease of its mobile use, to your iPhone right now! **You can use thevendor application form on our website for vendor applicationprocedures. Advantages of the LolaFlora Vendor Android app: • Youcan track new orders instantly. • You can enter the details oforders that have been delivered through the app. • You can monitorthe daily total order amount and the number of delivered orders. •You can view new and previous orders for all sites with the OrderNumber. • You can view new and completed orders as a report using asingle filter. • You can create easy-to-read reports by usinginstruction-based filtering.